Nabzor (EUW)
: Delete imbecile Soraka from game database PLEASE.
Well its not really easy to beat someone with unlimited health, and theres no way to focus soraka because she can heal so far away back
: Snowball champions that scale?
{{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:55}} 1v5 {{champion:24}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:92}} 1v5 {{champion:67}} Pretty scary if gets some early kills. Beast late game.
: You hit it on her the Moment she W's in on to you lol. Watch her lane behaviour and predict what she is gonna do. You cannot be busy with thinking "now, how do I get challenjour, only gotta wipe that lane enemy away, OH NOEZ I AM DEAD". Watch and observe how your enemy behaves, predict their ability use, learn the Patterns, remember cooldowns. Basic LB deterrent as Ahri probably is Q + Charm: charm for the CC and Q for damage and movement Speed to avoid LB W. About waveclear: LB W has WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY longer CD than Ahri Q, costs more mana, and lower AoE. If you cannot waveclear against LB as Ahri, then GG {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Once you hit charm, then she presses W again and boom shes gone. And still if you manage to get hit charm and make her to low hp , shes invisible and then have fun guessing which one to kill
: Why? Little practice and you can predict and hit where she will be going. But I may have a Little biased view on that as I started LoL playing {{champion:412}} who is paramount dependant on predicting and hitting his Q, so I kinda expect anyone to be able to do that or at least be willing to learn it. Also the danger of CC is usually strong enough to deter LB from W-ing in aggressively. Oh, and {{summoner:3}}
You must be a god if you can predict champion that have 2 jumps and ability to go back on older position. And in case you hit him with hook if she jumps to you, she presses W again and geta back to his old position.
: I didnt mention that you should CC her. I said Ahri's Charm has been brought into line how CC works in General. In case of the Ahri vs LeBlanc matchup I'd advise to run {{item:3001}} and Focus on waveclearing against LeBlanc as she then either has to W/R to clear the wave or she loses CS and receives Tower damage. Ahri has so much easier time Clearing waves than LB. While LB is busy Clearing the wave, you can then roam to other lanes. Dont try so hard killing your lane Opponent, that doesnt necessarily win you the game. If in midgame/teamfights LB is in a Position to Q/R/W you, you mispositioned.
I didnt mention that you should CC her. I said Ahri's Charm has been brought into line how CC works in General. - How do you hit charm on a champion that have 2 jumps and a ability to go back on his last jump position...? LB is busy clearing waves ? -Well i mean if it takes you long time to be able to press W, then yes
: 1.Hard CC 2.No
Number 1 doesnt work because of her retarded mobility
: How Leblanc should be nerfed
1. Nerf her mobility to the point somebody could catch her 2. Remove her
Marvals (EUW)
: Buff Riven
What a great idea man! She is definelty underpowered and in need of a buff!
Boo0o (EUNE)
What in the world has this guy taken
Alttu (EUNE)
: Thanks for carrying me.
how is do?
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: i perma banned this day and unistall lol bb :)
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