: Ok, I will give that a shot. I'll shut down antivirus and such, i also play music on windows media player while playing a match, does this affect my framerate at all?
I affects it greatly. Everything you do on the PC consumes resources from the CPU. If you start another game, run an antivirus scan and play youtube music, LoL may not launch at all. Open the task manager and kill processes that you don't need, but only if you know exactly what they do. If you think something may be an essential Windows process, google it first to be sure.
Najns (EUW)
: What is the story behind your Summoner Name?
I stole it from a guy in counter-strike 5 years ago or so. I just liked it so I started registering with it here and there. Yeah, i am that guy.
: Fps issues
Hmm this is a massive decrease. Are u playing on battery or when charging? Cause when it is not plugged in, the laptop goes on a energy preserving state. Your video card and CPU will not work on 100%. Also, have u installed new programs recently? If u have a new antivirus software or sth else it may be causing the issues. Stop everything while u play, even the browser.
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Zanader (EUW)
: leavers in ranked once more
And 3 threads away another player rages about the leaver buster.. And others encourage him.. They want to remove Leaver Buster cause it bans for no reason. I think we should make it more powerful, these AFK-s are the real cancer of the game.
: Leaverbuster sucks, and here's why:
Yeah, sounds good, right. Althought the bans increase consistently and you can end up with a perma ban for afk. Although you cannot play with premades cause no-one will wait 20 mins for you. Although if you miss a queue because it didn't pop on your screen you will have to wait new 20 mins. Although if someone picks teemo with smite and says 'I will feed and troll', and you check his history and see that he means it, you will still be unable to dodge cause you will wait new 20 mins + the penalty. No problemo. :)
Matt Horner (EUNE)
: https://www.upload.ee/image/6143857/asd.jpg I get matched with people like these, and ofc I am the one getting punished, if I cancel that game. Because fk logic, that's why. Seems legit.
Leaver Buster has nothing in common with queue dodge. If you close the game in the lobby, you will have to wait 6 mins and you can play again. Second dodge increases the time. The Leaver Buster bans you only if you are afk in the game. Let that sink in.
: But getting a leaverbuster 5x20 minutes for something you had ABSOLUTELY NO control over should NOT be punishable.
Of course you have control over it. When your Internet is bad or your PC is trash and keeps crashing, you don't play. Or you play custom games or vs bots. We don't care at all why you DC. If I lose cause you were AFK, I want you to get banned even if a meteorite fell on your house. You know that leaver buster doesn't ban for one AFK, right? It bans for consistent behavior. A few times in the past months the electricity in my neighbourhood stopped due to some large constructions. I didn't get banned cause I don't quit regularly like you. If you are banned, you deserve it.
: Absolute trash known as the Leaverbuster System
If you have bad Internet, don't play. Disconnecting for 5-10 minutes can lose the game for your team. I don't care why you dc-ed. I don't care if your cat fell from the window or your mother was screaming at you. I don't care if there was a thunderstorm or you didn't pay your Internet bill. If you aren't in the game when you should be, leaver buster must ban you. The system is fine as it is. The only problem is when the bans come because of server issues like when EUW was one version above EUNE and we couldn't connect to EUNE after patching. But I can live with this, although I got banned. The fact that you leavers get what you deserve keeps me happy. A few months ago I even started a discussion to remove the hextech rewards for people like you, banned by leaver buster 'for no reason'. It didn't happen, unfortunately, but it is never too late.
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Gunagath (EUW)
: Something tells me that you don't care about those words because you're one of those that say them and don't want your account banned. Oh so pitiful of you.
