: You are so obsessed with trying to prove me wrong you didn’t even consider some really basic things, like the data still not showing soraka is meta According to your source soraka only has the 8th highest play rate in support, so she’s not seeing massive amounts of play, she’s also got a 2% ban rate, where as the champions above her have anywhere between 17-41% ban rate (only exception being thresh who only has 9%)... this will create a bias, champions who are banned are going to loose play rate (obviously) so the champions who don’t get banned gets an increase in play rate... with such a low ban rate she’s going to shoot up in popularity Soraka is also good vs meta champions, she can poke out engage champions quite well and her counter engage is very good... that’s why her win rate is so high, as well as Janna and Taric (and Morgana for that matter, who’s got the highest ban rate of all supports as her E really messes up meta supports)... this doesn’t make her meta, but a champion who can do well vs meta options are obviously going to get high win rates. She’s also easy, so naturally a higher win rate, and unlike a lot of the actual meta supports she’s safe, ranged and able to survive without needing to engage which in turn will allow her to be safer and less likely to loose games... so again higher win rate (hence why more defencive supports have higher win rates than an aggressive support like pyke). This is all from your source, but you didn’t even bother to go further and actually look at why a champion is getting a high win rate... maokai support also has a very high support win rate at the 4th highest, does that make him meta as well... nope. So before trying to call me out again actually analyse your statistics so you understand it rather than just reciting them and hoping I’m stupid enough to forget to analyse them for you...
I do not try to prove you wrong. I just teach you to provide reliable data to backup your statements.
: he doesnt need to he has w and flash?....
Thats what I thought...
Pixelbits (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=JustClone,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=b0bd85Xj,comment-id=000b0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-21T06:17:13.115+0000) > > Man I refuse to stay here, and listen last hitting advise from someone who plays against iron and bronze opponents. It's funny how long ago this was. It's kind of prejudice to base someones skill onto just rank. Sorry to burst your bubble, but unranked means that I can be any rank and you wouldn't even know it and you luckily don't have to ;-) > You will either forget how "competent" you are at this game, and seek knowledge to improve. > Or you will remain exactly where you are now, playing at the lowest skill levels of the player base. I agree that improving my playstyle can make me perform lots better, but there are more factors that lead to a win or lose (you know that ofcourse). It's still a two way lane, so entirely blaming one person for a loss is just too harsh IMO. What if my support fed the enemy ADC hard? The enemy gets an item advantage and keep zoning me preventing me from farming? What if my jungler refuses to help me bot lane? All I can keep doing is warding and trying to last hit under my turret. What if the enemy bot laner decide to keep diving me under the turret, would it be still realistic to get 70+ cs at 10 mins? Besides communication, warding, playing safe and farming, there's not much I can do at that point. > If anything, when everyone here is down voting you, you should stop and think for a moment... > Is your logic really the correct one? I don't know, since this is subjective. Different opinions give different meanings :-) And even if there were 1000+ people to downvote this topic. It just shows that people disagree and that is totally fine.
I can see that it took you 5 months to respond to this. And I was wondering, did you listen to what I had to say, and did you made any changes in the last 5 months. So I decided to check your op.gg again. Your last game - against Iron 1 and Iron 2 opponents. Not a single word I said ever got to you. You keep doing the same, you keep complaining about the same, and you do not care about improving. Keep blaming your support taking your CS for this...
bPyWythe (EUW)
: can someone translate that? what are you trying to say?
You are platinum player. Your win rate against platinums is 50%. Regardless where your current rank is.
: not a new player but i DO need advice
I am not main WW, but I play him 1-2 times per year to get his box. I usually build him tanky and I run around the map chasing low hp people and killing them even under turret. I do not give a %%%% about cs or any other stupid shite-stat you mention. Good damage taken, low deaths, many kills and assists and some damage on turrets/dragon/baron/herald and you are good to go.
Gornoo (EUW)
: ranked
: Should I just go into normal games and forget about bot games?
