: > they make the game a lot more fun, less flaming etc. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} oh boy, you have no idea...
Well luckily havent came that far now :P
: I've been playing with a friend for like 3 months then we went over to discord for the first time and I was surprised to discover that she was a girl xD She tought she already told me before.
: Tbh feel free to friend me. I'll play every now and then. altho i've been getting saltier ever since i started playing overwach >->... Best Wishes, Your Soraka Support {{sticker:sg-kiko}} P.S. I've been looking for a bud who will ALWAYS discord w/ me when playing league. its awkward to ask people to discord >->...
Damn, someone actually came hahah. Yeah sure i'll add you right away...and jesus why does every single girl have to main support :P Well anyway cya on the rift Summoner :D !!
: Talking to girls is alot like alot of things. Example, when you learned to ried a bike/drive a car/take a shit in the toilet, they were things you weren't natually good at, You were setup to fail. The difference is that there is a social interaction involved and the opposite sex. You have the same problem alot of people have had since the dawn of existence: you lack self confidence. The best way that you will get that is with time, experience and giving zero %%%%s. Put simply: go out and get rejected alot. Eventually you'll have enough courage that someone will say yes without you paying her.
What the, okay that for instance was actually helpful, seriously mate i wanna buy you a drink now :)
: If you just want someone to play with, why does it have to be a girl?
Okay you got me there buddy. I dunno really, i probably just want to practice my speech skills with her over discord/skype or whatever... Also (in my opinion) they make the game a lot more fun, less flaming etc.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >So basically... the nice guy syndrome. Aka friend zoned :)
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