: Delete the "Riot Client" folder that's in the same directory the game is installed in and it will switch back to the old client. Click "X" every time you get a prompt to install the new client. As of now, that's the only way as far as I'm aware...
My client did not update, so I must do the opposite to get it?XD
Rioter Comments
: Can I tell people to beg for a role they want?
I don't know why you used the word "beg", but if you are sure he's autofilled you could say something like "Hi X, do you want , I can fill" or anything that sounds friendly, if you were to say "Haha, you got autofilled, now beg me to give you the role" he would ignore you lol . Cya!
MrPuckles (EUW)
: Can we please improve the report/ punishment system in this game
I would like something like this in the report system https://imgur.com/a/95Nqftd Trying to avoid matchmaking you in the same team with someone you reported if possible (as in Vainglory, the last 3 people). What do you think?
Grjóni G (EUNE)
: of course Pre-Game Grjóni G: who Grjóni G: xD Grjóni G: little devil beemo happy elf or badger Grjóni G: why In-Game Grjóni G: please report the tf on my team Grjóni G: he told me to end my life Grjóni G: he said in champ select %%% to me for no reason Grjóni G: sry Grjóni G: fk Grjóni G: sry Grjóni G: i didnt think it would kill me Grjóni G: k Grjóni G: gj Grjóni G: its good Grjóni G: and also Grjóni G: tfd Grjóni G: why report me Grjóni G: oh Grjóni G: ok Grjóni G: saying %%% is reportable Grjóni G: will do Grjóni G: sry Grjóni G: cant Grjóni G: sry Grjóni G: killed ez Grjóni G: thats worth i think Grjóni G: walk in that bush Grjóni G: nice Grjóni G: bad support who Grjóni G: and we could have killed them if you didnt go b tf Grjóni G: but its ok Grjóni G: fk Grjóni G: if i would have gotten the q i could have killed him Grjóni G: scare him Grjóni G: pls Grjóni G: now Grjóni G: fk Grjóni G: the one in the bottom right corner Grjóni G: look at my score and my skin xD Grjóni G: fk Grjóni G: why Grjóni G: k Grjóni G: tito op Grjóni G: teemo support op Grjóni G: i inted hard Grjóni G: sry Grjóni G: SRYU Grjóni G: gg teemo support op
Kappa y s (Or commiting not alive) is banned on sight, unfortunately, the context doesn't matter, so be more careful what words you do quote.
person (EUW)
: But before deciding whether to remove it/update it/rework it or whatever, in the meantime, MOVE IT DOWN A LITTLE!
I bet, if they move it down we will see "we have removed death recap due to an error and we're working on a fix"
He needs a rework tbh, if he is viable, becomes a jungle stealer enchanter tanky chain cc machine gun, else he is nothing more than a bush spawner.... rework
person (EUW)
Because of this, sonetime I see elder dragon icon when in reality, a cloud is coming (it's a bit similar), then I realise isn't the elder time. +Death recap is bugged and the oldest thing in league system. It really need a rework, it sometimes show me a drake got assist for hitting me with statikk or someone kills me and alse assist himself and many other bugs.
Haze97 (EUW)
: Well what does Riot expect you to do when you keep getting auto-filled in the wrong role? I usually dodge games, but this guy's on a whole different level.
That's actually infinit IQ
: I also got one today. Tl;dr: There was a post mentioning that everyone should get chat restriction because a few messages is enough for a game. I said that there are some games where the team is super friendly and we have a lot of fun in chat while winning the game, and the chat can be even more fun in rare cases than the actual game. Then someone came and said he would report people like those for not focusing and he said that in their case "AFK" stood for "Ape Fcking a Keyboard" I just told him that he seemed like the toxic type of guy and that I didn't even want to start an argument with him because there's no point. And that's the comment that got deleted for being too offensive. While his comment is still there...
I have read the rules and nothing that would explain why my comment got deleted.
: So we aren't even allowed to argue one bit anymore?
Someone was talking about something "1v1's doesn't show how good you are on league", or something like that and had right. He was talking about someone who invited him to an 1v1 after a match and he refused, as a joke I commented "You should have accepted the 1v1 to defend your family's honor." I don't know, that was it, and my comment got removed, that was just a joke, not even an offensive one ;c
RooneR (EUNE)
: Lol. Pick against her AOE dmg champs like Swain and she cant do nothing xDD. Love this kids who dont know how to play against her,BUT she needs nerf i agree. Her problem is the true steal under turret. One of the simplest nerf for riot remove the steal under turret and she loat lot of her power. Too much change and she will ended up like Irelia few patches ago.
I like how I just {{champion:84}} without any complain or any bullshit https://imgur.com/a/ddYQIFv and some random high elo gold comes to say "pick a counter kids ,lol", what if I don't like mages, what if I do want to live under tower or atleast being able to trade back D: And then you argue with your self giving the reason why I would hate her?XD
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Which champions do you hate?
Koyomi (EUNE)
: Bots using wrong quotes
Lore update: Miss Fortune is a reptilian that eats humans.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: 3 months passed and I finished my drawing!
It looks like a girl Lyn from Blade and Soul {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Aldinjo21 (EUNE)
: Can Riot Make A Summon Button For Herald EYE
When you pick up the Eye of herald, you get an extra inventory speace with the item "The Eye of Herald", once you consume the item or expire, the extra inventory speace is deleted, also you can have only the Eye of herald on that inv. speace. How would that be?
