Kravixman (EUNE)
: Sir, just go to your matches and lets end this conversation, Im really not In mood for arguing over 2 stupid items in a game that's supposed to give me fun. However, Riot damaged the only support I came back to League after a break.{{champion:350}} You helped the topic creator with your post, this arguing is utterly pointless I think at this moment? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: normally i start by poining out other players mistakes or defending myself and it scalates into flame. But sometimes i flaame coz im angry...
Okay, lets take this piece by piece, shall we? If that "flaming monkey" thinks you are bad. Why defend yourself from a flaming monkey? **YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DEFEND YOURSELF.** If you defend yourself, you acknowledge them. And if you acknowledge them, you are at their level. Are you human, or are you monkey? Humans do not debate with monkeys, humans think and do what they decide to do. If the monkey does not understand why the human does it , and starts crying at the human, the human does not turn and try to explain how science works, does he? The correct action is to ignore it... You need to adopt the same approach. You do what you want to do, what you decided to do. You analyzed the situation and made a decision. The monkey flames you, ignore the monkey. It is your job to think and act, not to talk to monkeys. Get it? --------------------------- Now another part. Pointing out mistakes. I do this a lot. But very simple. I do not speak for past events ever. Instead of "you should have done X, when Y happened"... I use "You may want to do X, when Y happens..." Also I use this on logical mistakes. Not on technical execution. It is really hard to explain this. But for example if someone tries to execute action X, that would be useful for us, if executed right, but that someone executes is poorly, I do not say a single word. In my eyes, this is not a mistake. I make a clear difference between intent and result. If the intent is logical, but the performance is suffering, you need to let go. And last, I point out mistakes IF the person can FIX his mistake in the game, and the person is willing to listen. No need to say "you should build AP", because right now he cannot sell all his ad items and buy AP... so it is pointless... And when I say something, and the person is like "No, i wont do it" , I am fine with it. I let him go. You cannot force people to do things, no matter how right or wrong. -------------------- And last .... flame of anger. If I am angry, it is because I am angry at someone for doing something stupid. (Usually that someone is me, and I am angry on my own stupidity...) But sometimes, someone is doing something extremely stupid. At this point I usually tell him to stop to do it. I do not argue, I do not join hour long discussions. Maaaybe, and just maybe, if I am in the mood, I will give him an argument for my request. If he does not listen, I will apply pressure on him, but not verbal. Measurable, to the pressure he is applying to me. This may vary. From letting him die and ensuring he dies (because dead people do not do stupid things). To something as small as taking few minions from his lane. There are millions of ways to stand in a way of someone, you just need to know where he is heading (what he wants most...). This will work a lot of the times. The more reasonable the person is the faster it works. Sometimes I will just imply that I will take actions, and he come to agreement with me to cooperate. (or come to agreement at least not to interfere... you do your stuff, I do mine, we don't get into each others ways... and this is usually more than enough for me) But a lot of the times it wont work. Some people just think they can do and say whatever they want, and everyone should cope with them, as if they OWN the place. In those cases, they will increase the pressure on me, and I will increase the pressure on them... Till the point they will burst into rage... and I report and ban them. So In this way, I express my frustration, but not by insulting people... And it is extremely effective.
: yes. i never never had enter a ranked and left, and all my friends the same thing, its not normal u queue to a ranked with the chance to leave mid game.
I do not think that this mentality is healthy. After all this is just a game. And you should not forget this. You need to look at the League as just a game... Common sense should tell you that real life events are more important. What if your relatives drop in to see you? You will say "Just sit down dawgs, I will put the table in 20 min, need to CLIMB now..."? If you gf pays you a surprise visit? You say "Beachhhhhhh pls, put your clothes back on, I need to carry this shit"? If your dad want to hear how you are doing, what do you do? "Not nawwwww madafoka, call you later, baiiiiii"? If you boss calls you to ask for something urgent? "%%%%% IM BUSY...CYA MONDAY"? It is sad if you do stuff like that... It is even more sad if in your personal life nothing like this happens... Again, this what you do is extremely unhealthy... Think about changing the way you think.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: No, you're just acting superior to me to feel better, because your ego must have suffered, and need to boost it over internet in game that you think you have mastered. Daughter. I did not ask for your opinion, but the creator of this topic, yet you're attacking me. Archangel gives you shield for extra survivabilit, Echo gives your extra AoE damage for better damage/KSing abilities. End of conversation from my side. Have a nice day.
