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: I think Yasuo is missing something very important.
all the kids like it, and the playerbase of the game is kids, why nerf it then?
: Matching With The Same Players
cuz its a dead game, happens to me too in diamond elo ranked, 0-20 teammate gets in my team again and picks the same champ, only option is to dodge.
: What is wrong with ranked?
akali unplayable but nerfed cuz some 300iq players like theshy are so good with him, evelynn stupidly strong yet gets more buffs, ekko just in point but buff him cuz "wanna see him in pro play", stupid patches, stupid matchmaking.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zee Zone,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ojdGfovf,comment-id=0005000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-08T09:21:19.055+0000) > > ok so at 1st i just thought of it as a funny sounding term then out of nowhere comes you with this racal/ cultural origin behind it and it got me curious. > > Needles to say whatever rabbithole i was about to sink into i don't want none to do with it. I'll stick with it being what cavemen say ty xD It's interesting to note that "ooga boogas" is usually targeted at africans, however the guy was specific enough to mention eune server's people.
by ooga boogas i meant people who go 0-20 and say "idc lol", not any kind of racism.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Reset as in hard reset or soft reset? Tbh it will be better if there is no duo q-it can inflate ratings and for things like twitch+lulu or yi+taric just stop playing aggressive in that Lane. There are clear counters to such freelo tricks which we aren't even checking before game.
everyone starts from 0 so hard reset
: people are giving riot games a lot of flak
no, they just want to sell skins and make money, diamond elo is unplayable of how much trolls there are, game is full of bugs, client sucks, coinflip matchmaking... ??
PorterdFnCn (EUNE)
: Elo hell does exist.
absolutely agreed, matchmaking sucks, i shouldnt have a monkey in my team when i have 60 winrate in diamond 3, coinflip, you win or lose doesnt even matter what u do
Wistorm (EUW)
: Hello
cant have a good day when server is full of ooga boogas, speaking of eune.
: Wow this makes sense {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Climbing in duoQ is actually harder than it is in soloQ, just saying :p
ye so hard to abuse twitch/lulu XD
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: Final thoughts and a goodbye.
Game is a joke, reworks are a joke, players are clowns, champions are mostly abusable/free elo, balance team doesnt care about the game, they only care about pro game, making akali unplayable because some world champion player plays it too well??? xdddd anyone asking if they should stop playing, go ahead.
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Hajictan (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=I WILL DESTR0Y U,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=VWQjXukw,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-23T11:26:04.446+0000) > > I was doing that too, not because hes strong, but to prevent my team to pick it, im tottaly fine with enemy picking it. But i dont want that 10 dmg thing in my game. excuse me sir but it is 12 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I got bamboozled once again {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Don’t look at their rank... can’t be stomped by a diamond if you don’t know it’s a diamond. It’s especially true if you look before or during the game... suddenly you will play differently because you think you are outmatched, maybe you are but if you play too passive or let them walk over you then you definitely don’t stand a chance. Don’t look, treat them like anyone else, and then you’ve got no idea if it’s a diamond winning or a good player from your elo... should lower the tilt (your still getting beaten so might still tilt you, but you won’t be tilted by rank).
Absolutely trash idea, was playing flex, had gold 2 mid lane against d3 enemy, ours went 0-10, even tho I asked if he wanted to swap in start.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: No hate please, Question about Yuumi to ADC players.
11 . It's hard nerfed 12. Most players have no idea what they are doing with her
: Why after 8 years playing morde OTP and a rework, I stop league
: What is the difference between ravenous hydra and titanic hydra?
Im too lame to explain, but trust me it has a good reason. - old camille player
: I see a lot of people banning panth?
I was doing that too, not because hes strong, but to prevent my team to pick it, im tottaly fine with enemy picking it. But i dont want that 10 dmg thing in my game.
: Is new Pantheon bad ?
its so bad actually
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Yeah, but for example, I would want to try what it's like playing in bronze, so I was thinking of making a smurf, but the reason I'm not doing that is that it would take too long to level up. If this was implemented, I would probably try playing on a smurf.
ur smurfing for fun, im talking about tryharding to reach the max
: how is kai'sa balanced?
the champ sucks if you cant play him, and since riot only cares about pro players and making changes for them, theres no problems.
APM Silence (EUNE)
: What is wrong with my MMR?
Diamond elo is cursed by riot, RNG matchmaking, every game either enemy bot wins or yours, theres no competition.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Smurf detection is there, but I think it needs to be improved. Also those smurfs who ruin games for new players (with toxicity and tilting) should stop it. Instead of that, they should be friendly and explain something like how to play that particular champion, matchup and some tips about game. Like if player X is smurfing and getting like 5/0 and huge cs lead,start taking objectives and stop killing that new player again and again-but say them some tips that will help them learn. I had many games, where after discovering /all chat, in early days I had friendly opponents who were saying me how to play, how to build and all. Imo, instead of giving free level 30 accounts they should make the punishments more severe on smurfs.
smurfing is part of the game, you cannot deny this since g2 caps is smurfing too, he even leaked his smurf accs password, ur just ruining 1 lvl players games to get to 30.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: That would highly increase the number of smurfs, which Riot isn't encouraging.
y but there should be things like honor 3, mobile verification etc etc. ofc they wont give thousands of accounts to 1 player.