You are somewhat right, but not fully. If they ban me for 'gg ez', I will gladly leave this game. This will never happen, you should flame way harder to get banned. BTW sometimes saying 'gg ez' gives a unique warmth and sense of joy. For example, yesterday I won a very hard and long ranked game. The enemy jungler outplayed me in the first 20 mins, stealing some of my buffs. We had at least 5-6 surrender votes, to most of which I voted no if that counts. When we went full build, it was still extremely hard to win cause we had no tanks. I was master yi, our adc was vayne, we had no way to win a teamfight against Sejuani, Yasuo, Thresh, Lux and Jinx. We were Master Yi, Vayne, Teemo, Ahri and Nami. We had to splitpush and use all kinds of tricks. At the end, our Vayne barely lived (15% hp) and destroyed their nexus the second 2 of them were about to stun and kill her. Writing in all chat 'GG EASY' made my day so much better. I had a large smile on my face for the next 30 minutes. And I screamed 'AU AU AU' like the famous scene from 300. https://youtu.be/aNa3Co83_gk
: That's why Yasuo is hated. Not only Yasuo actually
You lose a game 5 vs 4, you find your excuse and you find a way to blame Yasuo when he was not even in the game. Maybe don't go solo when you have a fed Diana on the enemy? Maybe stick with your team? That logic. I am not even mad, this is just remarkable.
Denle (EUNE)
: Whats wrong with this community....
Oh I really like people like you. Your support makes one mistake and you cry for repots on all chat. Probably she was just caught by the enemy jungler while trying to ward. At this point, if she has no escape, she can at least deal some damage to him. And probably the enemy team saw that. But no, you had to go 'REPORT SONA PLS' or 'SONA X9 TY'. I really wish you could get banned for creating this negativity. And to answer your question - you are what is wrong with the community.
Diamond Ace (EUNE)
: Well about the football thing. Try putting an inexperienced player into Barcelona-Real Madrid match,if he performs so terribly he makes his entire team suffer he will not only get insulted on the court but by the entire stadium and millions of viewers so your example is invalid. Flaming is bad but being 0/15 is worse. Let's say it like this.If I have a flaming 5/1 mid laner and a feeding 0/8 adc it's the adc who is ruining my game not the mid laner and that is for sure.
You are absolutely right. The real issue are the feeders and trollers. Yesterday one Vladimir said 'Relax guy, I will carry this game'. He made 0/9/0 with some frankly retarded plays. Lost tower but still went to fight a fed gnar, died every time. Then the mid laner started raging at him. According to all of you, soft souls, the mid laner should be banned for being negative. However, the fact is that Vladimir ruined the game for us all. So I assume the author of this threat is just the next bad player who cries to mommy when the others tell him the truth.
Solash (EUW)
: You're dodging the question. Why is "gg easy" not an insult?
I mean it is not a direct insult like retard, bastard, idiot, etc. It is an expression that means absolutely nothing wrong in real life, therefore I don't really think it should be bannable. It may mean disrespect in the game, but it is not a direct insult and I can disrespect you in 1000 ways that cannot be pusnished. We cannot ban everyone who says something we don't like.
: > [{quoted}](name=JustLikeFire,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9H97A43Q,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-09-04T10:34:21.218+0000) > > So this actually was the worst problem in LoL? Someone saying 'gg easy'? Which is not even an insult. > I thought the problems are the AFKs, trollers, feeders, but hey, that's just me. > BTW if I want to say 'gg easy', I can find 1000 ways to say it. I can say 'Such an effortless victory' or 'I won without turning on my monitor'. Can you censor them all? You will just challenge the players to find new ways to say it. > All in all, I am saying Deal with it. No, the problem is not ragers and feeders. I rarely meet those. What I do meet often however are arrogant ego-indulgent preteen subhumans that think they are invincible and better than everyone else while playing something broken like Quinn Top or Katarina Mid against a retarded Yasuo.{{champion:266}}
Katarina mid is broken? Dude, are you bronze 5 or sth? As Yasuo main Katarina is one of my preferred enemies, just like Zed, it is a skill match up. But k, Katarina OP. :D
DoorKarm (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=JustLikeFire,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9H97A43Q,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-09-04T10:34:21.218+0000) > > So this actually was the worst problem in LoL? Someone saying 'gg easy'? Which is not even an insult. > I thought the problems are the AFKs, trollers, feeders, but hey, that's just me. > BTW if I want to say 'gg easy', I can find 1000 ways to say it. I can say 'Such an effortless victory' or 'I won without turning on my monitor'. Can you censor them all? You will just challenge the players to find new ways to say it. > All in all, I am saying Deal with it. And you my friend are a frequent user of ggez. Imo, this should be a banable offense.
