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Tpexton (EUW)
: how to play a lane without losing it.
Winning or losing lane depends on many factors. 1) CS-ing. I suggest you practice it, because, the more comfortable you are at it, the more you will be able to trade and fight your opponent without actually losing cs. Learn to trade, you don't need to all in every single time. So, go into a custom game or training tool and try to get 80-90 in 10 minutes. When you manage to get that consistently, add a bot, and try to get the same while trading with the bot but don't push the bot out of lane (just trade, poke). Also learn minion wave management. You can find a million guides on youtube 2) Learn champion abilities. Some champion abilities have short and some have long cooldowns. Example, playing Katarina against xerath. His Q is on a low cooldown, but his e has a pretty long cooldown. If you dodge his e, he has absolutely nothing he can stop you with. You can look to all in him at that time. It's called cooldown trrading 3) Learn the match ups. Some match ups you are supposed to win, some you're supposed to lose and some you will most probably go even, but it depends on what you're playing. But what you can always do is roam and get advantages that way even if you were supposed to lose. That's it. You can't mindlessly go for cs and only farm. Trade with the enemy. Don't let him poke you for free.
Tralux (EUW)
: Diana out of the game?
Well, I used to main Diana pre-season 6 with incredible winrates and scores. As soon as the new masteries arrived I noticed that it's a lot harder to win with her. Mostly due to the fact that by the time that you hit lvl 6, lanes were already lost. You don't get the time to scale. The new masteries are like having another ability that you can use in lane (especially thunderlord's decree) and also the junglers that are played today are carry junglers and you get invaded often pre-lvl 6 and you can't do anything about it; just give him whatever he wants and hope he doesn't kill you (Kha'zix, Lee Sin, Rengar etc.). I can still clear the jungle pretty fast and don't even use pots, but I need 2 full clears and 1-2 camps to get 6 and by that time the enemy jungler probably ganed 1-2 times already. The games are snowbally and you just simply can't keep up with the speed of other junglers. Almost impossible. I used to love her, I'd farm to 6, get 2-3 kills and snowball like crazy due to her clear speed and gank potential. Now, if I don't manage to get 1-2 kills, I'm practically useless for the rest of the game
S1 Psclly (EUW)
: Very good Riven stats, high above average, 27% winrate? What am I doing wrong?
Add me on skype, Raenolyn, dude with a cylinder hat, white glasses and a cigarette. Can't miss it. I'll see what we can do
: Grading system
You cannot compare those 2. The system gathers data from all of the games played on Orianna and makes averages for each minute of the game. CS, damage dealt, structures destroyed, wards placed etc. and then compares it with your results.
: Yahh thanks so chargeback it is, but i cant contact support. when i try to log in to support page it says "signing you out" then refreshes to a page that takes me back to support. When I get back to support I am not signed in. Its weird a bug in the system or something. To send a request to contact support i must be logged in :/.
Hmm, try entering private mode in your browser, for chrome it's ctrl+shift+n and then go to the support page.
: 2 Years ago I got banned for some reason, I still do not know why I got banned. What do I do
Well, considering Riot needs to keep info on why your account was suspended for quite a while, they should know why exactly you've been banned. From what you've said, it could be a chargeback issue, meaning that you've bought and spent RP and requested a refund from the bank. If it is so, your account would have been permanently banned. The only way to get that account back would be to pay the RP once again If you contact the support, you'll get more information EDIT: [Support Page](
: Maybe it is time to rework Runes?
Runes are already getting a rework, probably at the end of the season
: Of the things you described, the only one i used was a skin changer and i used it about 3 years ago. Couldnt possibly be that i would think. Could it ...?
