Hansiman (EUW)
: While manual reviews would probably be ideal, it's simply not doable due to the size of this game. Far too many games are played each day to be able to go through the immense log of reports that would be generated. An automated system can analyze an entire game within seconds, a human would need to watch the entire thing. If you do believe there are someone that's not getting caught correctly by the system, do send in a ticket to support. This does cause a manual review to take place.
How about a system just like in cs go , the "overwatch" one where players with high ranks and hours can spectate the game whrere the player got reported and decide whether or not they deserve to get banned{{champion:202}}
iaapvper (EUW)
: Do you also believe RIOT should be more strict and perma ban trolls and feeders?
Man , just think of this , many people say I feed because I have bad games sometimes and they report me , meanwhile I try explaining them that I just have a bad game.... What if I get banned?{{champion:202}}
Xenoid (EUNE)
: Getting free RP was abused (create account, get level 10, buy skin, repeat) and they replaced it with free Hextech Chest, which can be used only on account received it. The loot is worth more, than what you could buy for free RP you had, even if it's random (skin is based on champions you own).
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