: Well people that i know smurf a lot told their chat they do it for fun and relaxation. Example Ratirl, Zwag, Vincent.
the pople you mentioned cannot be tagged as good players since its not just abusing twitch/lulu and ranking, they are elo boosting, g2 caps is smurfing, is it cuz he got banned? no.
: you gain absolutly nothing by starting a new acc. Only thing that changes is that ur mmr gets reseted. Unles u ar from diferent setver ok... nvm
new mmr new chances to not being stuck in d4, so i can otp some idiotic champ as vlad and climb to masters
Cypherous (EUW)
: Why should you even need a smurf in the first place then?
: Just play on your main then?
: Help, I suck
Since there are more smurfs than actually new players ill recommend you to stay out of this game. But if you really want to learn to play you cannot do it just by playing the game straight since its a game with 100+ champs. What i would recommend is go to sites like this or just type ahri runes, builds stuff in google, cuz i see u have no idea what ur buying to that champ.
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MusicaroN (EUW)
: i dont like the new one , every new champ and rework is made only for high elo players, while lower skilled players which are the majority of playerbase have to suck it up while rito shapes the game around the pro scene and high elo players, #RITO
new one deals 10 dmg even if you get fed, the other one could at least oneshot with his combo,
: You obviously don’t pay attention do you. Champions who release with low win rates are almost always difficult but fine, maybe even strong. There’s tons of examples where a champion was strong but due to the fact that nobody was good on them they had a low win rate, then Riot buffed them, then it turned out they where already strong and now they are op... then they get nerfed. That’s why you notice champions who take skill get nerfed, cause people like you try to rush riot into buffing them before we can actually see the strengh of the champion. I’ve explsined this to you countless times, and explained several ways to improve your experience with pantheon and how he’s far from useless... yet you don’t actually care you just wanna argue.
As i said, i wont even waste my 10 seconds for that champion, it sucks, over.
: Goes to show how little you know. The champion has 4 new mechanics (empowered abilities, Q casts, E and how the ult aims). Q you need to learn when to tap cast and when to charge, which is where a lot of his early game damage is being lost E you need to know when to recast, as keeping it up for the whole duration loses you a lot of damage R you need to know how to manipulate the direction to make it hard to avoid. > Go check his new 44.9% winrate and then talk. And yuumi has a 35% win rate... win rate isn’t only affected by strengh it’s affected by how many players who have no idea what they are doing attempts to play them... pantheon is a difficult champion so you’d expect his win rate to sit around 46-48%... 44% for a new and difficult champion actually isn’t that bad.
No, if a champion has low winrate its cuz that champion sucks, since riot cannot do their job properly, they buff a champion like jax which can just buy trinity and shojin, press r and spam his spells - yet they nerf champions that actually require skill such as yuumi, akali, sivir.
assembIer (EUNE)
: Idea for MMR system
Better idea = remove it, idc if my teammate has same mmr with me yet he's gold, i dont want some gold player in my game, winning games doesnt require too much skill since 1 player can carry all team, yet climbing is a hard thing. If im d4 i want d4 players, not d3 or p1 etc.
: Except he only deals no damage if you play him wrong, play him right and his damage is actually pretty good... so instead of being on here %%%%%ing why don’t you go put the time into learning him or just give up and play something else... either way old pantheon ain’t coming back you can give up on that delusion
wont waste my time even typing that champion to my search bar, yet wasting time playing it, champ doesnt have any new mechanics, w is same, e moves, q is pyke q, and r is just click cast. Go check his new 44.9% winrate and then talk.
: New and Old Ranked designs
Yea lol, seeing that shiny big diamond border next to yours was like an honor, now this new trash looks like some amateur job.
: Nocturne only has one chance to kill an enemy champion. His abilities are meant to hunt down 1 enemy champion. Akali can easily take out 2 (maybe even more if you are skilled enough) champions if your aim is good. Not to speak about her shroud... Akali's balancing is problematic but in the right hands, people can easily climb to challenger with her.
buy tiamat and you can easily take down whole enemy bot lane wthout any problems.
: there is no good rune for new pant, the champ just sucks so bad that even if you go 30-0 youre a walking ward.
44.9% winrate.
: Best Pantheon runes post rework [Discussion]
there is no good rune for new pant, the champ just sucks so bad that even if you go 30-0 youre a walking ward.
: do your research before you make statements about ult cd's :')
So a ult, that directly takes you to enemy, disables all your teammates vision, pings, health bars etc. is the same as akalis ult that just dashes 2 times? they are 100 sec on max level.
: Being toxic isn't bannable.
wait that is correct right now lol
Kurotsu (EUW)
: This post will make you mad
Being toxic isn't bannable.
: TFT in a nutshell
TFT = RNG = WASTE OF TIME, dont play that mode.
: What do you do when you are sad?
I ban people for afking a game where there are 4 0-10 players - Rito employees
: Since when do people have to pay for an achievement system.
"Omg lol is a free game they have to make some money", no, the game is unplayable right now, too much trolls, mmr system sucks, game full of bugs, reworks being trash, yet there are thousands of people buying skins everyday, they just want money and do nothing about anything else.
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