: U bought a void staff second item against a team that had built 0 mr except for one pair of merc treads and a single locket. No offense but that's not exactly a godlike performance either.
Ok so a miss buy but my point is I'll generally always do the 'best' on my team but because I have one lane feeding or something like that I lose.
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: You always,pretty much always, get placed lower than your last season rating. Thats completly normal so you can show that you are ready to climb? Atleast thats what i think its for.
Everyone kept telling me I should play the pre season but that was total bs theres no point xd
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S1lentQ (EUW)
: you dont even know the basics of the game ... Learn the basics than you will climb
What basics dont I know lol I made the post for help and you wont even tell me the basics thanks pal
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iSneez (EUNE)
: its ok if it happened 40% of times, if you win the other 60% you might end up in platinum since 60% win rate is great. You need to win more then lose, not win everything. When you won because enemy got trolls, afk, feeders, toxic players, did you come here and say , "I can't take it anymore i'm winning to easy because of what poor enemy get ?!"
Well not a 60% win rate because the other 60% is fun doesnt mean we win. Where both team just play but one wins just because they are better skilled they are fun i think i have like 40% win rate.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: while annoying as fck, it's the gamble that keeps people playing. "maybe I get lucky" you know?. altho they wont conciously recognize it, subconciously it's the thing that keeps some in game
Ye like some games my teamates are spot on and other games I wanna strangle them xd (not literally i think)
Fox1 (EUNE)
: You just gotta forget those games. If you play better than average you will adventually rise. Keep in mind matchmaking can benefit you too! Its the law of big numbers.
: you picked yas but played cxerath? o.=?
You read it totally wrong bud. Unless I'm some weirdo and refer to myself as hes I was talking about someone else :)
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: Unless there was an actual answer given to a question, they most likely weren't communicating. Saying "I'm full lethality" isn't really 100% related to veigar saying "look at my build" in team chat, so there's no proof of there being communication. Have you looked up their op.gg to see if they were against each other multiple times, as well as any other suspicious behavior concerning that talon getting 'boosted'?
I have given on this dont think riot actually cares they were in 3 games together out of 10 different teams .
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: Take a few days off to clear your mind and reduce salt levels in your body.
Its been literally 4 days and what am I salty for? I dont understand how you cant see that they had something going on? Are you that delusional?
: You kinda deserve to be in silver if you die 12 times.
Same reply to the other guy had little deaths she only killed me once she was fed. I didnt feed at all lol, she was full build at 20 minutes where I was something like 10 kills for 2 deaths, Eve is an assasin and if she can one shot me in TF's not much I can do if my team doesn't peel for me.
Adama (EUW)
: ''get in a game go 18/12 with twitch lose because my team fed a 21/5 eve.'' You fed 12 times. TWELVE! Try keeping your deaths below 5 next time.
I didnt feed at all lol, she was full build at 20 minutes where I was something like 10 kills for 2 deaths, Eve is an assasin and if she can one shot me in TF's not much I can do if my team doesn't peel for me.
: Dream on.
Dream on ? Are you serious XD So it is normal to be able to read the enemy teams chat? Gotcha
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: So what about the games you do bad? Are those ok because that's you?
Yes in those games I usually make a bad play and then based off of that I dont think my teamates deserve to be deranked because of a stupid play their ADC made. For example I was with my support in a game (the rest of my team was either winning lane or they were even) and we went to dragon pit to rotate mid because we assumed their bot was backing but they were camping in the bush and the MF got a double. We lost that game off our missplay meaning it wasn't teamates fault,
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Lost multiple games in a row based off a teamates play and dont see why that should influence my rank that drastically. Because this is a team game, and this is already compensated each time you win because your opponents have an underperforming team mate. Your team doesn't prevent you from climbing in the long run. Your personal ability at the game is what matters. If you're better than the people you're being matched up with, then you alone give your team enough of an advantage to win more than 50% of the time, which is all it takes. Nobody wins every game, so don't aim for it.
My team obviously doesn't stop me from climbing right? 4 games in the last 6 games I have lost because of teamates gunna derank to bronze one, cho game, 13/6 rekt my lane getting first blood and first tower, Xayah game 21/13 rekt lane got 5 kills onto enemy lane lost because our brand went 0/9 and 15 mins and feeding the shizzle out of a ezreal making it so he 1 v 5'd our whole team one shotting us with q's, Twitch game 19/12 rekt lane got first tower lost because my team afk'd and int'd. I dont wanna waste your time going on but thats pretty hard proof even if you 'Play well' you still derank because of teamates. Pretty bs how I lose LP because of teamates dont see how you make an argument against it.
: Such proof much wow.
If you dont see thats proof I actually believe you cannot read. How is having communication with someone on the opposite team who is inting not proof? Please tell me
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: Okay, if that's the case is there evidence to prove one account being used and the other not? Anything in the replays to support this? There is a way of logging this in the support centre I believe.
In the replay it shows that the Veigar and Talon had communication. Exact thing in the replay, Vaeigar says in team chat: "Look at my build" which then Talon in all chat responds "Im full lethality" proving they have communication outside of the game.
