Montri (EUNE)
: It's indeed a big situation. My opinion is that such an action would be too difficult. Just think that maybe almost everyone who got those capsules disenchanted , rented, rerolled and made some permanent skins. Do you imagine what it takes to undo all that? {{sticker:darius-angry}} I think the hunt would be a mess.
It is indeed looks hard to undo all, but they have done it on one fo the servers. But yeah,I see your point.
Montri (EUNE)
: League of disappointment
I wanted to learn your oppinions about 1 BE Capsule bug, since you were player for 5 years. DO you think it is okey to not revet it?
: lol ur so salty, i don't use skins even if i have them, don't wanna fall into that monny eating abys, but if some peaple got lucky and ended up with all the skins of the game, so be it, it doesn't mean they will be beter than you, it only mean they got lucky mean they will, so dont be grumpy about it and just forget it, be like Faker, he never use skin (exept uncle ryze vs US teams XD) but is still one of the best players in LOL history !!
I don't care about skins :D But as person I don't like injustice. I will not play for a week. Wish people were feeling how bad it is having broken trust...
Requıem (EUW)
: Did anyone actually read the post that riot made on the issue? Less than a 100 players in each region took advantage of the bug. That seems like a very low percentage of players to be getting upset over.
Than don't you think it is easier for them to do in manually? I think believing that is also funny. 14 minutes in ALL SERVERS :D And Only less than 100 people abused it :D Very funny joke :D
: Your post is saying Singapore and not Vietnam so...
I couln't change it :D It does not matter, it is fixable bug anyway
: The post title is saying Singapore and Garena as a whole. I'm just commenting on what is written
I couldn't change it. THe server name is Garena, sorry :D
: > the server with one of the largest player's database So It is kind of lie to say that it is gonna take so much time to fix it. EUW : 3,137,653 Singapore : 124,840 It's actually one of the smallest regions in the world... Please, make sure to check the stats before giving false info. Reverting it on EUW is so much different from doing it on Singapore. Stats from . They are not 100% exact, but they give an idea on how big the difference is.
THat post is from Vietnam, but I didn't change it cuz it does not matter where it is from. CUZ İT İS DOABLE. Korea 2,249,606 Europe West 2,010,943 North America 1,232,157 Vietnam 1,164,877
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > That previlage of having fancy skin is now taken away. How? you can still get the skin. nothing's changed. You're not the one who was wronged here, it was Riot themselves and if they decide not to do much then it's their loss. BTW they still did something regarding this: > Yesterday I announced on Twitter that we'll be reverting and refunding all BE-purchased Prestige Points along with the Aatrox Prestige skin. DO you really think removing only Aatrox Prestige skin, and Prestice Points matter? People have abused it in a way that, they have the content that most of us will never gonna have. The OE, The skin shards they have etc... it took only 4 days for Sİngapoore to fix it. Why not for the rest of servers... You are just on wrong side, by not asking what is right...
: Sure it did. I am a player, I am a paying customer here, since 2010. I have given more than $2200 to Riot games, supporting the company, buying their IRL merch, and ingame content as well. The incident caused harm to me, personally in the following ways : * Made me lose faith in the company I supported. * I am an in-game collector. Having piles of skins gives me a feeling of in-game accomplishment. The whole incident made me realise that all my virtual content - it basically means nothing. * Left me with an overall bitter taste in my mouth. I was hoping more from Riot. It impacted Riot in the following ways : * I have stopped spending money on their game, and IRL merch. * I am playing less and less since the incident. Something changed in me ... I can't look the same at the game any more. Sadly I don't like LOL as much, as I did before. YES - I do know that I am only one player. YES - I do understand that me not spending any more money has 0 impact in the "big picture". And YES - I do realise that me quitting has zero effect on the overall player-base. I have just given you my 2cents, on how this whole incident comes to "IMPACT PLAYERS" - on a personal level.
