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: Most of those ‘issues’ aren’t something Riot can deal with... what are they supposed to do ban anyone who might be a smurf, that won’t go horribly wrong. > Oh and btw, just so you guys will know: No matter how many games you'll release, I'll make sure to make the players's life a miserable hell by ruining as much people's experience as possible. :) Seems like your part of the ‘ongoing problems’
> > Seems like your part of the ‘ongoing problems’ Oh you have no idea. And it will keep being this way ;)
JustTits (EUNE)
: Really glad for the new games! Are you gonna fix your first one, though?
Oh and btw, just so you guys will know: No matter how many games you'll release, I'll make sure to make the players's life a miserable hell by ruining as much people's experience as possible. :)
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nJacob (EUW)
: You should play the game a bit more before you try to suggests way to improve it friend, since you clearly lack some basic understandings of this game. For a start, smurfing will never be prohibited and an intentional feeder detection system can not and never will be implement (other than, of course, the 0/20/0 mobi boots 5x tear stuff). League's matchmaking is actually quite fine except at very high elos (challenger mostly) and the game is currently the most balanced it's ever been.
"You should play the game a bit more before you try to suggests way to improve it " I dont know what to say, other than the fact that you're gold 4 with almost 200 games in this season only. And you're telling a CLEARLY smurf Boards account to play more. Get over yourself, "friend".
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: Tyler is a smart dude? I sincerely doubt that. This guy has all the intellectual prowess of a wet towel. That said, I agree that even he seems to have realized he can't pull the same stunts he used to. He's still an asshole, because that's what his whole persona is built around, but he's controlled about it.
Or you're just a snowflake and can't handle the cruel internet.
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Shamose (EUW)
: Yeah the Riot legal team should really focus more on champion balance. What else would they do with their law degree?
Stick it up their arsehole, preferrably. And to be a member of THIS balance team, you need to have 2 hands, and that's it.
Shamose (EUW)
: There is a difference between getting inspired by something and trademark infringement. Riot games has a trademark for "Riot" and "Riot Games" when used in games and esports. So they have every right to sue.
Ye-ye-ye-ye, sure. I wish they'd pay this much attention to the balance, trashy client and intentional feeder detection system. Maybe after 10 years, they'd actually make some improvement.
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: Looking at your post alone already convinces me you are most likely toxic in-game and flaming teammates. Bad games happen and you will climb if you play well. Do you ever look at what gets picked and counterban champs? Evelynn is for example a really annoying champion in your Elo, so it might be a good choice to ban her. Do you roam when you win your lane? Do you help the jungler with securing objectives? Do you deepward the jungle? Do you use TP to only go top or do you also use it to TP in and help a lane? There are a lot of variables and most variables are due to your own lack of awareness in a game. If it always was "your teammates" you would win more than lose, cause all those players are playing on the same skill level you do, meaning they do play their current best. Aside from that, you seem to be new, so it might just take you a few "hundred" games to actually position yourself on the ladder. As long as your winrate is above 50% you will climb, if it goes below that, you might want to take a few steps back and review what you did wrong and what you could improve. Ranked is a journey and on a journey you will encounter obstacles, learn how to get around those obstacles, learn from your mistakes and you will get further. just blaming your teammates for everything wont solve anything.
The basic whiteknight Riot defending garbage.
: What is so damn fun about playing a 4v5?
But at the same time, who cares about normal games? That's the gamemode to troll around with AD Malz and stuffs.
: We want transparency on what's going on with the 2019 Worlds song!
Who cares about that garbage song. The most important elements of the game are balance and matchmaking. Everything else is secondary. Since both of the mentioned ones are in absolutely terrible state, I'd rather force the Riot spaghetti coders and monkey balance team to start actually working and not just wasting time and getting paid for their trashy work.
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Cronays (EUW)
: Lux Hitbox is just great :D
Riot doesn't really care about these kind of clarity.