So you acknowledge the fact that it is superior in terms of damage... > I just hate seeing 2-3 enemies running with like 2-3% HP left, and I watch at my clock at wall and this small mana regen icon on Mana bar saying "Nope, you won't get it". And the first thing that comes to your mind to solve killing those 2-3% hp targets, is : Lets build shield, that will be usable after 20 minutes, instead of damage... Where is the logic in that?
: He went 1/19 in my game. Now he went 1/17 bc riot simple doesnt wanna bann this obv troll
Fella, people like you flame the shit out of people, then complain that riot bans for toxic chat, and not for trolling. And the truth is, that noone is trolling here. 19 deaths in 40 minutes is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from the worst cases in the elo you are playing. On top of everything, your jungler has 14 deaths. I would also question your Akali, that did absolutely no damage for 40 minutes... (WHAT THE %%%%?) And common myth in your elo is that somehow 15/15/0 is better than 0/15/15... But the truth is, that if anything it is much worse, because it gives more gold to the enemy team. So believe it or not, you are EXACTLY the same. All of you in that team.From the ADC, to the top laner. And to flame the support... ridiculous... Bad games happen. Forget them and move on.
: permaban if u do afk on purpose.
I told you, even I have to go afk from time to time. Most people do. For the several thousand games I have played, I have enough afk games for 40 to 80 perma bans... Do you really think, that I deserve this? Just because I have to go every now and then?
: It's literary organizes it just like everywhere to show you where each person was in the role, supports are at the bottom and toplaners are at the top. On top of that rumble was a toplaner and it compares my stats to his. Why would trist be toplane? Shes a popular pick for midlane or botlane right now. Trist midlane popularity; I wish I could bring up the replay because it's 100% true but league doesn't allow you to get the replays that far back.
Lets assume, that I have no ground not to trust your words. And indeed you, writing in English, caused that "mid game" misunderstanding, and nothing else. And that fella, showed at the start of the game in your lane, out of nowhere, and said "I am the king of stupid, this lane is mine now"... If everything above is true. Then this guy deserves a punishment. Playing your role is allowed only if you specifically agree to this. In this case it is obvious that you did not agree... You can write a support ticket, and explain the situation. Usually people who behave like %%%%s do this not just in one game. Maybe other people have reported that guy already and your will put the end of it. And again IF everything above is true... My admiration that you remained calm and played for the win, instead of running it down... Good luck, son. I wish you the best.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Rush by Support standards, not mid laner standards. Its a difference. Im 31y old, so please don't *son* me.
Okay, lets try to figure this out again, son. If you rush {{item:3003}} with speed measurable by support standards, people WILL NOT flame you because it gives no utility, and you are support. But If you rush {{item:3285}} with speed measurable by support standards, people WILL flame you because it gives no utility, and you are support. Am I getting this right, now?
: so u start a ranked when i have to leave in 20min? and if someone dies one time and just say fk this ill go afk, so other 4 people have to lose the ranked cause the other is trolling. What does he deserve? a pat in the back and a better luck next time?
I am asking you, my friend. For a solution... It is important what you think.
: It's around 1-3 minutes of the game that it happened, do you really think I remember each game of league I played? You're just a cynical person that thinks you're exposing anyone for "changing the story". I meant something completely different but out of frustration I've written the other. Here's the game that I played, it even thinks I was the toplaner; Now, why is that not true? Because my top picks are malphite and dr mundo, my mid picks are talon and sylas. I would never take talon top because he's super weak and going vs anyone on toplane I'm sure to lose. Look at my games you'll see the pattern of champs I play on each lane. If you're gonna try and argue yourself out of these then there's truly no help for you.
I do not get it. Where in this site it shows anything to support your statement of stolen lane? Should I click somewhere to see position or?
