: why evelynn has not the anniversary base fan art?
Imagine, if every fanart Evelynn they have been sent has been so revealing that they had to pretend they simply forgot her. {{sticker:sg-kiko}} Edit: Checked it and she [should](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-pl/2019/10/anniversary-mural-gifts/) have fan slash art, created by Kyungnam234. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-OXOPLQdcb_4/XaqPPU2LIGI/AAAAAAABZ7c/7v6lUioYhyoyTojyI-psl3Cxq4SO7oUnACLcBGAsYHQ/s1600/evelynnloadscreen.10year_portrait_swaps.jpg
: TFT Rank 3
Yes, there is limit to champions as following (everyone in lobby is drawing from same pool): there are 39 each of 1cost champions 26 each of 2 cost champions 18 each of 3 cost champions 13 each of 4 cost champions 10 each of 5 cost champions Not only that but also chances to get each cost units vary depending on which level you are (currently, patch 9.20): Tiers 1 2 3 4 5 Level 1: 100% 0% 0% 0% 0% Level 2: 100% 0% 0% 0% 0% Level 3: 70% 25% 5% 0% 0% Level 4: 50% 35% 15% 0% 0% Level 5: 35% 35% 25% 5% 0% Level 6: 25% 35% 30% 10% 0% Level 7: 20% 30% 33% 15% 2% Level 8: 15% 20% 35% 22% 8% Level 9: 10% 15% 30% 30% 15% Additionally, under no circumstance can the total number of champions in pool+play+in store views change. For instance, player A buys Draven (4-cost unit), there are now 12 Dravens left in the pool. If player A manages to get Draven 2-starred (needed 3 Dravens) but dies, all of the Dravens used for that 2-star go back to pool. Same if player A (for some forsaken reason) sells their draven2. Carousels are using the same pool meaning if all 13 Dravens are in play/in players' store views, there can' t be Draven in carousel. Finally Neeko's help draws champion copy from the same pool meaning if there are no champions that you are about to use Neeko on left in the pool (all in play/in player's store views), Neeko does nothing. Getting 3 star from 3-cost unit is at the moment quite challenging due to the fact that if in your case even 2 players decided to 2 star kennen, you would need to draw every single kennen left in pool to get 3 star, which given that there are 12 other 3-cost units in game, each of which have the same 18 pool size as Kennen, gets extremely unlikely.
Cate Archer (EUNE)
: Thanks for the comment! What are the things you would change in the game?
Not too much changes in mind as they already are dropping load in 9.22 (bigger board, new units) so would like to see how those play out. Some things I would appreciate: * If possible, take back the 1 patch per two weeks with one minipatch in between. While I'm not seeing it totally gamebreaking, draw bug has been extremely frustrating (with hydra at least they fixed it quite instantly) and would have appreciated it to be fixed this week's Wednessday. * Matchhistory with more indepth stats(though they have announced that is in works already, same for replay, watching games etc.) * little more clarity on board stales or option to see them clearly (key press? same effect as when about to put unit on board).
Cate Archer (EUNE)
: TFT - My suggestions to TFT
I think one think they could do is to instantly start first minion fight. There is no point to position in any way because any champion is capable to beat first round. That being said, things get little more interesting (pun not intended) due to players, depending did they get gold and how much, often being able to hit 10 gold by selling units. Therefore I don't see way they could speed up the fights itself without making it impossible for players to pickup the boxes and decide then if they need to sell units or keep them(not to mention often some units pop up from boxes and are instantly sold for interest). Sure you can cut planning phase but how much would that give? 30 secs max? On the other hand I don't see reason to slow down the late game . Given that you have had every fight untill that point to evaluate what your opponents are building (and there isn't usually any major changes at that point, you should have clear idea how you might want to position, only adjusting to hextechs, blitz, zephyr and assassins. In 1v1 fights ofcourse this is different. but at that point I think the part of the fun is to play mindgames with your opponent and the clock ticking is putting on pressure. And sure, I think it would be awesome if after hitting item unit collision is removed from that player but I have never seen problem in terms of vision, due to me making evaluation instantly after getting into carousel what I will prioritize, what if I don't get primary item and so on. Plan ahead and pay attention to location of those items. And no, the game isn't about what you want, the game is about making most use out of what you get. It hasn't been all that uncommon to int for pick priority, which is strategy itself, though demands sarcrificing hp.
Shamose (EUW)
: I still think Guardian/Dragon/Sorcs is the best team RN.
Sure it might be more played comp, but you lose the surprise factor. By building comp OP kindly presented you’ll have your opponents scratching their heads. They got no idea what is coming for them. Yet you have taken all the spatulas from carousels as potential counter measure to dragon comps. Usually I would prioritize items on swain but in this case I would see elise as potential main carry. Sure she might seem underwhelming underwhelming unit, some even claiming she isn’t real unit at all, but what they fail to realize is that many have arachnofobia. Yet by having lulu in comp we have synergy in form of multiplying the scare factor from spiders. Also scouting this comp is made even harder by that scare factor. In best case scenario you would want to have 2 elises, but then you would though lose 5 shapesifter synergy. Hold on, 5? Isn’t the demanded number 6? Sure, but no lobby will be wiser nor would even the game system remember what on earth is missing so it would give bonus anyway. And let’s be real here, any comp playing draven and swain should at least make decent a tier comp, but by having factors I presented here it could easily make it S++ tier comp. Ps. If you are scratching your head after this analysis, check the boards section we are writing on.
