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: Did so!
Hey man, please accept, let me chat and explain for 1 secound
IGankLosers (EUNE)
: Need team i'm plat can play mid jun top inv me
: Annie- Tibbers Stop attacking after she dies
What server is europe North East. Stop disrespect us scandinavians, its called nordic and east.
: SAVE 1,200 IP ON EACH 6300 CHAMP
Wow you are many of smarter i think noone saw this idea when they see mather on redditer
chill22518 (EUNE)
: im 14, I main mid lane, But I can also play support and adc
Hello, where are you from, i have sent an friend request, accept it and we talk :)
balbooo (EUNE)
: ***
Is only game, why u heff 2 be mad
: Hey there im also a swedish player who would like to join the team!! I will just add you in game :) Kommer att bli jävligt skönt med svenskar.
: I guess I'm not a youngster anymore xD (I'm 18, 19 in 3,5 months) Good luck at finding members for your team though! :)
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BlueEyed (EUNE)
The ahri was strong enough 2 carry, u2. just let her cry and focus on the game. Im bronze, and in all lost games every1 is arguing. cool 2 see the same in this elo.
ZartarUK (EUW)
: What would be your All Star team for EU and NA?
Eu Adc: EL Rekkles: will be An better adc than last split, IF he joins Fnc. Mid: UoL PowerOfEvil: Can play cheesy and carry. Its an really high value`d skill, and its not underrated. Jungle: Nidalee. 85,65 is her win rate in lcs. Pretty sure its higher in EU ;/ won many games by being nida. Top. Fnc Huni: HUNI HUNI HUNI Supp: Fnc Yellowstar. He did fnc. lol.¨ Na Funny Guy: lol this is na. Carry: "Challenger smurf" Mid: Mid or Feed Top: " lol ur mom is a kneb" "#REKTINURMOMSBED" Support: "Report this adc, cunt."
Hansiman (EUW)
: Bugsplats do not trigger a loss prevention, as that is a local issue. Loss preventions are only issued for server wide problems affecting a large group of players in many games. It is never issued for local problems with your computer.
I am sorry for being that child that spreads false things. I really thought that was how it worked, so sorry. But now i want too ask a question. I thought, before that reply, that bugsplat was there too make common problems in the launcher fixed. Is it not an program used by riot??? Again, im sorry, just wanted 2 help.
: Nope that's not how it works
Bugsplat triggers a loss prevented. But it is other ways that works 2 .
: The last champion you played is trying to kill you, what do you do and how screwed are you?
Ahri. I know i atleast will die HARD. So screw`d. But i might not die as a virgin, depends on how generus she is :):){{champion:103}} {{item:3041}} {{item:3113}} {{item:3041}} {{champion:103}} gg i got boner, cant focus (sry team).
: Okay, I hate the tank meta, but 300 damage per second?
Amumus W is an counter 2 other tanks ;)
kauketsu (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=LivingBehind,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=x4ysrRWL,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-05-04T03:31:26.820+0000) > > Listen good tool, you dont deal with tanks. You use the secret power of teamplay and you have your own {{champion:421}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:111}} little foker to peel for you. Any adc can and will rek this amumu in seconds if only he didnt go 0-10 in laning and still sitting on 80 cs at 50 minutes that will take to any jungler to get a full build. Especially amumu that isnt the problem. Tank meta you say ? But you never build any tank items on anything else than {{champion:98}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:33}} , right ? WRONG, YOU BUILD AT LEAST ONE DEF ITEM ON EVERYONE. Then you must also use the hidden power of positioning . I know its complicated so better cry at tito to nerf everyone else and buff you amirite ? OR AMIRITE ? power of teamplay in soloque...
Imagine if league was about SoloQ. No its not, its all about the pros, and their skins. they won get more money 4 getting soloq more =. And u know what your role uselly does in teamfights, and so does your team mates. Then i know the feels, im bronze 2.
3NCrypt3D (EUW)
: Where is the Loss Prevented
Loss prevented is useally given when the launcher is forced 2 close, or something else happens on YOUR part. Sorry 2 say, but u can cut the power 2 ur comp and get loss prevented next time :) :){{champion:432} Edit: I got Loss Pre. When i played aram, cause my battery ran out. Bugsplat will trigger.


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