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Play support and rush this item, then notice all the comments from others. While rusing {{item:3070}} and slowly turning it into {{item:3003}} causes no toxic comments. Please read the comments carefuly as I didn't say in this topic that Im a mid laner. I just need mana as e.g. Soraka to freely cast Silence for unexpected kill.
So, let me get this straight... Your logic behind building {{item:3003}} instead of {{item:3285}} is entirely based on your stetement, that: **People will flame supports building {{item:3285}} , that is not utility item...** But at the same time, **People will not flame supports building {{item:3003}} , that is also not utility item...** Also, I do read your thoughts carefully, and I want to point out another mistake: First you say, and I quote: > I may be the only player in League... since FOREVER, that always rush Archangel... And then you say, and I quote: > While rusing {{item:3070}} and slowly turning it into {{item:3003}} I do not get it, first you say you rush it. Now you say, you slowly upgrade your tear ... Maybe you need to organize your logic before writing? I think you are not entirely sure what you are doing... Just take my advise and move on, son.
Zenai10 (EUW)
: Malzahar liandry's combo VS pen + rabadon
Liandry is always better. In almost all situations, the opponent will be under this effect for at least 6-10 seconds. In some cases, even more. In the enhanced version... {{item:3151}} burns for minimum 15 to 25 percent of their HP. Regardless of how much the target HP is... Unless you find out another item in the game, that says: "Your opponent plays with at least 25% less hp against you"... I strongly suggest that you stick to it. --------------------------------------- {{item:3020}} {{item:3916}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} This will burn through anything... no matter how much HP it has...
Kravixman (EUNE)
: I may be the only player in League... since FOREVER, that always rush Archangel... I just hate seeing 2-3 enemies running with like 2-3% HP left, and I watch at my clock at wall and this small mana regen icon on Mana bar saying "Nope, you won't get it". But yeah... I think pene/Liandry's is good on Malzahar, his Ultimate has nice base damage and ratio (if I remember well, been ages since I played mid).
IF mana is your problem, why not... {{item:3285}} ?!?!? Maybe if you run this item, the opponent wouldn't be with 2-3% hp left to begin with, because it is far superior in terms of damage as "rush item".
For what else?
painbomb (EUW)
: its not a waste if people decide to act differently in games your just being synical
I am not sure that rant post will make people act differently in the game... It is waste of time.
: people afk is hard to judge, if in chat theres no flame or toxic or saying fk this ill go afk, might be a pc/net problem, if they said on chat ill go afk permaban
So let me see if I understood your mentality well enough. If I need to leave my game, and I tell my team that I am leaving... Perma ban? Don't you think this is a bit stupid? I mean, since Season 2... I would have deserved at least dozen of permanent bans... Just because I said I am leaving, in the middle of the game... This isn't right, is it? Can you stop and think for a moment, and tell me do you really think perma ban is the solution? ** Edit: I was thinking about this ... I leave about ~1 % of my games. I have 0.5 to 1k games per year. For the last 8 years this is 40-80 perma bans for me.**
Akaillusion (EUNE)
: What is the difference between ravenous hydra and titanic hydra?
450 hp, 40 dmg ,( REGEN?!?!) Passive attack that scales with HP. 40+ 10%hp (active) 80 DMG, 3% lifesteal, (REGEN?!?!) Passive attack that scales with Total attack damage. 60-100% Total attack damage. (active) So, the question here is simple. Do you need to clear faster, hit harder, burst better, have better sustain... Or you want 450 extra hp and a 3rd auto attack reset? If you still cannot figure it out, please tell me, Ill explain better.
: You have a bit abrasive way of replying... What you quoted will then be applied _per bucket_ , so if the "average play" bucket's OTPs of a champion can't drag up the win rate of that champion enough to offset the "average play" newcomers winrate of that champion to not be in "needs a buff" range, they might think of some tweaks to the champion to buff its "average play" without buffing its "pro play" (too much).
I do not see any random stuff about "per bucket", about "average play", and other irrelevant stuff, that riot is not concerned about. I see only, that: >We’re also optimistic that if a champion’s power when mastered is out of line, then it will show up as highly present in Pro play or highly banned in Elite play—both of which will lead to nerfs To simplify and extract the core from that segment, since you did not get it 3 times already: **Riot logic: PICK BAN IN PRO PLAY = NERF NERF = USELESS IN TRASH ELO** This is as basic as I can go. If you don't get it now, I cannot help anymore.
