Shiwah (EUW)
: When you're streaming, you are in public. You aren't supposed to use the same language you use in private there.
Does that mean, that you agree with that? If yes, then watch this ---> and tell me did anyone from that clip received punishment?
: How Much is Too Much?
Wow... Just wow...
Krubaver (EUW)
: ok let's stop kidding ourselves...
You played almost 150 ranked games & seems like you're silver V. Please at least don't try to convince us that you can't reach higher rank, because your team is "to heavy to carry"... ... And it's not true about that 0,0000001% - at least not about everyone...
Rioter Comments
: These are not exactly quick moves, just running up and down :D Did you switch movement prediction on?
I just logged in my PBE account, where I have ~140 ping & I turned that "Movement Prediction" on. And I must admit, that I had something similar, like in your video. But you're saying that LoL is unplayable for you since patch 7.6? 1) Everything with that "Movement Prediction" was working fine before 7.6? 2) Is LoL unplayable for you even when you turn that "Movement Prediction" off?
: Ok so I love gambling and had to do this with 100 shards... what a clickfest, shame you can't buy and open them in bulks. XD This is the starting point, I had 14563 BE before opening any tokens. After opening all 100 tokens I had 17023 BE so I got 2460 BE extra from opening the tokens. After disenchanting it all I have a total of 42535. This means that I invested 170,000 IP and got 27,972 BE. 27972*6,5 = 181818. Funny number! xD So in all I gained 11 818 IP, am I correct? {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
1) Nice one! 2) Wow - so you had 170 000 IP? Wow - and I though, that I played this game A LOT xD Well - welcome back to the reality KMyL xD
: I wasted 100€ to get urfwick anyway. Might as well share the results.
Wow - one hundred Euro for urfwick? I'm impressed - right now my calculations says, that in preseason I'll have enough BE to buy this skin in BE store, but I'm pretty sure, that I wont buy it, because it's not worth for me :S Different people - different tastes.
: Is buying and disenchanting Champion Shards worth it?
1 month earlier at reddit: It's gambling: some people tried it & got some extra blue essence and some said that they lost... Tomorrow I'll score 90 000 & in few days I'll try this as I planned ~1 month ago.
: Halloween Chest Opening (Worlds Orb and Hextech Chests)
Thank God there is a"mute" button >.<"
: It's like I tried everything to fix it, but I just realised this problem is client-sided, since I can reproduce this on any PC and any network above 60ms.
Technically - yes. But practically - no, because for example even I (just now) launched practice tool, picked twitch & tried those "quick moves" - I had 0 problems. So if you could - write specifically how you tried to fix that.
: The game is unplayable for me.
That some weird thing. In some way a little funny... At least for me. So - tell me what you tried to fix that?
: Client cannot update, error over 8000 times in one day
> opened and closed the client, restarted router, changed connection, used VPN, nothing solved it Try full repair option in client.
ego1st86 (EUNE)
: Do you guys smoke?
Rioter Comments
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: As I've said twice now, I do not know that. Some think you'll get a random, _unowned_ champion (in which case, 100% certain the next new champion), while I think you'll only get a random champion. Save the Hextech Champion token, and wait for a new champion if you want. It'll be interesting to know for sure what happens. Personally, I think it's random, and that you'll get, for example, Master Yi. If you got all 8 Star Guardian tokens, and you got the limited ward skin already, just get the Hextech Champion token. You can't spend the Star Guardian tokens on anything other than those two things anyway.
OK - thanks for help. As I mentioned earlier I earned only 4 tokens from that event, but: to be honest I don't need that ward skin (even when I'm actually a Manga/anime fan[but not a weeb!]) because I'm OK with my S3 skin & I'll got Honor 5 ward skins so... Yeah. Thanks for help.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Just to clarify on the difference: _Shards_ are defined as 1/3 of something - you use 3 champion shards to get 1 champion. A _permanent_ is complete content, without the need for anything else to get it - 1 champion permanent is 1 champion. The 4x SG tokens will get you a champion _permanent_ token. Which, yes, will give you 1 champion from all the champions in the game. Nothing to reroll, no Blue essence cost, nothing else needed - it will give you one champion. But for how long you can hold the champion token in your inventory, I do not know, should you want to save the token for later. If you already got the Star Guardian ward, and got the last 4 SG tokens, just get the Hextech Champion Permanent token and take it from there.
