: Servers down or did i just get DDoS'd?
I had the same thing in a ranked game.. i think it's a ddos btw when i logged in game was lost
Shamak (EUW)
: How to recover from honor 0 ?
Enter games mute all if you are a normal person and you like to respond back to stupid *fkers that flame hard. Give the honor to players that they deserve it. Mute and block after game people who flame you for whatever reason in post room or even pick room.. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS ..... **DO N O T CARE WIN OR LOOSE stop caring **... lol was made for kids although they promote homosexuality behind the scenes a.k.a the new lore of Varus {{champion:110}} ... In other words dont say anything in chat and try to win your games even if they troll you or int feed try to play the game and if see the game is a loss dont give a **ck about it! Ps: For those who would say anything about homophobic and etc bullsh*t labels,cuz they love to put labels on people around them ,you "guys" are ** STRAIGHTPHOBIC !** And it's time to surpass that.
EI nota (EUW)
: This games needs serious changes
: Vote to get this psycho banned
Whoever wishes such an atrocious "thing" like cancer to another human being should be ** PERMA BANNED**{{summoner:14}} ! {{item:3022}} PLAYER BASE SHOULD BE CLEANSED !{{summoner:1}} {{champion:238}}
: Possibly returning player - a question about the atmosphere
Have you heard a game called " otad II " try it its better than to deal with neurotic kiddos and neurotic people in general in this game..... Thats my conclusion so far :(
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Rstonius (EUW)
: "It's only your fault that you can't climb"
Ok im an old player and i will say this to you friend..{{item:3902}} First lets clear some things. 1/Do you know your basic stuff? Seeing map,ward,when to go back etc ? If yes put an tick here 2/ Are you mechanically capable on your champions? If yes put an tick here 3/ Do you have a small champion pool that you know your heroes mechanics powers and weaknesses almost to perfection? If yes put an tick here 4/ Do you mute all players ? If yes put an tick here 5/ Do you try to farm when you play a lane close enough or to 200 cs ? If yes put an tick here 6/ Do you know to "trade" properly with enemy laner(s)? If yes put an tick here 7/ Do you apply your gold-item power to other lanes after winning yours or while ur still in lane phase ? If yes put an tick here 8/ Do you know when to call for herald-baron-drakes and generally objectives ? If yes put an tick here 9/ Do you know how to and when to split-push ? If yes put an tick here 10/Do you ignore the trolls and intentionally feeders in your team ? If yes put an tick here 11/ Do you apply global pressure when you playing heroes that have global skills ? Ez ulti example ? If yes put an tick here 12/ Do you know when it is good to dive to get a kill and when its good to dive to get a kill and still "die" ? If yes put an tick here 13/ Do you abuse your CC ? If yes put an tick here 14/ Do you deny enemy gold ? If yes put an tick here 15/ Do you play ranked when you are fresh and well rest and do you focus on only this without any external "problems" ,ex telephones?If yes put an tick here 16/ Do you report bipods that call them self's humans and wishing cancer to other human players in the game ? If yes put an tick here 17/Can you recognize scripting usage by enemy players? If yes put an tick here 18/ Do you enjoy yourself with your champion picks ? If yes put an tick here .............................................................................................................. Now i would go on ? But this is some basic stuff... ** IF AND ONLY IF** YOU DO THE ABOVE AND STILL U CANT WIN THEN YOU HAVE "TRASH"(AS DOUBLELIFT SAYS) TEAMMATES..THEN BLAME THEM AND DONT GIVE A FCK ABOUT THAT LOST GAME AND GO ON. Who am I? that im giving you that advice ? Im the one that Riot listened to that was screaming in the old forums about he problems of the game especially in ranked and at least now we all enjoying our picks in lane before we enter ranked games and the old shit that happened " I m top , -" No i am top " " Ok i top or feed" stopped ... And if anyone thinks that i am lying go search the old forums... Apart from that this is my 1st account and ive created a team in the worst and most toxic trash-server that exists the EUNE and one day i took an enemy adc who was bronze 5 taught him how to adc and put him in my team and now he is silver 5 within 2 weeks(Understand here that knowledge must be applied and takes time to do so).... My last advice to you is this.... Don't give a fk try to play as better as you can and if u loose don't care just be consistent to your playing and play for your self .... This whole thing that this is a "team -game" its a freaking lie,as NEACE (A master of the game ) says... and i totally agree with that.... I wish you good luck and always bare in mind that people who enter ranked games sometimes do it for funs and lols and don't take it seriously as you and i would had so bro don't give a fk {{summoner:14}} play for your self only... Bruce Lee fan{{champion:64}}
