Xuto (EUW)
: [Support Main]What could i pick to complete my 3/4 champion pool
Get morgana or Karma, blitz also col if you like hooking champ. Slowly you will get most of it. Ohh forgot LULU aso can be the champ you are looking for :D
Wackadoodle (EUNE)
: Double fight for your house mission. Is it a bug?
I think that is the reason why your house is number 1 now...
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: The reward was disabled, because people with epilepsy playing a game, where fights look like a night on a rave party, got seizures.
Ohh woaww, thanks :)
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: Champion concept: Cupid and Deon
I think 3 extra item slot will not be helpful unless there is extra gold gain from abilities, but I kind of like the concept :D SOund kind of support to me :D
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: 6 times in a row 14 days bans
SO basically you were wasting everybodies times to prove that you can get 14days of ban for 6 times .... You are just evil, and I don't like it :D
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: Is the league comics worth a read?
The writngs are soooo small, I planned to read them through laptop screen and I was like "woaaww what is this comic for ants?"
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kabakadamn,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EIEx5zkO,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-03-09T09:23:55.941+0000) > > Duo part is basically for ADC and Supports, > > Just because you do not play in bottom lane, if they make only soloQ that would be like nightmare for bottom lane I do play bot.. It is not my main but I did play a lot on bot.u have to keep in mind that enemy's could not duo either which would make game fair.and fair game play is bassicly key that is missing right now
Nope that is not the case, it will make the bottom lane more unstable. So synergy between team is important, but the synergicy between bottom lane is also very important factor to win the game. I prefer to play against to premade bottom duo to random 2 support and adc player.
smooker36 (EUNE)
: 208 level and still dont have all champs?????????????????????????????????? Unlucky tho :P
It is because (s)he does not unlock only champs with capsule :D I am level 155 and only around 70 champs left to unlock :D
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: Please remove duos from solo q and make it solo q
Duo part is basically for ADC and Supports, Just because you do not play in bottom lane, if they make only soloQ that would be like nightmare for bottom lane
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Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: As support main, I was like "Why it takes to much time to complete this quest for wards"....
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: because she is mute XD
Ohh %%%%, I didn't know that... Feel so sorry for sona now.. Ohh god, I feel feel sad for her now, everytime I play Sona...
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Murdarici (EUNE)
: its kinda rude to talk about Sona when she can't talk :(
Why she can't talk?
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N3utro (EUW)
: First stop playing normal games because no one play them seriously. If you wanna get better, play ranked, no matter your rank. If you feel you're beeing focused all the time and die before you can do anything in teamfights, let your teammates engage the fight, stay behind, hidden, and jump on a low health enemy when the opportunity comes. Riven ult is especially good when the whole enemy team is low health. You jump in, press R, and get a pentakill :D But playing toplane is actually hard because when you have a bad matchup if your jungle is bad you spend your whole game beeing able to do nothing at all. And even if you have a good matchup, if the enemy jungler is good you can make a mistake and feed :D Even if you never did before, i suggest you switch toplane for jungle because it's easier to carry games at this role. I'm a main jgl so i can give you some tips on how to start properly if you want ;)
> First stop playing normal games because no one play them seriously. If you wanna get better, play ranked, no matter your rank. Don't play ranked unless you feel good on your champ, you feel confident about your moves etc. People tak enormal games serious. You just practice and do your best with your champ. On normal mode most of the people will try to improve so it is norma if they play bad. BUt that is better than playing bad in Ranked. Ranke dmode is not to practice, it is to show how good you are... Please do not try to practice on ranked mode cuz every other player will play at their best, your advise on pushing someone to play ranked who does not feel secure about late game is wrong, otherwise yeah I can agree with rest.
