: How can you enjoy playing broken stuff? Makes no sense to me.
Because when something is broken, it is so much more fun to see what it can do rather than the casual normal shit. It's fun
KaShootMe (EUNE)
Sleepkn8t (EUW)
: Man there are champions broken all season, with so many champions in League you have the weak ones the strongest and the ones that need skill. Proof of this you have Rengar, Kled, Aatrox no one wants to play with them.
Rengar is actually quite beast right now. As for Kled and Aatrox I see your point but aatrox is due to a rework so he is gonna be fixed.
: Hahahaha so funny you say this :). When i saw sona i thought, ah yes. finally someone who know really what happend in this meta. I quit with my main adcs and go play only sona full ap sup XD. won so far a lot. lich bane too OP atm. yesss pre-season is f ucked up and no i DON'T love it:P Make it balanced pls. armor and magic resist back and put the lethality and pen back for some basic stats like you could do with the old rune page. Adc's are weak and don't do dmg, except the op vayne and twitch with their true dmg
It will be balanced eventually, it just takes some time, wait it out. Eventually things will go back to normal. Remember last preseason? that was broken too but eventually it got fixed. It's just a matter of patience
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kalima994 (EUNE)
: it's called packet loss, it has to do with your internet
weird. I don't seem to have lag at any point in the game. And also it seems to create some weird interactions like ekko q being unseen when it turns back. Idk maybe it will get better.
Rioter Comments
: Games with fun and nice teammates usually get forgotten as people tend to remember the ones where they had a troll / afk much more. Kinda sad, but glad you shared. Good luck in SoloQ
The main reason I felt I this was legit the best game of the season was because if one of us legit one person didn't change their playstyle, the game was done. We all cooperated and did our best to stop the snowball. There were many games that I stomped and teammates were friendly and all but in those the win was there from the start. With this one we all had to put an effort to win it and it felt like a game you would see in the lol pro scene(obviously exaggeration but you get the point)
: Î agree, although azir didn't even needed nerfs imo (î don't play him). & yes the nerf are small. But galio get insane Buff that he will need a hotfix (please with in 24hours). & galio wasn't in a bad spot at all tbh. Other champs that are too strong aren't even touches like trist ... A good example of nerfs they did was the sej & ardent nerfs ,they might be a bit to much nerfed but both definitly neede nerfs
To be fair, the ardent censer nerfs was enough however the sejuani nerf, if you look at it yes the dmg on her E got halved, but people forget that the proc itself does 15-25% damage. That's where the dmg comes from.
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: Games with fun and nice teammates usually get forgotten as people tend to remember the ones where they had a troll / afk much more. Kinda sad, but glad you shared. Good luck in SoloQ
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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Idk but new Azir seems to me dominant even in early game. Last year I was able to win and kill Azir early around level 2-5 when he used Q on me I just walked close to him and started trading, he couldn't reposition soldiers and I was able to kill him. Not anymore now. He just summons new soldier or even use Q again and I lose the trade even before he finish nashor tooth after which is is impossible to deal with for an immobile mage.
You need to play assassins that outburst him. Control mages won't really cut it. One thing that is really good vs him is champions that have some sort of CC. Veigar is one that spikes to mind because yes you get bullied however you eventually cage him if he wants to get close and burst him out.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: aaaaaaaaaaaand you completely missed the point of this post. Which is funny considering the OP specifically mentioned that he agrees with the Azir nerf.
Finally someone who understands. This guy T4underbolt legit hates me.
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Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Humansnake99,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nZYN8RUY,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-15T11:56:39.156+0000) > > if we will have to buy rune pages like we did so far. If you want more of them, yes. Everyone will have 5 default, unchangeable, rune pages plus 2 empty ones (those that come with the account). You can only customize those two. If you want more rune pages you need to buy them. The rune pages that you already own will be transfered over to the new system. One key difference is this: you'll be able to edit rune pages in champion select, so technically you only need 1 page (which you get for free). *** [Preseason Update FAQ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012640908-Preseason-Update-FAQ) > For rune pages, the plan is for your rune pages to carry over into the new runes system, so prices on rune pages aren't being changed. However we heard from some players that being able to edit rune pages in champ select > ... > Rune pages will still be available in the new system so rune pages will continue to exist in the store for the same price. Existing rune pages will carry over to the new system. Any IP spent on runes or rune pages since September 1, 2017 will not be refunded.