Umm, recently there was a surge of 3rd party usage bans. To everyone that got a ban, the response was: ''Does anyone have your password?'', ''Did you log in on any devices other than your own?'' and ''Do you, if you've ever used it, have the program used for skin changing still installed on your pc?''. The catch with the first question is; account sharing is the first thing that's against ToU and also the other person could've used 3rd party apps while playing on your account. The catch with the second one is; if you've logged in from elsewhere, your account might've been compromised. It is possible that a) the PC could've had 3rd party software installed without you knowing it and b) someone might've installed keyloggers installed and stolen your account credentials and used 3rd party software while playing on it. And last, but not the least, even though you might not be using anything, if the program is running while playing; it might interfere with packages you're sending to the Riot servers and it triggers a positive in the detection system. Otherwise, a lot of people are complaining to this surge of bans saying that they haven't used anything. Whether it's true or not, you'll have to sort it out with the Riot Support Staff by writing a ticket [here]( . Good luck
Hantusa (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hokuto,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=d6UXcZ4s,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-02-24T14:58:10.694+0000) > > You can believe whatever you wish to believe, but a good adc will climb,maybe it will be a bit harder than other roles due to the fact that you rely on your support in lane, but he will still climb and that is fact. If you're having trouble understanding that, you're hopeless as is your Caitlyn. > > can confirm through average win rate that there are adc picks that wiin more than 50% of their games. Yes, the adcs are in a bad spot and it is hrder to carry with them, but it's not impossible. > > If you seriously believe that afkers, trollers and feeders are the only reason you're not climbing, you're oblivious While your deep insight has some merit, you are also displaying the nr 1 reason why it's pointless debating with your type of person, lack of context in games which A) Partly has to do with my topic, and B) Has to do with enemy comps. See you when you learn to stay on topic and develop that big brain.
As I've already said, believe what you wish to believe, that is not my business. I've just said what I for a fact know, it's upon you to take it into consideration or not. Considering the fact that you obviously came to the boards expecting everyone to just blindly agree with your post, you must be disappointed. Anyways, I'm out. Arguing about your nonsense is a fruitless effort. P.S. A space elevator only works in planetary orbits. You can't make one from Earth to Alpha Centauri. Earth's gravitational pull isn't strong enough to provide an adequate enough centrifugal force for an interplanetary yet alone interstellar elevator Cy@
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi guys, This is an issue we're looking into with the new client. For now, it seems that if you collapse your friends list, this may help alleviate the issue slightly.
Can you please check my thread in the Updated Client Discussion. I'd appreciate a response from someone who has insigh on it as it's highly troublesome
True Sight (EUNE)
: Performance drop since the new patch
A lot of people are experiencing issues after this patch, the client is slower and more buggy, the game fps has dropped etc. not just you
Hantusa (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hokuto,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=d6UXcZ4s,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-24T14:12:58.153+0000) > > I've checked your OP.GG > > You're an ADC main but I see you're not really doing extremely well on your picks. You're not in any way carrying. You're doing less than fine. You had a couple of good games where you got ahead, but in most of the games you're either on a negative or a neutral score. Your main is Caitlyn, and you have a 2.18 KDA average on her, which isn't really good for 40 games played. If you had a 4--5 KDA and said all the things you've said, I'd believe you and say it's actually not you losing the games. But considering you're just doing AVERAGE in your games, i'll tell you to stop blaming your team and focus on getting better Why bother commenting if you A) Can't read, and B) Can't stay on topic? Rhetorical question, your reply might end up being as valid as this one, in which case I'll spend another 2min of my life wasting it on you. My team?- where does it say my team is the reason for the repeating mill?- my team has nothing to do with it, let this be your graduation, I'll give you a D- if you understand it. Lastly, ADC's don't carry in season 7 until Riot sorts their items (or champs), they just don't, you may believe carrying is tied to personal kda, but you can lose games with 50/0 also BECAUSE of what I started out by stating.
You can believe whatever you wish to believe, but a good adc will climb,maybe it will be a bit harder than other roles due to the fact that you rely on your support in lane, but he will still climb and that is fact. If you're having trouble understanding that, you're hopeless as is your Caitlyn. can confirm through average win rate that there are adc picks that wiin more than 50% of their games. Yes, the adcs are in a bad spot and it is hrder to carry with them, but it's not impossible. If you seriously believe that afkers, trollers and feeders are the only reason you're not climbing, you're oblivious
Lessons (EUNE)
: WW immune to Morgana's Q (stun)
If he's using his ult, you can't stop him, just like hecarim{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Hokuto,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iwJFo9A9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-24T13:49:06.847+0000) > > So, in a team like Top Camille, Jungle Rengar, Mid Katarina, Support Zyra; who is supposed to protect the squishy Jinx/Tristana/Jhin/Varus/Vayne....etc? So the game is basically kill the enemy team before the enemy team can kill you. So the purpose of adc right now is poke so that your assassin can killl their backline before their backline kills you. Dont pick something without escape into such a team? Trist is a good choice. You also have Zyra in your team. One of the best zoning mages in the game. With rylais, her root and her ult you are damn save. At least if you got any idea where to stand and where not.
