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: so.. Kogmaw
The bad thing is he can rush his 2 core items,runaans and guinsoo,then build anti assassin items like steraks/maw/ga and still melting tanks.Seeing a Malphite/Mundo deleted in 2-3 seconds really isnt right,even from a hyper carry.And they nerf him with 0.040 attack speed.Its really a joke.
: Vayne
Like Riot balancing team does everything right.We had a lot of things over the years that proved they dont know at all how to balance the game.Riven for example was soloq terror for years up until they decided to cut her down,Kassadin was broken for over a year until they realized he is not balanced at all,Rengar was broken before the rework,now is even more toxic(they even admit it on red post),so please dont say Riot knows something about balance.
: Vayne
LCS=/=the whole game,u can't compare a pro team with ur usual soloq team.Win rate=/=strengh of a champion,unless its ridiculous overpowered,this was proven so many times.I give u the fact that she is a bit harder to play,but nothing out of this world,if u have basic ADC skills(kiting and positioning ur good to go).I dont know about burst,but ive seen so many Vayne's this days that delete 1 squshy in 3 autos,when not fed.
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: Dynamic, now we can enjoy all the "fun" of premades in ranked as well.
I agree that this new dynamic shit will destroy solo players and i tell u why. 1. 3-4 premades can bully the random players(not saying that all premades are like that,but 2 premades is already annoying when they start to rage). 2. The premades in 1 team will have TS/Skype,the other team premades dont,so the team without will be at disadvantage. 3. The climb for solo players will be way harder than for players that play only with their friends. 4. We will end up seeing players in a tier above their real skill more often just because they play a lot as premades,so they will ruin other people games when they have to play solo. Edit:But as usual Riot will not listen to us and will shove it down our throat as usual and they will release some new cool skins so people will forget how bad it is.Players should stop posting on boards/reddit(nobody listens anyway) and boycott Riot:no more RP buys.
: Only im about to quit the game or at least care less about what im doing in it?
Assassins still wont be a huge thing imo since we got so many champions lately that cockblock them (Tahm,Bard,Kindred,Kalista).Also i played a while on PBE so im not talking just after reading.
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The only thing that i dont like about boarders,are the division thing and im not the only one.This will make people even more toxic "ohh u are only Plat 5,thats why u suck","ur so bad u couldnt get more than Gold 5",i think u got the point.
: Completely given up on ranked
Was like that the entire season.Idk but out of ~700 games that i played this season,maybe only 100 were based on skill.Tons of free wins and free loses. U see people not getting their role,even if they are last pick,locking in things like Zed jungle,Ahri adc and stuff like that,not cuz they played it before.U see a lot of people in diamond elo that cant even farm(120cs at 25 mins) and a skill level of a gold player,so they either got boosted or got very lucky(most of the time) and got carried most of the games. And please stop saying "u are where u deserve to be",that thing got very old and 50% of the time isnt true.Even if u are a god u cant 1v5.Games where: -your jungler farms all game never ganks -your top laner never counters the enemy tp -your bot lane that tries to 2v2 after they got double killed twice already -your mid laner that feeds the enemy <insert assassin here> and the sad thing is that this happens in more than 50% of ur games.The same happenes to the enemy team,games that u dont even try to win,but im sure u can get a triple kill,at least,only using ur mouse.
: Best of CLG Doublelift
: Zhonya's Hourglass
I understand that some interections like with champions like Fiddle,Morg,Swain are annoying,but what annoys me the most are either super safe mages like Azir,Xerath,Ziggs or super safe ap assassins like Kassadin,Leblanc,Ahri,Fizz.Is not enough that they have either a ton of mobility or super long range,with this item they get an item that makes engages useless or diving into the enemies safe.
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: Female streamers
We still have Kaceytron that trolls all of the games she is into,with her boobs out most of the time.
: Can we get a response from Riot?