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: Feel free to leave replays here, i`ll take a look. Hardstuck P4 gangplank main will take a good look on those xd
Lol Ik this is probably stupid but I saved a replay but how tf do i put it here.
: Feel free to leave replays here, i`ll take a look. Hardstuck P4 gangplank main will take a good look on those xd
Ok :D Ill put some which I would think are good and then some ones I think I did bad in. (Check the original post)
: Alright let me ask you few questions, do you roam alot to help other lanes catch up? Do you focus on securing the baron, herald, any of the drakes or the towers? If for any of those is a no then you should see your problem, do those things especially as a talon and also expand your champion loadout to ensure you can fit into any situation or team loadout. Talon is a good duelist so winning a lane should never be a problem for him, it could be that you are just focusing on laning too much. As a Talon mainer (well I stopped playing him for a while and moved to jungle) I can tell you that laning should be just as important as securing drakes and giving both top lane and bot lane some ganks.
The only thing I generally dont pay attention too are Heralds seeing as my jungle can usually solo pick them up/with top. But I always make sure when I roam bot to get drake if its up. I dont know the actually amount I should roam but if any lanes ever ask for help or i see it (for example an 0/2 adc) I will roam and if drake is up then get drake. I want to try new champs but with the latest updates I'm finding it hard to get the champs I want because I have to be lucky enough to get them in the capsules :| As you will probably know with Talon if you have your ult up and roam bot you will most likely get a kill making it a free drake. Thanks for the tips :)
: well i just i found your problem then. 120 cs before 14 minutes is cool and good. 196 cs at 43 minutes is very, VERY bad. just because you have a nice KDA and because it's mid/late game doesn't mean you should stop ignoring farming. i hear the "i dont farm minions, i farm champions" argument a lot, but you don't only get gold from the creeps. you also apply pressure in lanes. just killing champions and KDA farming/hunting isn't going to make u win any games in long-term. better listen to these tips if you want to make it out of silver :P
Whats the point in farming cs when your full build and ure teamate is next to you with 4 items?
Adama (EUW)
: Maybe it was just an unwinnable game who knows. You achieve nothing by posting about it though. Unless you just want to vent.
Vent mainly xd These games tilt me a lot
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Viavarian (EUW)
: If your teammates say stupid things, mute them immediately. You just need to win the game, not listen to anything they say. If you're Talon and you're fed, it's your job to take every single tower in the game. Since you're Talon, you can usually escape even if they decide to come for you with 5 people and if they come with less, you should be able to just kill them and continue pushing. You say that you didn't chase kills, but your tower damage vs amount of kills shows that it's still what you did. Killing people is good, because it prevents them from protecting their towers, but it means little if you don't go and actually take them.
Last game I tried implementing to what you said as if I have a massive lead I should get towers. I got 2 early kills on Kata and forced her to switch lane/duo lane top. Got first and her second tower. In under 15 mins. went 19/6 or something like that still lost. I went 10/0 by 20 mins and told my team to just not int giving them multiple roams (top and bot) ended up still losing dont understand what I can do. Should I stop playing Talon and play something better? I look at my match history and get so confused on how I dont win. I take towers. Usually take first drag because Talon passive works good on drag. http://www.lolking.net/summoner/eune/69289331/ImSpray#/matches :( I've lost 5 games where I hard carry mid and my other lanes just feed or have 0 game sense and then I lose
Adama (EUW)
: when you win a game that hard you should be able to solo carry. Unless more than 1 person on your team were inting/afk. With a score like that I assume you won your lane hard. What did you do after that? Seeing you have this many kills I assume you roamed. Good. But what did you do with your epic lead? Did you actually push into the enemy turret/take the turret whenever you killed your enemy? Did you go for any objectives as soon as you could? Or did you just get kills, and farm, and get more kills just to have a nice score? You don't have to answer this question to me. I do not care. But you have to answer that question to yourself.
I generally (If I have enough health after killing my laner or forcing him to back) push the wave into turret and if I have enough damage/think I have enough time I try to take turret but usually depends on who the enemy laner is. I usually get first drag so I think I do well with my lead its usually I just think why my team is doing so terribly when I give them free kills :(
: don't make an excuse for your low cs because you were "roaming". you can still get plenty of cs regardless of that. just last-hit better in lane
Dont pretend like you know anything mate xd, before 14 minutes I had 120 cs. I last hit fine and during laning phase unless im shoving the wave get all 6 minions so just get off the thread.
: its about luck .if you get right team you won .if not. Its over . and since its a team game if someone is higher division then you that doesnt make him better then you . good luck
Yup last 3 games I've done the most damage over both teams and still lost lul
: full build Talon (without boots, understandable) impressive KDA (i'll bet on the fact that someone did more dmg than you) level 18 (oh boy) game most likely went past 35+ minutes (talon's late sucks ass) demoted to silver 5 (LUL) CS: 196 (OMEGALUL) http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/234/765/971.gif this whole thread was a meme itself, friend!
