: So apperantly wishing someone death and ebola and the like is not punishable
Who are we to judge what is joking matter or not? One might like stupis ass puns, one may like jew/suicide ones.(ok, it's stupid opinion, but I feel like that. Btw my great-grandfather was persecuted Jew who survived camp) Toxic ppl was, are and will be in this game. It is in games nature to make ppl toxic. Ppl(myself) will keep finding ways to be toxic without ban(as disgusting as it sounds, I'm actually having more fun doing it than playing lost game when 3 never surr dudes refuse to surr). So this will probably be never ending circle. Ppl will find new insult and they will start banning it and again. It is kinda sad that it is safer to tell someone to kill themselves than like just trash, hardstuck even idiot, stupid, dumbass... But there is still light, support. Bots can't detect it, but if you're going to send them screenshot, they can review chat logs themselves(they are sometimes lazy IMO), of me writing smthing bad I will get banned, eventhough from my experience, sometimes they are just weird(no offence). But it is worth a try. Many ppl are lazy so they will just report and that's it, but it won't work.


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