: Trollers in ranked
I wonder what solution would you suggest for people going afk?
: Please remove Dodge punishment.
If the limit of your mentality is to judge the people by the champion they play... And the solution to this is to dodge... why would riot make it so, that you dodge for free? If anything I would make the penalty harder for people like you, not the opposite.
: perma banned is not balanced
You do realize you cannot flame? Yes? You do realize you flamed? Yes? You got warning not to flame few times, YES? You still kept flaming, YES? What do we have to discuss here?
: What has toxicity changed
Man, you need to organize your logic. Write in short sentences, not one long stream of random brain activity.... Now, on the subject. I do not think that the control is so tight, that telling people "their runes are bad" will make you get banned. I am sure you are telling people other stuff as well. Not entirely related to their runes...
slick408 (EUNE)
: The New Player Experience in LoL (14 days suspened, here's my story)
Man, you are the 1 000 000 person, who thinks a stupid excuse for what he meant by saying "K-Y-S"... But this >I mistyped and told him to put his elf out of his misery. This takes the %%%%%% cake....
: Toxic Players
Facepalm. "Matchmaking banned me". Really?
: Huh... why don't you get an instant feedback report everytime someone you reported gets banned? Does it happen at random or does only like the first guy to report them or the last guy get the feedback report?
It is not random. If your report leads to the punishment directly. Last night I got message for reporting a person who ran it down 26 times for 25 minutes... However, not everyone that I report, gets punished instantly. Sometimes it will take more games for the punishment to be applied. This is why one can see "GAME 1", "GAME 2" etc... in his report cards. Obviously after GAME 1 reports, you wont get feedback, because ... he wont be punished after GAME 1...
BeiSogni (EUW)
: What to do in such a situation?
Do not let people %%%% with your brain. If you behaved like a man, stood in game, and wrote a ticket to riot after... I would stand by you. But running it down? Messing the game for the 9 people? For this you are worse than he is. And you deserve your punishment, more than he deserves his. The bad part is, that even moderate toxicity now will make you lose your account. PERMANENTLY. Was it worth it?
: its ironic that by one side your message might suggest to me to stop trying to change my team mind, but at the same time ur messages implies that I, as a person neither will be able to change the way i act PD, ive read all the answers from anyone, i appreciate everyones intentions
Find a way, to express yourself... not to change yourself. Tell me what do you want to achieve when you flame people. DO NOT LIE. Speak the truth...
: I would show you the replay if I could, but this is more of him just saying "f this jungler, fed top" and then goes to mid and says "this is my lane now idc". This all happened around the first 3 minutes of the game, English isn't my native language so I do make mistakes and as I said I meant in game not in lobby.
Aha, now it is not minute 1, it is not mid-game.... It turns out it is the 3rd minute of the game. Your story gets better and better...
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: lmao... I don't know where you play that it's uncommon. You don't happen to pay for the subscription, do you? lol
Can you show me one player, that you met in your ... lets say last 20 games... that stomped games in his elo, and then went on losing streak on purpose? (the other guy said that he did not have any encounters in his last 20 games, now lets see if you had, and we will talk about "uncommon" again...)
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Yes there is absolutly no logic in "WIN MORE CLIMB LOSE MORE YOURE STUCK OR GET DEMOTED" Absolutly.Im sure we should all get 60% winrate and get stuck bcs…"winning more doesnt matter at all".
If you are silver 4, and you keep playing with bronze premades - yes. And I am very happy that you finally got it.
painbomb (EUW)
: No if it was a rant id place his name and call him out but im not so please use your head nuff said
Just wanted to prevent others from wasting their time, reading 10 row long sentence, that brings nothing for discussion...
: > [{quoted}](name=JustClone,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=KNBybdav,comment-id=000800000000,timestamp=2019-08-22T06:43:33.751+0000) > > No, son. You are the one who doesn't get it. > > The champions in this game are balanced around pro-players, not low elo players. Well, they claim change on that is ongoing: So "pro" should be only 1 of 4 buckets being balanced around going forward...