: Riot do something about Drop hack
drophacks still exits..when u hit 500 ping steady from ur normal ping lets say 90 and then that ping from 500 reaches 1k... and that thing happens when they invade to brake ur inhibitors or for barons dragons or before a big teamfight that will be the reason for win or loose yeah thats drophacking my friend and the op is right you should check my post also about it ...This thing is shity as hell in other words every fckign lowbie out there pay 10 -30 euros to buy a program and gain free elo...Thats the truth and dont tell me that a company like Rito that sold their stocks for 500 million dollars cant do a shit about it....It's just silly {{champion:266}}
500 ping and 1 k ping we had an afker and enemy could win us the drophack user is name SEnpai poro and this is a screenshot from him trying to advertise that shit to another lowbie.. ty riot for doing absolutely nothing...Sometimes u sux hard... {{champion:266}}
See this this is just one example and i dont think that this is also fixed see from 18 min.....Btw its not a drophack,,,,, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuJvrgneVXg {{champion:86}}
StiguFIN (EUW)
: Broken matchmaking system
The MMR is based on an RNG code....Like all great online cazinos use and suck out players moneys ...RNG code is random etc etc...In this game your current elo is mmred with RNG so basically this game hasn't a true elo MMR... I said it many times in old forums but who hears? Riot is not Blizzard to hear their community ...And im the bad guy....Rly riot?{{champion:266}}
I must add a new thing also. Right now the so called leaver buster is "punishing" me cuz i tryed to reconnect to a drophacked game...**How fair is that riot?I** must wait 30 min because a moron bought a script and fucked up ur server and im punished cuz i dropped from a game cuz of this moron.. And the problem was that i couldn't reconnect i had to shut down my client and re open it to enter game....This happened to another game again in promo and i add their names so u find the one.....Also after the game was ended i still dropped and i had to press exit..... Arceus Inori,kamilkwas,KingVerdos, LordPetko666,thanos the pro Strange thing was that i went to a custom game with bots to see if i have the problem,my ping went from 90 stable to 125 maximum..In the aforementioned games my ping from **90 stable went to 500!!!! **stable and then i dropped...And i coulnd reconect back.....Now i strongly believe that u have a serious flaw that must be patched,,, Again i say this if none of the above players is using scripts then im sorry but! ITs preety strange this to happen in ranked games only and not in a custom game with bots just to see if i have the problem.... {{champion:63}}
Solifrian (EUW)
Dragonblade skin is ugly,im a grandmaster talon user...and i dont own the dragonblade skin cuz the blade on his hand is huge and dull and the blades in his skills are dull also...The blades from the normal skin are more sinister and more brutal more razor sharp... Talon needs his hood a better cape i suggest black and razor sharp sinister blades ,his cape is like rags or something(even in original skin) and the blades from all other skins are bad...Talon is an assassin and that way he must be treated not like some stupid hero that wears rags and his blades are those ugly things.... {{champion:91}}
: well i lost a ranked because of that ... gg wp
Kageryu (EUW)
: Scripts and hacks are similar to warfare. One side builds a better defense, the other side build a better weapon, which propts a cycle. Its simply a continuous progress.
I agree ur totally right but a huge company like riot must try to do something... I must add thought that is not just this game it happens this thing at times it's a general problem.. But it's really frustrating when u can win a game and u loose it from a script kiddie....
