Mada (EUW)
: I just mean we should bust the knee caps of every single afk except if it is some kind of cat related afk...
ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. STOP IT, I'm gonna pee myself...
King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=JustClone,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Uj6rvMiq,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2019-06-14T10:03:51.597+0000) > > You write in google: > afk rate by champion > > This is what comes first: > Thanks Didn't even know such thing existed.
You are welcome, good sir!
FixxeS (EUW)
: have you ever though that there is people that are actually called Isaac? and it's not worth the effort and time, you will learn nothing from restarting from scratch, all you are gonna do is get boosted from playing with people that don't even know what's a red buff... I am not saying that I agree to buying accounts, I actually think it's stupidity, I wouldn't waste money in buying an account, but rito could just put up a system that puts you to level 30 when the system clearly sees that you aren't a new player...
If riot provides 30 level accounts, even for money... I would just buy a new one every now and then, and be as toxic as I want in my games. Few $$$ for RP to get my mains... and go! It works as another measure to prevent people from instant joining ranked. If you look at dota, they have similar system that does not let you start ranked, if you haven't played X games. Its to prevent people from ruining ranked...
: Nobody in eune thats for sure.
Well, no... Unskilled players in Eune, also pick the route you suggested, picking the wrong paths... Mostly the guys who are auto-filled thou...
Rioter Comments
Mada (EUW)
: Yesterday I learned something appalling! When my cat brings a life mouse during a game, I tend to catch it before it turns into a mess, even mid game...
King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=JustClone,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Uj6rvMiq,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-06-14T06:56:28.678+0000) > > The biggest trash players in the league are playing Yas. > You can see their AFK rate, together with Yi, Zed and Lee. > Literally on top of everyone else. > > But Yas is the princess of afk. > And you wonder why he left lane...cuz one kill... > > Tyler1 wannabe detected. This might more or less proves my theory that a toxic champion can make a toxic player. Toxic champ = toxic player Even Yasuo's own windwall makes you feel like a godlike hacker...or so how I felt when I tried playing Yasuo... Okay I'm going can I see those afk rates on specific champs? Like winrate, banrate and playrate?
You write in google: afk rate by champion This is what comes first:
Ιsaac (EUW)
: I dont understand what you mean? My summoner's name and stats? What?
Your name, it is one of the patriarchs, described by many different religions. In particular, I interpreted it is as reference to the one known to the Jewish community. And I found amusing, that a person who carries that name, known well to the Jewish community, will join the boards to discuss how he lost his investment, in something that can be viewed as illegal business deal. And your attitude when you tell others about working on creating something, on your own: _"dosent seem worth the effort and time"_ Honestly, for a moment I thought this is some sort of troll post.
Ιsaac (EUW)
: I bought an account and the owner took it back without refund or notice
Just noticed your summoner's name and the topic you are interested in :) I am not surprised that you decided to get account by buying it... Stereotypes are bad. But stats don't lie :)
: Unfair
I do not get what are you trying to show us with this picture?
: banned?
You know I can see your match history, don't you?
King Lego (EUNE)
: The toxic "kills! kills! kills!" mindset
The biggest trash players in the league are playing Yas. You can see their AFK rate, together with Yi, Zed and Lee. Literally on top of everyone else. But Yas is the princess of afk. And you wonder why he left lane...cuz one kill... Tyler1 wannabe detected.
Teahyun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Infernape,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=EyFsukd3,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-13T00:09:26.720+0000) > > Abuse mage supports and become the carry yourself. +1. I could tell you all sorts of things many support players do horribly wrong without knowing and gimping not only themselves but their team. But instead i will give u the same advice infernape gives. Play velkoz, brand or xerath , lux and carry botlane yourself. These champions can opress bot by themselves. And im not talking poke level like spamming janna W, but real opression. If you find yourself unable to play those champs effectivly, esp in low elo then you are just not good enough. Carrying with support requires a lot of skill. On these champs, you gotta poke and zone whilst dodging enemy skillshots. If you play these champs and only sit far in the back and hit 30% of your abilities, you suck. You gotta be in the front, dodging abilities, reposition, zone and poke. Thats why midlaner mage players often make better supports than support mains. Esp support mains that are used to spamming lulu nami and janna, aka the egirl trinity. If you play these champs you will NOT get better as aplayer, you may climb but your skill level with sit on the low end. Once you start consistently winning your lane, you will know what the next step is. Prepare for drake, deep ward enemy jungle for deeper push or catch, or rotate topside/herald.