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Imagine letting the game degenerate to the point that new players need to band up to clear coop-vs-AI matches because every other teammate is a running down feeding bot. But since those bots level accounts that get sold and spend money on stuff, they won't be touched in bot stage. D I S G U S T I N G company.
This is not a new player.
: And they're wondering why this is a dead game
Aha ... Totally dead. It takes me 60 secounds to get in the game... Let me downvote quick, and Ill be back.
: Why does riot make missions based on playing a certain character?
You are biching about playing karma... That soraka main support is biching about having to do damage... That Syndra main mid is biching about having to do healing... While in fact, you should all just shut up, and play 7 games. You are given an alternative. Enjoy it.
DeathR0p3 (EUNE)
: Why when i ask my team which skin to play as i get flamed?
Man people maybe just do not give a %%%% about you, or your skin. And they tell you to piss off... in all sorts of ways... I would often pick teemo in ranked, becuase I want to afk spam traps and ambush for pentas, and ask "super teemo or regular teemo"... And the flame begins :) Maybe you are doing something stupid like that...
: I have done this. A few days?!?!
: caitlyne skin make her broken?
Yes, buy that skin. You will get diamond just because you have it. People cannot even look at her, without sunglasses.
bPyWythe (EUW)
: "there is no elo hell" or is it?
Man I see 85% win rate in gold 2 ranked on this account. And you have been playing against platinums... I can assume that in gold 1 account, you are also playing against platinums. And Diamond4... well it is platinum anyway... So it makes perfectly sense to me. You are platinum player, you stop being able to solo carry, when you reach platinum. What is the big deal here?
M87310 (EUNE)
: Nerf the elder execute
This is hilarious. :)
: Win rate isn’t everything... the example I always use is amumu, he holds the record for the highest win rate for the longest time in the game with a win rate of 53-55% over 3 years... yet he was considered unviable or a joke pick Also according to many of those sites soraka is only tier 2... so still not meta although viable
Considered unviable by unskilled people in low elos. Who remain in low elo after all.. Others were farming rank for free with him, because of his high win rate.
: https://champion.gg/statistics/#?sortBy=general.playPercent&order=descend&roleSort=Support Plat+ elo 13th highest play rate among supports, 6th highest win rate... https://eune.op.gg/champion/statistics Op.gg places her in tier 2 so again not meta, 7th place as well Again looking at plat + Again like I’ve told you litterally every single time we interact all your looking at is win rate, which will bring up really bad results https://champion.gg/statistics/#?sortBy=general.winPercent&order=descend&roleSort=Support For example here, highest win rate support is kled... because it’s being played by one or two one tricks with an average number of games of 45 Enchanters are a low risk and relativity easy playstyle, hence why your statistic brings them up, this does not mean they are meta... only that they have high win rates. If you look at play rates (aka what’s actually getting played) top 6 are almost all engage supports with the exception of Senna.
Man, just by clicking on the first link you provide, as "proof" and "reliable" data... The first thing I see is: Patch 9.23 | Champions Analyzed 1,420,330 I will not even comment the obvious mistake that they wrote "champions" instead of "matches"... The more important thing is that you have very limited data there. Some of them are based on as few as 100-200 games. The other obvious problem is that it is outdated as %%%%. It is at least few weeks old. **So, obviously if one person is smart enough , he should not be using outdated statistics, based on on limited amount of matches. When you have real-time statistics that have base it on hundreds of thousands of games.** Now, the 2nd link. Korea - Version : 9.24 **If you point it out it reads: "Currently there is not enough data ..." ** **This data you provide is only for the korean server. It clearly says that they have not gathered enough information to post the data from other servers. ** In other words, it is extremely insufficient to say at least. And the 3rd link, is from the same shitty site the first link comes. **It is outdated, for previous patch, based on few games.** So, lets recapitulate: 1. Outdated, unrelated patch, with very biased data because of the limited number of games. 2. Correct data, from reliable source, but obviously limited and restricted to the korean region, does not apply to us. 3. Like point 1. This makes you say wrong things over and over again. And I lost count to point out to you how wrong you are. If you have at least some decency left, you will stop posting random stuff you see on the internet and spend at least min to check what you actually see on the screen. I mean, you do not have to be smart or anything, you have to just see on the screen that it is for the wrong patch or wrong server...
