: AFK in Nexus Blitz
I think it's the opposite, that the guy that have the lowers amount of gold will be at the end. At least what I get what they say in the news about Nexus Blits in detail of the diffrents events. Link: https://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/nexus-blitz-primer-snowdown-edition
Adamssohn (EUW)
: Nexus Blitz: Morde W Bug Scuttle Racing
Looks like Nexus Blitz going to make list of all the bugs for the bug lord himself even longer. I wounder what other bugs that will or have allready appeared for Morde in Nexus Blitz.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: It's how its meant to be, because: 2v2 = Red Wins 2v2 = Red Wins 1v1 = Doesnt even need to happen because Red already won the majority. Howwevvveeerr 2v2 = Red Wins 2v2 = Red Wins 1v2 = OP Tryndamere kills them both 1v1 = OP Tryndamere kills the last one = Blue team won despite losing all the 2v2 matches. Whereas if they removed that option, the OP trynd wouldn't have even had a chance to bring it back for the team. This Trynd thing actually happened to me that's why I used it xd
Hmm, ok I can understand if it's made so the losing team can have a chance to make a comeback, but if i remember correctly the system is made to match the players vs each other depending on how much gold they have earned. So the system will first match the players with most gold and then do the next round for those that has lesser gold and then those that have the least amount of gold for the round after. Which will make the last champ that go into a 1v2 will have less gold then their opponents, so I can't realy see how you suppose to win and make a comeback if the enemy have (probably) more items then you and how to even win in the next round afterward. Howewer you said you had a Trynd in your game that won a 1v3, which could happen but I can't fully judge it because I don't know who he was against, how many items he had, what time in the game the event taken place at, etc. And also in the news page about Nexus Blitz it's say it will match people in 2v2s and 1v1s (it's in the event tab and i guess that the event named Arena is Prize Fight, because it fit the evet best and I can't see Prize Figh named anywhere else in the list) Link: https://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/nexus-blitz-primer-snowdown-edition So I find this event very confusing and lacking information how it would exactly work (but I could missed a post that do explain it more in detail) and also in that case of scenario like in your game that both teams won 2 rounds, why should only one team get the reward or get any rewards at all, when the match is a draw.
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