: i am not sure how i can get a higher ammount of wins compared to loses anymore
69Volts (EUW)
: xD "stay till the end and try to win" with a ghost cleanse bard jungle
: Read it again. I said right before i said the path, what side of the map my team was on. This is the path high elo players are going right now. You focus red side because the Xp is much better, and gank the closest lanes multiple times.
Can you show me one high elo player, that picks this path when ganking top? I cannot imagine that someone with good game knowledge will make Z-shaped maneur from krugs to raptors and back, and waste his time... Unless it is hidden overpower to waste 20 secounds in your first clear, walking back and forth in your jungle...
: Which champions do you want to be reverted or what do you miss in leaque of legends?
: Red side: Red, krugs, raptors, look for top gank if not possible invade blue side, take scuttle. Blue side: Exact same path but look for bot gank. Make sure you time when your Krugs spawn. Red side offers the most xp and if you are focusing red side you are making the most of your xp. You only need to go to blue side to grab blue buff or if no lanes are gankable and you have some time to spare before krugs respawn.
You go red > krug > raptors for top gank?!?!? How is this smart and optimal? Isn't it better to take look for ganks at krugs or scuttle? I mean raptors are really far away from top, you know...
: Mordekaiser rework - Permaban or am I missing something?
If I follow your logic, you say that picking the weakest champion is the way to go... Then, why do you think, that letting the best 4 players to fight against your other team members is smart? If anything, locking the strongest one, or one with high utility makes more sense, doesn't it? This way your team has better chance of winning the fight. Just my thoughts on that matter...
: And again report system
Can you share logs?
: i am sorry
This is one of the troll post types I like. When reading, you don't feel like getting trolled at all. It is plain and simple amusing :)
: Think it as hostage situation then. Where there's someone threatend into making a sabotage. It's just like that. It's not intent, but he doesn't have a choice. (well he could play on his main and not have the problem, but that wasn't the case)
If he did not intended it, then its not sabotage. In this case you should not report. (regardless what he says)
CJXander (EUNE)
: Qiyana is toxic!
This %%%%% talks enough shit to get 3 perma bans for 10 minute of gameplay.
: Why are trolls still better persons than the ppl who blame them?
From my point of view, you understand everything perfectly.
: "You think riot determines if someone is smurfing just by what how much kills he has? Or how many games he wins?" you are assuming it with this so unless you are going to say anything with any reason id assume any comment after this is done to purposefully troll
And why will you assume that my comments are to purposefully troll?
: first of all its not illegal to defame someone in a game that i am 100% sure if a court case would ever come up about somthing like that it would be droped instaltly.....
: you really think he was smurf detected and got matched against a veigar that got 2 sheens an ahri with 2 mana crystals xerath that doesn't buy boots kayn that went afk after 3 waves trist first buy bt? brand support going into giants belt and kindle gem? katarina with swifties and zhonya rush morgana with spellbinder and athene all of these players are not even buying recommended items from the shop some of the players in his game seem like smurfs like the illaoi in the morg game and all the enemy team except for riven you really think this guy is a smurf? the first 2-3 games determine if you are going to be picked up by the smurf detector my latest account first 2 games were insane stomps literal 1v9s and after them i got matched with golds and lvl 30+ and other smurfs the first 2 games i was playing with people like the riven like this dude as i said he might be intentionally doing this without any context to the ban reason the only assumption is that it is due to feeding but ive seen many many new players that play in a similar way and banning them for being awful against people that aren't awful is not right
Where did I say he was smurf detected? I'm sorry man, I see no logic in your statement.
