: worst thing is restarting client didnt solve issue in my game, so i couldnt play 1 min in this game without ping being at least 900-10000, needles to say after 3 restarts and issue not going away, game was over, only good thing was my teammates werent assholes who would report me for this, but i lost 20 lp and i didnt even play game, really thinking serious about uninstalling
It was a 4v3 for us so i got free lp :)
: 7k ping on eune server
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Hols (EUNE)
: Where is our middle east server??
They just made a lag report system. as if it's gonna help. it really doesn't matter when your so far from the servers you play on
Hols (EUNE)
: Where is our middle east server??
Guess it's not happening. oh well worth a try : )
abdxd1 (EUNE)
: I live in Jordan, as far as I know, that's a middle eastern country. To address the flaming issue, of course there is flaming everywhere, but here in EUNE in most of my games recently I rarely found flamers (depends on elo) but to be honest, whenever some arabs know others are arabs too, the first thing they say is "k...- o..." so imagine a game with 10 arabs, lol. And yes ranked placements do matter, you don't want to achieve divisions you are unworthy of, most of us want to earn their rank.
Yes But That's not a reason to not make a middle east server. And nobody's getting a rank they don't deserve.
abdxd1 (EUNE)
: The playerbase in middle east is not large enough to have its own server, but riot is trying to enhance our ping. Mine was always stable at 96 and recently it became stable at 83, so whatever riot is doing, they are helpful. Also one side-effect is ranked placement, skill level will drop and I'd probably go from plat to diamond which isn't a good thing not to be able to play with skilled players. Plus the flaming in an arabic community would be extreme. Not sure I'd transfer to that said region if I had the chance.
First off I'm pretty sure we have enough Players to get an active server. And if you have less then 100 ping Then you're not living in middle eastern countries I'm pretty sure about that. And ranking Placements should not matter just because there will be Less good players there it just doesn't make sense. And flaming should not be a problem i mean come on There is always Flame no matter which server you play on Let's be real.
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Benshirro (EUW)
: First of all, guys - sorry for the lack of response to these questions. We totally get the point here - the player experience for you guys is not where you or we'd like it to be and we are taking that very seriously. We're looking at ways to improve things for players like yourselves, and whilst I can't make any promises about outcomes or timelines, we will let you know when we're ready to talk about what we have planned. Thanks for bearing with us.
Thank you very much
: 1 - it's not one sever. It's a cluster of servers. I don't know if a games server is different from a traditional server farm, but you have alot of them. We have a 10,000 user base at work. To have a mirrored environment and have extra resources, we have 125 ESXL hosts. For only 10,000 users. Plus there's the connections, the traffic. Network rules, security, maintenance. All these things take place in a feasibility study. There might be a large player base, but if the expenditure outstrips the income it will generate, they simply won't do it. We have about 20 terabytes of RAM, 25 petabytes of storage and about 4000 processors on 32gbps fibre channel. This costs millions to replace as you need to refresh every couple of years. Imagine a base of about 40,000,000 users. Imagine the infrastructure and resources this requires. Same reason Africa doesn't have it's own region.
So there is no hope ):
Asphixia (EUW)
: I'm fairly confident that Riot knows better than any of us what is a viable option in terms of expanding. These things definitely don't come cheap. There are sooo many factors to be thought about before you can start working on something. Maybe in the future, they find an opening opportunity to expand into the Middle East. :)
Well its best for them to create a middle east Server Because there are alot of middle east players If they wanted to create a middle east server they would've done it by now Riot Respond!
Asphixia (EUW)
: You gotta read the posts he's been writing up. Depending on the way it can be done (physically, out in the world with wiring and connections) it may lower or increase the ping for the users. It's the way each individual country is built up that decide how possible a lower (or worse case, higher) ping can be. Hope I managed to explain it a bit better?
Igot what u mean But you can build a server in UAE Dubai most middle east servers are from there it should not be a problem And i think most middle east players can get good ping from dubai
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Read the post I linked you, it's explained there. A large group of middle eastern players would experience an increased ping on an middle eastern server due to infrastructure, and it would be better for them to just keep playing on the EU servers. So regardless of where the server would be placed, only one group of players from the potential playerbase would get improved ping.
Middle east is not a large place And Explain why other games have middle east server with 20 ping or less
Hols (EUNE)
: Middle East server
Oh come on its easy as any server they made Na.euw.euene Even turkey has a server Other games have middle east server
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