: Ha, luckily the one I'm looking at can just be some small amendments on exisiting items of clothing, so I may actually be able to get away with doing it in the shoebox I live in, provided I can find a friend with a sewing machine I can steal! Although it's not League related.. It may be something I just put together and hold onto until I hit the convention scene back up in America. ------- Did you manage to decide on a champion?
I left another comment a bit bellow ^^ But I thinkkkk im probably gonna do pharaoh nidalee, mainly cuz it is a simpler one and I did want to do her even before I started playing league of legends
: Hey! I'm always down to help people get into cosplay - I miss having an apartment big enough to work on projects at the moment! First of all: Don't worry about your body type. Cosplay is your interpretation of what the character looks like and feels to you. It doesn't matter how much physically you match the character in that respect. My last cosplay, for example, was Morgana, and I can guarentee you I don't have the typical body type for that one. Secondly: You need to decide which way you want to do this. You can either flat out purchase items - at which point things like Etsy are good. Ebay is bad - usually dodgey quality and not so great. If you want to MAKE things, you need to decide how high quality you want to go. The Prices on these can vary drastically. My Le Blanc cosplay cost me around $300 to make. My Morgana cosplay cost me about $2500 to make half and buy some bits and pieces... It can get pricey! My advice would be: Pick a champion you like a lot and enjoy playing. Build from there. Without a base to start from and a goal to achieve, it's difficult to answer this question for you. I'm happy to offer help and advice once you've decided though :). Edit: And now you've got me doing research back into an Old project I was interested in. Y u do this :(.
Hehehe sorry for reminding you of the good ol days 💕 hope you get back in to it soon 😊
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: Cosplay
I'm totally down for gender bending someone Tho I have been eyeing pharaoh nidalee as a potential candidate I play usually sup or top characters, most of my friends advised me to go for illaoi as a cosplay, but I really want to avoid buying a wig, mainly, cuz where I'm from wigs are hard to get by, and usually are veryyyy expensive, and I couldn't take care of it properly later on Play and lore wyse I like Oriana the most, but shes a bit too complicated, unless I maybe do mainly bodypaint For the way in how I would do the cosplay was more in the lines of a diy cosplay, I did do a couple (not lol related) easy ones, so I know some very basic basic diy
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