Tristana needs to scale. Her early game is not the best. If she doesn't get ahead, in the mid game she's just average or below average. Her range is very small at the beginning and if you get zoned from the farm you're no where. Considering assassins burst you down in 1-2 seconds, you need to have godlike reactions on your jump.. Talon jumps over a wall onto you with his ult, try and jump away from it :3
Hantusa (EUW)
: Enough with the pathetic excuses!
I've checked your OP.GG You're an ADC main but I see you're not really doing extremely well on your picks. You're not in any way carrying. You're doing less than fine. You had a couple of good games where you got ahead, but in most of the games you're either on a negative or a neutral score. Your main is Caitlyn, and you have a 2.18 KDA average on her, which isn't really good for 40 games played. If you had a 4--5 KDA and said all the things you've said, I'd believe you and say it's actually not you losing the games. But considering you're just doing AVERAGE in your games, i'll tell you to stop blaming your team and focus on getting better
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Press Tab in game. The person on top of the list is toplaner.
XD well, didn't even think about that at that time. Well, meh, was just frustrating to say the least
: How can the adc:s be bad?
The catch is, in non coordinated play such as soloQ where everyone thinks that they should be the one carrying, no one is picking champs that can protect the adc. Even more so, the adc is the squishiest target an assassin can target and also the best target they have, and the meta are assassins like Kha'zix, Rengar, Talon, Zed and all of them work extremely well with lethality (which is really good now). So, unless you're a support that is aware that your adc needs to be protected, no one will protect him/her. Supports are also AP heavy and squishy, basically a second APCarry that doesn't have the tools to protect the adc. So, in a team like Top Camille, Jungle Rengar, Mid Katarina, Support Zyra; who is supposed to protect the squishy Jinx/Tristana/Jhin/Varus/Vayne....etc? So the game is basically kill the enemy team before the enemy team can kill you. So the purpose of adc right now is poke so that your assassin can killl their backline before their backline kills you.
: I dont know why people don't get that: If there is a premade of 4 who is looking for a reason why they lost, OFC it's you, and they report you. What happens after that? You'll get banned because 4 players report you? Bullshit If you didnt insult them or afk'd you can not get punished at all, so you dont have to take screenshots.
The catch is, I got top lane in draft mode, picked my champ and a guy from that premade says he doesn't give a f*** about me getting top lane and picked a top champion, took tp and said that I should go support. I refused and went top lane with him. The enemy team can't see what I got during champ select, and the 4 premades told the enemy team that I actually didn't get top and that I am the one trolling, not them so basically if I didn't have the screenshot, I'd have no way to prove me getting top
: The Collective Punishment nerfing method.
Umm, the whole thing about this nerf is that the champions that were snowbally became even more snowbally and it was unhealthy for the game. This nerf isn't the biggest if you look at it at a grand scale. It will make bursty champions a little less bursty, that's it. Note that most of the champions that are bursty are using thunderlords which didn't exist prior to the masteries update. Prior to the masteries update, a Le Blanc would have to get 3 items to be able to burst an adc from 100-0, now she needs Morello and a Needlessly Large Rod, and the adc is gone. I assume you don't play a lot of adc, but trust me, it's frustrating when a 2-0 Khazix lvl 7 jumps on you and no flashes or heals can save you because he has youmuus finished.
Horros (EUW)
: I have been an ADC main for like 2-3 seasons now, and i have no problem with kiting and my position, yes it needs work but i still should not be being out damaged by her.
Varus is really weak against engage supports. The reason this person picked leona against you is that it was in the IEM tournament yesterday. She's also running 5 AD marks, 4 lethality marks, 3 AD quints and the rest is tank. So, Lvl 2 with her whole combo, she will shit on you. Your fault for not checking what you're opponent is planning on doing. If I saw that she's running that much AD, I'd stay away lvl 2-4
: Help to get out of bronze
Hmm, add me on skype, Raenolyn (dude with a hat and white retro glasses, you can't miss it), we'll see what we can do. I can't play with you, but maybe we can check out what's wrong in your games
Horros (EUW)
: This needs to stop!!
Learn to ''kite'' and ''position'', I'm an adc main and I've got no trouble vs's supports and tanks, i have more trouble with lethality nocturnes, khazixes, rengars and the rest of the crazily overpowered junglers. P.S. Leona's e range is pretty low, just stay out of it.
