: Oh I got perma banned I bet everyone cares about me because i'm such an important person
He's either trolling, either he's a 8 years old kid who doesn't know how to be respectful to others
: Play support and play tank because no tanks and autofilled supports is the biggest issue whit these teams. Dont flame them and try to be as possitive as you can. Follow the most feeded player in your team if they helps them to Group.
Thanks for the advice. Is Leona a good tank/sup?
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Play jungle then. You can actually carry in this role if you help all lanes before they start losing. Just gank everyone consistently and even if they are not very good players, they will still be stronger bcz will be getting kills with your ganks.
What you jsut said is actually true. I got autofilled in one of my recent games to jungle and I thought that we will lose because I main adc. I picked Sejuani and ganked very often mid and bot and we won the game thanks to me. I thought it was just luck but now when u said that jungle can carry I realised that I caarried and it worked. Thanks
CmmDmmCD (EUW)
: Sounds like a normal day in silver. Ex-gold stuck in silver <<< In my experience, there is a certain 'flow' to every week, One week i have multiple bad junglers -> so i pull out my old friend jax out of the closet. One week i have multiple bad Adc's -> so i pull out my old friend ezreal out of the closet. One week I have multiple bad Toplaners -> so i pull out my old friend Trundle out of the closet. Autofill? shoot guess i will lose this game.
I thought playing a certain role/champ will help you a lot. Do I need to learn other lanes too? I main ADC and I dont have problems with getting autofilled. Even if I get, I have 3-4 sup champs
Hansiman (EUNE)
: By remembering that your opponents come from the exact same pool of players, and they're therefore equally 'awful'. Focus on playing against the enemy, rather than playing against your team.
And also when you say that my opponents come from the exact same pool of players, I really don't get that because I was bronze5 in season 6, currently S1 and my opponents are almost always Silver1 in season6 and currently gold-plat
Wen294 (EUW)
: Realising you're awful as well usually works.
Useles answer. Need explanation
: i mean back in my days we used to joke that you should upload some replays in order to make the same argument people keep reposting on the forums legit. But that required a thirdpartyprogram and people didnt bother. These days i was surprised there is now the option to download the replay of your last game. You can upload these instead of saying what you do right, and we can judge ourselves. Note that NOBODY ever does it even if the game itself gives you the option. You know why? Because deep inside they know that other people would tear your replay apart and show you how much you do wrong, especially if you play in low elo. It is true that the ratio in which you gotta be better than everyone else to "carry" is pretty big and could be interpret as unfair. But this goes for everyone else aswell. Its balance through imbalance. Most people complain that they cant carry their "awful" teammates when they "win" lane or whatever they consider is "good". But if we were to see a replay and were to put all your actions into numbers, more likley than not we would say that on your "good" games you perform maybe 20% or 30% better than your lane opponent, on your best days maybe 15% better than everyone else. So in your head you should be able to carry but thats not how it works. In LOL(soloQ) you gotta be several times better than your opponent so you can "carry" your awful teammates. Im talking x3 x4 better. You smash your lane and start to smash the next lane once you hit lvl 6, after lvl 8 , all lanes are your lanes to farm. When you watch high elo smurfs thats how do roll in lower elos. Is that fair and logical to expect that from a player? No. But you are not supposed to carry with just being "good", you are supposed to be godlike. In all other situations you walk with the dice. Sometimes you get good teammates sometimes you get bad ones, depending on how you perform you can make the difference in a 51% winrate vs a 52% winrate and slowly climb. Eventually everyone climbs, its just a question of how long it takes. If you complain about the time it takes, its really bad feeling to tell you this but: get good. There is nothing else to say but that, get good enough, twice, 3times as better, and you will have the climb you want with a good 60% winrate or w/e. I also want to point out if you are about to criticize this system, the previous "good" systems failed because casual people couldnt handle it. Im talking about games like starcraft or Quake where even a 5% skill difference would mean a difference of night and day. You know the chances of a Silver player in starcraft beating a gold in 1on1 at maybe a 1000 games? 0.000000000000000000001% How likely you think it is that a silver player in Lol could take a game off of a gold player in the same amount of games? A lot higher...A LOT higher. Oldschool/hardcore players used to call it the bullsh!t factor. We calledl it that because thats basically what casual people would like to do to themselves in order to make themselves feel better without investing as much into the game. (thorin has a great video on that if you want to check it out: "why quake wont be number1 again") So a person in quake that has 5% less playtime , would obviously have less practice, less knowledge, a worse routine... and that small margin would resort into huge differences in score. Like the skill difference might be 5% but the outcome would be like 500%, and it would be consistent. This is waaay to hardcore for the casual people... they want to not invest as much and still have a shot at the big guy. The bullsh1t factor. So there you go, now you have your previous mentioned 15% overall better performance compared to all other 9 players in the game. Thanks to the bullshit factor it doesnt matter. I would also like to mention that this was implemented exactly for the majority of people in Lol, and those are the 80% stuck in bronze or silver. This is not a post to take a dump on you but the cold truth. The system helps you more than you might think. Imagine that your lane opponent is only 5% better than you and mashes you with 20 kills with you having NO chance to do anything. That he uses to impact the entire game. How would you feel? Or how would you feel if someone from another lane smashes your teammate with only a 5% skill difference and starts to walk over to yours. TLDR: if you want fast consistent wins(60%+) and even be able to carry bad teammates, get x2 or x3 better than anyone else. Other than that, be happy that the system doesnt make it easy for you to carry bad teammates, because more often than not, that could mean you losing more games due to a smurf or w/e. Careful what you wish for.