: I know what is causing me to not rank up, but I don't know how to fix it.
You have the same rank for how many games? 4-5 k ranked games? And you "know" what is wrong? And you do the same stupid mistake over and over? So there is your answer. Stop doing it. You are average player. Well technically you are quite above average. But if you substract female streamer players, very young players, players with disabilities and problems in the eye-hand coordination, you are the average good player. I think you have everything it takes to be above, if you shake the things a bit. Dedicate yourself to some specific champion and role. IF you like support, just queue as support/mid and you will get it every time and remain autofill protected. No more alternations between random supports. Pick 1-2 and focus. The ones with highest win rate. No more than 2-3 ranked games one after another. Give yourself a rest. A good rest. Do not even start to play when tired after work. (or uni if you study) I think all it takes to you specifically is a bit more focus and dedication. And to remain calm. From what I see... you got the rest.
El Jackal (EUW)
: Low Elo or Low Iq?
Son, if you really want people to read your thoughts... Good idea is to format it. I would not read this, even if you have put there the cure for aids, cancer and formulae to double the penis size overnight... Organize your thoughts a bit.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: {{champion:72}} : _Am I a joke to you?_ {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
I shit myself every time I see skarner main. The most competent players the league has to offer. Even the weakest ones are Plat+++. I have nightmares of people walking under turret, and dragging me out of it. The only thing that keeps me sane is that there are so few of them... I see one skarner every 100 games or so... The most undervalued champion ...
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: Mord and malz ult are dumb
Ok, If I understand you correctly, you are complaining that you need to spend 1300, to purchase an item, that will completely negate the ults of those champions? How would you feel, if people could just spend 1300 to make you useless? I can imagine what river you would be crying then... "REMOVE THAT STUPID ITEM FROM THE GAME, SO BROKEN" ... When you face such champions, and not only them (skarner, ww, morgana, lux etc...) do what normal competent players do. Just buy the item and get your free LP...
: Ranked Games - Inactivity
You are with the wrong attitude. And yes... it does sound like a cry post, because it is one. Rank is reward for competence and skill. You need to be trying hard to learn the game and become good at it. The rank comes after that. If you think that random players can hold you back, and you blame them, you may just go to e-bay and get high-elo account or pay to get boosted. Because this is the only way to get rank, if you do not change your attitude.
: Is Zoe/Aphelios viable to climb ranks with?
First of all, in EUNE you can climb with ad soraka mid. It would not matter. That aside... Zoe is not for begginers. I mean, people need to grow alot of brain for her. The kit revolves around your Q and sleep tricks through terrain. For this you do need wards, and vision and new players is something that do not go together. Also, in melee range situation, I do not see you casting sleep, warping away, casting far and then returning to kill ... What I see is just people throwing in what they have for miserable damage. I mean, the champion can carry. But people who can carry would not be asking questions here at first place. You know what I mean? You will be failing, because you would not be able to control her... Instead you can pick Annie, and be useful and win more games and climb. (I am not saying annie is bad or easy to play, it is just very friendly kit for new players) Now, you can apply everything I said about Zoe , to aphelios. I do not think that new player will plan ahead what weapons to combine and in what situation what to use. And if you think you can break your keyboard with him and win games... you are mistaken. You can pick something that has utility, good slow, decent range and simple to play... Ashe for example.
Belkano (EUW)
: FIzz is broken (in my opinion), and (probably) the only way to fix him is a rework.