I never pay to this company and I will never will And just for people like you I have stop playing from the incident. What makes me sad is, there are actaully many people who do not care about loyal costumers like you. Wish as community we all were staying together and demand what is right thing to do... With my friends we decided to not play at least for a week, till they fix it or decide to do sometihng about it. To me it is just wrong to accept something obviously wrong. It is just sad that people can still defend them...
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Because this mistake didn't cause any harm, at least not to the players.
Having fancy skin is the previlage these people pay for. Why does it matter if it affects game or not? There is injustice, you can basically ask for the right decision too.. That previlage of having fancy skin is now taken away. Next time when we see fancy skins, to me it is sign of being dumbo to pay for company which do not care about their loyal company...
Wen294 (EUW)
: Because nobody got negatively affected by the actual bug, instead only the 'fix' of the bug would cause a negative effect whereas it would give no positive effect whatsoever. It's just not worth it to 'fix' it.
People are paying them to get previlage of looking fancy. What is to point of paying them for it now. To me people who are getting fancy skins are like just dumbos who pays to company which does not even care about their previlage. I don't understand why you are defending them? We are not happy with their decision and wanting them to do the same what Sİngapore server did.. If you don't demand anything, than stop infering between who asks for their rights and to the company who makes mistake...
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > PS: If you are okey with bug abuse, at least remain silent for the people who does not think it is right. I don't believe that the reason people care so much about this is that they want "justice" and not just jealous that someone else got really lucky while they didn't.
It does not matter if they want justice or if they are jealous, why should it? WHen there is mistake, they should fix it. When people mess up, they try to fix what they have caused. I don't understand, why it is so hard to demand your rights?
Rioter Comments
Mada (EUW)
: Not only that. The weird community outrage that occurred kind of forces me to make fun of it ^^
I make only fun of people who buys skin from them now :D It is the really funny joke of life :D Paying for company who can not even keep your previlage safe, and still paying for them to abuse you more :D GİVE THEM MONEY ALL PLEASE; JUST GİVE THEM MONEY :D
Mada (EUW)
: Singapore is special. They have no unemployment because the unemployed have to do menial tasks. Like checking 1000s of lol accounts for be purchases ^^
Soo? It is onlline job, let Sİngopore deal with it XD
Smerk (EUW)
: Yeah, they can revert it, they have all the logs they need. But it's two-sided sword. They have to either go slow road and spend months manually fixing this one transaction at the time. Or throw whole playerbase under the truck and do database rollback. Both options are pretty bad, so they decided to do nothing instead, quite reasonable decision in my opinion
In singapore it took 4 days to revert it all :) I think you guys are trying to convice yourself that the thing they suppose to is so hard :D BUt it is not. The time frame is known, the capsules come with prestige points so it is easy to determine who have abused the bug. I really don't understand, if you are okey with it, than let people who are not have action.
: Geez dude... just stop with that already{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Why stop? There was a mistake, so they are the one who have to clean that mess...
Mada (EUW)
: Add abusable bug notifier in lol app
There is a legendary guy who sees most of the bug before anyone else. Add him, and us. Next time when there is bug, we are all gonna let each other know :) It is good that we are not in Sİngopore server, cuz apperently they have worked to revert all bug related issues in 4 days :)
Smerk (EUW)
: Yeah, there is one. Instant win in the game, you just enter the game and then press power button on your PC and hold it for 10 seconds
Cool, Thanks for letting me know; I am gonna let enemy teams learn that too ..