: Rage quiting penalty
The issue with this is that it could be abused by premade parties. So, I don't think that will be possible. Riot's stance on this issue is that it needs to happen a bit more than once. If a person happens to be 0/2 or 0/3 and dc's for internet problems, not for actually rage quitting, a 7 days ban would be unjustified. I know myself, I've played quite a bit and have sometimes lost lane hard. If I were to dc and get a ban for it even though I was actually willing to play and try to win, the ban would in my eyes be unjust. So, for a person to be banned, he has to violate those terms more than 2-3 times for the system to ban the person. As for your suggestion, going back to the point of premade parties abusing this, I've also been to that part of the spectrum where I've been trolled and blamed for the team being in a bad position by a premade party of 4 and also have had people locking my position (in draft) and when I refused to give in to their demands, they trolled and asked the other team to report me. I've resorted to providing screenshots to prove my innocence, but that's not the way it should work. If Riot implemented this, imagine the terror solo players would face
1gem1 (EUW)
: This just happened to me, but I went into a match and I couldn't connect so I got back to the end screen but it took forever to get there. Then, I logged back in and found out they re-maked the match. ;-; {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Seriously, I don't know what they did but it's bad, really bad. I can't imagine what a person with an older pc is going through. I've absolutely never had any problems prior to this patch. Yeah when I'd accept a game while I was watching videos on youtube I'd join the lobby last, but that's just because my internet is shit. But I had no lags, no issues when accepting, no issues when going in the post game lobby. Now I have to wait for about 15-20 seconds for the game to show the post game lobby.
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E11o (EUW)
: Permanent ban
You have been extremely negative during these games. It doesn't matter if your team was negative. No excuses. If you were toxic/negative/flaming you deserve a ban. A little piece of advice: Whatever game you're playing; if you have nothing smart and constructive to say, don't say anything at all.
xLethal (EUNE)
: What champs are like Swain and Morgana?
Hmm, what position do you play? Swain is a mid/top while Morgana is supp/mid. If you're looking for champions that have sustain and decent damage through spells, you can try playing Vladimir in the mid or top lane. The type of champion you're looking for is really rare and only 2 champions have ''spellvamp'' (Swain and Vladimir). Other AP champs have little or no sustain (Akali being the exception but she's an assassin not a real mage). I'd suggest you try to pick up Ahri. She's simple enough yet has decent outplay potential and wave clear.
: Account Suspended
Your best option would be to contact the support. Explain in detail what happened and provide info about the account to verify that you're the actual owner (E-mail address used to register, first few champs bought, RP purchases etc.) and maybe, just maybe, you will get your account back. NOTE: the safety of your account is your own responsibility; have a password that isn't in any way connected with your own username or in game name, never share your credentials (not even with family), do not log in from unknown devices or similar. There is also an option to activate 2 step validation atm. This all also goes for your email. I know people often open their email on other pcs but it's not really safe
: Could someone analyse this 30s of replay?
Umm, if you look at the items, you can see that Illaoi has a decent amount of AD and the Black Cleaver armor shred. The way that Illaoi works is that if she hits you with her tentacles, she heals for 5% of her missing health and she also has a maximum health damage on her w, So, she shreads your armor and also deals damage according to how much health you have while also healing for 5% of her missing health for each champion hit by a tentacle or more tentacles. Your jungler was an Ivern and you don't seriously think you have the damage to burst her while she's slapping you with dem tentacles? TL:DR Illaoi is a tank shredder
: ULTRA Aggressive support looking for ADC (Let's Get Out Of Bronze)