Yes, fizz damage is busted. If you are stupid enough to stay when he lands from his pole. And if you are even more stupid enough to stay in the range of his Q. And if you are even extremely stupid to stay at one spot and let him just auto attack you over and over. Also, I wouldn't be crying about lich bane. It is not what matters. Everyone who has decent elo with that champion knows, that your proto belt is what wins games. Not just as damage, no. The plain utility of the belt makes it worth rushing this item. Also, pro tips against fizz: - Long E cooldown early, terrible mana costs. Bait it before going in. If he uses two one after another he will be out of mana. - Melee range, he has to walk in to cs, and has no sustain whatsoever. Most people start with pot because of that. Harass him with auto attacks every time he tries to take a creep, go in when he is low. - Do not stay at one spot and let him hit you over and over like idiot, when his W is active... One may argue with me that this is common sense, but I cannot count the duels I won, because people decided they will out dps me with auto attacks during my W. Overall the damage is fair (unless your opponent is braindead and stays at one spot). The safety is average for assassin. He has to commit for the engage, giving up his safety, which is also fair. Also, for that scaling and TONS of damage. I want to point out that you are gold squishy carry 4/7 Against platinum fizz ...who is 14/1/8. Even if you spoonfed soraka instead of fizz, she would be able to one-shot you. Common sense should tell you not to do it. Btw your teemo in that game did better than everyone. Teemo... You get what I say?
DeCoqq (EUW)
: Enchanters in general are not in the good spot. Ofc one can do wonders with them or feed your a*s off.
If you clould simply spend like 5 minutes to check the win rates, you wound not be in your elo right now... Enchanters are on the top both in your elo, and in high dia+ ranked. Soraka and Janna are at the top of the ladder in this patch.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Support discussion: Is Soraka the best support right now?
: No... she’s 13th in play rate, 6th for win rate (after you remove the totally non supports like akali)... not even considered meta right now (the support meta is heavily favouring engage supports) She’s gotten a new skin so that increases play rate, and a mission to play her which obviously also increases play rate... she’s certainly not bad she’s probably the best performing enchanter in the game and can go toe to toe with most meta supports but she’s not quite meta herself
Random statistics from random site again? Or you are giving statistical data for all tiers, including your elo? Because for the current patch, I see janna and soraka on top. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/ Again, In high elo competitive play... Edit: Lol, actually in your elo it seems she is the support to go as well...
: You are getting mad a player 4 days ago that you will never see again "might" not have been banned? Riot doesn't give feedback for every single report you do. Just don't hang your head on 1 player. There's a lot of black people that gets called "african slave" but they don't care much other than giving the players who say it a report.
Man, I will downvote and explain something very basic to you. You can check a person's op.gg profile and see if someone is still playing, REGARDLESS THE FEEDBACK FROM RIOT. The whole procedure takes few seconds... Another basic stuff you should have figured out, is that you are responsible for your actions, regardless of that if you are gonna see that person again in your lifetime or not. And this goes both ways. The reports of this player will prevent that racist to be toxic to other people. And last, racism is not ok. It is never ok. Just because some black person is ok to be called slave or monkey, this does not mean that its not a big deal. It is huge deal actually. Do not try to justify it. I can excuse you if you are 5 years old and you do not know what you are saying. Otherwise any form of racism should not be tolerated.
: My ban and issues there is in league of legends
Both should be banned. Feeding is reportable and punished by 14 days. Flaming is reportable (and depending on the flame) all the way up to 14 days ban.
: Is it possible to win?
It is difficult. Much more difficult than before. Less gold, less exp and more focus on your lane this preseason. I think champions like janna or soraka are the smart choice if you want more consistent wins now. Not because that useless trash with 0 dmg will start to do his job once you pick it. No. But because you can support the other part of your team as effectively as if you were 1-2 levels higher. Another option is blitz or leona and play for the whole point of utility and peel for your team. Very viable option.
So, what have you learned?
