Naeramar (EUW)
: As a main support I possess the arrogance to say that solving this problem requires more main supports
Just joined the club, and am enjoying it so far. Jungle main, couldn't get out of silver 2, cuz it's hard to carry 5 no map awareness players, just started to play only support for a couple of days, already silver 1 and still going strong. If I keep this up ima get back into plat in no time... Completely forgot how fun it is to play {{champion:53}} and do {{summoner:4}} grabs and everybody to GG you like you're a Brad Pitt. Now need to change some jungler pages to AP supports ({{champion:40}}, {{champion:267}}, {{champion:37}} etc. ) for when tanks just don't cut it.
Neonchan (EUW)
: I doubt you can write a proper algorithm for something as complex as matchmaking when you think 10 is a valid size for a testset
It's not that hard because you have the MMR threshold (thus limiting the number of players at any given time), look into this range of MMR score and find 5 players for each role, can't find any? Go for the secondary while remembering what the player's main role is. Basically look into an array of arrays of teams looking for a role. If it finds a team that needs your role to fill out and be removed from the array and moved into queue then do it, there is no team needing your role in the array? move to the secondary role search. So there, I just wrote you the algorithm in words. Simply put, just do the primary role search with more priority, put the search into a loop for 2 3 times, just to make sure there are no teams that need your role, and "my" primary role should have priority over someone that picked fill. I don't like one off algorithms like the one used for MM, it just passes one time and then moves to the secondary role, my goal is to get good on one role, can play mediocre on the others while training in normal queue.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Is your secondaryy support?
I don't really have a secondary, but I pick adc.
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: Jokes on you, I buys champion with IP
I think he's referring to the skins, you can't buy those with IP, and I'm @92k IP so yes, I also buy champs with IP, not sure why you bring that up here tho'... Just to show off, I have all champs, all 20 rune pages since S4, and I have at least 1 skin for every single champ in the game, I have all skins on a dozen champs, so stop trying to be cool and all, there are others like me, maybe higher than me (they might have pax TF) and they don't show off, so stop tryin' :D
Zavion (EUW)
: Y'see, I'm fairly sure that the teasers show the champion's abilities. Zed's getting shot through the eyes - Blind. Sona's getting shot through the throat - Silence. Garen's armour is in pieces - Resistance Penetration/Shred. Vi's gloves are broken and have fallen off - Damage Reduction like Exhaust.
Zed is a shadowy figure so blind doesn't apply, I didn't agree with that theory from the beginning.
: Okay. Everything is just wrong. You have no evidence of any kind. In the background of Varus concept. It's a building. Not a person. And they said that Diana's next skin is going to be a team fire/ice skin. And where did you find information on star-guardian Irelia... And Ao Shin? They said that they stopped working on him about a year ago. The new champions name is "Jihn, the deadeye" most likely. You can find this in the coding? And for the darkin theory, high unlikely. Jhin = Djinn which is a Muslim/Arabic can't remember. And djinns are known for giving favours but put a malicious twist on them. {{champion:238}} - Zed got the power he wanted. But ended up getting consumed by the shadows. Causing getting shot in the eye. {{champion:37}} - Sona got to play her beautiful melodic tune but ended up not being able to talk. Causing getting shot in the throat. {{champion:86}} - Garen wanted to have a worthy rival. But he ended up falling in love with her. Causing getting shot in the heart. {{champion:254}} - Vi got to join the police to protect piltover. She can't get over he lust for battling. Causing her gauntlets to frail off. Don't believe a single word sorry {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Well so far I know the whole deadeye event will have something to do with the new darkin getting his weapon back (or something along those lines) and the event will look something similar to how GP's rework event went down. I'm also posting this just to confirm that my source is indeed legit. We'll probably find out what the champs above have to do with the event, but I did follow all the theories mentioned in several places (brofresco included :D )
: Made a quick google and I see Raa'Tul has been known for some time. The new champion is said to have been iceboxed. ...It would make sense? Not sure the new champion is going to be him, but maybe. At least someone *FINALLY* came up with new theories :3.
Ao-Shin has been iceboxed also, but he is coming, it's a known fact that riot is reluctant when it comes to releasing non-humanoid champs as they are hard to balance, see skarner and the ton of balances he received. I also scoured the web in search for answers, so far it seems rito is starting to pick up iceboxed champs. The whole darkin theory makes sense to me, since only Aatrox has been revealed out of 5 still alive. Makes sense to pick up the lore from that point, and a gun that potent seems pretty plausible to me to be a darkin similar to the sword aatrox and varus's bow, which we know so little about and looks like a darkin from the design.
: Please comment what you think about the theory, its flaws , is it a cool theory that might be true , or just something that proves this theory is overall impossible.
Here's my conclusion: Think darkin (Aatrox the sword, Varus's bow), only 2/5 are revealed so far, 3rd is coming up, a theory is that Jax is the creator/leader of the Darkin (living weapons).
: I thought Ao Shin was a real upcoming champion... WAY TO RUIN MY DREAMS!!!! *Cries in the corner* Actually nvm I'm to broke to buy new champions...
He is, but I was referring to the overall image as being community made, the champ is coming. So you can still dream, you have 'till July to get some IP. So start saving.
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