Didn't need TLDR. I really appreciate your answer and I totally understood your message. If there is need to upload a replay I can. Just tell me. I want to explain to you the case with me. I watch streams of high elo players (Imaqtpie, Aphromoo, Sneaky, Bjergsen etc.) to learn. What I learned from them is how to roam, ward, peel, map awareness, gank, freeze, push and other things. I started playing Normals very often (when I was B5) and did whatever everyone else did in his streams and I improved very very much I can say. From 30% winrate I actually had ~70%. Then I decided to play ranked and every game seemed easy and I realised I did not deserve to stay in this League. After some months of playing ranked I chose my fav. role and champion (AD Carry- Twitch) and I cimbed very very easy until now (Silver1). In the last few games my team was just terrible. I swear. I am currently trying to improve with CS'ing but that's not the case. Even when I didn't need anymore CS and everyone had full build they were just throwing the game. No-one was warding, everyone was going solo in the jungle dying to the enemy team, flaming and splitpushing when there was no need to. That was what I meant when I said that I have awful teammates. The worst part about that is that they flamed me for mistakes they had made. I don't know what to say/do. Now I am on a losing streak and winrate of 50% when I had 80%. Anyways. You have probably checked my OP.GG already and yes. I will not disagree that in some games it was my bad we lost but these games were only 2-3 in the past week. Take for example the game where I went 6/11/16 with Twitch as an ADC. Some of you may say: Well you fed in this game thats why you lost and dont blame others for that. These, are the games I am talking about. These are the ones that I was doing just GREAT and my team threw the game. Before the final score I had, I actually was doing pretty well (3/0/2) but after some time passed, the enemies who were fed by our Diana killed me a lot of times leaving me with the final score that I had. AAAnyways, I really tried to explain to you what happens in my games. I am very bad at English so please pardon me for the mistakes I've made Have a greta day/night
House x33 (EUW)
: Mute and go next game. If you deserve higher you will eventually get there. After going 2/8 in my placements I was placed in Silver IV. I had a big losing streak (12w/25l), but I managed to get back to Plat.
Really? With what role/champion did you climb so high and do you have any tips for me? I would really appreciate it
: /mute. It's as simple as that. You lose the game? Sucks, but just move on to the next one. As long as you play well consistently, you should win more than you lose.
Well, sometimes they don't even talk so muting is useles. Thanks for the advice though
Jeedos (EUW)
: play better.
But I do. I always tryhard in ranked but I cannot carry as an adc 1v5 epsecially without a Support. Your answer is not very useful in this case
Hansiman (EUNE)
: By remembering that your opponents come from the exact same pool of players, and they're therefore equally 'awful'. Focus on playing against the enemy, rather than playing against your team.
I am SIlver1. I was so close to Gold and in the past 5 games my teammates are throwing the game. I do my best, I give advices, I ward, I am active in teamfights, I am the leader in the most of my games but these guys do nothing to win and they don't seem to care much about if they lose or not. This is ranked, you came here to win, not to show off your mastery and skin you jsut bought. I don't know what to ay. I had a Ryze in the last game who fed intentionally for no reason at all. The fun thing is that he doesn't get punished but when I say that he's bad I get.
Rioter Comments
: skin i dont get hem
Maybe you sold it for orange essence?
Walkz (EUW)
: New Honor System
I respect Riot for that. The new Honor System is so awesome. I am so dumb tho and I got chat restriction and got to level1. Feelsbadman
: What causes the black screen effect when loading?
