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Razaoh Ø (EUW)
: HAHAHAHHA 100% deserved
lol idc
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Pandeonor (EUW)
: Hm. Have some computers here. Even here at old office-computer I have around 50-60fps (90 at beginning). It´s with a Q6600 and GTX950, 4GB RAM (even this one is a win7), no SSD. Don´t know what kids have at their computer, but I guess more. I am sure you can do better if you try different setups. At least it´s a known issue with windows that the "older" it is the worse. Fresh install helps sometimes.
Actually i was thinking for a re-installation of windows but there is to much information witch i hove to sort,save or at least see it what is false or whats for saving
: I bought a pc with r5 1500x 8gb of ram and a 1050ti last summer ( i think ) and i used to have 320 fps before minions spawned and around 240 after they spawned... now it's at 140 fps at best after minions spawn
at what Hz is the ram ? and on what settings
: FPS get lower (-10 to -30 ) in every big patch realese
OK i posted my Specs already . The problem will go even bigger if you think about the performance,streamers will stop playing the game because it will run with 30 fps after 5 big patches , no body will want to play it because they wont able to run it , and you think they wont pay attention . I dont want a patch just for me i want it for everyone
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: FPS is getting lower and lower with every patch ?
Its Riot"s fault becouae they add more content without further optimisation
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: Patch 6.19 - Client Overlay Bug
Go in Riot Games folder/RADS/projects and deletle folder "lol_air_client".Just put it in the trash , becouse if it doesnt help to get back the files.This worked for me.Replay meif something happens.
: Patch 6.19 - Client Overlay Bug
I have the same glitch and no idea how to fix this shit :( We have to contact to riot for this glitch
: [BUG] Uncontrollably Walking up Middle of Map
I have the same problem in EUNE that i am walking but i cant use my keyboard.I dont stop spaming every abbility of Katarina to escape and every key and nothing. :( Why riot


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