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: Here's the issue - you tell your teammates what they are supposed to do but when you get told that you make a mistake you go into this mode of: I know it better, he has worse mastery than I do. Screw this guy I'm gonna troll. Telling your top lane to play it safe = calling him an idiot that doesn't know how to play. Rather ask what the matter is or encourage your jungle to help him out. Fact of the matter is, you played for one season = you don't know shit. Why do you ward the river bush at 1:20? Which river bush? Why exactly at 1:20? What's the situation here? Who's the jungle? Did he even start botside? What side are you playing? The game doesn't always work out optimal or the way you wish it would. You don't always have to get a control ward - especially not if you are incapable of protecting it. People die over this shit way too often. Yelling DRAKE, DRAKE, DRAKE doesn't magically earn it. Depends on what botlane looks like, which junglers, etc. - is mid going to help on it? Best you can do is warding it when you smell that they are going to take it and then contest it the best you can without automatically getting yourself killed for it. And - never expect ganks from your jungle. Don't rely on them.
> Fact of the matter is, you played for one season = you don't know shit. THis is the behaviour I hate. THere is 140+ Champs in this game. If I play with only 4 of them for a year, means that I have ovaral good knowledge about what I am doing. YOu are not the person who decides How much I know or not. It is not rocket sciene anyway. I am not saying I AM THE BEST. I am just asking this players to relax calm down. It is just a game, you do not need 5 years to know SHIT about it. The difference is, I do not say dumbo, I do not abuse them. I do not call for report for people if they do not play defensive or even they feed etc. It is normal mode to practice anyway, But this people do. This abuse adcs they even starts to call for for report, right after they caugh by Blitz when I ask them to play safer till I reach certain level. I have my own gaming style so I give them clue about my style, if tey give me clue how they wanna aproach etc I can follow them too. Noone need to follow it, but they do not need to cry to report. If they don't listen me ofcourse I won't listen them. I play in low tier, and in normal game most of people try new champs; and most of them appretiats what I do. I basically ask them not to feed, and enjoy. With Taric, we usually win most of team fights so I explain to trust in late game and don't feed ( cuz that is my champ is for, so I tell them How I can make them win) I do not need to explain you whys or nots here but; The middle river bush, which gives you clue about where enemy jg is, and gives you possibility to check river-bug. It takes pressure from midlaner and Jungler and for botlane so we know if JG might appear or not. I am not yelling Drake Drake to have it magically, I am telling that " when you go drake, I wil be there to help you so keep me in mind" If they do not need help they usually tell . Anyway, enjoy your awesomeness.
Soñjer (EUW)
: Suggestion: make a different color (like red) the ultimate bubble whenever it cannot be casted (oom)
I think pinning your mana, or ıf you can cast your spellss is part of communication. I enjoy when I ping My R is ready, and my team mates also Pins their Rs to kind of telling each ot that "Letttt's Parrrtyyy" :D And it bring motion to game :D We do not need to have everything automated :D
: Being level 5 on a champion means nothing, and getting S on a champion means nothing, all you need is basic game knowledge and you will be farther ahead than most people, also after checking your profile you seem to be playing Kata with little success, She is an extremely high skill champion and memes aside isn't just a click r to win. I recommend something like Brand which is very aggressive and does nice damage. Forgot to add with the season split every 3 months your rank resets so don't worry if you fall.
Actually it means. CUz especially in mid lane the calculations are more strict than most of other lanes. ANd it is mostly about knowing your champs limits. Level 5 person would know their champs limits to engae or not, than poor me they VS :D like you can die in 3 secs when you are playing vs with akali or zed etc. I play some champs good in mid like Xerath, Karthus(revers soraka :D ) but I wanna learn assasins that's why it is kind sometihn gnew to me, and makes things harder. Yeah Maybe I should try brand as support first, than mid. I used him when I started this game , and as not good with his mechanics, BUt will see how I can manage to play him now maybe :D Thank you for your advise :)
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Position draft exist in europe...or well...did exist
I think it is not :D I mean I am awesome support but very shitty mid laner :D And that really hurts me in drafts
: Is this a troll thread? First of all, your champ level doesn't mean anything if you don't know what your role's job is. 1) What do you mean with playing defensively? Running behind your ADC and letting the enemy support poke him down? 2) Do you though? Even someone that plays for 2 months thinks he knows what he's doing - usually he doesn't. So when do you ward where? 3) It's a competitive game. If you can't handle criticism play something else. If you don't enjoy playing support or even getting criticized, and then just troll I suggest you switch role or play a different game. You don't help anyone if you get butthurt over everything and then just tilt and troll.
