: If the account got permabanned as a result of being hacked, you will never get the account back. Getting an account hacked means that you did something to get it hacked. Downloading a 3rd party program (which Riot stated 3 years ago that that is no longer allowed) [You can technically use 3rd party programs BUT they operated in a gray area which can one day be approved by Riot and the next day go against Riot's Terms of Service]. Hacked accounts are never given back to the player because Riot doesn't kno who the real owner is. And that means: - The "owner" bought an account at lvl 30 - The hacker is pretending to be the owner - The owner gave their account to a rank boosting service, and the booster is now pretending to be the owner. - etc Riot cannot determine the origins of the account, who created it. _____ TL;DR you lost the acount forever. Riot will never give you the account, no matter the reason (money spent on the account is not a reason either).
This post is doing it's best to make stuff up and still sound reasonable. I guess the part where the amount of money spent is not a real factor in ban cases.
: the ban system doesn't need an improvement. It needs to go back to what it was. tribunal and stop using a machine to know who was in the wrong that is what's needed. people don't flame others for no reason and till riot get that the only one getting banned are the one who care about winning and not the troll that left the ranked. cause if he leave he get's low prio queue meanwhile if I flame him I get banned. NICE LOGIC
Tribunal was slow, and players as judges are subjective, machine isn't. Flaming is part of a problem, so you can't excuse it and it's easier to detect chat abuse than something about gameplay.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kashiro,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=s6QiTMh9,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2019-12-04T16:51:45.517+0000) > > How not reading toxic comments is worse than changing them into some gibberish while you still recognise it as toxic? It's sweeping the dirt under a rug. > Another thing is how sensitive you are to random words from random people. Swearing and taunting people is not bad in itself. It's even worth that sweeping dirt under a rug as now you won't be able to trust any rug as it might hide dirt.
I like that thought. And it will look weird with bulges of dirt under it. Ha...bulges... {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
KastoreJ (EUW)
: It is not about "not having to read it" - because i do know if it says "**** you" that it is something toxic but rather SWAP it out completly into something positive. The idea is that it a) is nothing toxic and b) makes the flamer says something nice As i said - the idea comes from another game where i have seen this - i just cant recall which one it is.
How not reading toxic comments is worse than changing them into some gibberish while you still recognise it as toxic? It's sweeping the dirt under a rug. Another thing is how sensitive you are to random words from random people. Swearing and taunting people is not bad in itself.
KastoreJ (EUW)
: Ryze of toxicity / troll / flame
You already have a profanity filter built into client.
: Going through walls?
It's the place not the move speed. There is a clip recently where fiddle can do the same without anything out of ordinary. It's something with the pathfinding that forces you to go that way, almost like it was the place where textures collide but have space between them.
492810 (EUW)
: I want to play ARAM only with the champions that i enjoy playing
What you try to say you want to play ona Howling Abyss by normal game rules. ARAM is supposed to be random.
Linh Kieu (EUW)
: INSOMEWAY, I "Luckily" Change my username X.X and now i want to change it back, how can i do it
As far as i know the only option to change the username is by the e-mail they send to people now due to Riot going big. Other than that usernames are kept as a static information unless they changed their rules in the past two years.
: Is the new Omnistone Key Stone for Aphelios?
Omnistone is not fitting LoL, same with Aphelios, so i guess you might be on to something. Omnistone seems to be for someone that can reliably and often bash on enemies and still the randomness never really gives you the edge normal runes do.
Hansiman (EUW)
: If you've changed your username, then it should be fine. The e-mail that was supposed to be sent out about it was delayed, so people were prompted to change before they got an explanation as to why.
Then i'll leave it at that and see if the system will have any problems with me past the final date. Thanks.
: Where can i write a ticket to them?
On the top of this page you have a tab called "SUPPORT". And on that page on top you can choose to write a ticket. After that just check from time to time if you got any response and go on from there. Waiting time may vary so be patient and polite.
Rioter Comments
: I have Email but no longer to that account, So i cant change password and to contact riot support i literally have to log into their site to write from what i can understand, im hoping that someone will pick up on this post!
No one will help you on forums directly. You can write to them from this account and see what kind of info they will need, but it's rather uncommon to not have email.
: Hacked on a nice account
Do you have e-mail? Change password. Or straight up contact riot support.
: wishing cancer the only solution?
Do your thing and don't add fuel to the dumpsterfire personality.
: When a bug costs you the game.. RIOT?
Pictures or it never happened. LoL animations are one of the moest powerful things in the known world. Once they start there is no turning back. He could have pressed it while u were leaving the knockup and u still had time to force the flash there before he put another cc on you. It's rather common to flash/misplace your character and get hit by melee range attacks from a great distance.
