Seeko94 (EUNE)
: List of unbalance issues and bugs
TFT has so many bugs lol. Can't see shit here only unbalanced things.
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: And?
XDDDD and It's a bug lol think, use ur brain.
M5 Cut (EUW)
: List Of Bugs that need to be fixed on the client
Ye good luck with that. Riot's gonna fix all these issues in like 2025 cuz they have shitty dev team which has 10x slower thinking. GGs.
: It says mastery score in English... might be a translation thing
well... score is not level lol
: What are mastery points?
Lol thanks. Then it should be called "Mastery Level" not "Mastery Points" Riot braindead developers.
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: The f*ed up Matchmaking system
Well, tbh it is fked up when you play with 3 slivers and 2 golds (including you) vs. 1 plat, 1 diamond and 3 silvers. EDIT: No, my team always loses so how the fk can they have plat or diamond mmr when they are literally inting as if they were braindead to the point of having down syndrome or some shit.
: Will we ever get a new shyvana skin?
Shyvana is like one of the most boring champions out there. I'm extremely happy she isn't getting skins because other fun champions to play deserve it more.
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: Why new game mode gives no rewards?
Riot can't realize that they suck at making League and they made even new game mode for it which sucks even more. GGs
Kára (EUNE)
: Make the Practice Tool a client-based mode
Dude, Riot is braindead. They are literally the worst company out there lmfao. It's also sad that other companies are taking example from Riot and going the same way - ruining their games.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: TFT is NOT RNG based, it's actually worse, and i'll tell you why.
: Cant see what my friends playin after new patch
Same problem. It's really annoying. Riot you just break every aspect of your game. So bad.
: iirc selling champ adds it to the pool of champs that you can have after reroll.
You didn't understand... Well selling a champion then getting 2 copies of it next reroll does not make sense because when you finally buy those 2 copies, you can't get the last one for the next tier in the next rerolls so yeah gg. That's what I meant.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: thats the whole point of it... its literally the goal of the game to come up with a winning combination with the limited stuff you have...
Well selling a champion then getting 2 copies of it next reroll does not make sense because when you finally buy those 2 copies, you can't get the last one for the next tier in the next rerolls so yeah gg.
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Seeko94 (EUNE)
: More luck and grind systems ?
People who voted **Luck**: Riot Games is really good company. They make quality gameplay and they care about their players. Balance team does very good job. Why I think this way? bEcAuSe i sWalLoW eVeRyThInG lIkE a PeliCAn ;DDDDDDDDDDD People who voted **No Luck**: Well I have my own brain and I'm a realist.
leyz40 (EUNE)
: Does akali need buff
wE aRe bAlanCe tEAm. oH! 1!!11!1!1!!! lEt'S nErF iReliAs mR by..... gEt rEaDy foR tHiS... bY 3!!1!1!!11!1!!! YeES We aRe diAmOnD pLaYerS
Silent Note (EUNE)
: How does the report card work?
Obviously It does not count. I reported like thousand people for flaming who often typed "kill yourself" and guess what. THEY _**DIDNT**_ GET BANNED!1!11!!!!1!! but I got banned for saying "rep yorick for inting" in all chat and I swear to god I wasn't flaming because I once got 14 days ban so I reformed not to get perma and just said "rep yorick for inting" in all chat and got chat restrticition. "rep yorick" is worse than "kill yourself" now guys watch out plZ.
: People losing their minds over the smallest things.
Dude they are just realists. It's impossible to win when enemy Master Yi is 10/2 and enemy Riven one shots your ADC and supp lol. I wonder why when I type /ff everyone clicks "No" and we end up losing the game anyways LMFAO. "kEeP pOsiTiVe aTtiTude sUmMoNeR!1!!11!1!!1" - Rito Games (and probably their amazing "Bronze undercover pretending to be Diamond balance team).
NekoMonster (EUNE)
: No practice tool, Custom games only 5v5. What happened?
Get some friends? lol even randoms from games lmfao
: Please remove the RNG in TFT from camp item drops
Yes. Finally someone with a brain not a nut instead of it. Playing vs. Tier 2 Vayne with Bloodthirster and Phantom Dancer/Guardian Angel after first 3 minion rounds. Riot again fails. Ahh. Nothing new they are known for failing.
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: Why is Jhin's Granade treated different then other bouncing Spells, on Sivir's Spellshield?
There are interesting, fun to play, amazing champions and there are the boring ones like Sivir, Maokai, Ivern, Ashe etc. So yeah. Everything's fair cuz Jhin goes to the better champs section.
Svinjex (EUW)
: Game wont start
Turn off your AV. COMPLETELY. If you have Avast TURN OFF ALL of its shields etc. Turning off only firewall does not help.
Lari (EUNE)
: Trash Game,awful players dumb people working for this game
??? Ummm... Dude It's not a joke I hope. This game is really trash tbh lol. It's not a joke. Just compare seasons.
Boomerang (EUNE)
: yes but we're talking legendary..none of them have a legendary skin and I'm actually shocked that they don't... both of Zed and Jhin are so so so soooooo popular so they should get one. plus Jhin and zed have a story so that's a perfect match!
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I'm fine with Zed getting a legendary skin, but not Jhin, I'm tired of Jhin skins.
XDDDDD???? I'm tired of useless Lux skins and star guardian skins after that Pijama skins lmfao... Also Zed got 999 skins so wtf?


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