Well, it's not about just being aggressive, you have to know when you can be aggressive and when you shouldn't. It depends a lot on your adc and on the match up you're in. Bot lane has 4 players. You have to be positioned correctly and the opponents have to be out of position for a fight to go well. I suggest you watch the guides made by Leaguecraft 101 on youtube. They explain it very well and in detail (the newer guides are short but the older ones are long and have examples for everything that he is talking about). so, 1.) Play a support that synchronizes well with your adc. Scaling late game carries that rely on auto attacking (Jinx, Tristana, Ashe, Sivir, Kalista, Vayne) love having disengage and sustain supports like Nami, Soraka, Braum etc as they need to farm and get to their spikes. Early game carries rely on damage from their abilities (Lucian, Jhin, Corki, Miss Fortune) love having poke and engage supports to use their early power to the max and push their lead (Thresh, Blitzcrank, Zyra etc.) . 2.) That doesn't mean that each lane will be won just by syncing supports with adcs. Also pick something that counters their support. Sustain beats poke, poke beats engage, engage beats sustain. Examples: Zyra will beat Thresh if she positions well and pokes him or his adc enough for them to be unable to initiate a fight, Thresh will beat a Soraka because he is able to initiate a fight every single time, he and his adc will be at full health most of the time and he is stronger than a Soraka in an all in fight, but a Soraka will beat Zyra as she will be able to negate the poke a Zyra has, at least that all works in theory if every play is a correct play (no junglers involved, positioning is correct etc. 3.) Level 2 spikes are really big in bot lane as there are 2 champions hitting lvl 2 instead of just 1. Pushing the wave and establishing early lane control can win you the game by itself. Getting lvl 2 kills pretty much cements your lead and the enemy will have a really hard time coming back from that. Aim for that if you wish to climb. I haven't included some supports here as they're specific Blitzcrank is very strong as he's able to completely control zones in the botlane and one mis step from the enemy can be punished heavily as a blitz hook puts them extremely out of position and sometimes not even a flash can save your adc from being killed. Mage supports like Lux, Vel'koz, Malzahar, Karma etc. are strong at the moment because the meta is poke heavy instead of engage heavy. Poking people out of lane is extremely beneficial and those supports get a lot of gold from their support items (Spellthiefs procs) but they're not supports in general meaning. They're mages played in those roles. Leona is a champ that either works extremely well or is basically useless depending on the match up. Leona can punish adcs out of position extremely heavily when they're out of position, but struggles heavily against poke and disengage. Janna is a pure disengage support, the only one of it's kind. She is made for surviving all ins and peeling for her adc. Extremely strong against Thresh, Leona, Nautilus and most of junglers as she can negate their jumps (Lee Sin, Kha'Zix, Rengar, Hecarim, Vi etc.). Decent in lane, but the best in team fights. So, it's not only about being aggressive, it's also about knowing when to be aggressive and how bot lane works and how to beat the enemy. I suggest once again that you watch those guides, you can find them [here](
Husker (EUW)
: Normal Draft Returns to EUNE
Finally, As a player that doesn't play a lot of ranked and loves playing different champions I salute you. The Blind pick normal was really frustrating as people abuse it and a lot of toxicity is present. I'd rather have Normal Draft, Flex Ranked and S/D ranked and remove Blind Normal
Midna922 (EUW)
: i got a great idea for practise Tool
Impossible to do. Also, useless, if he wants to learn to cs as an adc, simply put lvl 1 cs-ing with no runes, no masteries and invulnerable towers in the parctice tool and try to last hit as much as you can. Why impossible? Your decisions in game will change the game as it goes. If he doesn't follow your path 150% and does everything 150% as you did in your game, the game will be different. If he hits a minion at a different time, and your minion stays at a higher health for example, the change will become like a ripple and only grow. It's called ''The Butterfly Effect''. So the bots can't really follow what you did on the map. If there was a change of wave push from red to blue side and the waves crash at a different location, the bot will have to A) hit the air where the minions were in your game or B) follow the minions to another location (changing the game once more) What you're trying to make him see is your map movements, however, the map movements mean nothing without the knowledge why you've done that. Open skype, open the replay, share the screen with him and tell him why you did exactly what you did. EDIT: Bloodthirster Orianna, no, your Wit's End and Nashor's tooth deal on hit magic damage. Bloodthirster only works on attack damage auto attacks scaling only with ad for the healing. So basically, if you build those 3 items, Orianna will only heal for her base ad auto attack damage+BT ad she gets (due to her not having armor pen and no lethality, it would be about 30 or less heals per hit, which given the health pool of that champion, is nothing
