: I have burned out on League
Take a break. Stop playing ranked. Play a couple coop games. Custom games with friends. Normal games with friends. Build yourself up gradually. Take a break and play fun games like Terraria, rogue legacy, etc. Play other games. Skyrim. Then drop by for one league game. Then switch back to other "fun" games that let you relax.
: Why is Camille so broken asf
Except that Kha'zix counters her. She isnt broken, you just wont bother learning how to deal with her.
Snowcorn (EUW)
: Ranked is so much more fun from 12 am to 6 am
I know the feeling. Playing after midnight has given me the most fun and friendly experiences i've had since Season 4. Thats almost 3 years ago now.
: Dear Riot, Camille has too much mobility compared to older champs
Leblanc, Lee sin, Singed, Fizz, Hecarim, Fiora, Mundo, Khazix, Zac, Tristana, Bard, Shyvana, Ahri, Yasuo, Riven. This is a brief list of some champions that massively outmaneuvers Camille. That you see her more often is what leads you to want her nerfed, not that she is stronger than everyone else. Its very simple - let her live for a month and counterplay will arise. You just have to learn how to play around her. If you absolutely have to nerf her, hit the initial range of her E. That wont make much of a difference to her anyways. Camille is like a weaker Fiora with a Zac dive. She is easily outdueled by both Fiora, Yasuo and Xin Zhao, all champions that share her class as a brawler whose main counterplay is to focus and burst down. She is no different from these champions. You just face her more often than them.
KyouCake (EUW)
: Poor girl drawing for you - for free
Why "poor girl"? How is your situation and gender relevant? Either way, maybe you should set up a page like patreon or similar, so people can donate what they feel like? I wouldnt mind paying a little for a decent drawing. Edit: in fact it feels dirty requesting something without paying anything, considering all the time and effort you have to put into it.
: The tale of the jealous Jinx, or how I got an S rank while 'trolling'
Not much to add here. Hope it helps a bit with the frustration to share your story.
: So I am forced to play ranked? **[rant and reason]**
Because Riot figures that, after seeing how incredibly many players left the game during season 6, they'd shorten the now long que times by making even more people leave. Yeah i dont know what they're trying to achieve with that logic either.
: i remember in season 2, 3, and 4
I played support when i started playing at the end of S1... I have no problems with autofill. The only annoying part might be the fact i can only play Taric after Soraka's rework.
: Well this is the Riot player feedback system just being the Riot player feedback system. Firstly, the Rioter who replied to you probably didn't read chat logs, watch your game log, look into your teammates behaviour etc... This support Rioter probably just didn't read your ticket and just pasted his (or her) most generic, default reply to a support ticket. This reply probably works 90% of the time, but not in this case. Second of all, "your account was found to be affecting a lot of players negatively"... ~long pause~ ~coughs~ what about the ~cough~ huge number of ~cough~ extremely toxic keyboard warriors that play this game. Would I rather a Singed support who: gives me a few laughs, does Singed things, draw all 5 people behind inhib tower in a 5 minute goose chase around their base, and is *not toxic*; Orrrrrrrr... would I rather a self-centred lvl7 YAHSWOH (who thinks he's ArKaDaTa), Vayne (thinking he's Gosu's baby) or Riven (aka BoxBox stuck in elohell) main who: flames continuously, loses first blood- threatens to int- then ints aaannnnddd tries to do the Yasuo/Riven/Vayne 1v5 pentakill play after they're 0/20 from inting... Very. Hard. Choice. Thus I conclude the statement "your account was found to be affecting a lot of players negatively" utter and complete Alistair-Yasuo. "Whilst playing Singed support isn't inherently bannable, refusing to communicate with your teammates is." Wait a second. Fire. This. Rioter. Haven't Rioters repeatedly since the beginning of time said we DON'T have to type in chat. It's OPTIONAL for a reason. It's O.P.T.I.O.N.A.L. If this Rioter actually means this, and I mean ACTUALLY, not just he copied and pasted this without thinking...he is going against fundamental Riot Games theodicies. Anyway, what does he mean by "refusing to communicate with your teammates is." Does he mean: yasuosweatlordminecraftrobloxmemer: "HASAKKKKKIIIIIIHHHHHHH SINGED WHAT U DO. IDIAT TROL 3 STRONK 5 ME Y U NO PLAY MALPHITE SUPPORT SINGED SUPPORT REPORT ALL REPORT SINGED TROLL OREKADESOHHHHH"... singedsupportplayer: [says nothing]. riven1v5pentalordadrianrivenstuckinelohell: "GNIYUHHHHH SINGED NO ROAM TOP LVL2 SINGED TROLL NOOB REPORT ALL REPORT SINGED NYIUHHHHHH" singedsupportplayer: [saysnothing] typicalvaynemain: "AHHHUUUUUUHHHNNNNN SINGED TROLL SUPPORT REPORT MY SUPPORT NO SPOONFEED ME KILLS NYUHUUUUUUUUHHHHHGGGNNN NOOB SUPPORT NOW I HAVE TO SOLO CARRY EVEN THOUGH I CANT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT MY SUPPORT LIKE A TYPICAL VAYNE MAIN" singedsupportplayer: [saysnothing] It's highly likely his team were flaming him...he might have said a few words...and that was apparently refusing to communicate ...