: You are right about that. However, two things: 1. It is a rudimentary idea 2. If Riot were to implement it they would obviously not take my idea verbatim and implement it. It would definitely need some fine tuning. For example, restricting the feature to only pre-made games or making it happen only once per stage.
1. The idea itself sounds really fun in theory, but I can't honestly see how it could ever in any form be implemented without causing issues. 2. Sure, having it for 8-player premades only would be same as having own homemade uno-rules which cause no harm to anyone else, but it would have really niche group that would benefit from it. Having it once per stage wouldn't solve the issues I mentioned. Even if it was one unit once per stage, I could have the two accounts seaching some key unit, such as pant. I would not only have tripled chances compared to other players to get it but also would get tripled amount of chances for neekos etc. For instance one boosting account finds draven, makes trade with another account I'm going to dump that has draven and neeko, combining them into draven2 before finally trading that unit to the main. What about items, should they be transfered? If yes, that would mean I can build Guardian angels, giantslayers, infinity edges, yuumis etc., slam them on unit and not only does my main have huge advantage in getting x unit, it also got insane advantage in items. If not, use it as way to re-equip items if needed so. And even then, by having it once per stage it will nearly always be premades trading with each other. Not to mention that even in nonpremade games it would get extremely annoying if you for instace get 7 notifications in your chat or whatever each time you find pantheon first from people making offers for it
: TFT own chapter on these boards
Thumbs up for this one. They already did this on NA Boards, buuuuut as usual they are showing favorism towards it compared to EU.
: TFT suggestions
No. There are ofcourse many other arguments against the proposition you presented but I would go with this one: I have personally altogether 4 accounts in D4+ (2 on EUNE, 2 on EUWE). According to premade rules D4 players are free to premade with any tier higher them, including challengers. If they were to implement trading system, I could climb yet on another account to d4, premade with 2 of those accs with this one(cause the max group size is 3), then systematically trade anything I would need to the main accounts ingame, be it knights, dravens, pantheons, asols, kai'sas etc. losing elo on those 2 accounts, but gaining elo on this one. Yet, technically I'm not breaking any rules. I'm not wintrading, I'm just making onesided trades with units. I'm also not boosting, because I'm the person playing on all 3 of those accounts and am the one who created those accounts. Yet there is no rule that would forbid playing on multiple accounts at the same time. And no, I'm not saying I would be the one doing this, I'm saying that by implementing such system it is allowing abuses such as this one, and yes, I'm almost certain it would get abused in many ways, besides the one I presented. It could very well be the situation Shamose brought up: In this case have 2 friends with their D4 smurf accounts, do the same as I presented, maybe cycling so that each one of the members has their main boosted this way. It's too easy to abuse the trading system, heck, they even reduced the group size in ranked to 3 in all tiers because there was some unhealthy stuff happening already with the current system with no trading at all. And while it could be argued that behaviour such as this is considered cheating, and thereby punished, I would see drawing the line between "right kind" of trading and abusing the system quite difficult. And in any case this would still give premades astronomical advantage compared to solo players.
rizefall (EUW)
: To celebrate the 10 year Anniversary, here is my first win ever in League of Legends!
Can't get even near those but here we go: https://imgur.com/a/6Gvlyxq Earliest screenshot I could find(most likely taken by accident), taken 14.8.2013. I started playing during July 2013 I think
: TFT - overtime immediately ends into draw
And yet it's very random, not giving any signs where it happens, losing against kruggs due to this is one of the worst feelings as well as losing game after rushing 8 but then this happening. And I don't think it's any good for losing party due to them not having chance to reduce amount of units, it's just far more frustrating for winstreaking player. Basically it's same situation as before they implemented overtime, and oh boy can we just appreciate overtime more after this. Fix this plz, Rito.
: "Played since day one" You never look for a champion in a carousel unless it is a 4 or a 5 star unit, lets say a Swain to get 4 imperials or a Yasuo who is quite flexible. It is unlikely that the item on a carousel champion fits and you need both. You only look for an item in carousel so yeaaaaaaah. Little hint, even though you have played since day one and you are a big boy: more gold means more interest, which means more chances to reroll and push levels, therefore getting better units. Once again, you never look for champions in the carousel before stage 5.
Actually, in rare occasions you might look for champion from stage 2 carousel, given that a)champion has item that will suit it decently well, b)champion itself is strong and c)you didn't get chance to pick highly contested item such as B.F.Sword. One example could be to have already have lissandra or 2, already have rod, see lissandra with belt in carousel and pick it. Certainly this depends a lot of situation though, so mainly it is still often items>champion. And I believe it is surprisingly common for champions have item in carousel that could be used on them.eg. Lis or kennen effectively being able to use rod, belt, bf and chainwest.