I hope Riot fixes that because it is kinda annyoing
: There are too many people that are suggesting to take a look at your ally by clicking on minimap. It is understandable why it would be suggested. But let's say you are a support and you are waiting for the right moment in fight, let's say Kayle with her ult... If midlaners have their portraits merged you don't know if enemy midlaner is on lane or could show up and yet you can't peek at midlane itself to check if your ult might be in need in any moment. Of course all of this could be helped with people who communicate with pinging MIA or Assistance ping by telling that their enemy is MIA or they need assistance, yet I don't see anyone saying that :D Anyways, a split circle that would indicate all the champs in the cluster would help a lot, sometimes even with 2 allies being in one place ;)
Yeah that's right. The last sentence is actually a pretty good idea i didn't thought about
Bogity (EUNE)
: IKR!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Wouldn't be happy though xD. Next time be careful because it's your last warning
: How to deal with Turks?
Remind them of 1821, works every time
: Killing dummy in practice's mode?
An off-topic comment here talking about dummies. It would be awesome if dummies could AutoAttack you when you press a certain button. Also, it would be cool if you could choose the items this dummy has
Sibrus (EUW)
: The announcer was actually a joke reference to other games....I am sorry that not all people realised it.
: Same, I like twitch too, eventhough I dont play adc often, I might buy this skin, though, if the reddit leaks are super true, I might want to save RP for Pool Party Bard xD
Yeah, I've heard about the new Pool Party skins too! Gragas and Bard are included
: Riot really does nothing? Is that why we constantly get thread after thread after thread of people complaining about their punishments and desperately trying to twist the situation to make themselves look like the good guys? As of me typing this, I can already see _nine_ threads of people complaining about their punishments without clicking the "show more" button, and that's _only_ the behaviour-related ones. If Riot really _were_ doing as little as you're trying to say they are, threads like those should not be _this_ easy to find.
Well, let me explain. You are right here, what I wanted to say is that things like cancer and autism are acceptable in this game
: No more ads {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
KillerLorde (EUNE)
Just making a yearly calendar would be fine for me. I would know which month we will have Hexakill which month we will have OfA etc.
GLurch (EUW)
: No, but I wouldn't get worked up over it. It's in the past already. I'd rather be able to laugh about an event than to cry about it. And I do think my mental health is perfectly fine, but thanks for your worries.
I don't want something like this happen to your family, sorry if it made you uncomfortable or sad. I just wanted to make an example
Rioter Comments
GLurch (EUW)
: Even if you think of them making fun of it as horrible, at least it will be remembered this way. You can't change the past. I'd better have someone constantly laughing about a certain event than someone constantly crying about a certain event. Now, about the reporting stuff: These boards are by the community and Riot doesn't read everything. Just use the report button after the game or [contact the Riot Support]( https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) (although they normally don't do anything, because reporting is all it needs). Since these boards are by the community, witch hunts are not encouraged. Meaning, naming and shaming people, no matter what they did, is not allowed.
you are sick. That's what I have to say. What you said is exactly what I will say now. Your family member dies and everyone laughs about this situation and you are fine with that? Are you kidding me?
flyman (EUNE)
: Rotating game modes (URF/ARURF)
1) Don't ask when URF-ARURF will come back. It's a special event that Riot adds only when they think they should do it 2) In ARURF of 2016 I used to get the same champions. Zed, Eve, Morgana and some other champs. It would be nice if Riot added both gamemodes and we could chosoe which one we want to play
As a Twitch main, I %%%%ing love this skin
MystBlu (EUW)
: I like this idea. It's kind of stupid how they can merge and make it look as though your team-mate is alone. lol.
LIG Gaara (EUW)
: Or how about a pulsating red ring around your allies on the minimap when in combat with champions?
And with a sound, so you don't have to look every 1 second on the minimap
phoenix1233 (EUNE)
: Great idea! Also,if an enemy was seen,and just disappeared from your minimap,their icon should stay on the place they were last seen for at least 1-1.5 seconds,so that everyone can see where they appeared last time they were seen. Thanks for taking your time to read this,have a great day (:{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} EDIT: The Last-seen-icon should be gray so that it looks different and doesn't mistakenly lead the player thinking that that is the actual place the champion is currently standing.
That's actually a good idea. Thanks for your responce
: here's a simple idea for you. take a look on your team mate's icon, you know, not the one on the minimap, the other one you only need to look at it for 1-2 seconds. does the hp on it move? if yes - he or she is in a fight if no - he or she is safe for now you are welcome you can already figure out if your team mate is in combat without moving the camera over them use it to your advantage ;)
Thank you very much! I totally forgot about that feauture
: best stealth mechanic for me have twitch.
has* ######yes, I am fun at parties
: Instead of adding more levels to overcome the issue of it being uninteractive, how about giving us a fancy indicator of how close we are to levelling up? I don't really see any huge drawbacks in that, and it'd prevent a lot of those "why don't I have honor level 3 yet" questions.