I was thinking say if you were last pick and you would have minimal time to think what you would get. Ehh at least you can buy them since runes will be free, rune pages won't be so hard to acquire.
LazySlav (EUNE)
: No, we won't have to. They said it in thread about new runes. :)
OK number 1 can you link me the thread? 2) Will we get rune pages for free?
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Ìxeas (EUW)
: I prefer this meta over tank meta. That was a real torture for anyone playing anything else but tank.
At least in the tank meta there were answers, aka tank busters. In here if you don't obey the meta you loose. This is why I hate this meta more than the tank meta. Also I checked your profile for a sec, no wonder you prefer this meta, you are an adc player yourself lol
: feed good? edit: I hate it when jannas only ult if someone would die <.<
Let me re write that. Wouldn't you rather play stuff that is more interesting mechanically but you feel stuck playing these meta ardent censer supports? Maybe I am the only one who feels like that but I feel like it's boring seeing the same supports in every game rushing the same item every game.
Rioter Comments
: His damage seems to be a bit overtuned, its good early, midgame and late. I would say he's stronger midgame than late now compared to before, since his range is shorter so you can get to him, and the ult is nerfed so you can dash through. 52% winrate is a bit high for an advanced champion. I would only give him a small nerf though, Azir players have been suffering for so long and Azir is such an interesting champion that he should be viable.
Yeah I observed that too. I feel like maybe his dmg should be down a bit midgame. He is a lategame hypercarry after all sooooo
: The thing is. He can just save one W and wait for your engage and just W close and eventually E for shield. It really is impossible. I played as ezreal, annie, akali, veigar vs him. I saw people playing many different champions as well and had no luck in fighting him. My best success was as AD ezreal since I have consistent damage from autos as well, but still it was nearly impossible. I saw one guy on stream going xerath vs azir and that was pretty good, but xerath screws everone with his range. After 6 Azir could still just go for all in and just push xerath behind with his ult for easy kills. Xerath had to come closer to creeps for autos to refill mana.
You just have to get used to playing vs him. Akali is rough because you get outranged and by 6, you are way too behind to fight him. Annie you have to flash on him otherwise you can't fight him. Veigar is a bit effy. You have no hope early, but late you cage azir if he gets close.
: They were supposed to nerf his range, but he still is cancer to play against unless you play xerath. His Q has broken hitbox. Soldiers arrive at destination and even if you stood really far from that place you still get hit. After you buy lost chapter it is GG. You just take 3/4 hp with Q, 2 autos. With lowered Q cool down you have complete control over the lane without any means to counter play. I saw people going first time ranked and winning with this champ by default. You can build whatever you want now. There is no way to be behind as azir.
Well you have to play against azir like you would play vs lux, once he uses his Q go all in, he has no option to arrange his soldiers, what champion were you playing anyway
l MrD l (EUW)
: hes in a good spot but hes not Azir anymore IMO...
That tends to be the case with most reworked champions nowadays. I don't mind it too much because I simply love his concept but I get where you are coming from
Steve (EUNE)
: because people nowadays call everything flaming and will report you/mute you if you say something negative this community turn into little kids crying , and riot bans you because you go reported a lot for this ''flame''.It is realy lame how can a competitive game like this won't allow this little bit of ''shit talk'' kinda pathetic people are getting banned left or right for using chat.My advice if you would like to keep your account just don't say anything in chat , only objective calls and summoners timers.Pathetic community,you know back in season 3-4 they would laught at you if you consider this flaming , in a normal game you would see death threats no getting banned for sissy talk.
