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: Current new player expirience
OK, Whining about it is NOT a good tactic. However, I would suggest you to play adc, till you find a good support, duo up few games.... Understand the mechanics of the game by asking questions man, Those who get bans but still loves the game... Don't take it from them. V
: how to get champs?
To be honest, the best thing is just play and level up, the shards are just the bonus. Now, Remember, If you want that champ and you think you will ever want to play him, or her, KEEP IT! Why? Cause it's cheaper :) V
: I'm lost in the details.
Me too, Just fixed it, Let me know what you think :)
Kashiro (EUNE)
: Stop doing drugs or take less.
I did , just edited everything, shall we talk?
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: So the two guys before me got supps and fed a jax. Now it's my turn with Orianna. I waited 10 minutes for this 1v1 (matchmaking, the guys playing before me) only to get smacked. Idk, i'll stick to SR and not coinflip.
"u can't get 2 assassins, 2 fighters, 2 supports!" Did thought about it, and without a recall, u can crush a hurted jax :)
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: Racism
Who cares about the religions of the world... ha? Is this "Hell on earth"? -> Report, Let them decide who to ban later. {{champion:22}}
: I`m done for now
He will be back... someday :)
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: Are there really so many bots in ARAM? Maybe its because I have so many games in it but I have not seen bots in ARAM in years and I play it almost every day.
Watch their builds, And moves... That's enough to recognize if there are bots or not.
starkk1234 (EUNE)
: Report him for what?
It is enough that he is not assisting you - so.... "Assisting enemy team" could be good enough.
: There's actual SR mode with bots to study those :P It's not like a combo will randomly appear because you play ARAM. You do you man, but still question lingers, why post this? Are they removing ARAM cause low population?
If they will, I won't play normal again :D Riot please don't do it.
: Tired of bots in your game so trying to recruit people? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} The problem with ARAM is that the outcome is often decided in champ select by the system. So, No, Ty. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Tired of facing any comments like this one. I play ARAM for fun, And to combo with champions I didn't play before! Bots or not? It is for studying champs - Builds - Combos.
rekkie85 (EUW)
: See I am a nice guy so to me its okay if you then want to take my top lane, but if you just quiet in lobby and then "lane steal" I could not maybe take a smite and go jungle. Communication is the thing and it is as if these guys doing it do it on purpose and get a kick out of ruining the game for others. I tend to suck at mid and bot so I need to go jungle or top so I cant afford to wait, but this is just something on mind and wanted to share and see if others feel the same as me
Then report him! After that? maybe, JUST MAYBE! Teach him how to communicate properly, A good reflex can change the entire game. Communicate changes LIFESTYLE. {{champion:22}}
rekkie85 (EUW)
: Not honoring the lobby calls
Reminds me one thing : "All joins the lobby" I say "support" and second after me , someone's locked {{champion:89}} and he didn't add any {{item:2056}} (HAH) If you go "blind pick" mode, My advice is to last pick, No matter what, You can't handle the minds of the others behind the screen. Personal Tip - Go in with one friend, So you won't lose alone. {{champion:22}}
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Maluber (EUW)
: It was given to those who brought a rune page with rp before season 7 ended so highly unlikely you'll get now.
Now that's a good comment.
: Champ select
They do, 5 Tanks vs 5 Adc's, Or even worst, AP's XD Usually, Like in ARAM games, You just have to figure how to win the game, If you won't win early vs tanks, you will die, If you win the early game vs ADC, They will lose, Got it?
Conacx (EUW)
: Pants are Dragons has to go to the scouting rounds
Excuse me Conacx, But I disagree with one sentence - "You guys denied him because of one bad word in a stream. " Imagine 10k kids, watching pants now, And says - If he said it without getting a ban, I CAN USE IT AS WELL :D Now Imagine their parents, Slapping them for saying that bad word.... Imagine us, Losing kids, BECAUSE OF ONE WORD... Just Imagine.... I don't want to imagine how much "Reports" riot got from that word man... Let them decide what to do. Mem, Butmem :)
: Matchmaking is a joke
Go mid, No one will expect anything, Except for first blood, if u lose, REPORTed MID.
: The new Runes are good for my brain
Absolutely! {{champion:22}}
: Hoi, how do i get more champs
Go arams, Focus on WEIRD BUILDS - If you'll be creative enough, Your Plat skills will do the rest! Focus one or two champs, Take them down each round, If someone focus you? REMEMBER TO TANK IT! Its not a shame to take an hp item with a marksman, Or an ap item for tanks (ap blitz hehehe) ! Riot encourage us to play with creative mind, Not the recommended builds, They learn from us, As much as we do from them :) 1-1! {{champion:22}}
ImSpray (EUNE)
: I have no friends ;-)
Well, Rioters and lolers are family, Wellcome aboard. Feel free to add me :)
SenpaiRose (EUNE)
: new runes
There is a lil' Check box - Press on it - See the numbers and % - Most of the masteries reminds the old ones :) Be careful, There are a lot of new things! Have fun :)
ImSpray (EUNE)
: Luckily someone on the other team was afk so they remaked
Happy that you won :) The best way to avoid it, Just go with friend or another sum' from the friends list *Together* (bot, mid-jg-top) These days I'm seeing a lot of "Breaking the meta" players, They are trying the recommended build at start, And this is where they go wrong, They think that "Recommended" build can actually help in each position. Btw, Riot's Matchmaking is doing its best, Just report the players few times and believe me, IT HELPS!!! You cannot change the world, But we can change our selves and avoid those toxic comments. For the record, I'd rather to win with ashe support, Its funny, Cause they never expect the arrow :)
ImSpray (EUNE)
: Where can I report someone for stealing a role?