No, bad idea but don't worry I have a solution. What if when you are close on reaching level 3 you get a notification like: You will get level3 honor soon! Keep being sportsmanlike!. Something like this would notify you if you are close or not
: anyone actually looking will see 5 players.
but what if they will not look? xD
: Get a red circle around characters who are in combat.
Your ideas are actually pretty good. But the notification from the announcer is not very good because what if the enemy just pokes with AA your teammate? It would be spammed, understand?
Rismosch (EUW)
: Combining the icons would seem good at first hand, but it can also create confusion. Sticking with two seperate icons is more clear and easier to read. However this doesn't solve the problem. Here are some quick ideas I got for thinking about it for 5 minutes: - Make the icons transparent, thus you see when they overlap. But that has the issue that it's difficult to identify which champions each player plays. - Make allies/enemies icons bigger (one bigger than the other). This would solve the issue that you can still recognize if there's another player in the lane, however this has some design problems but more importantly the icons might be too big (or too small if you try the other way) - Adjust the outline of the icon, depending how near the enemy is. This can have some performance issues however. Especially in teamfights this can be a potential problem for weak machines. I guess all of those might fix the issue, but they have drawbacks aswell. I think you should reevaluate if the problem is really that significant, because there is not easy fix and from what I can tell, fixing it would create other problems. I personally think it is not significant and we don't need a change. Maybe it helps if you make your Minimap as big as possible, if it isn't already.
Thank you for your responce! I prefer your 2nd suggestion. The 1st one is quite good but it would be difficult for newbies to identify the champions (exactly what you said) It would be really awesome if Riot implemented this feauture Thanks again {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Tarolock (EUW)
: this way you can surprise the enemy too, if all of your team moves as one and on top of each other the enemy will see only 1 of your portrait
Hahahahah didn't think about that. Gonna try it rn!
: ok
Rioter Comments
: I'm curious as to why you got punished. Recently Rito appears to go a bit ape on people with punishments for "being toxic" without people actually even being toxic. So I'm wondering of course what gets people punished, hence the request for logs.
I would give them to you but I don't have them anymore. I was just flaming my premade friends and they said report me for fun to the enemies, the enemies reported me and I got punished. That's the reason. What I was saying doesn't matter because they are my friends irl and I know that what I said wouldn't bother them
: @RIOT, REMOVE Bronze and Silver Bracket
: Obviously there is a need for it since I requested it.
Why do you need them? There are 0 reasons for you to see them. And as Hansiman said I admited my fault. Also, what I am asking in my thread has nothing to do with the chat logs since I was talking bout the honor level. Hope you understand me
The Febos (EUW)
: I really don't see where the problem is. That's called "counter-play". You are an assassin, so your job is to kill easy targets. The only way said targets have to protect themselves is by stopping your movement, should it be with slows, roots, stuns, etc. A lot of those tools can be avoided, such as skillshots. That's how you can play around it; you dodge. Say for instance you are playing against {{champion:1}} . You really don't have a way to dodge Annie's stun, but you can abuse her when her stun isn't up. Against someone like {{champion:99}} is easier to play around, since all of her abilities are skillshots. If you think about it, most hard cc has built-in counter-play too. {{champion:103}} E -> dodge {{champion:22}} R -> dodge {{champion:63}} Q -> dodge ... {{champion:45}} E -> don't go into the wall {{champion:112}} W -> don't go into the zone {{champion:101}} E -> dodge {{champion:26}} Q -> don't get hit by two bombs (aka dodge) {{champion:143}} E -> dodge I know it's repetative, but that's how you play against hard cc. You simply dodge. *** Besides, most assassins have built-in "dodge" abilities: {{champion:105}} E | {{champion:55}} E | {{champion:121}} E | {{champion:7}} W | ... | {{champion:35}} Q | {{champion:238}} W
You explained that so good. Good Job
: Opinion from a perspective of a toxic player
Same thing happened to me. I always reprot people like that. I get frustrated and start flame like them.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. You can't see when you're about to go up in a level. Don't think too much about it, and just focus on being sportsmanlike.
Rioter Comments
: All the Information I know about for the New Urgot. (Warning: Lots of TL;DR Incoming)
: Riot pls stop the minion block BUG
It is not a bug. A good anti-minion-o-counter-blocker is ghost. If you are getting minion blocked use Ghost
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