So - If I will buy that "Hextech Mystery Champion Permanent" and use this after new champion release will I have 100% change to get that new champion for free, OR I'll just got random "permanent token", so I can for example got master yi? :S
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: 4 Star Guardian tokens -> Hextech Mystery Champion Permanent token. You open the token and get a champion permanent. I got all champions too, and when I opened the token, I got a Camille permanent. I already had Camille, so I just disenchanted it. But yes, you will get a mystery token that you will have to open separately, containing a champion permanent. However, some say they are saving the token for the next champion release, under the impression that they will get a random, _unowned_ champion. I have been unsuccessful in finding any specific information on that, and cannot advice on that, outside it being interesting to see if a random permanent will really give an unowned champion. Presumably, you can have the token in your inventory indefinitely, but I cannot confirm that. Though I cannot remember seeing an expiration date on the token. As it is, I'd recommend disenchanting it. A champion permanent will yield 488 BE, which is turned into 3172 BE once pre-season hits (November 8) for use in the BE store.
Oh - so you're telling me, that I'll get a token & I can use it in future, but if I'll use it I'll get random champion from all champion pool available in the game? So this token is not guaranteed for me as a reroll 3 champion shards to get random champion from "not-unlocked pool"?
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: When you get the Hextech Mystery Champion Permanent, you get a random champion permanent token. When you open the token, you get a random champion for free, permanently. Yes, you may keep it for future use, but note that it is random, and may very well be a champion you already own. And as it is random, its value can be anything, from a 450 IP champion to a 6300 IP champion. Disenchant values: If 450 IP champion: 130 BE If 1350 IP champion: 292 BE If 3150 IP champion: 395 BE If 4800 IP champion: 440 BE If 6300 IP champion: 488 BE
Thanks, but seems like I didn't wrote enough informations: I have all champions already. So: 1) Will I get "mystery token" & I won't get particular/chosen already champion, so I can easy wait & use this token to unlock incoming new champion? 2) Or If I'll buy it I'll got some particular champion Shard right after buying it immediately & the only option for me is just disenchant it for BE? :S
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: Does Riot expect us to buy the emotes? (450 RP)
Of course they don't. And all players have the same opinion as your's. & To proof it I'll show you what I see now, when I checked store: Top sellers. That's all for this "emotes QQ" threads.
: New pbe signups
Correct me if I'm wrong, but IMO PBE is created for testing & feedback. But IMO most of kids want's to get to PBE only because they will have all stuff for free, and they will have chance to test new champions for free & just play for fun without any feedback for Riot. I had account in old PBE years(?) ago - A LOT of AFK'er or leavers etc. Why? "Well - I'll got new account anyway" So IMO these changes & requirements are good.
: EUNE - I'm looking for people to complete "Close combat" mission
~ 5 minutes ago I completed it wit 4 nice players: thank you very much. But if I'll be online & someone will need 1 more person: add me, probably I'll help you too ;)
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: Can I get from Honor level 4 to 5 in one month?
IMO of course you CAN. But Of course it depends how many honors you will receive & you won't get any ban or something like that. I personally got lvl 3 after ~1,5 month. But after that I went to lvl 5 in something like ~3 weeks. So IMO gasp between lvl 2 & lvl 3 is bigger, than between Lvl 3 & lvl 5, 1 month it's a lot of time. ~60 games? IMO you CAN do it easily. You CAN, but I didn't said that you WILL ;) But in other hand - finally we can see season rewards & looks like there will be only different ward skin color (honor rewards), so... IMO Not a big deal...
derpumu (EUW)
: ARAM is crawling with bots and nothing seems to be done against it.
And it's ANOTHER post about it. I saw so many threads about it, I personally see bots at EUNE but I didn't probably saw any in ARAM, but a lot in CO-OP games. Can anyone tell me did someone, or anyone from Riot said/wrote anything about that? At boards or at reddit? Or they just ignore it?
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KMyL,realm=EUNE,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=sHueTTrW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-02T15:32:05.241+0000) > > Should appear today. Probably at 19:00 CEST, Max at 21:00 CEST. > > To be honest I was curious too {{sticker:sg-kiko}} Yay, thanks for the info.
Hehe - I logged at 19:12 CEST & new missions didn't came out, but now I logged in & finally they came :D So now we have at least 6 days to do 5 new missions & wait for another {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
CJXander (EUNE)
: Mission!?
Should appear today. Probably at 19:00 CEST, Max at 21:00 CEST. To be honest I was curious too {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: honor5 too easy and not deserved ?
I don't wanna be rude, but: It's Riot & it's Riot's system, so even in 7'th (7 years of developing) season this won't be a very good system. But to be more specific: - I'm honor 5 lvl - I can truly tell you, that reaching this lvl is very easy. VERY. - people/kids are creative & can reach 5'th level even when they don't deserve it. The only way is to answer the one question - is Riot's ban/punishment system better? Because if it is, then those kids will lose that honor lvl. And if what you're saying is true, then probably other people reported them as well, so ban/punishment system should at least check their behavior. There should be a hope, that people don't forget to report, so those behaviors should get more patient. That's just a system & every system can be tricked. But at least you wrote > 1/3 of honor 5 players who i play with/against are Well - 2/3 nice players vs 1/3 bad players - overall seems good for me ;)
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Is this link not in english for you? In the top right coner you can choose your server and it's language, if you continue to have this issue you should clean your browser cache.