There are three problems here. First this what you call "facts". This is mostly your own "opinion". You are not an authority to determine if someone is breaking any rules or not. Second, even if this is fact. You are still not allowed to say it. It is even illegal in some countries to defame someone, regardless of this, are you telling the truth or not. And third, the way you say it is really negative. it is not even close to "note facts". Examples include but are not limited to: -WHY YOU 2 INT TOP INSTEAD OF HELPING ME WIN -Rengar is Gucci: you and camill wannabe l9 -Rengar is Gucci: int and thing good -Rengar is Gucci: like after the l9 fan base started -Rengar is Gucci: this game is unplayable -Rengar is Gucci: rep reksai -Rengar is Gucci: he towerdived ahr -Rengar is Gucci: And gave her free kill 2 times -Rengar is Gucci: rep jgin -Rengar is Gucci: take mywave -Rengar is Gucci: And int -Rengar is Gucci: gg -Rengar is Gucci: no worries -Rengar is Gucci: gave up -Rengar is Gucci: 15 farm in 12 min -Rengar is Gucci: team not playing no vison no help no ss -Rengar is Gucci: basicly 2v8 in best case senario -Rengar is Gucci: gg 1v9 -Rengar is Gucci: yeah yeah -Rengar is Gucci: if you got team like me the dif would be bigger This is unacceptable, son. There are other cases in your logs, I can show you if you require more.
Lil Jahseh (EUNE)
Why don't you post the logs, to show us how you defend yourself?
: i just copied what my game my the chat logs that lol gave me when i started the game
This question is not directed towards you, as you can clearly see by the tree structure. It is a reply to Tarolock's comment.
: 4 kills? he won that game? because the enemy team had 3 afks? gee i wonder what the difference is
Well, if you cannot analyze his performance, and make conclusions, how can I help you understand why he is making a choice? It is not only about kills, deaths, wins, loses... You think riot determines if someone is smurfing just by what how much kills he has? Or how many games he wins? Ask yourself, how does riot decide, if someone is new player to match him with new players, and how riot decides it is a smurf... You will see the common sense will start working then, and give you the answer...
Mada (EUW)
: You are right. I was feeling a little %%%%ish since I'm working and was a bit disturbed by the lack of progress in making Ahri real. I think during a game is never the time for discussion. Use the chat solely to convey actual game related information.
: So if a guy sayed die in cancer dumbass %%%%%% and i say in allchat "plz can you report him for harrasing all champ select" i should be the one that gets punished? And accusing someone for inting/trolling is authorized if they say "i go feed top and bot" and then int don't you agree
No, if you say: "plz can you report him for harrasing all champ select" You will receive no punishment. (but this is not what you do...) And again no. Accusing someone of trolling inting is not "authorized" by no means.
: what other games bro... he has 1 yi game of 4/9/3 with the same deaths pattern the first 3 games are the tutorial games where you need to be trying super hard to die
Good, good. That is very good example. Lets look at this 4/9/3 game. And tell me, compared to his veigar 0/16/0 game. What do you find different there?
: How to handle toxic gf in games
This should ring a bell, to pack your shit, and run in the opposite direction as fast as you can... Sometimes the ship sinks... and that is it.
Mada (EUW)
: That is a ton of text. I'm glad to see the system works as intended.
Mada, here you need to point out what rules he broke in the chat logs he provided to us. So he can take a note, and avoid it in the future. Not to express how happy you are that he got punished. This only brings more toxicity, and provides no help at all.
Where you broke the rules: 1. Report calling. Threats with bans. 2. Flame. Discussing other people's rank/skill level/match history/actions and accusing them of inting, flaming, trolling. You want specific lines?
Tarolock (EUNE)
: just the amount of text should be enough for a permaban... are you writing a book or playing the game? you have to choose one, you cant do both...
Can you share with us, what amount of lines written, gets you perma-banned? And can you please show us the reliable source, from where you got your information?
