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: LF adc and mid for clash
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deVulse (EUNE)
: Just got Perma Banned.
You screwed yourself over. You are like ALL of people who post on forums and act like they are the victims. Community has seen thousands of people like you and give the same answer."Its your own fault." They say this because they are right. It isn't your teammates fault nor riots fault(I'm not saying that you think that way). YOU did this to yourself and YOU didn't take those past punishments as an example. Riot has shown you how it looks to be banned before(14 day suspension) and you thought its just a fluke. It was YOU who chose to spend money on it and NOBODY forced you to spend it. RIP for your old account but you have to move on. Peace!
MrBênny (EUW)
: What is your opinion to the new client and that you cant see your normal and aram wins anymore?
You can see that at the end of each match(ARAM, normal, ranked) below the victory,defeat or remake sign at the post game lobby.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: As long as you have no numbers what so ever, you can absolutley shut up about it "not happening so often", cause frankly, you have no %%%%ing idea. I will continue to post whatever I believe are ruining the game, cause I know it will be hurt in the long run, and right now smurfing and damage meta are the main treahts to this game. Riot needs to make a clear stance. Eiter we allow smurfs, and wave a true ranked ladder goodbye. or We ban smurfs, stating everyone should have 1 account only, and stick to it, creating a true ranked ladder. And im never gonnd succumb to the smurf mob, just because you feel annoyed by not beeing allowed to piss on lower league players.
How can riot determine who is smurf or not in ranked matches? Its simply impossible. And let me say that riot doesn't and will not give a %%%% about your post since they allow smurfs and will not do anything about them.
: How did you find your "Main" Champion?
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: ***
You having a problem with EUNE players son?
des323 (EUNE)
: Gold Rewards
I don't think so buddy.
: Silver V asks for help
Well I have been in silver 3 then fell to silver 4 and after that I have never demoted and now I'm plat 1 79lp and looking for diamond. It took me 1 and a half month to get there while playing 3 matches a day. Hope you get to gold this season!
Pinoy904 (EUNE)
: Autofill is it necessary?
If your queue time is above the average, cancel it and wait for a match and accept it only if its under average queue time
: didnt read all but i agree in general, but dont forget that its almost the same 'til master/challenger tier :/ i think we need better rules and much better system when it comes about ranked games, for those who really want to feel it as fair and competitive mode :/ and maybe perma URF and Poro modes cuz in that modes i think the fun is the most+it fits the playstyle of all those players who dont know wtf is "ward" and play just for kills
Perma urf and poro mod? If they implemented that it wouldn't be fun at all. The point of those game modes is you have fun for a while since it becomes boring after a while.
Murder1us (EUW)
: this is complete bullshit. I quit this game.
Yeah matchmaking isn't fair. So what? You match vs higher "skilled" opponents ( no silver is skilled) which makes you use your full potential if you care about the game. And if you play vs lower ranked players, then its bonus lp for you. I know its really unfair, but if I was you I would do anything to gain lp and get out of silver. Peace out!
yordi1379 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=wodRldTa,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-29T19:46:48.486+0000) > > Have you received chat restrictions/ bans previously? yep. got a 2 weeks ban. i said very bad things. i called them curse words etc. now say waaaay less worse things like plastic 5 and still get permabanned
Yes you are permabanned because you've said that. After 2 weeks suspension, riot is instantly putting you on chopping block. One more mistake and you're done. You flamed again and got what you deserved. Move on.
Wolfy998 (EUNE)
: [Resolved] lags with good internet
If you have stable ping( which means around 40-60 ping without jumping around like crazy) and have lags, it might be a packet loss. I don't know much about packet loss, but its basically when your ping is ok, but your abilities don't show instantly as they should.
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yordi1379 (EUW)
: PermaBanned for being toxic
You flamed in a sense where you didn't say bad words. For example: "he is plastic 5 then ;D". Flaming also includes blaming and shaming. Make a new account and I hope you understand how league punishing system works.
The Phoenix (EUNE)
: when did you see someone get banned 14 days for inting !?
The Phoenix (EUNE)
: like mine ?! REALLY !? REALLY !? I GOT the GOLD 2 MMR AND I GET QUEUED WITH SILVERS ?I ARE WQel;qlksandlans'lkdnas'lk
I am plat 1 and got matched with silvers 3 weeks ago. Then I was still plat 1. They actually flamed and I did ONE thing I do. Muted them. Easy as that. I carried easily with draven and moved on.
azzouna (EUW)
: want to have a skin for yi
They can if you play in LCS since there is everything free when you become one :)
: Best champions to one trick ranked from easy to difficult Top laners - {{champion:58}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:420}} Mid laners - {{champion:45}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:112}} ADCs - {{champion:67}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:110}} Junglers - {{champion:19}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:102}} Did not include {{champion:157}} {{champion:122}} because they are banned most of the time
Where is draven? ;P
: Shouldn't you be cursing in this post? :P
: > [{quoted}](name=IaMBiGOnE,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=uBpzzOYm,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-28T19:22:30.079+0000) > > Hey there! > > Hit gold on both types of ranked and you will earn something extra on the end of season! (It's a secret!) That's not what he asked,and I wonder the same,as well. I'm B1 atm,might hit s5 but I'll probably focus on climbing in flex,and abandoning solo/duo.
You'll get solo duo rewards
: Sorry, but may I ask why you have such an aggressive attitude? Nobody did something wrong to you and the only thing you do is throwing around insults and prejudices.
: Warwick a little too broken?
So is death's dance on draven
machosist (EUW)
: RANKED FLEX AND REWARDS !!!!!(question)
Hey there! Hit gold on both types of ranked and you will earn something extra on the end of season! (It's a secret!)