: Messange from player who is impersonating the system
Man, there is a difference between keeping the game clear of toxic people, and getting butthurt about the smallest things... I think you will agree, that once you think for a while, this old joke is not nearly in the upper half of the toxic stuff, that one can see and hear. Right?
: Kayn Buffs? - Shadow form
Can you explain to all of us... How exactly {{champion:56}} Gets out once he dives?
Haha jaa (EUW)
: Is it just me or is tanks way to OP
He is 14/6/16 jungler, that is a whole tier above you in skill. You are underleveled, no-items, squishy, support. It seems that your team have captured rammus, put him in a %%%%ing cage in the middle of the map, and started SHOVING spoons in his mouth over and over. Till he got so %%%%ing fed, that he bursted out of the cage and started to 1 vs 5 you... If common sense is not working for you when making decisions, now your experience will teach you not to do this again... Just to be clear that you understand me. REGARDLESS WHAT ANIMAL YOU DECIDE TO FORCE FEED, THE SAME HAPPENS. I need to show you one of my 15-0 soraka games. Q - E - Q was killing their adc and support TOGETHER... It was just hilarious... feeding bananas the whole world... Anyway, really. Avoiding to feed is the first thing you learn in this game. Once the opponent is too much ahead, it is over.
: "I don't care its my friends acc"
People cannot be punished for "claiming" things. Unless the system is designed by complete idiots... but usually it is not. It is a real life thing too. You cannot just say "I killed those people" arrest me. Noone will allow you to turn yourself in like that. The reason is obvious. You need to actually provide proof against yourself to be locked in and held responsible.
Marcua (EUW)
: The strongest role in the game
Pixelbits (EUW)
: So what use has the current leveling system when everything is decided by MMR?
Levels show quantity. MMR shows quality. They are completely unrelated.
: What do you mean "kinda" random? You might have to play buttloads of games and disenchant champion shards for absurdly low amount of BE until you might get lucky and get a champion shard you actually care about.
I want to point out to the people with bad memory, to the people who did not played the game under IP , and the people who are just terrible at math... It used to take you weeks to farm one 6300 champion with IP. BE is much more rewarding for people who play 3-4 games per day. MUCH MORE. And it is only kinda random, because with the BE, you can pick several champions to your liking. And last, but not least. To the idiots who say "I cannot start playing ranked at 30". Plain mental %%%%%%ation. You have more rewards. Sure if you want to buy 15 champions for 6300 you will not be able to. But you can get your mains and fill the gap with 450 BE champions and start... You forget that we had to spend 20-30k IP just to buy the runes to be competitive in ranked... THIS WAS MONTHS of play... Anyway, TL;DR: BE > IP. Im out.
: Playing Support with a random ADC is a pain in the ar*e
Lets be clear about something. You cannot expect people below diamond (.. ok maybe below plat) to be playing decently. It is not realistic. I mean, if he had the knowledge to position himself, to last hit, to trade, to know what and when to buy, to kite and dodge... HE WOULDN'T BE THAT ELO AT FIRST PLACE. And if we have to be realistic, you cannot play adc champion, without at least average competence in all of those skills. And with the preseason changes, autofill, and the increased attention towards the bot lane, because now dragons actually do something... Well, you should just ignore random adc players, as if they do not exist on the map. Thou... I must point out, that soraka and janna are very good choice. Even if it feels like 1 vs 2 lane, their utility for the whole team is beyond measure. (Well... actually you can measure it... their win rates are on the top right now for a good reason) But I must also point out, that you will be seing alot of BLITZ players... soraka has no mobility so... you get hook, you die. Blitz has very good win rate. And also, next patch we get +25/50% base mana regen. On the price of -15 AP from the 2nd quest reward.
manolis201 (EUNE)
: Plox remove stopwatch or nerf it we are season 10.