Didnt saw it,but ive joined some threads a week ago or so that were deleted,without containing any harsh words. Anyway i think this should be a sticky across all boards since its a big problem that impacts games and not everyone goes on that board. Thank you for ur help.
: General counters to Malphite?
Vladimir and Cho are the best counters to Malphite.
: Investigation of the lagspikes occurred on 16/10/2015
ISP: TV ADLER-TRADING SRL Location: Romania Tracert1: Tracert2: I have this problem in the last 2-3 weeks,in the last days its even worse.I called my ISP they made all the tests,my connection is fine.
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: Pro players on eune?
EUNE still better than NA
: What makes Fnatic a European team?
Well u have ur point,but i dont agree with it.These are club teams,not national teams,so they dont represent a region/country that much,they represent their club.
: What makes Fnatic a European team?
And what makes EDG or LDG a chinese team,when they have same setup?Look at NA,more than half of the teams have EU-KR players.U clearly are new to sports.
: Bjergsen used to play with 150ms, so ping is not the problem.
> [{quoted}](name=MightyFlower,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=p5JGMZZg,comment-id=0013000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-17T17:48:34.066+0000) > > Bjergsen used to play with 150ms, so ping is not the problem. Its clearly u dont know what ping and packet loss is.Dont talk if dont know what ur talking.
Block (EUNE)
: Insane lag EUNE
Same problem here.I called ISP,they runned all the test and my connection is perfectly fine,but in LOL i have spike to 150+ with a lot of packet loss and the thing is very very randomly.Yesterday it was a hell till 6:00PM,then it went back to the usual with 0 packet loss.And ive seen that not everybody has the problem,so is some routing problem i guess. Here are some logs of the games: Yesterday till ~6:00PM Yesterday after ~6:00PM Today
: EUNE(insane Lag)
This is from a day before This is from today And is like this in the past week.Is there any problem with routing with some ISP's? Please vote this thread for more visibility.
: EUNE(insane Lag)
I have the same problem.Random 150+ ping.Gets really annoying.
: Fiora "nerfed"?... Really?
There are a lot of champions that can screw Fiora over.U can play something that deosn have any hard CC so her W cant stun u or u can play mechanical champion and outplay her.She isnt even as good as before,since her base stat nerfs. But if u go in lane against her with that mentality that she is OP and u never trade with her only take the poke ofc u will lose. Some good picks against her:Vladimir,Rumble,Kennen(she cant stun u).Some skill matchups:Irelia,Yasuo,Olaf. But this doesnt mean u pick that champion and u insta win against her.U must play smart,know ur limits and know her limits. I played it a lot since her rework and i admit,before her base stats nerfs she was a faceroll champion.After that idk,she feels so squishy early and u can exploit that.Also treat her as Zed,buy a QSS and watch her cry(for those who dont know QSS removes her ult from u).
: Is this TP meta gonna end?
U could get kills 2v1 with roaming,which is less rewarding now. And until tp meta this want teamgame right?
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: The Juggernauts
And if their team has engage and u dont have disengage what u do?After all is soloQ,not LCS or ranks 5.U cant force others to play a champion that they dont know how to play. After 2 patches(irc)they still have over 60% ban rate(80% for Darius),so believe me isnt the players not used to play against them,they are way to easy to play for how hard is to play against them.
Fissure (EUNE)
: Teleport being too strong
TP is not the best summoner spell or broken or anything like that but is the most annoying spell in the game.This summoner spell buff back in season 4 made the game way less fun.U cant punish ur opponent and push him out of lane cuz he can TP back and lose nothing,roams are less rewarding cuz ur enemy can just sit in lane and TP if is needed,if ur ally doesnt use it well ur punished across the map and a lot of other things that i dont wanna bring up here. As a top lane main i dislike this summoner and i miss the flash+ignite meta,where u could really show ur skill and snowball if ur good enough.Now u farm and play passive until the teamfights start. I know this is not a good point,but u see how boring the competitive scene become?No more 1v1 plays,just those lane swaps passive farming until 20mins+ and all of that is thanks to TP. Now even mid laners take it,ive seen tp on assassins.Like wtf?Where is ur pride to beat ur lane opponent?