Kurotsu (EUW)
: "On the morning of January 11, 2019, while adding items to the store for patch 9.1, there was an incident that caused the Blood Moon Capsules to be sold for 1 BE, while the actual value of this item is 140 RP. The price was up for about 20 minutes, during which, some players bought the Blood Moon Capsules with BE. To ensure fairness, the technician team reverted all the purchased capsules, along with permanent skins, skin shards, gemstones, and related BE. In the future, some measures will be implemented to prevent similar incidents from happening. --- I'm only quoting that reddit post
That is only 1 server in Sİngapure :D We need developers to annonce that, translation on Reddit is not something releable. Feel sorry now for people who abused bug in Sİngapore SEE IT İS DOABLE BUT THEY ARE NOT DOING IT
: They removed all the prestige points + aatrox skin for those who got them with BE. The capsules can't be reverted because it's too difficult. Also, they can't really punish them since people can just say "I didn't know it should cost RP, I thought it was a promotional event or something" So yes, they got tons of capsules and skins. But they can't get the prestige stuff
Reverting is difficult but not IMPOSSİBLE. With money people are paying to this company they can easly hire people to work on this case they have created manually. The time frame is known Their purchase history is known THe people got prestige points with that capsules so it is easy to determine who have abused the bug. They have reverted accounts before when there was some bugs etc in different regions. So probably there are mannny people abused this than you imagined. If you are okey with people stealing content, go for it. Have a happy defending the company who makes mistakes and does nothing to fix it properly. THey didn't even ask their costumers decision about this topic... We are not asking for perfect solution, we are not asking them to fix it immediatly now. What they do is not enough. We are talking about this kind of abuse. I have never seen that much OE or skins on an account before. WHo cares about prestige skins now when they have tones of exclusive skins etc. + I think know having prestige skin is like sayin "YEah I am so dumbo for paying company who does not even try to fix their shit"
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I think I heard they fixed it?
THey fix the bug, but let people have all the content from bug :D People who abuse the bug get 100 capsules without consequences :D NExt time when you see bug abuse it :) THat is what they teach us People who are paying to this company should really feel dumbo :D İt is like amount that most of us wil never gonna have.
Rioter Comments
: same here , this company is just rubbish .....
I tihnk people who are defending are just the same :D I am just so sorry for people who have trusted them...
: BIRDIE TALIYAH SKIN! - League Of Legends (Fan)
Was it gonna be included on next 1 BE capsule bug?
Requıem (EUW)
: Don't read if you hate controversial opinions
People are trusting this company to keep them have fancy skin previlage. THey are alrady giving mllions of money from all around the world. And you are saying hiring 100 people to fix it is worthless? THey are gonn ahire that people with our money, to keep the balance between paying and free playing people. All we are gonna do is abuse the next one. Before I see someone with fancy skin, I was thinking like what a cool supporter, I was feeling happy that I am playing with people who are supporting them Not when I see someone with fancy skin All I am thinking is what a dumbo person who supports company which can not even try to defend them. THey are not saying it is imposible, they are saying it would take time. We are not saying do it not, we are saying take time. THey are saying it would be hard to do it perfectly, we are not asking for the perfect, we want something reasinable. WHen there is bank issue, they freeze your account till you pay the dept in game. SO: THey can give them discounted prize for them to buy the comtent they steal THey can take time to revert it etc. But defending company who makes mistake is just very dumb
Requıem (EUW)
: Don't read if you hate controversial opinions
You guys are just Dumbo to pay AHAHAHAH, this is what they are saying. + 14 minutes in all servers is a lot to be honest...
Narthaus (EUNE)
Good luck with Riot, we are so happy with all bug and problems so stop crying. Hope for them to fix it in 14 minutes than it will be fine :)
Rioter Comments
: Made some poro-champion emotes
TO be honest I liked the emotes :D BUt Only would get them if I have them from chest or 1 BE capsule bugs :)
radetari (EUNE)
: Today I did a 4 minute plank
Basically, you are just dumbo fo rnot abusing bug, welcome to club :) But don't worry we all gonna abuse the bugs like hell on next one :)
: With my preorder of the Deluxe Edition when League of Legends was still available on steam, plus all my Riot Point Purchaes from Saison 1 - 9 I will be around like 500,00€. And this will be it for now, not acceptable. Else I flash to another Moba. {{summoner:4}}
THe sad part is, no one gives shit about how much you spent on this game... Feel sorry for you trusting this company
Baksa2111 (EUNE)
: Transfer acc from EUNE to EUW
Just open a new account? WHy transfer an account when there is always risk for you get banned so have second accountt o be on safe side
Hansiman (EUW)
: It really sounds like you're not reading what I'm writing. **IF** for some reason, a player is **not** detected by LeaverBuster, **but** they are getting an abnormal amount of reports for leaving games, then it might be looked into as to **why** they're not being detected.