**Here riot explains it (text is from your own link):** >Champions With High Mastery Curves? A mastery curve is a representation of how much more effective a player becomes on a champ as they play them more. Champions with steep mastery curves, like Aurelion Sol and Katarina, typically have a much higher win rate when played by experienced players than newcomers to the champion. >We are intentionally leaving out mastery curve data when considering which champions to buff or nerf because we don’t want to enact a system that might punish the investments players make into mastering a champion. We’re also optimistic that if a champion’s power when mastered is out of line, then it will show up as highly present in Pro play or highly banned in Elite play—both of which will lead to nerfs. If you cannot comprehend when I say it, maybe you will get it from riot... If you still do not understand what they say, I can help again. Just ask, son.
: You still don't get it lul. Even Irelia OTPs on high elo says she is trash. And that's the fact, So stop spreading missleading nosenses, when you clearly know nothing about current Irelia's top state. Every Irelia OTP calls fór moni-rework. But you Will still say "NYAAH ShE iS oK, YoU aRe LoW ElO ScRub NYAAAH" Also love your arrogance towards me. Like giving mě tips what to play lul. I play several high skilled champs, but you're internet wizzard, you know anything better!
Do you have any proof that high elo otp irelia players perform bad with her? Here you can see: On one hand, I have statistical data of players who get 75% win rate with her in high elo... On the other hand I have your "competent" opinion. You read this as "arrogance", but the situation is obvious...
: Annoying champion sounds
You can report them. You can report them for anything you like. Including being in the game and breathing your air. Try /fullmute all, it is the best mute. If it works it works...
: I need help to not get this acc banned
Man there are pretty people and there are ugly people. There are smart people and there are stupid people. There are good people and there are bad people. What I have noticed for my lifetime is that you cannot change people.
painbomb (EUW)
: Quinn the aggro "trynd main"
In case anyone wants to skip reading this... > I got flamed and decided to write rant post.
Kotcha (EUNE)
: How riot ban system work.
True... Actually they hooked santa to one of those horrifying machines, and draw data directly from his brain using synaptic implants stuck in his head, to know who deserves ban and who does not.
: yep i am the 0.000006 percent most toxic player
Well, true. And good luck next time.
: Recommended cheap assassins?
: Malphite changes to R
Man I do not how I can go any more basic to explain this, but the answer is in your question. More specifically here: > if you cast outside max range, you would walk a few steps and ult This is so stupid as mechanic. Riot knows it, and tries to avoid it when possible. The logic behind this is so simple. If you click R, you need it NOW. Like right now, not after 1 sec... If you have to walk, even for a short distance, the situation may be that you do not really have to ult anymore. If you play with low elo, this is not the question. But if you play against skilled people, part of the second counts. Same with shaco... I click deceive, I want to go into stealth and move as far as I can, I do not want to walk out of the bush, everyone to see me and then to trigger my deceive like a complete %%%%%%... It wouldn't be very deceiving, would it? I can give you hundred of examples, if you cannot comprehend this, just ask.
: You still don't get it. Every meta top laner counters her and Rito keeps buffing them, so that's why she is so bad. You face sooooo many unplayale matchups where 1 mistake costs you laning phase. Also she has been nerfed to the ground as Rito likes it... I would not play her until they will fix her.
No, son. You are the one who doesn't get it. The champions in this game are balanced around pro-players, not low elo players. While for you she seems "unplayable", for people who have skills with her, she is a monster. The bad thing is , that nothing can be done for you. This is why riot designs also champion who have kits that suitable for people with poor to none game knowledge. You can pick suitable champion for your skill level here: (sort by Difficulty) As you will see, Irelia has difficulty of 3 on the top of the list. (right next to other champions, that I gave you as example) Pick champions on the bottom. Warwick for example... Last time I say this, man. Irelia is very strong, but it is just not for you.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Honestly there is a simpel logic here… WIN MORE CLIMB.LOSE MORE GET STUCK.If you cant understand something so simple...well.