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Sightburner (EUNE)
: Not to be the boring guy, but if gifting via IP would be introduced sales for RIOT would go down, and this would be bad for the players since they have to get money from somewhere. Unless you only can gift a small amount for a friend that miss ~50 IP but if he miss that little he could just play 1 more game.
i dont think so ..rp is for skin etc..wth ip u can only unlock runes and heroes...so if i want to make a hero gift for my friend that costs 6.300 IP,who is the one to tell that my friend will not unlock a skin for his favorite hero some day?....Example me i have blood lord vlad.. {{champion:8}}
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: > [{quoted}](name=H3LLs1ng,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oltpxRIB,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-04-10T03:18:14.165+0000) > > I agree with the one shot kill shaco that u saying but u build shaco with hydra to achieve maximum splitpush.... Of course! You are right! Every shaco truly needs a Hydra to be an effective splitpusher, why haven't I understod it earlier. All these years I have played him wrong :( Now that I know what is simply the best and OP'est build for Shaco I will never lose again! Thank you so much. I never would have believed that a mediocre dmg item could be better than an item that rips tanks to pieces, stupid me. Thanks for correcting me!
np m8 im glad that i helped a fellow shaco player: D ..i am a main shaco from season 2..ive done countless builds on him and tests and im still testing.. i dont want to "troll" this post but i created a guide for players a general guide, to help them.... And in a few days i will crate a guide about ap shaco... in the boards ofc.... {{champion:35}}
: Hiya, I main Shaco and Lee Sin jungle, but only play shaco in ranked if mu team wants me to. First of all. Learn to play with ignite smite. I don't know if you already play with it but in my opinion ignite > flash. Even still at Plat level. I never build hydra for shaco and tbh I don't even understand why it is so popular item for Shaco. How I build him is the jungle item (never remember the name: blue sword with a chilling smite and it needs the brutalizer) - Attack Speed Boots - Botrk - Statikk Shiv - IE - GA. The order in which I buy these items depends on the situation. If I get fed early alot I complete the jungle item and then buy the cutlass for dmg and active slow. Tier 1 boots asap. I usually finish statikk before BotrK. If I find myself doing very well I might buy B.F Sword asap. It kinda depends heavily on how I am doing and what I feel the game is going to be like. Bruiser Shaco is something that I do not understand. If Shaco is played well he can 2 shot enemy adc or apc. He goes in with Q runs to enemy back and aaQaa kills or forces the enemy carry to leave the fight and escapes with ult if need be. Bruiser shaco cannot do this. Bruiser shaco is annoying and hard to kill. But not effective. If you are having troubles in team fight stage then you have something wrong in your teamfight strategy as a Shaco. Do you know how you should play Shaco in every stage of the game?
I agree with the one shot kill shaco that u saying but u build shaco with hydra to achieve maximum splitpush....
: How should I play Shaco in SoloQ (low elo) ?
You build shaco with my build..which is HYBRID....If you dont like hybrid go for split push there lies the shaco power cuz developer named Morello destroyed our champ nerfing him to the ground cuz some stupids were crying in forums about shaco,also the story goes that he lost a game vs shaco so hard thats why he nerfed him...I don't know if thats true..but problem is that shaco was awesome in season 2..period! A shaco back then could do some serious dmg even to tanks...Go see video of bloodthirsty in youtube...Old good shaco days.. Now shaco is better as ap and u hunt down those that trying to escape with low life....If you ask me..shaco needs to be deleted forever and a new hero** NOT A JESTER NOR A CLOWN** , a student of shaco must take his place with the same passive and the same Q skill and he must have booby traps...Something like an assassin with traps and a backstab with the proper animation of backstab, damn it....!!!! Shaco's animation is slash not STAB!!!THIS MUST BE FIXED!!!{{summoner:11}} {{champion:266}}
: Solo carry junglers
As a jungler-mider main i say this...if your team sucks ur fcked period...IF 4 ppl suck u cant do nothing..If 2 people suck maybe u can...hunt the objectives...split push etc...and trust me some times is good to have a tanky jungler ,like shyvana for example and that comes from a shaco main....{{champion:8}}
SantaHunter (EUNE)
: INCREDIBLE INSULTS... No comment..
This motheFcker that wishes cancer should PERMA DAMN BANNED FOR LIFE!!!!!! NOW!!!! {{summoner:14}} {{item:3071}} {{champion:266}}
: pray to god that riot will fix the matchmaking (throw away the MMR BS). Or that you will get a decent team next time.
