: It also depends on how often u get reported. If u get reported ur Honor progress gets reduced.
Well thats probably your opinion . Have proof of what you say , dont just mislead people . If thats real i want a link or smt
: Honor Level
If a rioter respond it will be nice
EyalA44 (EUNE)
: I Got Ban For Permanent On My Account
I like how all of you love to make fun of people for not being nice while in the same time you are not acting nice xD
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Rouwhorst (EUW)
: well sorry, I just really disagree with your point, and that caused me to think you were just being joking or salty. On top of that your post really looks as if there has barely put any effort into it, mainly because it is a text without enters and sometimes overuse of the space. I'm sorry that I judged you wrong.
Well i have some problems with my current pc and cause of the shortage of ram i have right now i really cant have chrome and league launched at a time . When i started typing this i was already in a game and i tried to finish this as soon as possible thats why its like that . (Also i am not the best on english so... )
: Garen new direction
! TO MAKE IT CLEAR ! Nope i am not frustrated for Garen neither i complain or think he is unfair . I am just sharing my opinion about him !
Rouwhorst (EUW)
: Really? > First of all his current E completely destroys the champions fantasy . Okay why do you think that? Garen has always had a spin. > Do you even imagine a juggernaut with really heavy armor and a large sword spinning like a beyblade while there is no assassin with an ability like that? > It is just wrong . This point makes no sense, explain to me why it is wrong. > Second , his E is his main source of dmg (without taking into consideration his ultimate) and its really messing up they way Riot has to balance him. So why would it be such an problem that his spin is his main source of damage? - because the balance? How do you mean that? What would you want to see as his main source of damage? >I think his E should be more like a cleave and slow , providing some cc like a fighter should do and providing a moderate amount of dmg based on channel duration something Sions Q for example. Or maybe create a completely new ability for his E . I think judgement make Garen more like a joke for the community rather than a juggernaut that Garen should be. You want to give him CC to make him more of a fighter... He is not a fighter, he is a juggernaut! Removing the most iconic ability from his kit is just a terrible idea. Your statements and substantiations are terrible and unfounded. This is probably a complain post because you just lost versus a Garen.
This comment made me regret being on the internet really . No i didnt lost from any garen neither i played against one for quite long time . I am just telling how i feel about a champion who is supposed to be a juggeraunt and instead he is just a meme . People really like to be mean to others about anything right ?
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: Champion Pick Screen
Guys pls find people to upvote this and make this idea reach the developers eyes !
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Gotfind (EUNE)
: All Game Modes
On custom games it would be fun. But as a queue , it will destroy the feeling of the game ( and matchmaking timers ... )
zero07cx (EUW)
: if you die then disconnected , it wont be very excited . its good idea its like survival of fittest lol
Cause the game might last for many minutes and you die on 1 min for example . And you will be forced to watch the whole game . Maybe it could be an option to leave or not . Anyway i just described the core gameplay of the mode i imagine
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: new Loading-Screen?
if they use the second one i am sure we gonna have lots of issues . Anyway thumbs up {{summoner:31}}
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