How did you decide that? I barely write 'gg ez' at all. I usually just flame the noobs from my team and tell them to uninstall lol. :/
Solash (EUW)
: > Which is not even an insult. Oh boy oh boy Care to explain how saying "gg easy" isn't an insult? I really wanna here this..
I see you are from the spoilt kids who find everything insulting and disturbing in this century. Oh, no, the term was '.. and I find this offensive'. :D
: Blizard created the funny 'ez' censoring, but i have an Idea what Riot could do !
So this actually was the worst problem in LoL? Someone saying 'gg easy'? Which is not even an insult. I thought the problems are the AFKs, trollers, feeders, but hey, that's just me. BTW if I want to say 'gg easy', I can find 1000 ways to say it. I can say 'Such an effortless victory' or 'I won without turning on my monitor'. Can you censor them all? You will just challenge the players to find new ways to say it. All in all, I am saying Deal with it.
Ârzo (EUW)
: The community kills this game
This is the 82139 thread about the community. The community is just fine. In a competitive game where you depend on your team to win, it is normal from time to time to read something that you don't enjoy. Improve your game, stop feeding, don't be afk, don't make stupid plays and you will not be flamed at. BTW if you quit, no-one will miss you. No-one even knows you.
BestestLoL (EUNE)
: Yasuo's bug
Yasuo is not OP at all. Only people who never play him say so. Also, he is an iconic champion. Riot will never destroy him as all of you hope. I only hope for one thing. That next patch there will come 2-3 hyper broken champions like the Malzahar before he got nerfed. Then you crybabies will have a real dilemma who to ban. :) Edit: I just read the 6.18 patch notes on surrender at 20. They decrease Yasuo's attack speed per level from 3.2 to 2.5 and increase slightly the base attack speed. Also the ultimate's bonus armor penetration applies only to critical strikes.. surprise suprise Yasuo has a 100% crit chance with cloak and statikk shiv. All Yasuo mains will continue to dominate with these little nerfs. And when the broken Yorick comes, choose your bans carefully. : )
: Welcome to the League of Yasuo
I am Yasuo main with total of 330K champ points on all accounts of mine. What I can say is that most people, who rage against Yasuo, never played him. Watching from aside he seems very strong, it is true. However, watching Usain Bolt also makes you think he wins without significant efforts. From aside everything looks easy. Go and play him. Play him 50 games ranked, say your results. Cause when they pick Akali, you will have great fun. When you lane against Annie, you will see how easily you die. When you play against Azir, you will never even get close enough to farm. LB will kill you under your own tower. And I don't even comment the top lane. You may see how OP Yasuo is against Jax, Swain, Pantheon, Fiora, Renekton. Or against Tryndamere, who can use his ult in the middle of your one. You may play against Nasus and use your windwall to block exactly nothing from his kit. Kayle makes it even worse cause she autoattacks you through your wall. I can continue this conversation with more and more examples. Even captain Teemo with his blind counters you. It requires significant efforts to become good with Yasuo. If you go 0-2 in lane, you will never get back until 35-40 min. You have dozens of counters, your ult brings you to the enemy team and unless everything is calculated, you die in a second. Buy Yasuo, play Yasuo 50 games, then comment again.
