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Kevim (EUNE)
: Cool Summoner names.. :)
AmiciGrTeam (EUNE)
: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune
Available Date: March 22, 2018, 8AM PST Base Gun Goddess, 2775 RP, includes: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune Skin Scarlet Fair Icon Zero Hour Icon Royal Arms Icon Starswarm Icon Availability: This icon set will be permanently available for GGMF purchasers, BUT, the icons are not available outside of purchasing this skin (or the below bundle). Premium Bundle, 3500 RP, includes all of the above plus: Portrait Icon Loading screen border Gun Goddess Ward Skin
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Una Jam (EUNE)
: Most annoying champs in the game?
Yasuo,Fiora,Singed,Vayne and Morgana
ImCrazyVex (EUNE)
: Yasuo or Kalista??
{{champion:429}} Is my pick then!! :D Thank you all!! {{summoner:7}}
Faizgod (EUNE)
I have that problem too! In the middle of fight your game says "NOPE fuck you" >:) !!!!!! Rito solve this i beg you!! :"( {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
ImCrazyVex (EUNE)
: Yasuo or Kalista??
Im scared because i heard {{champion:429}} will get nerf! So im not really sure about that pick???????????
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Go with Kalista. Yasuo needs to die in the hole he came from.
That one got me...hahahahhaa
Sinfull666 (EUNE)
: my opnion both are fun to play.I play more ADC so I can say that if the compatibility between you and the supp is low then it will be more difficult but overall all good,very good champ with mobility.Yasuo "the samurai" awesome...well just go with one of them in the end you will play and you will have some fun playing with them {{summoner:2}} Do you have a particular question?xD
Which one would You prefer?
: You need to put work into both, to master them. I have no idea how much or which one needs more, but I see them as difficult champions, that need a lot of mechanical skill and game knowledge. Personally i would go for Kalista, because I find her cooler than Yasuo. :)
I don`t really care that much about difficulty! Already have some harder champions to master like: {{champion:245}} , {{champion:150}} ...And I did master them real quick! ;) PS- {{champion:429}} is WAY cooler to me neither,but {{champion:157}} has SUPER good middle and late game!
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