I see now; Sorry for trusting the game so much. I thought it was detecting all leavers anyway. If there is possiblity for it to not detect leavers than yeah it is logicall to report to be safe
: Buy the RP. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Or wait for bug {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Takes only 14 minutes to abuse safely :)
: Critical error
There were much worse bugs, so just get used to it :) And hope for them to fix it in 14 minutes :)
Hansiman (EUW)
: I don't think you read the second paragraph in my post.
I read it but it makes no sense. Let's say there is someone who afk for 3 games. there will be oppurtinity for 27 people to report him for afk. Why there should be difference for him to detected 3 times for afk by game or Getting reported by 10 times or 27 times by people? The only difference will be his/her honor level will be effected probably, that is it :?
: Hey, at least the shop works! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Yes yes :D We need an other 14 minutes, hope it comes soon :D
Hansiman (EUW)
: Data collection can be used to improve systems. As an example, if a person is not being detected by LeaverBuster, but is getting an unnatural amount of reports for leaving games, it might be worth looking into as to what's going on.
YEah but game can get data basically from afk behavior itself? WHy does it matter if people report them for afk or not?
Enorize (EUW)
: game buged I can't accept any queue
We like that bug, there were much worse bugs... Just wait for 14 minutes, hope they will fix it :)
: What I hate most about playing in low ELO as a support
Play other lane, climb, than start to play support if you really enjoy playing support :) Otherwise your win rate will be mostly related to your team :)
vladiq (EUW)
: What Happens if REROLL 3 Ultimate Skins
I would only do that İf I got them from 1 BE capsules :D
Asher2406 (EUW)
: Value of the skins haven't changed in any way. Only your personal view towards it. There aren't even enough people to actually show off that they got something for free, why can't you get it? Have you even read the ToU? There's nothing about special treatment, or anything like that. You're same player as millions of others whether you bought stuff from them or not whether you like it or not. Because, as already been said, BM Aatrox is a single skin purchase. All such type purchases can be reverted quickly. But, capsules are different. How are you gonna revert capsule purchases? They don't exist anymore. How can you revert something that doesn't exist? And in order to actually do it, they need to MANUALLY look into every single account and every single loot operation that was made - rerolling, disenchanting, upgrading. As already been said, it will take months and the game literally will be frozen for that period of time because it requires manpower. AI can't do such things yet.
Here is the point. THİS PEOPLE ARE PAYİNG MONEY TO COMPANY CUZ THEY HAVE TRUSTED THEM. THey are paying this company cuz they wanted to have previlage to look fancy. Buy making 10000 of skin they are already decreasing their skin value, but this mistake was far weorse than that. All I will think next time when I see someone with fancy skin is "Haahahaha Look at that dumbo, s/he just paid for that skin to coompany who does not even care about them, instead of abusing bug s/he decided to pay for it ahhahaha" THere was a mistake, we ar enot saying there should be no mistake. BUt when I fu%%%%p something, as a responsible person I try to fix it. I won't say something like " İt is gonna take to much time to fix it so I am not gonna fix that" People are paying them money. Use that money to hire someone to fix it in 100 days. If that is long hire 100 people to fix it in a day. Buy not defending us, you are basically making feel shit all this loyal costumers fo Rİot who has lost their trust already. cuz they are seeing how shit this community is. THis is what is gonna happen: Servers are already shit. THey are gonna get less money, and you are gonna enjoy your game with shitty more servers. Please buy more skins, spent more money on this companys; Cuz next time when we abuse the bug you are gonna feel how shitty that feeling is. You don't need to be affected from mistake to defende right side, it is just being jerk to accept it cuz nothing has happened to you.
