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: Ancient coin quest reward feels really weak and unrewarding
I agree with this entire post. Since the new update I have felt like I am 2-3 levels behind every time I play Janna from the begining of the game until the end. I feel like though the previous Ancient Coin granted more health regen (with the health restored from nearby minions dying) and now that it gives % missing mana it feels even more useless. I have to go to the dropped coin, most likely taking some damage, and then I have to go back to base, thus missing more coins and experience...
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: There are players that only play ranked tho,I can't see riot forcing faker to play normal games before playing something in ranked
Good point. But you can't rely on the expectation that everyone is Faker-level player. This is a minor complain of mine, I have had like 3-4 people like this recently, but it's still kind of annoying.
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