Okay look how you phrased this. a little ''shit talk''. A shit talk is something you do against an enemy teammate. Look at the Mayweather Vs Mcgregor fight for example. Before the fight it was all shit talk. Imagine this scenario in another game. Football. If the goalkeeper concedes a goal and then the defenders blame him for receiving that goal, he will not be able to focus for the rest of the game. Take it to league it's literally the same thing. So why should I listen to someone who constantly talks non sense about how bad I am for dying once when I can mute him and getting it over with. Why is muting considered and act for little children when it helps me stay on top of my game and not have to listen to those that make me distracted from it?
Rioter Comments
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Vonyalo (EUW)
: I prefer to call it "bad game design". Especially when I see tournament stats where more than a half of all champions are LITERALLY never picked or banned. And 1\3 of those who were picked or banned are like 1 time banned and 2 times picked. It's just ridiculous.
Thing is that in competitive or tournaments, only champions that have no counterplay or little to no counterplay will be played. This is sad to say but only if your champion is effective, it will be played. Think why are champions like yasuo never in competitive. Because other than damage, he provides nothing. The champions are not designed poorly, it's just some are designed for competitive (azir, gnar, tahm kench) and some are designed for solo queue(yasuo, riven, tryndamere etc)
  Rioter Comments
: There are many interesting supports. I'd even say all of them except Lulu and Janna are very interesting.
Soraka? Really?. I mean yeah I suppose that the supports are in a good spot I am just saying how I felt Rakan stands out from them
RazerX (EUW)
: There's nothing wrong with his kit. I think it's pretty cool. I do think the timeout on the knock-up could be a bit shorter and his base stats a bit higher. He would be fine then. His ulti is good and can wreak havoc if your team knowns what they are doing.
I hear that the range of his Q will be increased by 100 units and the damage on his W will be increased(base damage). The problem with him that I have to admit is how squishy he is for an engager( I mean yeah fair you have a butt load of mobility) but if you put him in the middle of the fight, give him some tankiness
Rioter Comments
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Lightno (EUW)
: i wasn't downplaying fervor as an option, just saying it isn't onhit. the extra ad is indeed usefull, but so is givving correct information
sry was kinda %%%%%%ed and tired when I wrote that :))
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Just a note on the part about >Diana is an assassin that has a way to get in but no way to get out(similar to irelia). When I play either of those two, Diana or Irelia, and when going in - mentally shouting "yolo!" - I make sure to always leave 1-2 minions behind, so I have something to dash away to (Diana R/Irelia Q) in case things go sour. As Diana, as you know, you Q first and then R in to give your R a reset. With that, you're in the battle but with another R to dash away with should you need to. I only use the second R offensively if I feel confident that would end that particular fight with a kill for me. But if not, I then do have the free chance to get away with the enemy minion left behind. Similar with Irelia - if you use your Q to go in (preferably not, though it has a relatively short CD if you spend it like that), then you have the minion to dash back to and escape.
Well I am talking mostly in Teamfight. In lane It's easy to get out even though most times you don't need to run, but your opponents do (heh). But yh unless you fight in a lane, the likelihood of you having a way out is quite slim
Praes (EUNE)
: That works, but takes way too long to spike. So it's like a worse version of Jax, if you find a way to make him spike sooner she could work as a bruiser.
I mean maybe take out the wit's end and go straight into guinsoo's. Again I don't know
Lightno (EUW)
: diana is not an assassin, she's a fighter/bruiser. fervor doesn't give onhit it gives attack damage. building rod & guinsoo's on diana and full tank after is enough.
The reason I suggested fervor is because since you will be in fight for a long time, thunderlords doesn't give anything but an instantaneous source of damage, where as fervor gives you AD for the long based trades even though you don't build ad. Again only a suggestion
: > [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0Nm0rXL9,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-04-15T21:54:05.997+0000) > > Akali&#x27; W is a short ranged blink that barely gets over walls (unless you&#x27;re right up against it) and Talon can&#x27;t jump over the same wall twice. ikr, why did akali need the blink? why did talon need a wall jump and a jump onto someone and an escape? it's just riot overloadin everything ^^
well the only thing I don't want to see is if they will make Diana some sort of weird tank. Keep her AP scaling but maybe try to give her some survivability.