Rioter Comments
draevex5 (EUNE)
: done{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
lmao, someone downvoted you {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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Boolhya (EUW)
: thanks!! I have still a chance to hit diamond {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Ghaster (EUW)
: If a player is muted in game, why do they unmute for post game chat?
Well, until they do something, you can do this: cover the post-game chat with your hand, then click "play again" or if you want to see the stats, look just in the direction for the details and then, focus on the "play again" button. I think it sounds pretty hard to do, but isn't, for me, this is a reflex when I know they will shit talk. Hope you good luck!
: Hitboxes are still bullshit after all this time
It feels unfair when losing because of unbalanced teams, but when you die or something bad because of a bug, dude, that REALLY is unfair. {{champion:53}} can 'E' {{champion:105}} 's E ;c
Economi (EUW)
: How many games in a row do you need to INT before getting any action
xeoN38 (EUNE)
: minion or champion block
Maybe is annoying, but it's a part of this game and things like {{champion:105}} {{champion:121}} {{summoner:6}} make you ignore those so you can pick anti- colision champs.
Arnoter (EUW)
: Imagine having a good PC and never have Trouhble with Loading Screens, FPS, Connections or that stuff.
> [{quoted}](name=Arnoter,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=xVPtPOob,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-15T13:33:00.431+0000) > > Imagine having a good PC and never have Trouhble with Loading Screens, FPS, Connections or that stuff. Man, this problem is real, they did a mid patch update or something and now it load slow for some poeple, I mean, yesterday I had no problem.
: Wtf is going on with the game,why is the game loading so slowly?
I have the same problem, if you observed, they did a mid patch update, maybe this is where the issue came from.
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: "Teach a friend" mission"
I can play, add me: Á cute Loli I have level 9 (this is my main acc)
: Change the surrender system
seems like 3 trolls voted no xd
: Stuck in game after game finished.
Minecraft is still an option, guys!
: > an inferiour creature It might be your English, but this is not how you should refer to other people, it makes you look very bad. I wouldn't call trashing a room "mad a bit", mad a bit is like saying "Merde" or "Damn it".
You're right with that "mad a bit", but I'll keep calling like this people who are just ... creatures , so many players in ranked don't listen to their team and do things like: adc go splitpush solo while enemy team attack him, some support do not take support items and they are just agro team mates (just some objects which tank enemy's damage, this is how they looks like). And not even poor play and builds, they are jerks, everytime when I type "/all enjoy the game guys!", some platinum adc with mmr of gold5 would say "stfu idiot kid"... I love this game, and this little creatures are so many... maybe I am mental sick, but I feel good when get mad after what I just said, the revenge make me still play a toxic game, if there wouldn't be so many edgy kids like I just said, this poisoned part of me wouldn't ever exist. And after all, riot's system do not consider me toxic, I take rewards, I grow in honor lvl and get honored in above half than my games. If you reply me, I think I wouldn't have something more to say, and yeah, my English is bad, but I guess you understand my point, have a good day!{{champion:105}}
: This idea is posted here about once every 2-3 days. Sounds good, doesn't work. There are just too many possibilities to abuse such a system. Just two examples: Either a friend plays on his smurf and goes afk, so that yo don't loose your LP or you just flame someone until he goes afk. This would just lead to more flaming in the game, as soon as a team starts to leave. The focus should be on coming back, not telling someone to go afk. Yes, it sucks. But you also have to see that you win some games, because the enemy has an afk in their team. Thre are 9 players beside you which ply this game - 4 in your team, 5 in the other team. If we assume, that you don't leave, the chance that a leaver is in the other team is hicher than a leaver in your team. So overall (law of big numbers and so on), you will win more games because of a leaver, than you loose because of a leaver. Also if you loose less LP, the enemy should win less LP, as otherwise it will lead to an inflation of LP. And if you look at the point before, you will have overall less LP than currently.
This is not abusable! If your friend go afk, he will lose double lp and who would want, and what is smurf, if is smurf he will carry with you the game. This system looks healthy, enemy win lp in normal ways, you lose half because is nothing you can do, the dc player is punished.
: > Made you so angry , you could trash half of the room. If a video game like LoL can make you this angry, you should NOT play it.
The point is: Ranked Q is not "just a game" is made to get better and better at League and when an inferiour creature don't give a %%%% (I hate censure) you get mad a bit... you must be dead inside (like me sometimes) to be unmoved from your curent emotion. In normale games who give a piece of bluebuff about winning?
Hassiss (EUNE)
: Server problems
Yes, I click on something linked with lobby like game invite or leave party and it happen in like 1-2 minutes, the client has lag for some reason, also solo/duo q is disable, missions issue, mecha kah'zix and skins tab also... RIOT, please solve it!{{item:3070}}
daNyanta (EUNE)
: The day that LoL died
So you can log-in and just watch that "Reconnect" button and friends list, like me?
daNyanta (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=archerno1,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=7vcBtvyn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-28T20:59:56.840+0000) > > Which means it has nothing to do with your connection to provider but your provider to Riot. Your provider needs to fix this not Riot I have the same problem. Looks like my provider also needs to get a fix. Only a fix for connection with Riot, rest of the servers in the world connects fine. It's never a Ritos fault.
I verify the ally/enemyes 's history and that match does not really exist, they do not have other match, the last match is that before my match.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Which means it has nothing to do with your connection to provider but your provider to Riot. Your provider needs to fix this not Riot
It happened random, while the match... is weird to think the files move alone to born errors while you are in-game.
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