: waw just... waw..
test PaladinNO why u removed me from friendlist >:I
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
google lollies for yourself and see for yourself what comes up (and I like what comes up) well that depends where u live. I did at first had the meaning, but when a fellow summoner showed me lollypops it sounded a lot better and looked a lot better.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I said I was fine with the first one not being allowed. the 2nd one Futari is used for Two in general translation and Lollies having the meaning of a loli is wrong ok but having the meaning of lollypops is a lot sweeter than the first one. and most of the support are recruited agents from other companies to work for Riot (i can name so far only Telus International)
: My thoughts as well lol, i don't see anything wrong with "out there" names, but Futanari lollies is really crossing that line
I said I was ok with Futanari Lollie not being used so I decided to use Futari Lollies (Two Lollypops) sounds sweeter than Futanari Lollie.
Katslayer (EUW)
: Dude, you are NOT kidding ANYONE with the futa loli stuff. Quit it. Everyone knows exactly what you mean and coming up with clever linguistic justifications for it isn't going to work. Honestly, nobody is easily offended by this name - nobody gives a crap, but if Riot wants to keep LoL's PEGI12 rating, they cannot allow sexually charged usernames. Banning those names is a way for Riot to legally protect themselves from crazy parents who try to sue the company because their kid saw a naughty word in a video game. So, it's nothing personal. Just use your common sense and don't be edgy.
You "IT" since I do not want to assume genders, do not have enough jesus christ in your mind, soul and heart. So please do not bother me anymore.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Because while the support worked said it "should" be appropriate they don't speak every language under the sun nor do they know what will or won't offend people, a player reported your name with a valid enough reason to have it changed, its best not to try and find ways to outsmart a system
its not about the languages http://prntscr.com/i1csej http://prntscr.com/i1csp7 it didnt seemed to break any ToU rules on their hand.
: *googles "Futari Lollies"* First hit: an ad for a supermarket that will deliver lollies to my house along with my other groceries Second hit: your forumtopic Third hit: "Legal Lollies" > getting shady, apparently an anime blog. Will not click. Fourth hit: "Erotic eating" > aaaand I'm out
I opened that erotic eating, it shows some sort of a wikipedia wannabe with anime women eating a banana. the legal lollies is a meme
: Contact the support, show them your previous ticket.
Yes, I did contact the support about it already, now I'm looking for a Red Riot answer here giving a state of mind and opinion and if not found guilty to have something like a sticky note to my name so it does not get removed or banned again...
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GLurch (EUW)
: I can't tell you for sure, but it's perfectly possible it was done with the help of Riot Games. Websites can ask Riot Games to access their database for gathering X information. For example op.gg or lolking also have that access. If the website requires you to use the information of your League of Legends account (anything besides just your in game name), then don't go there. If it doesn't require such information, it seems to be safe. However, if you need to download something to completely use the website, you're better off asking the Riot Support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
thanks i'll look into that!
Rioter Comments
: Do have a good heart against this sweet girl right here, having gone through so many years of this wonderful game and somewhat harsh community. +1 from Daddy here! {{champion:103}} {{champion:10}}
WHERE IS THE UPVOTE BUTTON I NEED TO UPVOTE THIS. on topic: good story bro, I hope they allow you to play as silver kayle!
: I used to flame hard..until one day I goit a 14 day ban, i couldnt play for 14 whole days and i lost a gold border and a victorious skin and almost my whole account Was a wake up call for me i realised taht telling random people to bathe with a toaster doesnt help anyone and it can only result in me losing somehting i value and also one more thing i grew up as well, its a game, not my marriage.
Yeah same, but I got permamently banned twice and usually on my 3rd account i try to stay calm, but after this new ARURF in the first week when it came to the new launcher i wasn't that mad at all it started extremely well (literally untill the 40th game or so) i was playing random champs it never gave me twice soraka or cassiopea in champ select.. After that the champs started repeating on soraka, cassiopea, alistar, amumu (those that i dont really enjoy playing on this gamemode) like legit every 2nd game i was either cassiopea or soraka... and after that i started losing games because of extremely unfair matchups (enemy team with zed, veigar, karma, shaco, nidalee; my team with soraka udyr, kled amumu diana) legit we had literally no chance of winning the game and thus the flame and insults in our team started... after that i've been matched with idiots only that legit have no idea how to play and know only how to die they cant even dodge a simple linear projectile... thus i kept losing and getting more and more mad and on top of that the enemies had to be also trash by calling us "noobs" saying "ez/izi"... just.. wtf riot.. fix this.
: Let's not blame all the afks. Some do have from time to time internet problems. I do relate some news where people complained about bad connectivity. Since the last AR URF, from last week. The toxicity in this mode reached the maximum potential, it made me flame back at them too, mute all saved me. I do remember where a lot where flaming me for dying. Like, I could have done something to a Karma and a Veigar spaming non-stop or other broken urf champions.
yup it sucks, even i admit of flaming and harassing teammates for not having a good matchup.. imo old urf with 10 bans would be better or even better option 10 bans and then random champ select (aka hybrid 10 bans (5 from one side and another 5 from the other side) and then everyone gets a random champ except the banned ones)
: Protip Play your own game, ignore the people who behave like idiots, dont be one of them By acting like you did, you are adding to the problem of the community.