: > [{quoted}](name=The Lane Police,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=wWyfoEeE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-12T08:53:13.022+0000) > > How do you regulate that ? > > Sign up with ID ? - there'd be 7 lol players in my family, starting with my late grandparents and so on. > Phone identification ? - lol.... > Email ? - lul > > You can't implement a system like that. Period. Chips brother. They are the future. Implant chips in every human and assign an account for each chip. Also make virtual reality deep dive LoL already and you can regulate everything from there
: so i have this friend that plays dota and i got him to play a game with me in league he picked ryze and died around 20 times in a 18 minute game practically the same death patterns he goes to lane picks a fight he doesn't know how should be played and dies for it as he was also half drunk at the time he wasn't particularly moved by dying so he was just repeating the actions 90% of the deaths he has are on his side of the map and he is dealing respectable damage for his death count IE he is fighting but doesn't know that he shouldn't be im more inclined to believe he is a new player or playing drunk and being new look at the ww from his 0/23 yi game practically the same behavior you guys are assuming people that are new to the game will understand what is happening he might as well be doing this intentionally but judging only based on his gameplay patterns and based on my personal experience with fresh players im more inclined on believing he wasn't whether im wrong doesn't invalidate that the behavior is typical for a literally new player to the game
Of course, son. Keep thinking like that and you will come to the right conclusion. You say that his behavior is similar to your friend's behavior. That is true, for some of the games it was. Absolutely true. But now compare his overall performance in other games. Creep score. Damage on champions. K/D/A. IT DOES NOT MATCH THAT PATTERN DOES IT? This is not random. A new player will not grow brain for one match, and then play stupid again... This should lead you to the only possible conclusion. It is by choice...
: > [{quoted}](name=JustClone,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Q7lc4fyN,comment-id=000f00000000,timestamp=2019-06-11T13:34:01.029+0000) > > Absolutely correct. Only issue here is that he tells them.
: He was unintentionally greifing... Just not the reason we lost... The reason we lost was cause our ADC rage quit.
The word "griefing" means "to sabotage". It **must** include intent. You cannot have griefing without intent. The result of one's actions is not enough to qualify the actions as griefing. If you are sure it is unintentional, then you should not report it.
Fhaca (EUW)
: Feeding people still not being punished
Feeding is not punishable, son...
: No No. I said he wasn't the reason we lost. He just complied "That My champion got banned and since I didn't have any champions on my account so I couldn't do anything else than trolling" That's his words not mine (Just saying) And since it was a level 30 account with around 100 games played, what he said is likely 95% true. He probobly haven't bought enough champions to actually play Ranked with. Therefor I'm asking if he could be reported for this? Also does the matter who which elo it was have any meaning to this? Gold 1 is already high elo, even if we played against diamond 4 players it doesn't change what the player did, it's just that it's high elo and smurfs can't play due to they doesn't have enough "Ingame experiencing" to play at High elo. Last but not least, I do not understand that form of questioning. I didn't say a thing of what Amumu did during the game exception of one of my other replies to a player down below who asked for it. I simply asked a Simple question of "Is the reportable? And if not, why not?"
In this case the answer seems clear isn't it? The guy was not griefing, you did not lose because of him, so no reason for report.
: and how did you come to that conclusion?
By using my brain and common sense? First death ~1:10. After that you have Death timer, walking back to lane (35-40 sec) and 10-15 sec of game play, after that the process repeats again. And this happened 16 times. And if you check his other matches, this whole process repeats. But ... at the matches where he does not do this shit, his performance is ok. Meaning? He does this by choice...
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: yes i did ,as long as i got long normal conversation lines ,where i haven't understood anymore what they punished in or not , as i consider my behaviour non disrupting in some sentences could somehow not be marked as toxic , as no support when someone autofill playing in mid and flames you for dying etc... , it's not to flame but rather a short feedback about the situation when you fight 1 vs 2 bot as adc and not have time to write at all. For understanding my chat logs ,i have 1600 games ranked as jinx in multiple seasons ,so what i stated in game Game 2068716410 ,is only to show him the fact that it dosn't affect me that he grief/troll , and if i sayd i ask riot to analys that , i don't think i kill someone with ... , i also have stated a fact that i had to struggle between while i played this game " Playing league of legends while someone refuse to play and flame you :( " i think this one really hit Riot staff when i shared my opinnion about how it feels to play the game ... , is like the truth not have to been sayd.
I do not think that your chat log is that bad. By itself...
MoRiNi0 (EUW)
: why did i get suspended
Nice troll post.
: with those 3 scores he might have been restricted for feeding im not sure if thats the case but if you are really a new player you should contact the support team
Cypherous (EUW)
: Post the chatlogs
There aren't any... If you spend 10 sec to check his profile you will know.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: What is this ???
Did you got any reform cards?
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