: Queueing as Sup for insta
I haven't seen many "role or feed" but I've had plenty of Warwicks, Cho'Gaths, Cassiopeias etc "supports". Lame shit is lame.
: To all the players, that complain about devourer stacks...
Devourer and devourer junglers are terrible. Play a real jungler.
Snow Owl (EUNE)
: "Assassins have it hard" -Rito 2016
Assassins in this game are cancerous.
candoodle (EUW)
: Listen we know support is the most needed role
I made a post about how Riot should promote the least played role by giving some small rewards (like IP, or maybe extra fragment keys still don't understand how the chest-key system will work). But it went ignored.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: So I want to play poppy top, you ban her (even if I'm first pick, and the enemy can't possibly pick her). Now I have to play another champion, maybe that I'm not confident of or that I never played, in ranked, do you have an idea about how you lowered your chances of winning?
If you can play only one champion, you shouldn't even be queuing for ranked.
SirShakez (EUW)
: Stop banning your teammate's prefered pick
Wrong. Stop complaining about the bans. If I have the option to ban, it's MY RIGHT TO BAN WHOERVER THE FCK I WANT. If you have problem with that, stop playing.
Kate Bush (EUW)
: Buff Syndra's Q early ?
I think she needs a new, better passive. She basically has no passive for most of the game, and the ones she gets are insignificant compared to other champions.
Just Cat (EUW)
: but adc are squishy!
Then pick a champion with freaking CC AND HELP YOUR TEAM. Gosh people want to pick 5 assassins and expect to win. You won't.
: Japanese Client/Voices Released!
What's the big deal with the Japanese voice?
: What are good 1 vs 2 champions?
: Is Remi from Renegades a man?
Remi has XY chromosomes, and always will. No matter what he does. Remi is a male.
Hrki (EUNE)
: A small tweak on the new role selection
C'mon I want to hear more opinions.
: Eye of the Equinox only support item with NO CDR %
All of the "improved" sightstone items (other than the old one, for additional ward) are pretty bad. Just upgrade the support (gold item) item so you can have the active, all the actives are really good, it's stupid not to get those items. Yea, sightstone and income item take 2 slots but most of the time you won't have full build as a support, so ALWAYS go for the upgraded income items so you can have that sweet, gamechanging actives.
Silisa (EUNE)
: > Since the fill role mainly picks supports, and since supports is the least played role, why not give rewards to people that queue as the least played role? Because that's how you get an AP Blitzcrank and support Lee Sin. Because the number of troll supports is already high (because of players who pick support just to shorten their queue time). The right thing to do would be to make the support role more appealing to players. But, since most of the player base consists of **I wanna solo carry you nabs** players, there is no way to make a mostly utility based role into something more appealing to testosterone filled heads who just want to get that penta.
I already discussed that in the first part of the game, where people select support but they don't play it.
Rioter Comments
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hey, I don't see why not. With slight modifications, could be a good system after the 14 day ban. The toxic ones will still get the chance to get back what they payed for if they actually reform. And it could be a good wake up call on the first tier. If they just keep on going toxic, they will be permabanned eventually ofc. Just like now.
Wouldn't IP restriction (not earning any IP for X amount of games) would be the best punishment for verbally abusive players?
Dixi Pixi (EUW)
: So i finally got japaneese on my Eu West client and....
What's the thing with Japanese voice overs?
: Yoricks rework will be Sion Level, meaning that the new Yorick will have nothing to do with the current Yorick. Another thing I shoukd add, all of Riot recent reworks have become popular in the pro scene. Remember Fiora? "oh nooo! Riot killed fiora she will never be played!".... ends up being played by SKT Marin. Dont underestimate reworks, yes the juggernaut rework was a fail, but the rest have been successful.
Yea, the other reworks (Poppy, GP, Fiora) are contested picks, often banned or picked because they are simply stronger than the older champions.
: YORICK REWORK IS COMING SOON ™ (Champion update schedule updated in Riot support)
Don't get your hopes high. We saw how Riot "reworks" champions. Skarner, Darius, Garen, Mordekaiser aren't played at all, other than the patch where they were ridiculously overpowered by huge stats.
Minstrel (EUNE)
: You are actually obligated to go the role that was chosen for you if you use the new champion select.
If that's true I want to make a suggestion to improve the wait time.
: your reason plus there are many reason that's spoiling our experience with lol and riot is doing nothing, because forcing someone do something is out of their hands
No one is forcing anyone to do anything. They ACCEPTED to play as they role, they are supposed to respect that.
Don Wrong (EUW)
: No there aren't but it's like norm, you just do it because you want people to be nice to you, so you do the same to them
That's lame.
Alex3995 (EUW)
: report after the game they get punished other than that there isnt much you can do
I don't think you can get banned for that.
Rioter Comments
La1serg (EUW)
: How to speak Russian: free lessons
"Give me a match to light my cigar"
: > Other champions like Pantheon, Jayce and GP can just poke you without coming in melee, they will use the item, and bam, you ded. It only procs on autohits
You need 1 AA so you can use the active. You can poke, poke poke poke, apply just 1 AA, use the active, ez kill.
Rehab (EUW)
: Duskblade of DFG 2.0
To be honest I really mind the name of this item, since it's a rip off out of world of warcraft character Drek'Thar. http://wow.gamepedia.com/Drek'Thar Couldn't they have picked ANY OTHER name? About the item itself, it seems broken af. Imagine it on burst champs like Riven, Pantheon, Fiora, GP, Jayce, Yi, Noc, Rengar. Rengar already has easy time to burst squishies down, with this item he will score a kill 100% of the time. Same with Nocturne, every time he ults an ADC/Mage, he will score an ez kill. Other champions like Pantheon, Jayce and GP can just poke you without coming in melee, they will use the item, and bam, you ded.
raishinari (EUNE)
: When will Garen get nerfed?
