: Smurfing in Plat 3- LF DuoQ
I'm p5, just got demoted, I play ardent's supports
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: it wont happen in ranked, normal and ranked match making is seperate (different MMR's)
: Or OP's MMR is very high, which seems to be the case here.
: I love it when i get a smurf against me, i try to think about what hes doing, why, and when, and how i can avoid him doing it to me, anything from harass to those roams and all that It makes for a great learning experience, but then again thats just me
Yeah but I don't get a smurf against me, that's their division at the moment.
Mabons (EUW)
: Listen, if you know well enough to check their background then you're obviously smurfing. Guess what... All those games you smurfed your way up(pounding newbies into the dust) you basically boosted your normal MMR to insane levels that only the, you guessed it, challenger/master/diamond players are at. So basically, if you don't want this to happen, stop %%%%ing smurfing and play on your main account where it will put you at the level you are supposed to be at.
Um, yeah, thank you. I just started playing and ofc if I see the one I'm against playing better or doing things that I didn't know about I want to check their profile after the game, doesn't that seem right? And then I see their division.
: Well..since its just a normal its no biggie really, see it as a learning experience.
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