Leptyx (EUW)
: [Tip of the day] If you can't play ADC or Support, go consume your autofill in Unranked draft mode
Bulett 4 U (EUNE)
: Game 1 Bulett 4 U: you goin ap? Bulett 4 U: x Bulett 4 U: d Bulett 4 U: yes Bulett 4 U: i was by the tower Bulett 4 U: just Bulett 4 U: q Bulett 4 U: 5 times eve mid Bulett 4 U: kill me Bulett 4 U: don't tell me what to do Bulett 4 U: what lag Bulett 4 U: ahri no ult Bulett 4 U: yo eve Bulett 4 U: One day Bulett 4 U: eve 24/7 ,mid do somoethin Bulett 4 U: EVE Bulett 4 U: MID Bulett 4 U: eve just sitting mid Bulett 4 U: yes Bulett 4 U: this ahri Bulett 4 U: is bad Bulett 4 U: but Bulett 4 U: eve Bulett 4 U: sitting Bulett 4 U: in mid Bulett 4 U: litteraly Bulett 4 U: Eve did everything for you Bulett 4 U: LOL Bulett 4 U: excuse Bulett 4 U: okay Bulett 4 U: leson learned never give others your lane Bulett 4 U: i gave up Bulett 4 U: 10/1 Bulett 4 U: gj Bulett 4 U: yes Bulett 4 U: in 2 minutes Bulett 4 U: how the fk do you have hope in this game Bulett 4 U: lissa lost lane cuz eve Bulett 4 U: i didn't lose lane 1v1 Bulett 4 U: i soloed ahri two times behind Bulett 4 U: this Bulett 4 U: ekko Bulett 4 U: trying Bulett 4 U: to do sokmething Bulett 4 U: insted of flaming Bulett 4 U: sona Bulett 4 U: and liss Bulett 4 U: kill her wtf Bulett 4 U: you sure? Bulett 4 U: q isn;t a auto attack Bulett 4 U: its an ability Bulett 4 U: and oyu can cast it in air Bulett 4 U: when you land it will activate Bulett 4 U: no matter what Bulett 4 U: stunned Bulett 4 U: for so long Bulett 4 U: gj rengar Bulett 4 U: :D Bulett 4 U: XD Bulett 4 U: eve you aren't good Bulett 4 U: you are just abusing a champion Bulett 4 U: that is %%%%%%ed Bulett 4 U: LOSING Bulett 4 U: LOL Bulett 4 U: YOU CAMPED Bulett 4 U: YOU SITTED Bulett 4 U: and i lost? Bulett 4 U: its you won Bulett 4 U: not i lost Bulett 4 U: ROFL Bulett 4 U: you just know one champion Game 2 Bulett 4 U: gp Bulett 4 U: nothing Bulett 4 U: doesn't matter Bulett 4 U: got the firstblood Bulett 4 U: LOL Bulett 4 U: da,m Bulett 4 U: lee was in tribush Bulett 4 U: they were pushing Bulett 4 U: he left Bulett 4 U: 0 patience Bulett 4 U: tjat janna Bulett 4 U: np Bulett 4 U: yup Bulett 4 U: but we got the first tower Bulett 4 U: with that duo Bulett 4 U: AYY Bulett 4 U: but Bulett 4 U: with top Bulett 4 U: and jg Bulett 4 U: its actually unwinable Bulett 4 U: why you mad Bulett 4 U: already Bulett 4 U: we have 1/5 top and 0/3 jg Bulett 4 U: 0/4 Bulett 4 U: uhm Bulett 4 U: Report jayce for inting and verbal abuse Bulett 4 U: ty omh Bulett 4 U: omg Bulett 4 U: you are a beast Bulett 4 U: press R Bulett 4 U: lul Bulett 4 U: you dealt 1290 with a point and click on ability Bulett 4 U: Q Bulett 4 U: it said Q and R Bulett 4 U: so sad Bulett 4 U: i can carry Bulett 4 U: at least Bulett 4 U: not sit around Bulett 4 U: and do nothing Bulett 4 U: lul Bulett 4 U: you don;t have items lul Bulett 4 U: he is lol Bulett 4 U: hes not trolling Bulett 4 U: hes bad Bulett 4 U: -lee Bulett 4 U: what about me Bulett 4 U: ye Bulett 4 U: sry he went for you Bulett 4 U: ye Bulett 4 U: unfortunate game Bulett 4 U: gp Bulett 4 U: welp that was E and R Bulett 4 U: i mean nothing new Bulett 4 U: platinum just shows this guy lee Bulett 4 U: unfortunate i got stuck Bulett 4 U: cuz of players like him Bulett 4 U: feelsbadman Game 3 Bulett 4 U: idfk Bulett 4 U: im gonna get campped Bulett 4 U: cuz i miss Bulett 4 U: a lot of Bulett 4 U: cs Bulett 4 U: and exp Bulett 4 U: and ryze is a bully Bulett 4 U: so mid is done prob Bulett 4 U: i didn't mislclick anything Bulett 4 U: yeah sure Bulett 4 U: care Bulett 4 U: bot Bulett 4 U: gold isn't a good elo anyways Bulett 4 U: with a jungler like you we can't Bulett 4 U: yes Bulett 4 U: you are 0 late game Bulett 4 U: yes pls Bulett 4 U: 7/0 Bulett 4 U: lee gave all kills to ryze Bulett 4 U: just really 2/7 unfortunate Bulett 4 U: 2/7 Bulett 4 U: ye Bulett 4 U: lucky that i got the best lee Bulett 4 U: eu Bulett 4 U: has ever seen Bulett 4 U: thank you Bulett 4 U: midlane Bulett 4 U: is my farm Bulett 4 U: lol Bulett 4 U: well you are the reason i cannot carry Bulett 4 U: yes Bulett 4 U: its true Bulett 4 U: you take Bulett 4 U: farm Bulett 4 U: and then suicide Bulett 4 U: no we don;t Bulett 4 U: i wont win this game Bulett 4 U: what for? Bulett 4 U: gg Bulett 4 U: report vayne and lee Bulett 4 U: ty
1) You talk to much, play the game. 2) Asking people to report someone is considered toxic and you've done it more than a couple of times. 3) You haven't said anything extremely toxic like verbal abuse, but still, you were toxic to your team mates Also, Riot doesn't ban for 1 game only, so... you've done your share of flaming before you got banned probably. Ban well deserved. Enjoy your time off
: SummonersLab, Part 10: General Improvements (1)