When will people learn to play?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: How do you deal with Jax in this patch? Outside of Rammus.
NamelessD (EUNE)
: [Pole] How many matches per day?
On average like 2-3.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Lets write some lol jokes here
Two guys are talking, one is a DotA player, the other is League player. The DotA player said DotA is better. The League player couldn't deny.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ibeatyourmilk,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yJAvWTFo,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-25T21:23:47.465+0000) > > Seriously, look at that ult.. Looks like you can knock someone right into your own fountain.. PENTAKIIIILL. > > For real though, Riot fucked up the juggernaut reworks but in their champion reveals they didn't even seem close as OP as Poppy seems to be.. Nah no matter where you are facing, her ulti knocks toward opponents base always.
Still, you can easily make fights 5v4 by removing one of the enemy champions.
XaxaWoW (EUW)
Yes, in some games the enemy will counter you, the enemy will be better than you. Are you gonna cry about all of those games? Either practice to lose as less as possible or just stop playing that role.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: My junglers don't gank when I'm Riven...
You should NEVER rely on junglers to win the lane for you. No matter which champion you are playing as, no matter who is your opponent. Jungler MIGHT help if he want to/can. Your lane - your job.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mister Plumbum,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=LZVJrfyK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-15T01:23:22.296+0000) > > Wow dude, you live so healthy. I bet you will get like 100 years old. so? rather live younger and be in a good state of mind of physcodelic, No one gets out of life alive anyway..
I'd like to see you use 10 types of medicine and being not allowed to eat most sugars and lipids by the age of 40.
: Wow dude, you live so healthy. I bet you will get like 100 years old.
League will give him a heart attack before he gets lung cancer/liver failure.
: Akward NA Allstar result ''forced marriage of Rush hour''
šaraton (EUNE)
: Era of marksman is finaly here?
Every season has been ADC era tbh. With 3 core items (eventually 4) ADCs easily shred to pieces any other champion no matter how tanky he is.
: What to do when someone instalocks and you called a role first
Tip number 1: Don't play blind. Play normal draft if you wanna practice for ranked; Play team builder if you wanna play a certain champion
: How well did you do in season 5? (Legit players only, no boosters or smurfs)
Got myself back in gold, where I end up every season...
: Riot Has Taken This Too Far This Time
I don't get it. Explain it?
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Illaoi revealed!
Is this Braum's daughter/wife?
alasarcher (EUNE)
: "Report Garen". Your first offense, thats enough to get u banned. Be happy u were only chat restricted. Stop telling people to report someone dude seriously.
Nope, even Phreak on stream typed "Please report Pantheon" and he hasn't been restricted.
: Riven QQ is too damn high
Why are Riven mains the most toxic people?
: > [{quoted}](name=Hrki,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=U3w6wVxe,comment-id=00130000000000000000,timestamp=2015-11-08T23:40:32.878+0000) > > Give me examples. Annie, with burst build.
Annie isn't bruiser nor assassin, or whatever Riven is.
: Watching Riven's overloaded kit is scared me more than a horror movie.
You know what's funny, when Nidalee was broken (doing 1k dmg by spamming spears from Jupiter) her mains used exactly the same "arguments": Squishy, Can be CCed, bad team fight, counterpicks etc. We all know how that ended up. Hopefully Riot will come to their senses with Riven as well. And if they don't, well enjoy your freelo.
Viktorous (EUNE)
: Read Riven's passive again: >Riven's blade gains a charge for 5 seconds every time she casts an ability, stacking up to 3 times. Each of her basic attacks consumes an available charge to deal 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50% AD bonus physical damage. TL;DR Her basic attacks gain bonus physical damage that can stack up to 3 times whenever she uses a spell. She doesn't gain free AD. If she got free AD per spell cast her spells would be much more powerful, if not overpowered. Fortunately that is not the case at all.
Viktorous (EUNE)
: >Neither Xin nor Irelia can kill anyone in 1 second (...) I think I can ignore the rest of your paragraph because you have clearly no idea what the power curve of Riven is. Unless Riven is **EXTREMELY** fed (going 5/0 or something like that) in early game, there is no way she can burst someone within a second. Try again when you have a concise idea what Riven's kit exactly is.
2/3 items is enough for her to instakill someone. She has way too much free stats. Passive part of ult, and her passive. Tbh it's pointless discussing with a main cause you're always ignorant and defending your freelo. Enjoy it while you can.
Viktorous (EUNE)
: I don't have to. All assassins are able to do their job of flash > combo > kill as long as they have decent farm early game. Bruisers may be harder since they are a combination of DPS and tankiness, but some bruisers have assassin quality, like Irelia, Xin Zhao, etc... Some of these champions don't even need flash, just the dashes in their kit, and they can kill any squishy carries with the right combos and positioning.
Neither Xin nor Irelia can kill anyone in 1 second unless they're extremely fed and full AD (which doesn't happen in 90% of the matches). Neither their dashes are enough to get to the carry without burning a flash. Also Irelia doesn't have AOE CC, which allows the enemy team to CC her before she can do anything. Riven CCs everyone in decent AOE rendering them useless for enough time to do a small combo. Any other examples.
Swittz (EUW)
: heh riven , if she was really op with a kit that offered too much then she'd be the {{champion:82}} of Worlds, this doesn't happen . Her kit is fine imo , and believe me she's not as strong as she seems, not only early when if she fucks up her cooldowns you can punish her hard, but late when she can't do much against a normal team.
In tournament play there's something called strategy. Ever heard of lane swap? Even besides that she was picked fairly often.
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