I love how I literally debunked everything you said. I had boots until 30 mins which I then switched out for more CDR (Trinity) My CS is that low because early game I had to roam bot A LOT. And late game seeing as I had so many kills I gave most of my CS to the ashe who was 10/12 :) I was the reason for getting 3 towers but Talon can only take towers fast late game ( second most damage to towers after ADC) https://gyazo.com/460427d0eb05c13f86942eba155ce872 most damage in game
Viavarian (EUW)
: Everything? So did someone tell you why you need to win your lane? It's so no one can stop you from taking the towers. Looking at your stats, you had about as much damage dealt to towers as your Soraka, who is an AP champion, while you are AD. I don't think I need to tell you why that is a problem. You chased around kills instead of doing something useful, so naturally you lost.
I didn't chase around kills. I got mid tower and as I got 6 before Akali my bot flamed me for not roaming bot so I pushed in the wave 3 times within 3 minutes to go help a 0/4 ashe. Most of my kills in the first 15 mins (I think was like 8 or so) was me killing 2 people with an early invade and then double killing bot on the 3 roams.
Rioter Comments
: stay positive help your team more feed them kill if u need to but never get it in head that you need to carry ever game your in you will stress yourself out if you feel yourself tilting stop playing ranked for a while untilt yourself always look at your own game what could you do better never mind about your 0/9 carry in the bottom watching your own replays help a lot when you make misplays or lose lane and the final tip from this gold scrub is never give up no matter how hard your losing it take 1 mistake to throw a winning game congrats an silver dude keep up the good work {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: you need luck. Do you think these games were made to play with randoms? no... On team games you must KNOW and TRUST your teammates. Eventually they had to create the soloQ because most people dont go premades. anyway, all you can do is help the lanes, or get a duo
Lel I have no friends who play League xd
Snowi (EUW)
: Eya ImSpray, In the current state of preseason Objectives & Rotations decide whether you win or lose games. Solocarrying games is impossible (unless you're smurfing) so try to do your part of the game as well as possible. As a toplaner/ midlaner Talon you should try to win your lane (outfarm, kill enemy, kill turret) and snowball your lead towards other lanes and later on be the deciding victor of teamfights. You might get games where your team carries you whilst others you have to carry hard :). Try to win your lane if the matchup allows it or scale hard into lategame whilst not-dying to ganks. If you truly want to improve you should check online guides or watch VODs on youtube (professional LoL Esports matches with commentary). Snowball your way to victory, if you play an assasin try to win your lane, then clear your waves as fast as possible afterwards ROAM! Gank mid, bot or even their jungle and murder everyone who stands in your path. Don't throw your life away but try to pressure the other enemy lanes if you win yours. Your teammates will appreciate feeling relieved if you suddenly come over and break a stalemate lane by killing the enemy :). I'm not a very good teacher but I hope this helps you a little bit :D {{champion:17}} Last, & something to never forget! 50% of games are lost, 50% of games are won. Try to accept losses and focus on the next game, even in challenger some people have a winrate of barely over 50%. Just keep playing & improve as learning comes mostly from within. Stack armor & have fun in-games, Armor
It did help, and I know in lower Elo seeing as AD champs are generally easier to play most of my games you see full AD teams xd, I usually run into the same problem when I try to 'carry' I win my lane but then my bot lane even though I roam bot 3+ times they still lose it :(
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Well besides what others have said. I don't know exactly what you've posted, but it basiclly a witch hunt, it could be something as sily as saying that this one specific player was toxic so ban him and you can trust my word or if we go to a bit more extreme case, you photoshopped some screenshots to make your case more valid and now want your revenge. Then there's the simple fact that we already have aworking punihsment system, which makes posting it here quite unnecessary.
By using Gyazo it is quite hard to photoshop an image seeing as you would have to take a Gyazo shot of the photoshopped picture :). Obviously the system doesn't work as well as you think because you obviously havn't seen all the inters and flamers.
Xpéct (EUNE)
: I play with quite a few toxic friends that swear and int halfway into the game, but they never got punished for it. Ever. Take what you will from this.
Thats why I made the post originally, this guy had 5+ masteries on 10+ champs meaning hes been playing for a while (atleast longer than me) and hes obviously never been banned because he didn't care about Role Stealing.
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: Happy that you won :) The best way to avoid it, Just go with friend or another sum' from the friends list *Together* (bot, mid-jg-top) These days I'm seeing a lot of "Breaking the meta" players, They are trying the recommended build at start, And this is where they go wrong, They think that "Recommended" build can actually help in each position. Btw, Riot's Matchmaking is doing its best, Just report the players few times and believe me, IT HELPS!!! You cannot change the world, But we can change our selves and avoid those toxic comments. For the record, I'd rather to win with ashe support, Its funny, Cause they never expect the arrow :)
Afelers (EUNE)
: If they are willing to play that way it is just some off-meta strategy that may or may not work. When they do it on purpose to put your team in a disadvantage that is when it's reportable as griefing.
Its the part where he says "Im playing ADC" meaning he doesn't wanna play some weird support and im assuming he would have gone adc
: Did u won?
Luckily someone on the other team was afk so they remaked
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