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Práedyth (EUW)
: if youre good enough you can literally get out of silver with a 100% winrate. maybe 99% if you have several teammates who truely int. but the way i know silver is this: "man im so good at this game but these tard teammates hold me back you just cant climb with such idiots on your team". kinda assuming they play perfectly. maybe losing a game isnt your fault but neither is winning a game your fault. i myself have played in that elo. i had to adapt to the players there at first and was a bit surprised by what random and stupid stuff they tend to do and had to completely develop a new playstyle but after 5 games in that elo i got on a 24 game winstreak immediatly hitting gold. and imo having a negative winrate does kind of show that you do not learn from your mistakes which should be your main focus. everyone who improves wins more than they lose. so maybe you should focus on that.
thank you man now i got motivated thank you i will focus on that thank you again :)
Práedyth (EUW)
: first of all it is completely normal to drop after a season reset. i finished season 5 in plat 3 and got placed silver 1 with 8/2. did i cry about it? no because thats normal and you climb back to your previous rank within maybe 50 games. also, most players get placed higher than they should be the first time they get ranked. you cannot even be placed any lower than bronze 2 even with a 0/10 the first time you get ranked. and looking at your winrate you didnt really perform all that well in silver either
Do you mean that all my ranked losses where all my fault??, when people lose a game in low elo there is always that 1 player on the loser team that is kind and to better then the feeders or toxic players, toxic feeders are in everygame, meaning that all my losses was because of it but thank you for commenting, all though i stoped playing league for 1 weak that day i posted this discussion :)
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: At the moment you guys suck
why did you remove draft and ranked ebola instead??
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Riot tmx (EUNE)
: EUNE platform migration maintenance (25.08.2016)
i play in norway, do i get less ms?, since frankfurt is closer to my network?


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