(even though it's an optional thing...) Also, would I rather a first time Azir in my ranked games, or a support singed main. If this guy is a specialist at support singed, and has the games under his belt, I would welcome him. I would still welcome him regardless because he is entitled to play what he wants. Then what about all the people who type nothing in chat...or /mute all at the start of the game...or don't spam ping. That would probably be classed as "refusing to communicate" yet they don't get banned, PRECISELY BECAUSE the only bannable offences are: "Unsportsmanlike conduct: passive aggressive, negative chat etc.; Verbal abuse: Harassment, flaming; Intentionally feeding: trolling, assisting enemy team; hate speech: homophobic, racial; inappropriate summoner name (and a few more that are truly irrelavent)". "Refusing to communicate" is NOT bannable. Nor is "not buying sightstone" nor taking smite on support. Granted, it is off-meta, but playing off-meta picks is not bannable. If so, then Riot should properly implement a ban for not playing things that are God tier. Furthermore, this Rioter is implying that you can only do such things with a group of friends................................................................................................................ I've played Darius support full ad, Sion support full movespeed, Ezreal support hybrid. It worked, it was fun. But even if it doesn't go so well, AS IF this vayne main doesnt feed once in a while, AS IF this yasuo main doesnt flame once in a while. You get my point. Basically, the mindset these idiotic teammates PUT THEMSELVES IN is what causes them to tilt. It's their OWN PERSONALITY and therefore their OWN fault that they tilt. NOT because of this singed support. The whole point is to have fun- it's a game, a lot of people forget this. A game, not your A-Levels, not your degree coursework, not your make-or-break opportunity at work. It's a g.a.m.e. Anyone can play whatever they like. Anyone can build however they want. Anyone can do whatever they like. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Riot, seriously. If you want to control the meta, just full out announce that you will. However, don't do these sneaky, underhand things without properly justifying yourself. I think I've covered all bases. To take away: Everything this Rioter said is complete utter Alistair- Vayne {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} DISCLAIMER: Any keyboard warriors who want to flame me for "having no life" go ahead, I really don't care.
11/10 Yasuo/Riven/Vayne main imitation I completely agree, though. "Refusing to communicate"? Really, Riot? Can someone bring up that post about tribunal being shut down and the report system being changed to see why they removed that as a report option, before they delete it so we have no proof of them contradicting themselves?
: My story about unfair ban and trolls - not complaining, just sharing a story
I agree that elo hell exists, now more than ever. The game is more about teamplay than it has ever been before, and the notion of solo carrying has been rejected completely by Riot themselves. Every game has recently been about who gets matched with the better teammates, not who are the better players. I've lost games where i went 20/1 because two people in my team will decide i'm killstealing and troll, leaving me in situations where the enemies can gang up on me. These days one mistake past the 35 minute mark can decide who wins - even if you're at the enemy nexus, if they have two champions with high attack speed or strong pushing power (e.g volibear and graves or vayne and darius) the game can end after a single ace. Doesnt matter if the team score is 60/7, the team with the 7 kills can still win the game if they ace their opponents a single time. Sure, that IS balanced. But it also makes it impossible for players to solo carry games (unless you are playing udyr jungle) because everything is being balanced with teamfights in mind.