: i lost lp cuz i afked 5 min but i did the best dmg and i carryied
: What are non-skill shots called?
Auto-attacks always hit unless a champion is under an effect that could block them. Auto attacks can be critical (critical chance %) and then they do double the damage. You start with 0 % on those and need to build items. Skill shots refer to actual abilities that have area of effect and require to be aimed.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I haven't seen any major difference in the graphics or anything else between the patch that ruined my framerate, and the patches before that. The framerate got worse with the patch before the preseason, so it's not the elemental rift that's causing the issue, there weren't any graphical changes, the framerate just died for no reason at all.
I do not defend the framerate issues when they are considered a bug/unintended performance. I just say league is getting more demanding as technology moves further and allows them to do new crazy stuff they weren't able before. Some people are against it tho. Hope the framerate issues will be solved quickly for those that suffer from them.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Same with League. I don't want to play it on max settings, I'm perfectly fine with 720p + lowest settings, but I'm still having serious FPS issues. I just don't think a game, that's supposed to be one of the games with the biggest playerbases, should have the same minimum system requirements as something like Crysis 3. Also I don't have anything against Crysis 3, shooting games leave me uninterested by default.
I get your point, but at the same time a mighty number of players are bottlenecked to worse effects because developers don't want to advance their game. It's never perfect
: It was just some examples how someone could get in to my account, not if it would be realistic. So in that case we can say he had no access to my email so the only way, like you already said, is that he has my Riot-Games data from anywhere. I changed everything just in case, even my email. I hope that my ticket will be read as soon as possible because i had a found out that the guy used my leftover rp... I'm not sure but is there a chance i'll get my rp back and the gifts will be restored? Riot just has to check the ip to notice that it was obviously not me who did all the stuff with another ip.
If they won't have any doubts about you i'm sure they will help. I once had to contact support with a case of mine and they restored any changes to my account.
: The Googleaccount should just accessable either if someone hacks Google or has my password and mobilephone. I also got no warning from the side of Google so it just can be the posibility that he got either with a really lot luck my right password (but i dont think he got it in normal try n' error way) or any other way i dont know on riots side. You get just the information if someone is trying to change something on your account: "Hello **username* *, We’ve received a login or account change request for your Riot Games account. To complete your request, enter the following verification code into the security field: **5 random letters and numbers* * If this request did not come from you, change your account password immediately to prevent further unauthorized access." I would wish from riots side, if i have bind my phone to riot it should send me a quick message over either my phone directly like Google or maybe on my League+ so bad-people cant get access to your account anymore even with password.
I'm not sure i understand first sentence. People can't consistently use goolge search engine algorithms to make their pages flow to the top and you think any no-name can hack into their systems? If you assume everything is compromised then sure someone will log into your account, that's why you have to protect your data. As you said he probably got your login information some other way. Scan the PC for sure and be sure to change login details for other services/games if you used the same.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Isn't Crysis 3 the game with the best graphics for PC? I have never played it (didn't catch my interest at all), but heard a lot about how beautiful the graphics are, and it still only needs 2 cores. I'd like to emphasize "for PC", because I know there are better looking games for consoles.
You can certainly run it, but on what settings? Crysis 3 isn't super demanding to just play through but to use max setting with stable 60 fps you need something more. I found Crysis 3 worth every minute i spent with it. It's not perfect but it has it's charm. I never liked consoles, expecially they feel like they are way more expensive to keep up with, and it shows when they make exclusives to lure people in.
: My Account got hacked
Besides LoL account try to bind an email to a phone so any changes will be confirmed with a code sent directly to you. I had quite few warning of people from (according to google localisation) Russia and China log into my account for like 3 months. Whatever was the case no one was able to get inside through multiple verification system.
: Any chance to clean your account status after 14 days ban ? ? ?
What would be the point of 14 day ban if you can just be toxic all the time ? If you behave yourself you won't get perma.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: 4 cores? Are you sure? Do they think everyone has a NASA computer?
well, 4 cores are 10 years old now, it's not exactly the newest thing.
: Ok I just won a series I arrive lets say silver 2, 0LP . I lose -> 0 LP I win -> +17 LP If I win -> 17 LP then I lose -> 0 LP . Is that clear ?
If you had a ranked system based on points without gates on the way you would just get less LP then. If you had 100 LP and say win/lose you will end up on 100 LP. lose/win will result in 100. It's assuming you earn/lose the same amount. So in this sytem you are on a positive end of LP , no ?
