: 2weeks is more rest from game than quiting , jk 😊 . Enjoy summer , go swim with friends and enjoy it, dont make memories playing LoL. Cold days will come and then is right time to come back , in warm room while snow/rain/wind is outside.
lol I can't enjoy summer: I easily burn my skin and I have no friends. The real shit is when winter comes . (awwwwwwwwwww yisssssssss)
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: I don't understand your language, but if you got a 14 day suspension, be nice from now on. No matter what. Never flame, never be toxic again. One more offense, regardless if it's big or small - and you will get 100% permabanned. As for your chat logs, it seems like you have no idea how to play from behind. Try to adapt your play, ward up and farm safely for teamfights. If the enemy can't kill you, there's a high chance the jungler will stop camping and move on elsewhere. Don't tilt. And don't flame. Best of luck on the Rift!
Wait. You could drop a punishment tier in 5 months or if you got reformed if i'm not wrong.
: Oxygen 8 Are Looking For Players - Plat Elo
Most of us are gold scrubs so good luck finding players *cries in gold 5* {{item:3070}}


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