Lord dominiks is good atm. Even at the current state of the game. Remember that most of the tanks have additional sources of damage mitigation such as Maokai ult, Poppy W (gives resistances), Leona W (gives resistances), Nautilus shield etc. If you were to nerf Lord Dominiks regards, you'd make the tanks unkillable by adcs. It would shift the meta to full AP teams. Bruh, nah, no way. People get this item 3-4th as is, and aren't even buying it consistently. You get too much into it and see problems where they aren't EDIT: Note that all the shields scale with your resistances, they act as your effective health, so even the courage shield is amplified by the resistances you have.
Snades (EUW)
: Over Storms is recruiting, Do you want to progress further in League of Legends?
: Actually, it wasn't a joke, it was related to a Charlie Chaplin movie my friend and I watched together last summer. As I have stated before, my use of the words were related to a certain context, take out the context which is only known to those who are familiar with me or my friend and you'll have a Nazi chant. I'm not a child, nor childish, but you're point remains, the fact that other parties may look at my chat and read it out of context since the latter was not provided when I had typed "Sieg Heil", and may be offended or feel that I'm insulting the death of free people during the WW2 events, should not be neglected. I didn't take that into consideration because I was playing with 4 of my friends (We were 5 premades) and I used the team chat so... But I'm not gonna say anything on the matter because you are right given your context, and I'm right given mine, but in general you are right and I'm wrong, and the use of the "Seig Heil" bs is wrong. I get it kind sir, but thank you for wasting your time explaining it to me, I respect your efforts and your intentions. Take good care of yourself :)
Your welcome and enjoy the rest of your day.
: You are legit silver with a negative winratio and you have the nerve to say to me that I have a bronze mentality? God bless. After my 14 day suspension lifts off, we can duoq to get you out of that filthy elo. What do you say my good silver friend? :)
Bruh, I only play to gold XD I play the game for normals and arams with friends. Never been banned, never flamed, never been focused on rank. I've played 11 games and have a 5-6 record. Still, me being silver, far better than your bronze
: We need to get rp withuot money
We don't need to get RP, we don't need skins and other cosmetics. We WANT them, we don't NEED them. Riot has to make money, no amount of crying and asking will ever get us free rp and that is OK. I support the game and I've bought a decent amount of RP. If you can't, the game is still free
: It was in the title. I am not complaining about a 14 day suspension. I came here to make a point. I made a point, that's all
Your point being that you're a ''d'' and that you've got a bronze mentality? Yea we got it. Go and earn that perma ban champ, we're rooting for ya
: I wasn't intentionally feeding, there is a difference between splitting and inting. 14 days is legit nothing
> I started splitting and intentionally throwing a won game. Deliberately lost the game. You said it yourself. Well deserved ban, nothing more to say. If you can't figure it out yourself, do it again and face a permanent ban You even used the word intentionally
: Life steal vs spell vamp
Morgana has only 10% Spell Vamp initially and you can't expect W to heal you for a tremendous amount. 10% off of all the damage you deal through spells. It's not extremely visible but if a tick of W deals 100 damage, you get 10 health back. That said, Morgana is a pretty bad example for spellvamp(Note: she will be receiving a rework - read it somewhere). Have you seen Vladimir and Swain? Those are the examples of big sustain mages. They don't have spellvamp but do have inbuilt sustain in their kit and I personally add spellvamp runes to pages I use for those champs. Akali, Mordekaiser, Katarina and some others use Hextech Gunblade that has the old Will of the Ancients passive (heals for 15% of all damage dealt - 33% active for AoE damage) and it heals for a lot. Riot has said that they'll eventually remove Spellvamp completely and replace it with inbuilt sustain for those mages whose concept is to sustain through fights. You can still get it through masteries and runes tho, a total of 9%
: perma ban accounts
dat english ... cringe. Learn to use punctuation in your sentences. That said. A permanently banned account will forever stay a permanently banned account. If you have flamed, cheated, intentionally fed or whatever, you deserve the ban. There is a ToU that you accept when you start playing the game (even though most people just skip it - just like you did). That ToU is like a contract. You broke it and you knew the consequences.
