: Tyler1 got unbanned so what makes him more important?
He had an indefinite ban. That is totally different. It meant that any account confirmed to be him will be permanently banned. When they lifted the ban, he didn't get any of his old accounts back.
: Permanent Banning
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ImainLilSatan,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=I3e5J8pM,comment-id=000300000000000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-18T01:11:02.947+0000) > > You're just proving me right at this point. > Even deleting the thread won't help you now. > Your arguments suck. > When proven wrong you resort to ad hominem. > How do you function in IRL interactions? dude no one gives a penny about your opinion .
You're the one with an opinion. Not me. You also claim to be an all seeing omnipotent god of reports. You know who reports and gets reported. You know everything. It's rare that we find this good a specimen of a know-it-all. Drop your sense of superiority and look around yourself every now and then.
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: ***
That's your comeback... I guess I was right...
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ImainLilSatan,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=I3e5J8pM,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2019-04-14T22:46:40.835+0000) > > So you argue with people and make your guess on that... > You're special... I said they said they will report me after game... why you act like jerk???to prove how smart you are???
You are trying to pass off a fallacy as a fact. I'm just astounded by sheer stupidity.
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ImainLilSatan,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=I3e5J8pM,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-04-14T11:08:44.389+0000) > > How do you know how many people reported you? > Are you an omnipotent being? lol. Do i rely need to be omnipotent to know whit how many people i argued in game and how many people said they will report me??? Think before you ask something which sound sarcastic and funny but does not make any sense
So you argue with people and make your guess on that... You're special...
sepaurora (EUW)
: i know it may be illegal but pls riot just 1 time listen to us (your players) !
Just get it from a chest. There is free stuff already, albeit with an RNG factor.
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: Rito lie?
How do you know how many people reported you? Are you an omnipotent being?
: Banning your team's picks
Thank god you got banned. People like you are what makes this game toxic.
: is 3 LP penalty sufficient for dodging?
You only lose 3lp for the first dodge. Penalty goes up to 10 after that and gives a loss in promos. Also you get queue time penalty.
Hopy (EUW)
: Is Jhin a "late game champion"?
He has a nice power spike mid game with {{item:3031}} and {{item:3094}} completed. After that damage scaling is forever in his favor.
Puraido (EUW)
: Banned for what?
You’re a toxic little kid. The system was made to weed out people like you. You’re only mad because you can’t get away with your bs. Hope it was a permanent ban.
: ARAM: Some Champions should be removed
They are testing bans right now. It's not bad. Just do that and ban one of them.
T00Late (EUNE)
: Already chat restricted to not get banned, if you want to talk you can surely add me in game so i can make you moan.
This is why people don't like you.
Hi im Kyssi (EUNE)
: It wasnt flame.. i told him what he did badly
You are not objective on the matter if it was flame or not. Post you logs and we'll know for sure.
Hi im Kyssi (EUNE)
: Again honor 1 and ban on chat for 1 game, bcs team..
>so.. why i got banned... Because you flamed
T00Late (EUNE)
: Better smoke a pack of cigar instead of playing 1 game of league of legends in Europe Nordic East server, this server is trash.
I'll do both while you moan.
T00Late (EUNE)
: Next free account transfer
That's not gonna happen any time soon. Either cough up the dough or keep playing on eune.
: Thats good man, alltho i kinda have the same since i never changed the CPI/dpi settings in the mouse, its always been on default. Thats why this is so wierd.
See if "enhance pointer precision" is on in mouse properties in windows . It can make the mouse feel weird.
: I tried that aswell and nothing feels close to how it was before :(
That's why I have a mouse with memory. Keeps all of my profiles in the mouse. No matter where I plug it in, It always feels the same.
: Sudden mouse problems
You just have to play with the mouse settings to figure it out.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
1. They played better. 2. All the actions they take are posted on the website. 3. There is a PBE ( Public Beta Environment ) server where everything is tested. 4. Different champions have different power spikes. Some are strong early, some mid, some late game. Everything after this I'm not even gonna try and explain. You are misinformed and therefore have a skewed view.
fotr69 (EUW)
: VERY IMPORATANT!!!!*******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN i SITLL PLAY LOL after ARTICEL 13 PLZZZZZZ
You can. And even if it did somehow affect League, you could still do it for a while. Article 13 won't be implemented any time soon. They just voted on it.
Trollas (EUNE)
: So i got masterwork chest from dogs vs cats and..
: i only saw the tristana and ali skins got removed nothing about the free garen skin, might wanna try that one.
They stopped giving that one too.
BacuFR (EUW)
: Free alistar skin <3
They stopped giving away free skins last year. You can always hope you get one in a chest.
Ressov (EUW)
: Chat restriction and Riot System of banning 'toxic' people
Well earned. It's nice to see these kinds of posts. Riot is doing their job properly.
: Rito explain +7 lp for a win??
There were some server issues. Loss prevention was turned on.
el higgo (EUW)
: Thanks for the reply, This is not a bought account, and I do not have any programs that mess with League. but yeah it seems like someone gained access to my account and went full ham on scripts
You might as well give up on it. I hope you get your account back but it's unlikely. Account security breach is a big no no in the ToU.
el higgo (EUW)
: Account perma banned for scripting
Doesn't have to mean you scripted. You might have used some 3rd party program that has features that mess with LoL. Also bought accounts are susceptible to this since they are usually botted to 30.