A Plebian (EUW)
: Nice one! I've had a similar experience, but it was already 2 seasons back. A 3v5! We won it after 64 minutes haha. I played Jax jungle (when Feral Flare was still the most broken jungle item ever to be seen on the Rift), we had a Tryndamere top and a Ryze mid. Our Tristana + Blitzcrank duo dc-d after about 15 minutes into the game. However, with Trynd + Jax + Ryze, we scaled so greatly into the lategame that me or Trynd was able to basically 1v3 all the time, which left one of us open to keep on pushing. They had our Nexus already open when our Tryndamere went for a hail Mary - he teleported to a ward right outside of their base, and took down the inhibitor turret which was very low on health, and then the inhibitor. The enemy was with 4 man in our base, 1 man trying to stop Trynd - naturally the tryndamere was able to kill anyone 1v1 at that point, making it effectively a 2v4 in our base. I got a triple kill when they tried to back to stop the Trynd from pushing further and clearing their superminion waves in their base; they should have obviously kept on pushing, but if a game lasts longer than an hour when the game has been 3v5 for 45 minutes, you could see their coordination wasn't the best. Ryze then also teleported to their base, and with 70 second deathtimers they had enough time while I was clearing the rest of the minions to actually push 1 nexus turret. Then they came back and Trynd and Ryze were chased back almost entirely to our base again.. Little did suspect, the our minions in botlane were slowly pushing to their base.. and as soon as 5 of them showed mid, I pushed their bot inhib turret and took the inhibitor, still being able to run away - now we had 2 waves of supers pushing back, and luck would have it that our inhibitor respawned. Ryze stayed in our base while Trynd sneaked through the top half of their jungle.. I pretended to back but waited around the corner of their base. They went with 5 to push our inhibs and Nexus, but then they realized trynd and I were in their base! They seemed to not know whether they should continue pushing or back - and they would've won if they would've kept on pushing, but no!! 2 decided to back, and then Ryze picked up a double kill before dying! So now it was only 1 of them pushing, vs trynd and I who already tanked and took out their 2 base turrets. Then me and Trynd with some xPeke jumping/slashing around were able to hold out long enough to kill their nexus and we won!! I think that was personally my best game ever when it comes down to raw individual outplays and excellent decision making! It was a 64 minute match, 3v5 since ~minute 15, and we actually won it. The enemy didn't flame each other (at least in post-game lobby), all they did was tell us that we played it fantastically, and I believe I received 5 honorable opponents - and I actually got the crest for it the next time I logged in. It also demonstrated the power of a well executed plan vs a bunch of people who didn't really know what to do and how to finish a match that was this drawn out. Their hubris was their downfall; they kept thinking it would be easy to just go in and kill us, despite the fact that we had been killing them rather easily before, and 70+ second deathtimers that they kept getting because of their arrogant approach actually gave us enough time to win. Now I do have to say, a team with a Trynd with 30+ kills, a jax with ~25 kills and a Ryze with ~25 kills of course is nothing to laugh about (although I believe all of us - all 8 that were left - at this point had full item builds + pots etc).
Resembles a match i had in Season 3 or 4 as Xin Zhao. Our bot laners quit the game for no given reason, but we managed to win it after fighting the enemy team about 5 times in a row in our jungle (the first of their deaths would respawn and return by the time i killed off the last one). I never got a penta kill, but i got FIVE quadrakills and eventually managed to push down their base along with my two remaining allies. The match lasted roughly 40 minutes and i ended the game with about 47 kills and 3 deaths. It was an extreme comeback.
: Definetely cheater. Reported. ;)
Oh damn, Ditto. You gon' get banned now.
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