Basically, I have many friends on my list and they found the way I support awesome. Fİrst of all, level on champ means something. Everybody need time to understand their champs limit, so the more you play with champ, the more you will know about your champs limits. When I am level 6 on my champs, it means something. It means I know my champs limit than you do yours. So when I am doing calculation, My calculations are more relavent than yours. 1) Defensive mean not engage when it is not secure enough. I would not go under turrent to get kill and die. Or if there is blitz who can hook you, I do not personally get closer to enemy when I do not have certain skills to counterplay. I even prefer to poke enemy a lot when I go defensively, make them go base and come back, so when there is exp difference, it is easier to take them down(I poke a lot like they can barely get 1 basic item, and 1 level difference is better than the item they would get) I poke a lot. So much like most of Adc would miscalculate and go in before I reach certainlevel that I need to up my skills to secure adc. You can not go go in with taric, zyra, zerath kind of champs before level 3, or it is illogical to engage before level 6 for Zİlean. I even played with adcs who does not know how to use lantern of Thresh. 2) Nope I put ward in river bushe at 1:20. Than expecting the adc to put ward on side bushes or river side(Which depends on stuation), And when I do not have ward, I do not like constantly pinged by someone who does not understand simply I do not have wards anymore. It is my game, I put ward wherever I want, I sometimes put wards on enemy buffs too, Cuz it helps jg to cordinate themselves. I usually take biscuits, and magical footwear. So most of the time I do not even go base till I reach certain amouth gold. So this means that I only go get control ward, around minute 14(After plates are down so there is no extra reason to push waves when everyone is out of lane to get gold) . WHen I have 450 gold I usually base too, but if adc already start to piss me off, I do not bother myself to wait for other 75 gold to get control ward. ADC do not have right to make me push get control ward while I can be full HP and Mana with biscuits. 3) Saying Dumbo to team members is not critism, İt takes the joy out of game. You can not defend the people who are constrantly saying what to do in abusive manner. I also tell people what to do sometimes, but mine is like "Top can you play more defensive please, you need to build this to engage", jg we might need your help, we will let them push so come join please, DRAKE DRAKE DRAKE etc... Anyway I don't think all ADCs will understand it. I wait for them to get last hit, if they don't than I engage and skillshoot most of the time. BUt if ADC think he is so cool when he plays like shit, and starts to abuse; it is their lost. I won't take care of them anymore. Behave well, get better of us...
Ph0eniXV (EUW)
You should understand what would happen in this kind of cases from the name "LOL" :D You are absolutely right btw...
: It’s not Riot’s fault that you don’t know how to play Katarina. Watch/read some guides and learn when and how to engage with her if you want to be aggressive. You shouldn’t blame your bad games on somebody else when they’re 99% your own fault. Anyway don’t get discouraged. Educate yourself on how to play mid lane/your fav champs and you’ll be good to go after some practice.
Yes but it would be much much easier to do that against players who are same experience level with me in mid lane. I watch youtube videos, read guidelanes, use practice tool to try combos for Kata etc... But the problem is when you are against 5-6-7 level champ when you are barelly 3 on a new champ and NEW LANE it is pretty bad to practice. They just take you down, on your slightest mistake. Yes they should too, but this would be tolerated in sama skill level players goes against eachother. I will be good after a time, so sorry for the people I mistakly %%%% up their games... Cuz there is obvious skill difference...
Murdarici (EUNE)
: That's what positions rank are for, to play all roles on your main and not feel bad taking your weakest rolle in rank since you will be placed with same elo like you. Ohh nevermind the positions ranking was just a bait, it's not for us!