Son, outside of iron elo, games do not last 42 minutes. The game is not balanced around people in that skill range. Consider it "unfair" if you want... And outside of low elo, the gold you spend in defensive items, actually puts you back towards complating your core kit. So it is a strategic decision when and what to build. On one hand, you will have much less damage, compared to a situation where you simply did not buy a defensive item... In short - you will not be doing your job optimal. On the other hand, if it turns out that YOU DO NEED a defensive item, and you do not have one, then you will not be doing your job at all. Mostly because dead people do no damage. This trade in power justifies the effect of the defensive item. Be it stopwatch, banshee effect, QSS or plain stat item.
: Well atleast Eve and Malz is somewhat similar to their pre-reworks D:
Yes, they kept their names.
: Dash Wards
Man, the basic logic of balance is totally eluding you. The idea of not having mobility you see as a weakness, but actually it is the foundament of overpowered kit. Try to think for a minute and understand it. Here are some examples so you can get it: Xerath. No mobility. But you can clear weaves from two screens away. And you can assist in a fight across the map. Full AOE damage. Many people play him with shield. Can you imagine if even in the few cases, where you manage to catch him under bad positioning, he can just ward-jump to safety? It is stupid. Plain and simple stupid. Udyr. Stun, bealing and shield, burst of attack speed and bleed damage. One of the strongest duelists. And now you tell me what? He can jump-stun on demand? And you cant even juke him over walls? Stupid... stupid... It is how balance works. You take something, create a weakness. And you give something GOOD in return. Be it range, damage or another useful thing...
: Skins and winrate?
If anyone has at least 1 brain cell left, that did not die from alcohol intoxication during the holidays, they should not care about your skin. Most people are smart enough to seek out and destroy specific targets. Everytime that tank lands his CC, his %%%% gets a little bit harder. So be sure that he will be looking for you to show up. And will try to get you the moment you get "out of invisibility" REGARDLESS of your skin choice... However, some skill animations and colors are designed by complete idiots. Very hard, very difficult to spot, and even more to dodge... Sure I do not give too much %%%% about it... After all those games, I couldn't care less. But untill one gets used to it, they can be very misleading... And many people who complain, are right to complain.
Shamose (EUW)
: Sett is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to champion releases.
Outside of low elo mentality "simple" and insane mobility are somewhat connected. They are on the opposite ends on the same axis. The more you push into one, the far you get from the other. Thou... this what you call "simple" is actually "complex" on its own, exactly because there is no decent mobility built in those kits. On top on having to deal with your own inability to quickly dodge, to close gaps, to disengage... and I cannot stress enough how useful is to be able to move over the smallest terrain objects, you are required to face a game where practically every other champion has such mobility skill. So in this context
Ehhhh (EUW)
I think it is much more clear now. Ingame I mean...
SayDaddy (EUW)
: how is this shit a legendary skin ?
I have gorki corki that is lower in "quality", that looks sick...
: > usless shit like riven... {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Is there any specific reason why Sett doesn't have mana or energy?
It is melee skirmish usless shit like riven... Riot likes to keep such champions based on pretty much his cooldowns.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: I do not negate the fact, that this word is not offensive in Russian, as my knowledge of it is bad. On the other hand, I'm rather convinced, that there are words that have not a negative connotation in Polish, Czech, Serbian or in any other of Slavic language, except of Russian. The cultural aspects of what you say, and where is also important. In the meantime the word does have the meaning, that I mentioned, in English and Polish. And English is one of the supported EUW languages (when in meantime, Russian is supported on Russian server). Therefore, using those words in the environment where it have a certain connotation, means that one does want it to be understood that way. If you are not sure what certain word means in another language, don't use it - it is a common knowledge. You don't go saying to others "vaffanculo" only because it could mean something else in Salish.
Mine language is slavic. The first one with a cyrillic writing system. And it is offensive word. It is just as offensive as in russian. All I am saying is that it has nothing to do with PEDOPHILIA. Not that it is ok word to be used or anything like that...
Hansiman (EUW)
: Should be live. Considering the one on Sunday was a success in all regions, I don't see why they'd cancel it.
I'd say smurfs.
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