The current mmr is bs i agree.Is not true elo and based on RNG code...Also i noticed that if u make some victories in a row like 6-7 the game puts u with total.."noobs"...so you loose..so you stick in that elo for some time...If you win then those players in time will give $ to rito... {{summoner:14}}
: Team Builder Ranked
In the forums i posted my idea that became what whole Lol community knows now as Teambuilder..problem is taght i suggest it for ranked games...Still they "test" it....
Jannas Bro (EUNE)
: The recent changes in RP = "ridiculous"
The truth is that Riot before 2-3 years if im not mistaken sold some stocks...Go search how much money they took.....Apart from that let's suppose LoL has 25 million players in the world,if lets say the 10 or 7 million players buy the new teemo skin,including me(damn i miss 200 rp)..go figure how much $ they make for selling one skin only....I think that answers it all... **_What i do not get though is this.With so much money how come they can't stop drophacking,scripts like prediction of movement and etc? Im sure they can hire a white hat to fix them..._** {{champion:8}} {{summoner:14}} {{item:3153}} **_Question is will they ever?_**
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: > [{quoted}](name=H3LLs1ng,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9fJaEA9m,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2015-04-05T12:50:58.287+0000) > > Yo bro,what my post needs is constructive criticism,not flame,not trash talking...So if anyone is higher elo than me,or anyone is a challenger(pro)..He must add to this post so we all help lower player and new players...Do you really think that anybody that is new to this game and just hit 30 lvl he knows all those that i said? I dont think so..My post is a general guide so you don't see in games for e.x a jugnler dieing to enemy mid laner and give him his buffs and then go gang top lane,many new players do that so your mider stays to deal with a buffed opponent... My post is made to help new players that is my goal...Cuz there is no guide in game to teach them those simple general tips that i wrote here...Have a nice day ^^ You flame and thrash talk in your original post. Also your writing isn't giving a very intelligent picture of yourself. And by this I do not mean your grammar alone. You give too accurate examples that should be only used in the situations you are giving. And you give examples only on certain champions which I believe you mostly use in these lanes. These are tips on how to play like YOU do, not general knowledge on about how to overall play the game. You also wander of the point a lot. You give examples in the midst of an paragraph where you are telling why or when you should do something. Present the point fullu first, then give an example, a short but functional example that can apply to e.g. Every mid laner and jungler. Not just Akali and just Diana. (yes it is e.g. In this case, never e.x.., e.g. Or i.e. Depending on the context and way it is meant to be used. There is no e.x.) You also give out a lot of strong opinions about how to handle certain situations, once again these are guidance on about how to become a player like YOU. In my opinion you have rather selfish ways about how you think about yourself in the midst of all of your teammates. E.g they are all pathetic failures. This is something that any new player should not be thinking. Your way of thinking will lead to a toxic mindset towards other players and as you as an experienced player surely know, this community doesn't need anymore badly behaving players. So why promote such thinking for new players? Now this is just something I regard as constructive critisism towards your post but I am fairly sure you will accept these as an insult. I am familiar with your board behaviour from your previous posts and comments and I have a rather clear picture about what kind of person you are. The fact YOU actually tried and I believe you truly honestly try to help new players aroused my interest toward this thread and that is why I try to give you some constructive critisism. Keep doing good and make some corrections to the OP so it will be taken more seriously. Flame, cursing, vulgar vocabulary and slang-like abbreviations ('cuz) only hinder the potential of your well meaning thread.
From all....that u have said....from all of it i keep only this.. "The fact YOU actually tried and I believe you truly honestly try to help new players ".... Im new to the boards..old in the forums... some things are fact in this game about "toxic community- cracks of the game etc"... My pure point is to help new players not to make them think like me.. Anyways.. Np if you don't like it..after all u know jack shit of me,your hasty to make decisions about ones character from a post..Apart from that I really dont give a damn to "fix" my post to make YOU happier,in the end..who the fck you think you are? The God Almighty?... Take a brake and relax m8..It's ok you don't like my post...ok but im sure some new players will find it helpfull...and that's my goal ..ty {{champion:266}}
: Who wants a champion or skin? Im in the mood of giving :)
Happy Easter to you also m8 ...I see EUW has a better community than EUN...Lucky for guys in EUW to have u as a team mate . Im from EUN ..IF you think it's even possible ..I would like as a present ONE of the following skins: Reaper Hecarim(though i don't own the hero),..Bloodmoon Kalista,Blackthorn Morgana,Darkflame or Ice drake Shyvana-Silverfang Akali,Bloodmoon Shen,MAfia Graves (althought i dont own the champ yet),Tango Tf,Bilgwater Kata,Headhunter Nidalee... I repeat so i wont get missunderstood One only of all those..Ty vm have nice day and happy easter...