DracoxdPT (EUW)
: Worst player ever ? Didn't knew silver was worst than bronze ...
Well his name IS forgotten rat so no surprise there
Randáll (EUW)
: Best Champions To One Trick!
Hello. Try playing champs like master yi, Elise, ziggs, draven, gragas, akali etc. Those champs who don't have high mechanical need. Me personally, I used draven to climb from silver 4 to plat 1 and I'm still going! I wish you the best of luck.
Randáll (EUW)
: How do people know what to build on mid laners
Well it depends. For example, building zhonya is useful vs zed because of his ult. The thing I suggest you to do is study mid laner abilities very carefully. After that study items in shop and see what they do and try to connect the pattern.
PauIo (EUW)
: Boards tournament: looking for players and streamers!
I would love to participate, but unfortunately I am eune ;(
Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: While I had a quick look over your, the KDA is mostly fine tho the CS in some games could be better. What I can suggest currently is to take a break, it always works. Right now, even if you don't think you are feeling that way, you are titled because you can't do a thing about the games and keep losing. Taking a break from Ranked(I feel like League overall would be a better idea) will make you forget about those losses and make you fresh when you get back and more focused on the game.
He shouldn't quit league all together. I suggest you play twitch in normal games and practice CSing in practice tool. Good luck with your climbing.
Machariel (EUW)
: and you love to %%%%% how everyone else is fault while you maintain a very poor performance in recent ranked, period... you say others are boosted and that you are the godtier shit there ever was, of course slightly different, while again, everything points at it that you are boosted, especially, if you are such a support pro support main (d5 %%%%%) why the %%%% you are just looking at the k/d ratio? and just stating it...
Switch your play style to mid of ADC and you will win more often. Support can only carry ADC (most of the times only adc's). Try taking my advice and see how it goes
Kaimetsú (EUW)
: quit
Wrong. I always see these posts about how you get flamers, trollers bla bla bla. I've been in silver 4 and I have never seen a troller in my games. NEVER. Now I'm plat 1 and still I don't encounter those people. Maybe you are just over your head because you can't climb. Otherwise, I've never had problems with trollers before in ranked, but if you have trollers in normal it's cool then. Peace out!
: Dear Riot Games
The game is gonna last for a long time my friend. If you don't enjoy it, sell it or change password while being blindfolded.
: >you're trying to defend toxic players whilst this is your cry cry topic. "Cry cry topic"?? What the hell? I just find it stupid that Riot, who brands LoL as competetive video game, matches casuals with tryhards. Although I said in my topic that casuals tilt tryharders and increase toxic behaviour, it wasn't the point of my post. >bye now. i won't be reading your responses any more. Why do you even write posts here if this is your attitude?
How can riot tell who is tryhard and who is not?
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: Another major in Psychiatry? Or could it be Psychology? Damn. I have a privilege talking to you.
Jealousy is a form of hatred built upon insecurity
: Another major in Psychiatry? Or could it be Psychology? Damn. I have a privilege talking to you.
I don't understand those 2 words. Sry but I got raised by 2 dogos on street.
: ***
I know dude. Its kinda sad when your both dead parents who died when you were 2 year old feel like I'm uneducated.
Doomley (EUW)
: I'm assuming you didn't aim that comment at me judging by the "toxic name" part?
Your name doesn't have anything toxic in it so no I didn't talk about you sir.
Doomley (EUW)
: >Great logic you have here. One of the greatest in the world actually. I mean, your world. And my world is the world everyone lives in (except you apparently) so... Thanks? >What a touching story. I almost broke down crying. You ran out of arguments. Cute. >Advice? As in "Your expectations are too high" kind of advice? That's a critic at best. Someone has clearly not read my last sentence, probably because of your grammar issues and logic combined together. What an amazing product. Pull your head out of your butt and the world might become a little brighter. Not everything has to be taken as negatively as you seem to take them. >Of course it does. You can't just go around, putting random words which you don't know the definitions of like a 10 year old goon who just happens to be coming out of some garage and hoping for the best. Go grab that dictionary. You don't even know what "grammar" is. Btw... Nice grammar. >World doesn't work like that, especially not discussions, son. I'm older than you most likely so calling me a "son" just proves your immaturity.
Judging by you toxic name and your ACTUAL toxicity on boards, I assume u are the saddest person in here. You gave up climbing because community is toxic and because you had an illness. By the way, you are saying community is toxic and you yourself is toxic. I think you should stop the baby-cry, man up.
Perilum (EUW)
: 220W 213L from B2 back to G5...
I was silver 4 this season and i've reached plat 1 in less than 200 games. What was the secret? Draven baby.
: Need help with the new client
Try reinstalling the game, doing a full repair or doing a disk cleanup. By the way, can you tell me your specs?
: If you transfer the account to the Turkish server, you will be stuck there unless you pay to transfer it again. The language is not tied to the server you are in because you may change the language if you want (but you will have to wait until the game is patched with whatever language you have chosen). So you may have two accounts (which is not account sharing as long as you use them both), one in EUNE and one in Turkey, but both of them with the same language. I strongly advice you to NOT take the "1 rp" bait, the turkish server is not famous for the quality of it's playerbase. At the very least think twice about it.
Thanks for posting! I've just had problem climbing to diamond that's all ;P. But I guess there is a lot of time left
Viavarian (EUW)
: Yes, Turkish is the only language available on the Turkish server. > Do I have to update league again if I want to go back on other account which is eune? Not really. It will start an update process whenever you change the region, but it completes immediately because all the necessary files are already there.
OK thanks! I don't want to disrespect, but I feel like climbing on Turkish server is easier ;P
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Zeromatsu (EUW)
: It takes time... just play and u will automatically get better.
Its just that I spent so much time trying to improve and still no change. Kinda gets me down :(
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