Cretier (EUW)
: Dear riot
why don't people learn it, if you say something bad to your teammates you will get punished, don't say anything bad to them and you're avoiding ban, "inters/griefers" get punished it's just hard to say if people are underperforming on purpose or not, as you go higher people get smarter, that means they will be smart about their "underperforming" and it's hard bcs one wrong step and you will get topics like that "I didnt troll my team, I had bad game and got banned", people aren't dumb in mid-high elo they will not "grief" on purpose in a row.
VorenDier (EUNE)
: RIOT's automated system can't detect players for trolling and inting, but it can detect verbal abuse
Bcs it's easier to detect Verbal Abuse than feeding or trolling, detecting feeding requires to watch the game and see if person ran it down or just had bad game, Trolling requires to watch if the person trolled or just had salty teammate who didnt see his mistakes.
jHMartins (EUW)
: [TFT] Can we talk a bit about assassins?
There is one simple counter to assassins, PD.(unless every one of them got RFC)
: Is it just me unlucky in TFT?
iirc selling champ adds it to the pool of champs that you can have after reroll.
Seeko94 (EUNE)
: i played against the same guy 3 times in a row . and lost 3 rounds . so what u r saying it not true .
argumentum ad personam and too little data to call it not true.
Hexa XV (EUW)
: 2 more serious problems of TFT than RNG
Soo lets start: 1.Player who stack up gold are gonna do better than those who don't, that's called strat, player who stacks gold and has lower HP than his teammates will get 1st to pick the champ he wants from fountain, no one will take his items/champs he needs to succesfuly play the game, as you progress higher tier champs are more likely be rolled from refresh. 2.Selecting Oponent is based on RNG, but if you lost against one summoner the game will "see" that you lost against him and you will have less chances to get him in next round, the chance of getting the same game isn't 0% tho, the game is about RNG. Last Point, Items Matter more than star levels(to some extent), some champs exceed in 1v1'ing some in teamfights like Kha'Zix is made for 1v1 and Sejuani is made for Teamfights.


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