: thats actually funny.. as i dont get automatic answers when i talk to the support.. we even had a chat about some stuff and i got the players OP.gg.. if that is automated them i am honestly amazed
So one employee was good and you assume all of them are hard-working and dedicated? In most cases, they don't pay any attention. Of course there may be some exceptions, but overall the service they provide is extremely poor.
tabsi v2 (EUW)
: Player Support is a little bit poor
I don't believe what you say. What is certain is that you will never receive a good answer from support. They don't read what you say them. They have a system where they search for a particular word, then send an automatic reply. You mentioned permanent ban - here is your answer. You mentioned leaver buster ban - here is another ready reply. You lost your acc - here is the ready list of steps you should take. These guys don't deserve to receive salaries, it is just pathetic.
Riot tmx (EUNE)
: Server is now open! Please patch and get in, we're here to listening to your feedback and any issues you encounter.
TMX, can I get a reply from you? The guys from the support send answers without reading. I was banned because of issues on your end, I demand compensation and not an automatic reply. I want this leaver buster ban deleted from records, I want my LP back.
TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: Can't Connect to Game
I received my answer from support. I am really disappointed. These guys don't read what you tell them. I explained in details all that has been going on. The answer was an explanation of what Leaver Buster is. A detailed explanation that his guy has sent to hundreds of other players. He thought I rage because I am banned and explained why there is such system. He missed the fact that everyone who updated to 6.17 on EUW was later unable to start a game on EUNE, which was 6.16. It feels as if I am talking to a wall. I don't know why these guys get salary. He literally didn't read any of what I wrote. He just saw 'Leaver Buster' and sent the already ready reply. It is pathetic, a company with such profits (from our money) cannot hire employees who will do their job properly.
DiabeIo (EUNE)
: Guys... https://status.leagueoflegends.com/?en_GB#eune It clearly says that today EUNE will be disabled for 12 Hours
These are two different issues. Read the discussion before writing.
Riot tmx (EUNE)
: Server is now open! Please patch and get in, we're here to listening to your feedback and any issues you encounter.
Now after the job is done, consider resolving the issue caused by the different versions in EUW and EUNE prior to the patch. As you probably know, anyone who upgraded to 6.17 on EUW was unable to play on 6.16 EUNE. Some people, me including, got banned by leaver buster and lost LP. Since the problem was not caused by us and we had no way to know of this bug, the suspensions should be lifted.
Lyrcaxis (EUNE)
: lol dood i don't wanna go ahead calling you names.. but going ahead and starting a 2nd game after having this error once was plain stupid.
The first game was only 3 minutes, so I had time to try and reconnect only 2-3 times. Everyone of us has experienced the same 'Cannot connect to servers' issue in the past. After the first game, I still taught the problem may be with me.
NojusLT159 (EUNE)
: Game crash/black screen after champ select.
The LoL developers and testers are just so bad. With every patch (followed by endless bugs and issues) I say to myself 'Nothing can surprise me anymore'. And yet it does. They should issue a formal apology to all affected users and compensate us. Because now we cannot play for at least 24 hours and some of us are even banned.
TheOldOneLT (EUNE)
: I wonder if writing support ticket would help. Maybe they can refund lost lp for this - games were remaked after all...
If it doesn't help then RIOT thinks we are idiots. It is just not acceptable to ban people like this. I wrote in the ticket that I DEMAND them to remove my ban and give my LP back. I don't please, I don't hope, I demand because it is their problem and not ours. We didn't stay idle on purpose, we didn't rage quit. I really hope I don't receive an answer 'The Leaver Buster bans will not be removed under any circumstances'. I cannot say I will stop playing LoL, but 100% I will never spend another cent on it.
TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: Can't Connect to Game
The only good thing is the problem is massive, so they may fix it. I just lost two ranked games in a row because I couldn't connect. The first was remade by my team, the second took 30 mins. I tried to connect 20+ times, shut down the whole client 5+ times, restarded the PC. I wrote a very detailed ticket to support. Now I lost LP, leaver buster banned me for 20 minutes, got losses on my record. When the problem again is with the stupid server. I will not be banned when the fault is riot's and not mine.


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