Which server gots it maybe I should start playing there.. I am just feeding to be honest. It is not my problem I am doing my best but riot basically the problem here. No one shoudl except me to be midlaner as good as support, so I have rgiht to fail and practice.
qko pate (EUNE)
: Basiclly nothing and theres is nothing Riot can do about that.. Who are you playing against ussualy doesn't depend on how bad you are it just depends on your elo and mmr.. So if you are not willing to go through the pain of learning midlane your safest bet is to start a smurf account.
Really? I love my account... So I have to feed, and make my team fall behind because of Rİot. Okey At least I have tried
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Sheriff13 (EUNE)
This is the reason why I do not play ranked now :D
: they simply don't give a %%%% unless they type before leaving
Yeah but you still lose LP yeah?
: I definitely know how this feels, your AD makes you feel like you're not good enough to be in their presence. But tbh are they worth to be in yours B) Anyway if you see that your AD tells you how to play your main role and they don't make sense to your usual playstyle (if it works most of the time) then the most obvious thing is to mute or ignore them and carry on with how you wanna play that match, protect your AD and try your hardest to win. I get annoyed a lot by some people telling me how to play my main when I'm playing poorly in a match, and the only thing I do is breathe for a bit and just carry on, sometimes their comments are funny so I don't mute everyone all the time.
I do not mute people also, so I can report them at the end :) I asked support team about this so basically all you need to do is be more specific :D Like: "At 12:50 minute this player said I go troll" Or "after 15:40 she started to abuse people by saying noob etc." Anyway we are all here to enjoy :D I wish they could understand that too
: just play shit like brand and carry them if they have an iq equivalent to room temperature
But I really do not like to carry a plaer like this :D So I basically feel better for not even trying harder. They should realize that att laners are gamer, there are humans who are playing that champs, and they have right to play bad. What I do when there is really bad player If top or mid is bad: Tell Jg to gank top instead of us at bottom cuz I can compansate If Jg is bad; Tell Jg to focus on JG than lanes so he can level up and build by not feeding enemy; so in late game we can get the enemy in team fights. But this case Everybody has to paly defensive. If adc is bad; I try to zone out the enemy, poke as much as I can, and get minions that adc will not be able to last hit. IF support is bad; well I am not bad XD But when there are abusive players Fİrst I remind that it is game, there are people who are controling that champs. We are in normal mode to practice so practice instead of complaining. And if they still abuse players, than I go passive agressive mode; do nothing extra :D
: Preach. I hate being support at times and playing something like Soraka feels like a suicide mission since ADC's complain that I'm not healing 400+ at level 5 and doing it every second when they are the one running into the enemy, under the tower with the enemy jungle (who we can see) approaching us. Some ADC's aren't all that bad but others? Urgh... Best pick I found was Lulu, mainly for disabling the enemy ADC but for some reason, the game sometimes refuses to ult my teammates and I don't know why.
Yeah next champ I am gonna get is Lulu :D I was gonna get it, but got Sylas chard so used BE to unlock it :D
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: Do I mail them?
On top there is support part, İf you are lucky you can have chat so this may make things faster, Or sent ticker on there
: I accidentally disenchanted my santa gragas
Ask support, tell them you misclicked it; I think they can revert it.
Martin02020 (EUNE)
: new champions
Yeha I think that is really problem, 1 ban is definetly not enough
Hexwater (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kabakadamn,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=X3mr3Ng0,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-02T20:45:59.225+0000) > > We have Taric and Ezreal for that :) Taric x Ezreal is fan-canon, but not an official canon. Nothing on the official wiki states, that they are a couple. Neither on Ezreal's page.
Because they are secretly gay... Ofcourse they will not write in official pages.
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Hexwater (EUNE)
: LGBT characters
We have Taric and Ezreal for that :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kabakadamn,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7ogiWeRz,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-01T14:21:52.475+0000) > > He will get nerfed for sure :D Look at nekoo before and now XD obviously maybe yeah, and what happenned exactly with Neeko ?
THey reduce damage, remove slow, decrese radius etc. All champs usually come buffed a lot, so on next patches they are getting nerfed usually XD
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