NightbIue3 (EUNE)
: How long does it takes to get accepted at PBE?
i requested like 10 months ago and didnt accepted yet
: I would like some clear information about the change first. Right now, if you ult into the W, it will proc the stun and shield, like OP said. What is the change? Will I proc the stun and shield if my W is between me and my ult destination? And if so, where will the stun be located at? Still the same place I put the bowl at? Or will the stun be in the area of the destination of my ult? Can someone with PBE test it and clear this up, pls? The information Riot gave us isn't enough.
yea riot need to give us more info about things cus league of legends is a very complicated game i ekko in the PBE same same but the slow on his passive
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Goat02 (EUW)
: I got Riot Kayle, but i didn't unlock the icon?
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Error 404, english not found (Don't say ''It's not my main language'' because how you write looks like you used the worst google translator, but at least google translate has right grammar)
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=blissbomb,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=JYJ5ZPkd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-26T02:00:06.529+0000) > > urf is shit anyway Can't agree more They also said Urf won't be available more than 3 times this year soo... don't expect it anytime soon
i dont remember they said it .... and i wont rly uninstall i was just felt so bad cus i miss urf and i love this mode more then everymode so dont say anything about this part i was salty af and i just wanted to post somthing about this subject...
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: The overloaded playmakers {{champion:245}} {{champion:157}} need a fucking rework. You can't have everything in a champ.
my mains bitchh xD i dont care of the yasuo nerfs its good for him he is fuckng op and as a yasuo main i hate facing a GOOD yasuo againts me
: How to build Yi nowadays?
{{item:3157}} protect you from cc {{item:3009}} so youll be faster while ulting! {{item:1402}} cus your q now do magic tricks {{item:3135}} since your q does magic tricks you need to make him penetrate the magic racism of your racist enemys {{item:2010}} cockies are alwase good {{item:3089}} if its winter put a hat {{item:3089}} if its summer you need to put a hat too {{item:1041}} your sword sucks compair to this one its japanese!!!!! {{item:3211}} you will look awesome with that on you!! {{summoner:12}} you want to teleport its very cool and swag escape tool {{summoner:1}} you hate cc remember gl hf may the skill be with you my friend master yi!
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: No it won't be in every weekend. It's just for the MSI in-game rewards.
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MrCrazyV (EUNE)
: Cant recconet to the chat EUNE
HogLover18 (EUNE)
: new game mode: "long shot"
its still stop until it hits something including minions so blitz cant be in base because he will hit the monsters all the time....
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: so, since we´re introducing rotating game mode, why not add more game modes?
I liked it man a great idea its not have to be so balance even in URF and ASCENSION are not so balanced there are champions that are not good for this match and there is champions that so much strong in those matches it will be so fun to see everyone take assassins and killing each other with no mercy xD it will be so good and fun that is my opinion (sorry if my english was bad)
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: If you coudn win a game with 26/1 score, then the problem is definetly you.
i tried to do everything i can but i wasnt so much fed the enemy team was at the same level as my team but all of my team left behind so what could i do? if you have an answer answer to me i want to learn for next time
HogLover18 (EUNE)
: when someone on your team fed someone else this man will be kicked out i dont care
i play for fun also but you cant have fun if all of your team left behind its fun if the both team are at the same level and then the game will be very fun even more fun then a game when you get fed this is my opinion
: Well unless you are playing some op champ, nothing. Last game i was kassadin mid. and all my allies were feeding their asses off which resulted in an early all in mid. Here's the outcome, obviously we lost. (Someone told me not to feed at the start of the game >_>)
see it sucks.... thats why i dont want to play with such people like them they will destroy the game game without a feeder of each team is fun as fuck
: High K/D doesn't mean you are playing well. Are you taking towers? Are you helping the other lanes? Objectives are more important than kills.
i know it but i was the only one who was strong like the enemy team all of my team left behind and i couldent do nothing.... i couldent even push cus then all of the enemy team could kill me you know what can i do in these situations?
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Adama (EUW)
: What did you get in your free hextech chest?
I got 800 orange dust armordillo ward and ravenborn LB I upgraded her to permanent so im happy that i got this shit in free....
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LegendCZ (EUNE)
: Guys chill out! RIOT servers are heating up! They doing their best to fix it! [PROOF]
OMG when I am getting fed in league it means that Im playing in a potato so no wonder
Kvorto (EUNE)
: 'Ward' ping to a better teamplay
i think it is a very good idea you can tell the jungler if there is ward in there and the supporter or adc to put a ward there if you use the assist ping + the ward ping it would mean that you need to put ward in there and if you say danger ping + ward ping it means that there is ward in there i think its a very good idea! good thinking bro
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