: Excess Beta Pass Points should grant Blue Essence
Nope. You can buy champions with BE. Any reward that affects SR should not be a reward in TFT (aside from useless icons).
: Just had the most toxic player i ever faced
Stoo being so snowflake. Mute them and there you go.. Int feeders are worse
: League is not fun anymore...
Just do what I do. Play occasionally, and even then, ruin other people's game. Just be careful about how you do it, so Riot's trash system won't (can't) detect it.
Infernape (EUW)
: Funnily enough CertainlyT (Akali's creator) doesn't work on League anymore. He's doing research and development.
He should look for research to see if he has any braincells left.
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: Low priority queue for life.
There are way better options to ruin other people's game and Riot's trashy intentional feeding system can't even detect it if you do it smart enough. Don't flame and don't AFK, they don't work as much.
: Kai'Sa has to be retuned
But they nerfed her lategame E attack speed steroid! They made her completely balanced! I mean seriously, what do you expect from a balance team like this one? I wonder if they're getting paid for their dogsh*t work.
: It's not about the MM, or the whiteknights, to be super onest this is a very silly idea. Sorry I hope you or a moderator don't get offended. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
You can't offend me. I'm not a 21st century child.
: Alright then, let me dumb it down for you: Insulting people who don't agree with you doesn't make you any less wrong.
Again with the insulting. Hope you won't cry in a corner because someone on the internet said something to you that wouldn't offend anyone abovethe age of 14.
: His answer is 100% true. Feel free to waste money on the donations to see how good his answer is.
Well, have plenty of money, and since this is just another level 10 smurf account, I think you get the rest of my point. ;)
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: >Second: If the vest majority of pro players say that the matchmaking is bad, the rest of the community's opinion about this matter is something noone cares about. This includes the Rito whiteknights. Case studies of %%%ushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident proves, that many people believes that one can become "infected" by nuclear radiation by standing near (or touching or talking to) people who lived near power plant during the events. This is completely wrong according to every scientists, but still many people believe in that. From my own questionnaires I found that many people have no idea what in reality is clean energy and what many technologies bring with themselves, including the nuclear power generation. Still they voice their idea how the security should be achieved. The fact that some group, even if it majority of society, believes something is true, doesn't make it true. >Third: I expect mods to delete either this thread or comment because someone might get butthurt over something, this is just how 21st century works. Welcome to the 21st century where people who were never told how to behave properly, use aggressive statements towards people who have different opinion, and then come and cry on public places like snowflakes. In good old days, good spanking from parents would fix this kind of behaviour.
In GoOd OlD dAyS Go back to your 1800's days then. Throw away all electricity and live under a rock. :D
: 1) You think you're going to get honest answers? Most streamers, especially those living off their persona [hey there T1 you sad abomination], say whatever they need to in order to stay popular. They'll go with whatever their persona and popular opinion demands they tell u and not what they really think. 2) There's a huge difference between matchmaking in silver and matchmaking in master+ where most big streamers play. The latter is in no way representative for the way matchmaking normally works for us plebs. 3) Even if your poll comes back positive this is no "proof" of anything. Opinions aren't facts, and streamers are just as susceptible to the "oh, my teams are always worse" bias as every silver player that blames matchmaking for why they're hardstuck and claims that it's not their fault.
I'm actually just gonna upvote you so whiteknights can cheer in their room for "ooof telling me so hard". From 9 to 10.
: You do realize acting like the victim of some oppressionist anti-free-speech regime that only exists in your imagination doesn't actually make your methodology any less flawed, right?
You do realize trying to sound clever does not make you one, right?
Mada (EUW)
: Why in the name of %%%% would you write "interesting"? Are you aware that it is not interesting at all? Also, proof does not work this way. If you have an overwhelming majority of people saying something, it's only proof that an overwhelming majority will answer that in a survey.
I wrote "interesting", so stop being a little puss.