: dude,your general ideea of things is wrong...and wtf u are gold 1 and u still don;t know nothing about the game...look at what u said:))
Yo bro,what my post needs is constructive criticism,not flame,not trash talking...So if anyone is higher elo than me,or anyone is a challenger(pro)..He must add to this post so we all help lower player and new players...Do you really think that anybody that is new to this game and just hit 30 lvl he knows all those that i said? I dont think so..My post is a general guide so you don't see in games for e.x a jugnler dieing to enemy mid laner and give him his buffs and then go gang top lane,many new players do that so your mider stays to deal with a buffed opponent... My post is made to help new players that is my goal...Cuz there is no guide in game to teach them those simple general tips that i wrote here...Have a nice day ^^
: being yourself a noob and trying to teach other players it's really bad..it's like having a math teacher that can't multiply numbers..u give them bad pointers..who told u that u should have the same level as the other laners???and if u are behind 2 level on your laners it's bad...u should not be behind 2 level regarding the enemy jungler...Also,solo laners have more xp than junglers..so it's natural that your laners are 1-2 levels above..u should be 1-2 level above bot lane,bcs they share exp...learn the fcking game yourself than teach.."u don;t know how to walk and u whant to run"
another troll comment..yeah whatever i know what i know from my elo..if ur higher than me ok if ur not..you can go suck baron... :D ty for ur comment though.... "Sry -pro- gambler of lives- ur a chalenger? if not dont call another one a noob..As i said its the general idea of things..
Popcore (EUW)
: No, a good lee sin is still good ofc. But a good lee sin in the jungle is alot more viable. And why give new players tips like that when you are new to? :P Sorry if sounding rude. ------------------- Just read a little more. "5/ IGNORE HOW EVERYBODY ELSE PLAYS..YOU PLAY YOU MAKE THE MOVES IF THEY ALL FAIL AS PATHETIC FAILEURES THEY ARE,THEN YOU KNOW YOU PLAYED AWESOMELY AND THEY CAN GO FCK THEMSELFS WITH A USB ..LOL" Do you really think thats true? Just sit and play and think that everyone that fail are pathetic idiots? I guess you are still in kindergarden :D
Dude u dont get the idea behind it... excuse me but i aint new and i aint have low psycology..If everybody fails why i should blame me? I don't get it ?This is masochistic .Everybody makes mistakes ,i also do ,though when i do make one i dont blame my team like "kids" do...I blame me..
: General Tips for new players in Ranked games...By Hell
any moder make my post back to 0 from -2 i pressed the arrow and i downvoted my post ..lol trolled my self by mistake..damn...
: nice post for new players guys!!! gj!!!!!
I'm glad you liked it....The purpose of this post is to help new players catch the general idea of things.. Ty vm
Popcore (EUW)
: Lane Top Purpose of this lane is to outsmart-outfarm your opponet...By outsmart i mean to make clever plays that will feed you.. I can't stress enough the purpose of last hitting in top lane and in later elos (above silver 3 maybe) the counter picking.. Yes you can go Malzahar top or Brand top according with your current team setup..Mostly though Top lanes are either Tanks or Bruisers..e.x Garen - Leesin.. -------------------------- Stopped reading after that, why mention Lee sin and garen as examples? Ofc they can be played top, but they are really low tier picks, you should know that when writing a guide imo.
General Tips for new players.....plus a good Lee is not low... go check youtube...
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: Honestly, stop with the death threats and cancer wishes.
bump x3 ! Cancer-flamers should be banned for life from this game! {{champion:59}}

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