Well, I do understand what you say. I just said there is no logic at all. It is random thoughts...
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: So you imply trolling in order to have fun at other's expense is okay?
The only thing that I wanted to point out, not just imply, is that this "uncommon" situation has no effect on the ranking.
: I know that they are a thing I never said I had a recent experience with them. They are not rampant either but every game they play they ruin a game. And its very toxic for this game but technically not against the rules nor bannable because the system sees it as some one with a few good games and a few bad. I remember talking to one a while ago where he said that he just wanted to stomp people and making a new account and leveling takes longer than it takes to drop elo. So thats kinda their motive.
Random uncommon elements should not be your concern. There is no problem. Move on, son.
: Why are those guys not punished yet?
What punishment do you expect?
: I kinda added the "assuming they have similar win rates too" there for a reason.
I knew we will come to agreement :)
: tryhards in norms
I hear you, man. But the problem is that sometimes I want to test AP support graves, and I hope I do not play against gosu... And sometimes I want to test my rune setup change on my main, and I hope I play against gosu, so I can really know how it goes. There is no always win situation... Sometimes I tryhard, wanting to face tryhard opponent. And sometimes I play easy mode and hope to face other easy mode people. But of course not always the reality meets my expectations...
Aehry (EUW)
: A simple answer: As an ADC main, I never flame support, not even when they take CS. I thought it was common that [support] takes CS under tower to prevent excess damage, and get some gold? But I don't know if my CS is bad...
You are one of the smart and calm guys... Not every adc shares your mentality. In fact most do not. My opinion of that role would be different if more people like you played it.
: Why do you think its up to you to decide wheter your adc is good enough or not? Everyone got into X elo for a reason. I have been playing this game since S3 and have had thousands of support games. I have had adcs with god awful lane pressure screwing up our jungler all game because he could not contest dragon or his blue buff but he made up with his csing outcsing the enemy adc with 50-60 cs. I have had adcs who have no map awareness or how to position in a teamfight but with insane mechanics allowing us to 2v2 in the botlane. And I know my own weakness which is CSing but I know how to position and I am really good at controlled aggression. Even when my opponent gets 30-40 more CS in the end I deal much more damage in teamfights because of my positioning and I get to attack more then my opponent ADC. When I was starting ranked on my second account I had to deal with a lux player who thought I was not worthy as an adc and started taking my CS which in the end made both of us miss the lasthits we got snowballed on hard because we both had no damage because shared gold is useless, you will fall off in the curve of the game because of it. One completed bork Ashe vs a Cutlass Varus and a Lost chapter Lux? The Ashe wins because completed items give so much more strength. This is also one of the reasons back timings are so important. In the end I could not carry that game where the rank was low silver/ high bronze where my main is High gold/low plat. The best thing to do is if you think your adc is not going to be very useful is to roam and make plays elsewhere. However this is better on more convenient supports like Bard Pyke Alistar Leona etc. tldr: Its not up to you to decide wheter your adc will carry. And in thinking you do you will only harm the chances of winning as either your adc is not dealing with you taking his CS and might even afk or leave lane. Roaming seems like a better option however that is much stronger on actual support champions instead of mages.
Everyone got into X elo for a reason. That is true. But that reason, is not the same for everyone. For you that "X elo" may be permanent residency. For me, it may be just another step on the ladder. So If I have to do something, to get on the next step, I will do it. It is up to me to decide how. If it works, and if in turn gets me higher than the place where you stay, am I really wrong to do it? Think about this...
: Lets say the smurf wants to play in around S4 he just steamrolls to S2 and then wants to drop elo again. This makes everytime he plays a game really frustrating for either his team or the opponent team. Simply because its never fair. He plays to win? Everyone on the opponent team will get destroyed because he is just way better then them. He plays to lose elo? Great now you get a teammate on your team who no matter what wants to lose the game. Its not about the overall elo gained/lost its about the quality of those games. Which is severely hurt by these kinds of smurfs. Even worse then normal smurfs that play to their elo.
Show me one such player, you faced in your last 20 games. (maybe because of your low elo, you see people I do not usually see... so please show me one, to see what is the problem.)
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