: > don't spend RP on the blood moon event or ANY event for that matter till things are equal. Lol. Sure. I think I'll go get a bit more when I see the next really good skin (like Pug'Maw) **#RItoDidEverythingRight.**
Do it please; so it will be easier for us to realize how dump people can be to support compony which does not even care about their previlage :) + Buy making 100000 skins their skin's value is decreasing :D With this bug they just accerlerated it :D
: Riot is in a tough place, and I don't mean to defend them... but think about it: - punishing players who abused the bug is out of the question. it was not their fault that the game had a bug. it's not like those people used 3rd party programs to exploit a vulnerability or something like that... they just did what the game allowed them to do. it was riots own fault. - on the other hand, giving a meagre 5 capsules as compensation is barely anything at all. I have 21k blue essence right now. do you think it would be a fair compensation to receive 5 capsules instead of 21.000? it would be so ridiculous, that I would take it as an insult if riot actually did this. - and lastly, they can't bring back the bug either, because like I just mentioned, I have 21k be. converting this into 21.000 capsules would give me a life-time supply of orange essence and riot obviously doesn't want this. riot never had the balls to take responsibility for their mistakes. it was the same problem when they decided to take back their word on championship riven.
We are not asking them to ban those people: THey can revert this basically saying it was obviously mistake; THey can give them discounted price for the content they steal: They can revert them manually, that is what they said cuz it was possible but taking time. THy this effects me is, there is no point to do misisons now when you can abuse the next bug( THey also know they are gonna do mistake), there is no point to participate in this contests in boards, there is no point to participate in tournements. All we learn now is we can abuse next bugs, and get away with it. We are all gonna fill the pain, when they realize they lose their loya costumers, And there is no respect to people with fancy skins now. TO me all people with fancy skins are like dump people who supports to company which won't even supports them
: I think it's ok to instigate others to stop playing or rather stop paying. I don't mind you doing that. You're furious, aggrieved, frustrated. But please don't disrespect others for having an opinion just _ because it's not the same as yours_. You have your reasons, others have their reasons and that's perfectly fine.
Yeah sure, I will just keep thinking same when I see next time player with fancy skin how bump it is to support compony who does not even TRY to fix their mistake. Before I was respecting them, they lost all that respect and trust by only not trying to fix it.
: Bruh, it happened, thoose people got lucky, just that. Be done with it lol My coment is going to have probably alot of downvotes, but atleast respect it. I respct yours. But it isnt a solution to beg to Riot to give X capsules or any other type of loot everytime something wrong happens... EDIT: Just to make sure, no, I didnt abused the bug. Didnt even knew it was one before the time was gone.
You are right, we are all gonna not give shit about about it at the end. BUt next time when I see fancy skin, all I will think will be how dumb these people who buy those skin from the company who does not even care about them. To me if they really do nothing, they are gonn alose our trust, Most of us will never pay for this content ever. ALl we need is just to abuse next bug and be lucky. People are paying this company from their savings. There are mostly childs who separe money to get some skins they want etc. WHen there is mistake, all they should do is at least try to fix it. But this company is saying it is possible but it would take time so we are not gonna do anything. THat is not what poeple who invested in this game deserves.
: I think the main reason for riot to do nothing about it are the costs. Is it worth to look for all of them and take it away? Most likely not. So they don't do it.
I think they are gonna lose money, cuz next time when I see fancy skin all I will think is this 1 BE capsules. I usually respect these people cuz they pay the content so we can play etc. BUt to me paying money to company which can not even TRY for their royal costumers right is being stupid. THey don't even care about their Royal costumers, why you guys are defending them. They can ask their royal costumers if they should revert it or not. BUt they will not cuz most of the players who paid for that content whats them to revert it.
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