: anyway I can win 8 games in a row I will still be matched with bronze / iron when Im silver 2 or 1 . I guess the mmr is to slow but it really dicatates your winrate since games with bronze players are so chaotic they become random
Sure, but higher elo sin't that much better when it comes to team balance. People are just not consisten in their skill, even on Master level you can see some weird stuff going on. It's painful when it happens but you just have to do your best. I could be plat before season ended but had a massive amount of bad games and fell to gold 3 in matter of days. Afks, trolls, flamers, troll picks, choose your poison. In the grand scheme of things those little nuances as win/lose order doesn't matter that much. If you really improve yourself you will eventually get higher.
: If you just arrived from the under division it doesnt matter
Lose shouldn't matter either as you will most likely stay at 0 lp. Never had a demotion from first game.
: Win / win / defeat is not the same as defeat / win win
It depends on the lose streak really. Same thing applies when ranking upwards but obviously with win streak.
: Make the ladder great again
I would argue that winning at 0 LP is better to not fall down the ladder.
Lazlum (EUNE)
: Autofill Sucks Big Time
Support is not even a demanding role. All you need is a little self-sacrifice in the name of team. Or take Brand and get more focus than your ADC.
: predator should be nerved
: An ability on 4 second cooldown that does 30% of max health damage, really? Also camille is not your usual assassin, she is a fighter, like riven, and should be able to excel in 1v1's, especially when she is ahead. For example, I have no problems fighting Garen, Illaoi, hell even Darius isn't that hard when you are 2 levels and 1 item ahead. But Mundo? Impossible. I can't actually think of anyone that can stop him in a 1v1. This champion is like a nasus but he doesn't even need stacks...
It's current hp not max, so it does less damage each time. Still it has a minimum damage it can do.
: Stupid system, just like the company
You openly admit you troll games. Unskilled players will be sorted out eventually, toxic will spill eventually no matter the winrate.
: What is wrong with Dr. Mundo!?
Hard to tell without seeing the fight... I just wonder who Thomas is.
La Hee (EUW)
: I see your point, but on that note, wouldn't this change make exhaust more prominent? Maybe the CC thing could be implemented to cut down only additional healing factors such as conquerors and spirit visage. Unlike gw, hard cc is cooldown locked so these effects wouldn't completelly be useless.
I can't see anyone being problematic with healing during combat itself so i struggle to see why would we need to nerf something that doesn't seem to be overpowered.
: Is anyone still enjoying this game
I like how you excluded yourself from the rest of the community :) If you hate it and don't enjoy it, why do you play it ? Make a break and come back when things will seem interesting to you.
La Hee (EUW)
: An idea to ease the healing vs grevious wounds problem (would love your opinions)
Champion are balanced around the healing they get before any other factor kicks in, how making that cut in half isn't big deal ? If you look closer on botlane you will see a huge difference between healing pre and post ignite. That's why exhaust is almost forgotten at this point. If you reduce mundo's healing on ult, on level 6 he not only restores a 25 % oh his max hp but also needs to use his 25 % of current hp.
: Can't wait to reach 20 loses in a line
Kayle jungle ... Come on. Maybe try playing something easier if you can't handle her. Spamming one champion won't increase your odds of winning.
: Melee champions do not exist
You have come up to something that was present from the very beginning of League. Every champion has some kind of range to his attacks because games work like that. If you don't see a difference between caitlyn's attack range and trynda's attack range then it's your problem i guess.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Matchmaking is not rigged
No one can argue wth that perfectly clear image that shows ... things.
: i hate this game
You really think that if you become troll (assuming you are a pristine player right now ;) it will suddenly make people go like "WOAH i will be a better person now, than you random toxic player!" ?
: What is wrong with matchmaking
your ranking on "ranked" and normal games is different. If you stick to rankeds you can't get anyone below level 30.
Filíp99 (EUNE)
EXCUSE ME! #goldpride
: Swain support is kinda toxic
His snare ignore everything on the way out not just minions. So anything standing behind you will get the snare.
: « U ban my champ »
Team comp in solo q is a tricky thing. People like to instalock/ban and after that they DEMAND you pick into them or ban what they want. Full ad/ap isn't an issue considering how little defences matter these days. Even on masters people just play the same champions over and over again as they please. Banning someone prepick is tilting, there's no question about that. I don't think it should be forbidden. If someone decides to troll it's on him. Toxic players don't need an encouragement, they just use it as an excuse.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: About the top and bot new areas
Most of the times going into them is putting you into a corner as there's no way to maneuver in them. But i used it few times defensively. Being 1v1 with enemy they provided me with a cover making enemy choose which side he needs to go, or when enemy is about to gank they don't necessarily check there as they focus their efforts on catching up to running allies. They feel too awkward on bot to use in regular skirmishing. Haven't played top yet.
jovanian (EUNE)
: League On Linux
Just get the real OS! /s
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