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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I think your suggestions are on point, but i don't think it's a good idea to try and force all those games into 40 days. Breaks between games are important too and grinding games like that can burn a person out. Most likely he can't reach diamond this season.
Yes it seems impossible to me ,40 days is not enough and my skill level is clearly not diamond yet.
PuLsAlienX (EUNE)
: **If you get tilted** after losing 2-3 games then i recommend to take a break playing rank. Best thing to do in this offtime would be to watch the replays of your lost games and write down 10 things you could have done better (and trust me in every game there are things you could have done better). Look if you can see a pattern of your most common mistakes or the most impactfull mistakes. Or just take a "real" break and watch some series/read a book/go for a run - whatever you want. The reason i do not recommend playing normals/flexq/aram is that you often learn very little from it(due to worse matchmaking quality and worse mindset of players) and it can even happen that you pick up bad habits from it. For example when i play normal's i so often tent to do overaggressive plays/lazy warding/not respecting enemy etc. also i usually play offrole/offchamp in normals just to have some fun. It is a different mindset from ranked. One thing i sometimes did is to play one game of unranked before i start a ranked grind. The reason behind this is mostly to "wake up" my mechanics/mind so i have it "on" in the first minutes of my ranked game. That being said, **only if you don't tilt!** and you don't feel like you need/want a break then feel free to play more ranked after 2-3 loses. Just **make sure that you do not play worse** when you are on a losing streak. Always remember that if you play enough games a few games in a row count for nothing and it does not matter how good you are you will have days where you just can't win a game.If SKT T1 the best team in the world can lose 6 games in a row so can you :-). If you play a lot of games basic statistics will tell you that losing(and winning) streaks are completely normal. Regarding your support champ pool: if you can play 4 support champs it's highly unlikely that you will get banned in champ select. Your lulu and rakan have better winrates than nami but the sample size is too small to definitely tell your best support. But Janna/lulu/soraka/rakan is a good start. You also seem to win alot on Zyra but again 11 games are too early to tell. One thing that is harder to do is being able to play different kind of supports. Janna/lulu/soraka are all "enchanter" supports. While they are currently the best supports because of ardent some games your team might need a tank/initiator. But i would **not work on that before you climbed higher or until the whole enchanter class gets strong nerfs**. If you play adc: Twitch/Trist/Cait are currently very good adcs. Trist and cait are safer if you don't trust your support for some reason. That being sad: Your winrate on cait and twitch is 42% and on trist even only 33%. So you need to ask yourself **what you are doing wrong on those adcs**. I would definitely **recommend not playing cait** since she looks like your worst adc by far currently. Your winrate on ashe is a really good 75% but again the sample size of 8 games is to low to give you definite advise. Based on your winrate i recommend you play ashe and maybe twitch, if both are banned/taken mf.
Thank you so much, you helped me a ton. Yes adc is not my best role , i feel onl my winrate is bad with them.
: play varus or rakan if youre support, no need for others when you are doing awesome on them. easy as that
Yes i like these champions a lot , but find varus to be weak in the current meta compared to tristana tiwtch and caitlyn. For support role i always try to pick OP champs ( Janna, Soraka, Lulu).
PuLsAlienX (EUNE)
: OK, 1)first of you have a 55% winrate witch means you are still climbing. Hardstuck players have a 50% winrate over many games. This is good for you. 2)**You need to play more ranked games**, you play normals and aram too often both are inferior game modes to get better. 3)No flexq - its worse garbage then normals - especially in terms of matchmaking. 3)If you would play more soloq ranked games with a 55% winrate you would climb untill you lose exactly as many games as you win. 4)Pick the role you like most and stick with it. You do not have a role where you are clearly better so pick the role that is most fun for you. 5)**Only pick 2(max 3) champs** in any role. You play way to many champs if you wanna climb fast. 6)Only duoq if you have a partner where you win at least 60-65% of your games together. If not better play solo. 7)Your builds and stuff look mostly ok but those are details that you can improve on once you have done points 1-6 This are all tips that will help you **climb faster**, they **might cost you fun though if you don't value competitive play over everything else**. It is called a grind for a reason. Your call if you want to gain elo faster or have more fun. You need to play at least 100-200 games more soloq this season if you want to get diamond (my very rough estimate based on a quick look of your - and i don't know if you can learn that fast but the fact that you ask for help is a good indicator that you could do it). Because the season ends in 40 days(estimate) you will need to **play at least 4 games soloq a day** to get better and get diamond. If you can't allocate that much time to it better try to get it next season and have fun now. 40 Days times 4 is 160 Games. This is a **pretty optimistic** number of Games. You might need 400 games in witch case you would have to play 10 games/day.
Thank you so much . I just played support role and had succes with it last night. Should i only play ranked or when i am on losing streak (2-3 games) , or just stop playing immediately? I tried to play only one support but soraka and janna get banned most of the times. So i am left with lulu and rakan maybe nami. my secondary role is adc with twitch trist and caitlyn. Should i switch to easier adc's when i am forced to play it liek mf and Ashe or just stick with the op's?
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