Ulliete (EUW)
: To this guy thrashtalking my Varus ...
If Ezreal is a shitty ADC im Faker and im not....
duckarp (EUNE)
: Can't login
Same here ISP:TV Adler-Trading Country:Romania EUNE
: Trundle should still have ravenous hydra as a recommended item, not titanic
I found that Bortk and Titanic are so good togheter,i would take Titanic over Ravenous every day.
: Is fair to play against juggernauts?
So if morde is so easy too kite,why he is permabanned?
: Is fair to play against juggernauts?
Well i know how the meta is now,strong engages,teamfight,that why u dont see Ziggs,Varus,Xerath anymore.Thats why i said Jayce isnt that good in this situation.Yeah u can get away if the enemy picks a shitty team comp,but usually in higher levels of play u dont see that very often.
: Is fair to play against juggernauts?
@Poro I know that there are certain champions that can deal with them,but the game isnt about 1v1.Pick Jayce and in a teamfight u do nothing if Darius or Garen,for example,gets u.Thats the problem.Ive seen Darius going 1/6 in lane cuz camping him,but he carried the game after that,cuz his teamfight is too strong.
: Is fair to play against juggernauts?
Its easy to kite him i agree,but the point of Morde is to play with a strong engage support(Leona,Thresh,Alistar,Nautilus) and after he gets Rylais(which i think they overbuffed it) u cant escape from him.Its funny how i dont have so much problems against Garen like i have with Morde or Darius. So i played a game with Morde,my first game with him ever and i destroyed the enemy team.Get dragon,smash all the buttons and someone dies.
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: Fiora rework BS?
What i would be happy is the MS from her passive to have either a CD or to be removed.She can poke u all day in lane and u cant trade back after 1st one.And if u try to CC her when she does that u cant cuz W. I know,i like Khazix kit(my fav champ in the game) and i like Fiora too,her auto and everything is so clean but for the guy that plays against u is not fun at all,unless ur Darius,but thats another story.
: Fiora rework BS?
What i find really annoying on her kit is the mobility,combine that with her W is almost imposible to fight her,chase her or get away from her.Ur Q is such a good ability for escapes,i even run exaust/ignite + TP,no need for a flash on her and this her 1v1 potential is even higher.
: Give us 3 free dodge-queue's per day
I dont think that everyone will burn their dodges just cuz he didnt got his champion/role.
: Give us 3 free dodge-queue's per day
I think its more annoying to get stucked in a game with a player that trolls for 20+ minutes.
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Rimseat (EUW)
: Vladimir
Vladimir is not a "Winlane" champion against all in's champions(Rengar,Riven,Irelia,u got the point).Against champions like that run an armor rune page,either only yellows or also quints.Ap doesnt do a whole lot to u early anyway cuz he doesnt have great ratios on his abilities,so that extra 15 AP wont be a punch in trades.Start with a cloth and 5 pots.Learn to farm with ur autos mostly so u dont have spend ur Q on last hit,instead use it to regen after they harass u.Ur goal is to farm as much as u can so u can afoard a seeker's asap so u can survive the lane and turn into that mid/late game monster.
: Riot should bring Deman and Joe MIller back for Worlds
Worlds without Miller its like boxing without Michael Buffer(that guy who says "Let's get ready to rumble").
: Riot should bring Deman and Joe MIller back for Worlds Just hear this shoutcast from last year.Miller is a legend.
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: Can some rioter ban my account?
Well the thing is i dont play ranks anymore just because of this thing.Now starts to happen in normals as well and is not 1-3 games,every game i play if i dont hard carry my self the game is over before 20 minutes.I better go and start playing other games,that dont involve so much teamplay as this.Thank you for the links.
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