Oh - thanks man! It works = It's in english.
Rioter Comments
: Undeserved permanent suspension.
> additionally I had spent money on rp using this account, and would be very disappointed to see it go to waste. It's now wasted - you bought something (probably) & Riot got that money, so... No, but seriously - you wrote you had 1 "tempo ban" (i have no idea what that mean) in 5 years... And you got permban for game mentioned in chatlogs? Daaaamn - seems like there is a thin line to be permbanned. Thats somehow weird for me... Well that's somehow scary, but in the other hand i probably never wrote to anyone something like "both of you hopefully you suffer something terminal".
: Someone Stole my account
> Riot why are you doing this to me? What Riot did to you? They give you a chance to play a game? Or what? > My account has been stole Damn. How someone can stole your account? You clicked in some weird link? Entered some weird website? > from someone Wait. What? From someone? So you gave someone your account and someone else stoled your account from that someone, or you just anted to say " has been stole by someone"? > and I am silver 3 there Well... Maybe you spend a lot of money for RP? :^)
23cm (EUNE)
: Key fragments and honor level
I don't know details, but I heard, that players can get ~4 chests per month & ~12 key fragments per month... Not sure is it true...
Stukeley (EUNE)
: [EUNE] LFG Invasion
I sended friend request - if didn't came: invite me :) I'm looking for 4 people.
Helblindi (EUNE)
: Invasion missons EUNE 3/5 IGN Helblindi
I sended friend request - if didn't came: invite me :) I'm looking for 4 people.
MajsonN (EUNE)
: Invasion S mission (3/5)
I sended friend request - if didn't came: invite me :) I'm looking for 4 people.
DreakCZ (EUNE)
: Invasion team
I sended friend request - if didn't came: invite me :) I'm looking for 4 people.
Arkoth20 (EUNE)
: (EUNE ONLY) looking for a team to make the invasion mission icon by getting S or S+
I sended friend request - if didn't came: invite me :) I'm looking for 4 people.
: EUNE:Looking for a team for last few tries for the Invasion missions
I sended friend request - if didn't came: invite me :) I'm looking for 4 people.
: Hi! Same here. Just added you, KMyL. I'm looking for players who want to complete those missions. We are like 3-4 friends who play usually, so we need some people. Add me if you don't have a friend group or if you need a serious and versatile player, thanks :).
But seems like we can't play together S: Because I'm from EUNE & you form EUW.
Ardoria (EUW)
: Hey there, which elo are you and do you already have other people? Ardoria
1) I'm unranked 2) Nope - I'm totally solo
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hazza10 (EUW)
: Giveaway of Championship Ashe!
: My account was perma banned for no reason
> because apparently the email i used was disabled. WAT?!
Bogity (EUNE)
: Permabanned. Come and enjoy my tilted and %%%%%%ed chat logs and laugh
So you're telling me that you got permbanned... Not 14 days or something, but perm... And you're just uploading only this 1 log, right?... ... Am I right? Right? ... Well. the only thing I can write to you is - _**COOL STORY BRO!**_ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
jorikke (EUW)
: Don't get loading screen (reconnect button)
Did you tried repair option in client options?
: What is that gift?
So you "dodged" informations about it in game client & at main LoL's page, but you found boards to ask about it? Hmmmm... Nice1
: When riots like "Hold my beer and move out my way"
Spaghetti {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Why?
IMO, & I repeat IMO: - some people dodge ARAM's champ select because they don't like overall setup. So they will have the same champ, but still can dodge only to have better team composition, - if players will be"locked" with their picks from dodged game, then matchmaking system will need much time & probably more "code" to find enemy team, that don't have our specific champions, - we're loosing that "lottery" option, which some people don't like (because their champion was fine) & some people like (because they didn't have rerolls but "at least someone dodged, som maybe next time I'll get diffent champ") - what about rerolls? For example: I've got Hecarim. Have two rerolls. I decided to reroll. I 've got Teemo. I feel good with Teemo. Someone dodged. Then what: I'll have in new game Hecarim with two rerolls, or teemo with two rerolls? If we will go with that first option - my rerolls should also be "locked" & after all I should get teemo in first reroll? Or I should have random rerolls? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Delije1945 (EUNE)
: Can i run LOL on LINUX???
What is your PC? CPU? GPU?
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