: How do i get Blue Essense
Dischant, Always, Wait for the best they can offer <3
ee tt q (EUW)
: Why Holing Abyss is random champions?
Cause costum makes it weird... Playing a variety of champs, with this amount of items, Is way more fun :) Aram mode is to learn, not to win.... 1500+ Aram games Player.
: Supp looking for team
Same - Silver 4 - totally not a silver player :)
: I don't understand.
Don't bother to deal with people who are suffering in their lives and dunno how to put it out. Play with yourself, Imagine you are "The Next Faker" - Kill them all, Silence pays off ALWAYS.
Takzuke (EUW)
: Hello can you please explain me something about the new runes and masteries
Try them, Play with them, Feel how much dmg u deal, take, blah blah blah... Check mine's :)
Sporti69 (EUW)
: New Player: Champion Rotation
Dude, Play ashe, Sivir, those are low price costs. Go on the normal rift or arams, Normal = Focus minions+last hitting+position in teamfights. Aram? DO EVERYTHING U CAN IMAGINE AND GET YOUR BEST SCORE :D If you will ever play in eune, I allow you to add me :) {{champion:22}} Good luck!
: Why you did this????
I hope its sarcasm XD I played {{champion:22}} and I hope you can Check my stats, PLEASE CHECK MY STATS XD
: Im pissed of
Dude, Don't ask for nothing, Let them be, Make them laugh, Ignore their requests, Riot will do the rest.
Dahrkwolf (EUW)
: That was helpful, thanks :)
You are more than wellcome :)
: [Champion Concept] Oriz, the afterhuman (completed final version)
CRREATIVE!!! stunning ult, i would love to see this one in action :)
Dahrkwolf (EUW)
: Help me. I suck at league.
Brother, I feel you!!! as a long while league player I had enough afk's, feeders, newbies that won't listen, AND smurfs! best thing you can do is exactly what McGALAKAR said and i'll write it down as simple as i can. 1. Avoid deaths, try to think clearly when you go on a fight, ask yourself those questions, Do I have enough mana for all abilities? The enemy champions use summoner's spells? they can get away easily with flash+heal combo usually. Do I have a backup? since league is all about teamplays, make sure you have someone near you or coming for a gank. 2. Focus as much cs as you can, if you are a midlaner, toplaner or marksman, make sure you don't miss those little creeps, MONEY SOLVES EVERYTHING When you buy the right items, a good combo will do dmg in teamfights and will help your team to secure kills. 3. Securing kills!!! if you have a fed teamate, keep feeding him !!! he can do more dmg than you and can carry the game to victory :) 4. Decision making - Ganks, Towers, teamfights and etc. Think straightly, if you are 2v5 or 5v3, if their jungler is at top and there is 2 low health bot, ping!!! so your team will know which situation you are handling. 5. Last but not least, as mcgal said, VISION! for the first rounds, i preffer to use normal wards and after the 1st back, BUY CONTROL WARD, put him near to you cause you are getting closer to lvl 6 and to ganks :) Watching lcs plays, streamers, any youtuber with a good content (doublelife, imaqtpie,dyrus) and you will have that knowledge eventually. Have fun brother :)
Riot tmx (EUNE)
: [EUNE] Games not starting
Too much lags... I've seen the server status, I hope you will fix it soon riot, this is insane, ms is now twiced him self and tomorrow I WANNA PLAY ARURF {{item:3070}}
slepac96 (EUNE)
: Is Ashe good enough in compare with other ADC's
think about it.... Ashe has a global ult, incredible stun that annoys every single body cell when it hits you... Her Q slows you, so as W, and that global E vision? I believe ashe is one of the top 3 marksman out there... just sayin'
Fidda (EUNE)
: Not sure it's a bug, but...
I got the same 1st Issue - After one game those black screens appeared and I have never seen this bug on normal client. 2nd - It's weird. On the left side we have that "Unlock" button (still unactive) and I guess with enough requests? It will happen - Buying Skins through this tab. 3rd - Beautiful and easier to see now the skins cause you don't have to press on another button to pick/see them. However, sorting the skins could be awesome by Owned-Not Owned. Edit - Restarting the client fix the 1st problem.
: Support is such a thank less role to play.
A good chemistry with your adc = worth it . If the adc blames you for something , know that your doing something wrong. Only if u carries most of the game , u will get the honors. Riot ? What about improving the supports feelings :D?

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