Well it is hard for me since this is my personality and I can't just ignore it like that (unless it is an actual spam like those nasty nasty advertises about increase the size of your D by X%).. If you have tips about how to actually ignore them and play my own game (except the muting button/option) would like to see it
Zilawyr (EUW)
: So basicly, you're a douche and want recognizion to feel your actions were justified, bugger off.
tell me i was wrong pls i dont rly need recognition to feel better and to have a feel my actions are justified (I know myself that I was wrong doing it)
Mada (EUW)
: That's nice and all. I sentence you to 30 whip lashes and a finger of your choice will be cut off and stuffed into an orifice of my choice.
TTekkers (EUW)
: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/overreaction
Mada (EUW)
: The other guys will each intentionally feed the time they're matched with op. This is how wars are started!
Adama (EUW)
: so now 9 players from that game will int feed you for karma when they see you :D 900% more karma then you gave the guy saying ez.
: Just W+Q them if they got mobility. If you get Rylais for the slow you'll be able to hit the poison no matter what.
its different, if they have mobility like flash (zed's shadows) and pretty much anything alike I cant do much over there..
Viavarian (EUW)
: You int fed because some guy spammed "ez" days ago? Are you out of your mind?
Yes. Yes I am. I am not the type of person to tolerate players like that guy, and because I know how awful it feels someone to say that to you I try to refrain myself as maximum as possible not to say it.
Aonivar (EUW)
: Sooo.... What about the other three members on your team? Or the five opponents that might actually want to practise a bit, rather than getting an effortless win?
Braum was premade with Miss Fortune, Soraka had fun feeding with me because after I reminded Braum in-game about what he did, he decided to spam the hell out of all chat in-game with "ez" and Jarvan didn't said anything seemed like he didn't care at all and was like one-man-army. I also explained to enemies the reason why I will feed and troll, after knowing that they had the choice to ignore me and play fair and squire (which does not happen, not in league) or get fed by me and get a free win.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: You sound surprised? Spaghetti code is what they do best. ^^ New client is uselessly bugged and broken already; old client is also still ridden with bugs after all these years (though at least the majority of them are predictable). Why should the Boards be any different? Fun fact: the Boards are also still in Beta - and have been for years. And I'm told they won't be improved and/or fixed, ever.
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Infernape (EUW)
: Midday.
fml and i am stayin here waiting for it at 5 am in the morning..
: That makes room for another question: Who the actual f buys gunblade on her?
i do since people can and will try to dodge ur poison so u wont be able to heal when spamming E but with gun blade u got extra point-and-kill spell and extra healing.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: I've commented on the Red post only about ten times - hardly "usually". ;) I'm mostly posting in the news comments, and on the NA Boards.
yup that one! ps this is 2 days old and just now I got informed about it. GGWP RITO SPAGHETTI CODES.
Rioter Comments
: How is Cassiopeia in URF OP? She can't spam her E faster than she can already, the only thing she doesn't have is mana problems.
trust me after rylai and gunblade she can annihilate you with no problems or health lost.. I've had a game with cassiopea where i went 20+ kills and absolutely no deaths..
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Half a day, okay - 11 days and counting...?
I didnt expected the PaladinNO to answer this one usually you're commenting on the riot posts lol
Lightno (EUW)
: R is to create diversity. everyone was playing the same shit, which takes the fun out of the gamemode. because ryze is ryze, and kassa is kassa. because satan needs limits i've placed more than 6 boxes with shaco, and maokai has a 6 sapling limit regardless of gamemode
Yea and here kinda comes the problem, if I feel like playing lets say soraka max AP I get zed a champ that I dont really like in urf.. imo old urf would be better with 10 bans instead of 6 and everyone choses what to ban
munraker (EUW)
Perilum (EUW)
: URF is all about ridiculous unbalanced gameplay. Why do you people want balance for a game mode which is not meant to be balanced?
then why is it "AR" URF if there is no intention to be balanced? Why were kassadin and ryze banned before the "AR" URF? why teemo has 20 shrooms limit and shaco has 6 boxes and maokai has 6 plants?
Infernape (EUW)
: >If there is no "Red" answer then that says how much does riot care at all. You know Rioters aren't obligated to comment or even read posts on the boards. They do so at their own discretion.
You know what you said was pointless to the maximum..
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: >useless soraka get out.
Did I trigger a useless sakura/soraka fan?
: Right. It's not because there's millions of players right? please...
