: How do I play in ranked
Can't tell is serious.
: EUW= garbage
EUNE is worse.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Mid lane. Takes most skill to play so i enjoy it. Your lane is not hindered by another teammate being sub par (like in bot lane) and doesn't have as boring matchups as top lane (still has some. Wave clear mid laners afk clearing but at least you can roam then). I don't consider jungle to be a lane and i do not enjoy playing jungle anyway.
To be honest, the only thing that takes skill in mid lane compared to top is how you play around your warding since you need to cover yourself from multiple angles. Other than that, since it's a shorter lane, it's a safer lane, also having shorter distance to travel from base to mid means that you don't lose out that hard on xp / gold.
: Support: i like to heal and "carry" my marksmen and team to victory. It's a very demanding role. You have to ward, keep eye on the map (all the map). Since i play Soraka, i have to keep eye on everyone health bars and there fights. While doing my support role in bot lane. People might think support is "easy" or you get carried. In fact support is the heart of the team. Require a lot of skill and a tactical mind. Also good for teamfight heals ( you have to pick who to heal. who are the most important champion at the time, who will benefit from the heal ) CC to give your team a helping hand while keeping yourself safe. So i like support. Mid is ok, but support is the only lane i can play now. I've reverted to a noob level is any other lane.
Well, and that's just Soraka, who is honestly one of the easiest support since you don't even need to go frontline ever. I play Janna and sometimes you need to go in the team to press R, or do some sort of flash Q to interrupt or catch out people, or even damage with W. If only I could count the amount of times I turned around games simply because I roamed as Janna with W max and ganked people and pushed lanes while being behind.
elin990 (EUW)
: Whats the most fun lane in your opinion?
Top lane probably. Mostly because you can play a lot of different things there and be effective. You can play fighters, tanks, juggernauts, even some marksmen, it has the advantage of having TP which you can use in many impactful and fun ways, and it also feels like a true solo lane where you can isolate yourself from the map for some time. Then I'd say it's bot lane, because of how much activity and playmaking you can do. Mid lane is kinda stale honestly. There are mostly waveclear champions there that want to stay safe and scale up, if we're talking about mages, and assassins are not that strong since people know how to play against them and there are a lot of ways (items, summoners) to counter them. Most fun is jungle if we can take it into consideration though. The things you can do are pretty much endless. You can farm, powerfarm, change your routes, gank, counterjungle, countergank, ward, control the map. So many things you can do as a jungler, the creativity it offers is really fascinating if you think about it.
WolfChases (EUNE)
: I am stuck in Silver 2, I don't see the way out. HELP!
It's really sad. I duo with a friend and for 15 games in a row I am in G2 and he is in S4 trying to climb and always something happens and we get trolls in our team. He always gets so many ganks off, he gets lanes ahead and they still lose somehow. Riot's ranking system is really flawed.


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