Perilum (EUW)
: Diana is a Fighter. She is actually a Bruiser since beginning. You build her AP/HP. Everything else is wasted potential. She is the AP-Riven kit wise. So make use of it. Going On-Hit makes no sense, because she is squishy as heck.
The only reason I suggested the onhit part is because of the passive damage that is wasted unless in lane and the W shield is quite big. But again just a suggestion
: Building her not AP is quite a waste. Her combined AP scalings are: 80% on the Passive, which you can apply twice if you have stacked it before going in and by surviving/using Zonyas, so most perfectly 160% 70% on Q 60% shield strenght and another 60% on the damage part on the W 60% on R which you usually can apply twice, so it's 120% effectively + 10% from Thunderlords Counting in the reliability of Passive, W and R, it's 340% AP ratio with Passive, Q, only W damage part, one R and Thunderlords or 480% AP ratio with double Passive, Q, W shield and damage ratio, two R's and Thunderlords which afaik is the highest any champ ingame scales with AP, or at least she is top 5.
Again it was just an Idea. I will still play her 99% of the time AP because I am a crazy mofo that likes to kill but it was just an idea if I go top Diana for example.And we need some engage or tanky frontline
Infernape (EUW)
: Diana's a diver (which is why she has a way to get into a fight but no way to get out of one). She's just treated and played as an assassin. The chances are the diver class update will push her more into the diver category. She was intended to be a sort of AP bruiser which is why her base stats are quite high and why she naturally becomes quite tanky.
I mean I am gonna be real. I really hope they don't change her to be a diver because she is so fun as an AP assassin however if they do I hope they will still keep the option viable to be an assassin kind of how they did with the galio rework. You can build him tank but AP isn't bad either
Rioter Comments
: First of I don't understand where this hostility comes from. Secondly I am addressing a problem that happens quite frequently and it would increase performance. Also you absolute moron I don't mean mute as in you can't hear them, I mean mute them in the sense of not hearing or seeing them. Because trust me if that would be in the game I would have discovered it by now. As for my calls I am the one to say or ping ss, say when we should or when we should back off from Baron or drake. So don't come at me thinking you know them all. You don't know me as a person so don't try to be a smart douchebag because nobody likes that
also last thing to add I find it hilarious that all these words you are spewing come from a %%%%ing bronze player. You shouldn't be the one to tell me how to play. I didn't understand where the hostility came from but I realized that bronze players get triggered really quickly :)
McDíck (EUW)
: ***
First of I don't understand where this hostility comes from. Secondly I am addressing a problem that happens quite frequently and it would increase performance. Also you absolute moron I don't mean mute as in you can't hear them, I mean mute them in the sense of not hearing or seeing them. Because trust me if that would be in the game I would have discovered it by now. As for my calls I am the one to say or ping ss, say when we should or when we should back off from Baron or drake. So don't come at me thinking you know them all. You don't know me as a person so don't try to be a smart douchebag because nobody likes that
Mada (EUW)
: I can't remember seeing a rioter's comment about the spam pinging issue. On toxic chatting that reduces the enjoyability of the game and therefore lowering the chances of winning, their stand is pretty clear. But I don't think I ever saw one talk about the pings even though I think spam pinging can be even more disruptive to the game.
It is more disruptive because the sound and visual graphics are on your screen. The words at least are there, no sound in your face or anything.
Mada (EUW)
: I'd really like to see a rioter's comment to the ping spamming issue. I think I've never seen one. I also set the volume to zero, but they can still startle
what do you mean ''I think I've never seen one''. In terms of you have never seen spampinging or you have never seen a rioter talk about it? Anyways I suppose it's helpful to not hear the pings but you still see them so...
: How do I do that?
However even that isn't useful because it isn't everyone in my games that flames so
: You can mute it.Though,it will mute every single one of them,not just the summoners you want to mute.
Deeca INT (EUW)
: there is a volume for pings in settings where you can just turn it down
well I still see the ping so :/
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