: If they are flaming him bcs he is Russian it's Xenophobia , If they are flaming him bcs he is Slav it's Racism.
In this case it's both. It's not how you perceive it. It's the intent.
nekidako (EUW)
: They might understand what playing really mean and change, I know it's a bit idealistic tho. And Imo there is enough good ppl to have a sufficient amount of player. In good player I'm counting non-talking player.
There was an Ask Riot article about it a season or two ago. Try googling it. They gave a short yet convincing argument about it. I played a couple of games where it's a thing. You don't change your behavior, you stop playing the game.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Df? Not even. If he knows the community is toxic and he keeps getting shit talked for speaking Russian, then him continuing to speak Russian means he's letting them flame him even more. That's liberal mentality right there. "Lemme keep walking across your yard, even though I know you don't like it and when you call me out on it, I'll act like a victim."
We're not talking about him using it to spite people. We're talking about him being flamed on most of the time just for typing it. I sometimes type in my language because it's easier when duoing. I get the same flank just for using my own language. That seems ok to you? According to you, we should only use English just to avoid getting flamed.
nekidako (EUW)
: New queue for a better LOL
Prisoner island style queues don't solve anything in games like LoL.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Well, first of all, reading a foreign language that I don't understand is both confusing and makes me feel inferior because I have no idea what you're talking about in the chat, for all we know you could be talking shit about someone on the team. Second of all, if you know people will talk crap about Russians, just use simple English phrases and don't speak Russian. Don't draw attention to yourself if you don't have to, simple as that.
That's like telling a rape victim she should've worn a longer skirt.
: I knew it.
: Oh and I'm totally making up an emissary saying she will get nerfs imidiatly next patch
That has nothing to do with what I said or you twisting the facts. I said she is strong.
: GJ riot, another rework startign to break the game
I checked the match. She had {{item:3006}} before she finished {{item:3153}}. She also had {{item:3086}} when she killed you. She is strong, but you don't have to embellish it.
Naygcan (EUW)
: Quest are bugged?Where is my reward?
I gave up long ago. Finished one quest after watching multiple games. Every single quest after that was bugged.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: This dude locks in Neeko Top lane against a Renekton and says in game "
He really does have a nice winrate. He is bound to lose. It just happened to be in your game.
: GIEF BACK TRIBUNAL, league is broken
You made a safe bet and base your argument on it. The reason toxicity is banned faster than trolling is simple. Toxicity leaves straightforward evidence in the form of chat-logs. Trolling is harder to detect because someone might be just having a bad game. Riot has to give you the benefit of the doubt when you troll because otherwise there would be a lot of people punished for having a bad game. Your argument is not thought out at all. Try again.
Mr Elessar (EUNE)
: Source?
http://www.newsoflegends.com/lyte-on-why-there-is-no-voice-chat-in-league-but-might-be-when-you-are-chat-restricted-for-not-talking-ironstylus-talks-caitlyns-design-and-more/#voice This was years ago. Also there was an ask.fm post, but it’s gone. There were a few more sources from ex-Riot Lyte that are gone now. They basically decided to meet us halfway with party chat for the sake of having it.
Mr Elessar (EUNE)
: The benefits of adding voice chat to league heavily outweigh the negatives. Prove me wrong.
Riot tested it ages ago and it was dis-proportionally more toxic.
Khali (EUNE)
: Back to honoring more than 1 player and in the lobby
And being able to honor the enemy team.
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: You have answered your own question: it's a all female team. Not to shit on girls in gaming (I know a few that I will NEVER beat in any game) but this is just a stunt. As for why they have such players it's because no one worth talking about wanted to do this shit.
They have such players because they made a mess. They let go all of their players because they wanted to sell the spot. They weren't able to do it so decided to make a PR stunt instead.
kasia14 (EUNE)
: Why Death's Dance doesn't heal on Pantheon's E?
Rotations have worked differently on ARAM for a while now. You get last 3 rotations. I guess they translated that same change to ARURF.
Shamose (EUW)
: > The reason being, teams will naturally only take the best players. Which isn't the case here since the team had a 5 man challenger squad which they benched for an all female team.
There you go. Bad decision on the teams part.
RazerX (EUW)
: Vaevictis eSports all female roster
Actually there are no rules on what rank the players should be. The reason being, teams will naturally only take the best players. Then you get this...and you ask yourself...why...
Kaimeraz (EUW)
: No it wouldn't, because streaming the game and violating it's ground principles in the spouken word is the same as the written word, there is a recording of it which is all the proof you need. On top of that this is about a professional streamer of the game, which by default makes them an official / ambassador of the game, just as it would in any other sport. If it was some Joe Random unknown you could make a case for it since the viewings would be severely limited. If you want to debate apples and oranges, seek life elsewhere.
>If you want to debate apples and oranges, seek life elsewhere. That's what you're doing. You don't know what's in their contract. If she deserves a punishment per riot ToU, ToS, and/or any existing contracts with Riot, she will be punished. Stop seeking some crazy revenge.
: ''there is a little you can do'' so there is something you can do and again i didnt give permission 2 use the acc
You can complain to support, but it's highly unlikely you'll get unbanned. Your account is your responsibility. If someone else used it...well why did you let them... Read the ToU.
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