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: My last game, my premade silver1/silver4, enemy gold3/gold5, all said
My friend is silver 1 and he played against platinum... all said
: No it's irrelevant what rank they once were, their current rank is what matters. That's how matchmaking works.
Well p3 and g4 is a big difference, it's not g1 or p5 i wouldn't even complain if he was g1 or p5 but g4... Big difference in skill and game knowledge
: P3 P2 P1 G5 G4 Where's the problem? doesn't seem like a massive skill gap. As for this: > 3 members of their team were diamond last season It's completely irrelevant what rank they once held.
Well it kinda does, because he crushed him and carried the game like it was a piece of paper
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hi Riot is currently looking into the issue. Keep an eye on the [Service Status]( and if i get any more info, i will share.
Ok, thank you :)
: Just not as much attention as west server... every single day something will go wrong like shop, champion bug , log in errors even in game bugs .... riot keep trying to make new champions and skins and refusing to make better experience in game !!
That's true m8
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