In a matter of a fact, I've played around 80 games of AR-URF and at least in 5 games I've played against the same players... Consider it like this at least 400,000 people were playing AR-URF in the daytime (the number gets extremely lower up to 80,000) in the night time... Not to mention people have school, work, and all the other things to do like SOCIAL LIFE something that 90% of the LoL community does not have (kappa123) So yea... "millions of players" playing at the same time in the same server - not possible... If I'm wrong, then I ask a Riot employee to explain the statistics.. (deja vu, I just had it lol)
: The likelihood of your enemy getting it is higher than you getting it. Stop trying to look for patterns where there are none I know that's what your brain naturally does but just realize that there is no pattern
kk m9 still would be better if riot did fix this "random" spaghetti coding... because lets say u get useless sakura *cough, I mean soraka, cough, cough* 5 games in a row and enemies have zed 5 games in a row... no matter how you look at it, it is like they have picked zed 5 times and u took sakura 5 times in a row... imo they should optimize it to check for recently played champions by the current player and reduce the chance of getting the same champion (not completely remove it, but reduce it) the more times you've played same champ (e.g. 5 times zed) the lowest chance of getting him next game (sure it will definitely bring a lot of problems having in mind the spaghetti coding :D) but it will be guarantee chance to play differenct champions and not to repeat alistar/zed/fizz every 2nd or 3rd game...
: You aren't inteligent. It's very likely to have Kate zed etc on the enemy team due to likelihood of people owning the champ Stop trying to act like there's a pattern you are just biased
I also own the champs (kata and zed) and why don't I get them?... its just "random" bull shit...
: "random" urf is the most non random bullshit in league
out of 56 games I have played kata twice and rengar/zed 0 times.. not to mention every 3rd game enemy team has a fucking rengar or zed.. imagine how fucking spaghetti coded is this "AR-SHIT-URF"...
PixellDust (EUNE)
: yes i went into a normal game (i was premade bot with sona)and i just wanted to relax a bit from rankeds by playing something off meta and weird(veigar adc,i main veigar and i just wanted to try out nashors tooth and some other cool items which stack with ap on him) but then my midlaner keeps spamming "TROLL PICK=LOSE GAME"-in all chat and he ran down mid and fed the lisandra 7 kills before 12th minute.then i got a couple of kills on bot and he realised that im not trolling and actually doing fine he had to come down to my lane and start feeding vayne.i do not understand why cant you just let people try crazy shit out,you never know it might be broken af(i got S 2 times with that build later in the week).
Hmm another veigar main, seems legit :D ADC Veigar can not work sadly.. It is impossible to make him ADC it is just not in his kit.. But it is very possible to make him APC based on basic attacks (of course with nashor's tooth). Also try out Tank-gar (Veigar on steroids), the basic idea is same as yasuo and ekko - you go tanky while dealing massive damage. The thing is at the beginning you need to focus on AP stacks (after 100-150) you can freely go tanky items like {{item:3102}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3143}} and so on.. Example tank-gar build would be the following (ordered in what to buy first > second > third etc) {{item:3165}} ; {{item:3111}} ; {{item:3100}} ; {{item:3102}} ; {{item:3157}} ; {{item:3143}} Still it depends on how the game goes, you can run {{item:3065}} instead of {{item:3102}} if you get {{item:3027}} instead of {{item:3100}} On top of that the only starting item you keep is {{item:3165}} you could say it is core item for his kit, after that everything depends on how the game goes - whether you need more armor/sustain or more dps and the best thing about this is riot have to completely remove veigar to stop the tank-gar build because the more the game goes on, the more stacks you get and all you have to do is aways focus on AP stacks any second you can spend on stacks (the more stacks the more AP which = to less AP items and more tanky ones).
Alexx55 (EUNE)
: I see you took your time with this post. I like your idea, altrough i sometimes make weird builds to relax and get called troll
Trying new and off-meta builds is not considered as trolling and not punishable by the tribunal (imo, not sure is it actually like that) So you have a reason to report them, since they first start trash talking against you, as long as you keep your cool and not attack/insult back, they're gonna be the punished ones :D
Totoro (EUNE)
: [This](https://puu.sh/raYG7/7ba107f5d2.png) is where i'm stuck right now. I didn't even enter queue before it happened and i don't see anyone else here having this kind of issue, so thought i'd share my 2 cents. Hope you get things fixed soon™.
i'm soo totally adding you to friend list
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Tarolock (EUW)
: yes it should work, but its useless on nexus siege since you get passive gold (just like the mastery with gold is useless but i wont change masteries for a fun mode lol)
actually it wouldn't be useless since you will gain +5 gold for each minion death which in the end increases your overall gold and lets you get slight advantage over the enemy on items
Tarolock (EUW)
: did not played veigar yet, but the mastery where you get money for minion death works, so it should work with veigar/nasus too
so if the mastery works that means the support item will also work that grants you gold and hp for minion death {{item:3301}}
: He will work well to a certain extend, but Veigar tends to have higher win rates the longer a match lasts (obviously) and he is not that good at pushing or holding a lane early in the game. He could stack just fine from last hitting minions with Q ( better to be in a solo lane for that) or hitting champions with any spell and he gets a alot of AP from assists or kills (i think players die more frequently in nexus siege so thats a plus). Just go where the action is and farm assists. Why don't you just try it? xD
I just did, the thing u said he isnt good about defending.. well I rekt 1v2 kata and vel'koz who are rly stong picks vs veigar.. just get morello and rabadon and u oneshot with W the minions true they tend to die more which helps even more so he is good pick but not strong like teemo.. teemo is like hell yeah place a ballista and defend it with shrooms and no one will stop it i could say teemo is 95% win on that gamemode..
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