: I knew that he was ready to hit that wall of disappointment but didn't know that someone will gonna throw that wall over him.
Oh yeah, he definitely told me. Tell me more about that wall he threw at me :D
JustTits (EUNE)
: I will try and do an "interesting" survey among TOP streamers
First of all: I give zero care about downvotes OR whiteknight trashes on this Boards, so if you've come here to act like one, I guess you're free to do so, the polishing of each other's peepee might sound good for you. Second: If the vest majority of pro players say that the matchmaking is bad, the rest of the community's opinion about this matter is something noone cares about. This includes the Rito whiteknights. Third: I expect mods to delete either this thread or comment because someone might get butthurt over something, this is just how 21st century works.
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: You are basically asking riot to slaughter jax, trading would with jax would mean free lanes, jax engaging in team fights would make him useless as he could tank but would not be able to damage anyone,therefore changing he way you play jax and build on him entirely and riot will not do that, if you hate playing against jax so much then just ban him
I am basically asking Riot to balance Jax and give more opportunities for enemies to counter. Shojin and Conq is making him insanely broken.
: You're asking for logic in a game where a cat on a book can kill a planet-consuming star dragon, or where a rat with a gun can kill a moving mountain. Yeah, nerf jax cuz of that
Nerf Jax cuz of balance problems, dumb.
: His E would be worse than Vladimir's W - and Vlad has no mana. His E would be worse than Fizz's E - and Fizz deals much more damage with it His E would be worse than any defensive spell in game.
Vlad has no consistent damage and doesn't have a gapclose/escape on a non-existant cooldown Fizz's E has actually high cooldown, noticably higher than any of Jax's spells Nope, utter bullshit, dodge is a removed mechanic - for a reason. Just like mana burn.
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Imagine wanting logic to a game where a little rat with a blowgun can beat a mountain, the most terrifying monsters of ~~hell~~ the Void and the creator of parts of the universe.
Then reply to the balance part. Shojin Jax is the one you call ~~hell ~~Void.
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: you're the one wasting time trying to convey that message to the rest of the community, I'm just having a laugh watching your sorry ass complain. You not recognizing the skill expression in the game is delusional already but hey think what you wanna think.
I'm not wasting time, or if I am, it's actually not more than you. I don't care about your delusional ass comments, but hey, think what you wanna think. Go back to TFT and prove your ~~RNG~~ skill.
GLurch (EUW)
: Slavery is any system in which principles of property law are applied to people, allowing individuals to own, buy and sell other individuals, as a de jure form of property. Slavery was legal in most societies at some time in the past, but is now outlawed in all recognized countries. Did you perhaps mean "report"? "Reporting" is an option any player of the popular game League of Legends can utilise to ask for the punishment of behavior they perceive as negative. It can be done through using the report system after a game in the post-game screen or by sending a report to the Riot Support. The reported case will then by looked into by Riot Games and they will take action as they see fit. Contrary to the belief of some people, Riot Games does not punish because they were told to, they have their reasons for punishing people (as can be seen for example here: [reddit link that I don't want to embed, just look at wookieecookies response to the post >.>]( \).
"The reported case will then by looked into by Riot Games and they will take action as they see fit." Only if you're popular enough. Otherwise, due to 'resources", you are allowed to ruin hundreds or even thousands of people's game until you might get noticed doing it.
: how long ago was this? i dont blame them, but people always seem to jump at the opportunity to say bad shit about nightblue
: ah! The usual TFT doesn't require any skill whatsoever. Is that why you always lose yet everyone else seems to do alright for themselves? I guess you're the only unlucky player in the community. Get over yourself. I've played enough TFT to know the "luck" you're talking about only applies to the early-mid game where if you're lucky you can get a strong comp and get ahead (but do you tho?). Also, let me're one of those that always struggles with money? ahahha
Played 1 game, finished first. That 1 game was more than enough to see how much skill that gamemode requires. Stop being delusional about the existence of TFT's skillcap.
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