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: You can track it. It's rather simple. You're still honor level 2? Then you need more honor.
How much is more? 1 more or 100000 more? Because you cant see the progress of honor, people will start dropping it. They will start skipping honor, less people get honor, more people will skip it. In the end it will be same like old honor system, it will be there, but no one will use it, because its pointless. Now i have around 15+ honor and still lvl2. I got honor from everybody last game, did i feel that i achieved something? Not really. Do i feel closer to lvl3 honor? Not really. Lets say you need 100 honor to get to lvl3. Imagine how many games you need to play to get to it. And imagine that you play only 2 games a day, and you get honor only from wins, and you have 50% win rate. Just count how long it would take for such a player to get to lvl3. Whole year? And because you cant see progress you are not motivated to achieve it. Worst part of honor is that you can skip it. In a community that hates each other, no one wants to help others to achieve something. But i give it to riot. After adding new honor system, games are 80% less toxic, but i wonder for how long.
: Sadly, as I said. I'm totally accepting if it means I can't earn more honor. But selective muting is probably a good idea, I just don't like to get tilted if the first message I end up seeing is "DKM Prinz Eugen has down syndrome, and should kill themselves" But even still, wouldn't it take away valuable time of playing to type to my team? Unless I do it say, While going back to lane/jungle, or while I'm dead? I don't want to end up dying or sitting still to type to my team. But it is a fair suggestion, selective muting.
In my experience i get more honor when i dont talk in chat. I dont mute them, but its pretty much the same thing. And i have tryed to be that one funny chatty guy in chat, that keeps everybody moral high. And i was getting less honor than usual. What i can tell you from all of that. people honor other for random reasons. Some people they like, some dont. So you can mute them all, it does not matter, as long as you carry people, you should get honor, but if you are carrying team, but not helping them in tf, dont expect to get honor. Like splitpushing while team gets wiped, maybe you won a game, but team had bad time so no honor for you. Best way to farm honor is by playing jungle and camping lanes or playing supp like soraka, and timing ult to save toplaner or midlaner, stuff like that surely earns you honor.
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