: Yes or no?
You need some mechanical skill, but yeah, it's possible to climb with simple champions. You still need to know that having mechanical skill and game knowledge will make you climb twice as fast.
: Ruining the game as in "giving a free win to the enemy team, because my team is flaming me"? I didn't ruin the game, the malzahar did. You can hate me all you want, but that is what happened. If I'm losing with friendly people I will do my best to carry them. If I'm playing with flamers, I will do my best to lose the game on purpose. Pretty much this
Your logic baffles me. Why do you even care? If he's flaming you, just mute him and do whatever you need to win the game. But intentionally losing, yes that is bannable, it's called inting shortly and I am glad that you got banned
: I see, I've had a feeling that it might be it, thanks for explaining it to me. Lesson learnt, "Sieg Heil" is not to be used anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances. Thank you for your reply kind sir, have a nice day.
Yeah, the phrase is highly controversial and frowned upon even in countries where there is no law against it. The WW2 wasn't really a nice time you know. A lot of the things that happened aren't even talked about and aren't known to the general public (as a med student I've learned that Nazi doctors and scientists heavily experimented on certain parts of the population, even going as far as putting them into freezing water to see how long it takes for the human body to freeze and that is just one of the examples of things that people don't know). So, those words, out of respect for all those who suffered and those who fought, civilian casualties and so on, are not to be taken lightly. I'm a young person and even I get annoyed when I see people drawing swastikas on walls, chanting ''Sieg Heil'' and similar things as it's extremely disrespectful towards those who suffered. Have that in mind when you chant those words next time. I know it might've been a joke for you before, but be adult about this and stay away from it. There are other jokes you can use instead who aren't harmful in any way and are funny regardless. Have a nice day
: Is this chat ban worthy ? Serious question
TBH, I've seen a lot worse and don't think this is ban worthy except for 1 thing. I don't think they will lift the ban just because there are some words you shouldn't have used. The thing I think triggered the ban is that Nazi chant ''Sieg Heil''. You can't use those words anywhere, especially not in a team environment. Despite the fact that you wrote it to your team only, it was visible to the system and banned you for it. Swastikas, Nazi chants and similar things are punishable by law in Germany, Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic, not just by this game. It doesn't matter why you have used it and to whom you've said it. Don't utter those words any more, any where, at any time and for whatever reason. EDIT: The punishment is 3 years of prison or a fine that trust me, you won't pay easily
: Dera riot, my promo
What people don't understand is that there are games that you will always lose due to external factors (AFK, ragequit, latency issues, trolls etc) and it's about 10-20% of the games. Those games you will always have in your record as a ''loss''. But, the other 80-90%% are winnable, and depending on how many you do win, you will climb, stagnate or fall. Don't expect to win every promo series. Now you will tell me that you ''always'' have trollers and feeders in your games... the fact is that you just don't remember the games that went well. Note that the enemy team also sometimes has those issues. Either deal with it and climb (it's a part of the experience) or don't, it's up to you
S47 (EUNE)
: Low elo struggles
The only way to climb from bronze to gold is mechanical skill. Once you can beat lane pretty easily in your elo, you will climb. It's not just about your lane but to also roam and get your team ahead. It's a team game and you can't win entirely by yourself. After gold it's more about decision making and it's expected for everyone to be mechanically adept. Past diamond it's almost purely decision making and outplaying on the map.
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