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: Support Main Looking For A Team(EUNE/EUW)
Hi im an adc main that is also looking for a team! Im currently gold 2 but I peaked much higher divisions during season 4,5 and 6.. If you want we can start creating one and look for members because I haven't been able to find a team since a while now! :) ill add you in game in case!
: LF people to climb with (P2-P3)
Hi im an adc main looking for a team as well. Im currently gold 2, but peaked diamond 4 in season 5 and im looking to climb with good people too. My positives are that Im quite tilfproof and im very open to mistake analysis to get better, my negative is that sometimes I die for no reason but im trying to fix that :) I added you already!
Twinbo (EUW)
Hi, I am looking for a team for a long time now, without success. I'm a plat2 adc (currently gold 1) and I would like to ask you to create a new team from scratch :) ( I am EUNE but got an account from a friend on EUW)
: Searching for SIlver players.
I am willing to start a new rank team, not really to play dynamic queue. Platinum 2 (s5), gold 1(current) adc!
MrFaker (EUW)
: Bronze/Silver Team [REQ]
Name: Lorenzo InGameName: JakaJieunSong Country: Italy Age: 18 Main lane: ADC Main Champs: Vayne, Ezreal, Caitlyn Experience: Started end S3 Elo: S5 Plat 2, Current Gold 1 Questions?: yes, I was plat 2 and now g1 but im in eune.. I know an account in euw (ign: xspiderflx) and i could play with that if its fine for you!
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