: I was hardstuck as a mid/top main in gold too for 1300+ games (lol) but after like 40 games as a supp I managed to climb to plat. Here's what I learned from my experience : - Don't die warding : espescially late game. You'll want to ward nash/elder/river, but always stay approximity of your team and ward strategic safe places i.e. the nash/drake pit or enemy jg openings. Don't go as deep as to ward their jg camps if it's not safe and don't facecheck bushes. - Roam but smartly : as Rakan, maybe even Braum, and Bard too since you're learning him, roaming can be really impactful, just BE SURE YOU'RE ADC CAN 1V2, if he's playing vs Alistar/Thresh, don't roam unless your adc recalls, otherwise he'll be dived and tilted, and from tilt alone games are thrown outta the window in low elo. - Adapt your build/runes : from your op.gg, I saw a lot of games where I would build differently, of course I'm not saying you're doing bad, bad for example : Zeke-Ardent would be better with Vayne than Zeke-(I guess Knight's Vow ?) in my opnion. Also, inspiration is good but have you ever tried sorcery second with celereity ? Try testing things like that to expand your choices. -Pick for combos : i.e Braum-Lucian Rakan-Xayah etc. -Take EXHAUST if they got an assassin, like for real, exhaust vs assassins such as Zed will be a huge tilted for them trust me. -Playing vs assassins ? Do NOT leave your adc's side. I mean yes, there are occasions where you can go in and charm everyone as Rakan in tfs or leave your adc doing red and going to ward Drake, but remember as you just said : some adcs are dumb af. It's like babysitting them sometimes. Playing as Rakan vs Zed ? Take exhaust and don't use your charm only on Zed when he tries to kill your adc + don't use your knock up until he uses his r so he won't juke it etc. -Play some other roles to get the feeling of it in normals etc : I played A LOT in all of the roles (I guess you can tell from my lvl lel), you can gain knowledge by playing your same role, but nothing beats the experience on the field. i.e by being main Zed, I know how to counter him (exhaust zonhya etc) by playing a lot of Aatrox I know how to deal with him (counter his 3rd Q build anti healing etc) etc etc. Support have been the role I could climb with to plat, even though I would rank it as my 3rd best role (yeah sure I played Senna, but c'mon I got good win rates on all the supps I played xd ) so don't lose hope ! If you couldn't make it to plat this year it's ok, in fact you did a wonderful beginning (I began bronze on my first season lmao), so just keep playing, improve and you'll find your way out for sure. Good luck mate ! P.S : If I sound like I'm bragging, I'm not, I'm just a plat player so I do NOT consider myself as a good player at all, just look at how many games it took me to climb to plat xD
Hey, thank you for all of your advices! Although i do all of these what you just expressed to me the building could be better. Eitherway I was curious of how to deal with inting top lane who is 0 6 and we can't do anything because their top is fed af and roams and kills us all. That is basically almost every game.
: 1º pick ashe support 2º spam in chat "free cancer" 3º your adc will feed 4º you win
: I'm also platinum so take it for what it's worth but as an ADC main, I'd like to add this one as well. Don't stand behind me and let me try to farm basically 1v2. As a support you should try to create some space for your ADC, for example by not standing behind him, but you can take an aggressive position in one of the bushes to zone out the other support. While doing this, it is offcourse important to recognize the matchup in bot, since you don't want to play overaggressive when the enemy can easily all in you. But basically, if your ADC is getting poked down all the time, he's either really bad at positioning or you are not creating enough pressure which gives the enemy too much room to harass him. If you can find a good balance between playing safe but also zoning the enemy, you can put pressure on the enemy botlane while relieving pressure from your ADC, which can win you the lane.
Thanks for the Tip, I realized now why I dont win when im solo queueing. I'll make Sure to use your Tips.
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: New support items are abhorrent and disgusting. Thanks Rito for pushing me out of the role I loved
I totally agree all of it what you just said in this post. We supports are just a useless role. Even %%%in double adc bot would be better than picking a shtty support. They removed Ancient Coin aswell what i really like because all i really had to care about is just how my adc is doing and the map but nah, "Supports are too strong they need a nerf". I hope you now go and fix ur game rito And for every one of you who are just gonna answer me "play supps like zyra", but if i just dont want to play those champions than i guess im just gonna int every game and its fine for riot, because they have no need from buffing supports. Supports were already good enough, they didnt need any buffs or nerfs it was perfect how it was. The only playable champions now are Zyra and brand before the update you could play anyone.


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