: TFT LPs and AFK champs
1.lp gains (as always)are affected by mmr of all the players in match. As players can duo more flexibly with different mmrs, this could lead situation where you for instance have lower mmr player in lobby, basically meaning you win less but lose more. 2.a)unit is affected by swordbreaker debuff b) melee unit doesn't have path open to any enemy unit (usually because of enemy being surrounded by other ally units) meaning it will stay still untill path is opened(usually some of your units dying). Could also occur if your ranged unit is surrounded by units with longer aa range(longer aa units won't move if they have target at range and shorter range unit can't reach target).
: I just had the same bug. I got random or no synergys each turn... I think the problem is with gunslinger and/or blademasters. Or maybe with BotRK,
Seems to occur with every class/origin when using spaula items. However it's only visual (annoying as heck for sure)and isn't affecting how traits work. Hopefully they could fix this asap.
: RIOT what is the idea behind gain and loss of LP in TFT ranked?
: > [{quoted}](name=Tsurupettan,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fcUf4QXE,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-10-04T11:50:41.005+0000) > going with what game gives you. Yes indeed, and what the game gives you is RNG.
They say it's RNG, they build: https://imgur.com/a/BLeMuBR https://cdn.frankerfacez.com/emoticon/387104/4
Knoeper (EUW)
: Spectate game at TFT
It is extremely great idea and I'm sure they will implement it at some point, but the question is more like when. Patience.
: TFT MMR and LP is sadistic
It seems to be designed to be heavier on loss side due to matchmaking between tiers being far more flexible (winning against lobby that has lower tier players doesn't give that much lp but losing against said lobby drops lp quite hard). On my smurfs the gains/losses go around 50-50, but even then the account is having mmr few divisions higher. Especially going into D2+ territory the gains start to diminish anyway compared to the losses. In C1 4th place often loses few lps, yet in higher challenger this becomes rule rather than exception. That's why you should prioritize top 4 (or top 3) over chance of 1st place and at least try to avoid 8th place under any circumstances. And yes, skill won't always get you into top 4, but usually is enough to turn 8th place into 7th the very least. 50 isn't even that bad for 8th place. Worst I have experienced was 68 lp loss and I would assume they may go even higher in really high mmrs.
: Oh yeah, its easy, just build 3 rageblades every game on all your champs,..... oh wait,.. some games you NEVER even get 1 bow or staff, DUH. The game is totally RNG, so its not broken its just luck.
Why would one build rangers if they don't get bow early enough? And if bow seems to be so contested down there, just take swords and decimate them with sins.
Torkl (EUW)
: Attackspeed is capped at 2.5 anyways so no point in stacking 3 guinsoo, there any many other combos that will give you more power.. not even legit on vayne..
They actually changed the cap into 5 some patches ago, meaning there is point to stack those. That being said, rangers aren't really the one class popping off right now (knights, wild sin and frozen heart are big problems for them) and even then usually someone like vayne or ashe preferably want multiple different items such as last whisper and hurricane to go with rageblade.
: WHEN is Aurelion gonna get nerfed in TFT?
Easy? Four cost unit? Nah, as long as Akali is having her reign, asol is not a problem. After that, we'll see.
: It's 1-cost so people can make 3-star kayn(get phantom) easily.
Ah, read wrong. I understood you can choose upon 2-starring
: Kayn in TFT(part 2)
For 1 cost unit, having phantom (even if that would be 2-star) isn't something that can happen as long as morde is in the champion pool. Itself the idea of choosing darkin or shadow assassin is interesting one and hopefully they could implement that in some way. I would maybe have him as 3 or 4 cost unit. As well as you, uncertain of which class and origin, but given that higher tier it would give possibility to buff numbers and give chance to implement the phantom on upgrade, which I like as idea. Also I think flexibility in traits is overall better justified on 3-cost unit than on 1-cost one.
: Yes of course that happens because the game is totally RNG. No skill or tactic can beat the blind luck some people have. With knowledge of the game you might be able not to finish last. For anything better you need luck. Saving gold for rerolls before lvl5 can work, but only with luck. But without luck you will end up with 2 or 3 champions of which you have collected 7 or 8, and then your tray is full and the last 1 or 2 champions you need NEVER come up.
Depending on how we look things, yes and no. It is undebatable fact that 3-starring is luck, even when hyper rolling. This goes to early gnar2s and akali2s etc. though again there is very slight effect on player's actions (having economy, levels etc.). However I think the interesting part is how players will decide going into 3-stars, especially the uncertainty of finding all the pieces. It could be even argued that by playing to get those 3-stars player is knowingly (or unknowingly) gambling, setting their faith on luck, while easier method would be to just take 2-stars and play into comp. Furthermore value of having 3-star isn't in many cases that clear compared to the value player is putting in gold on stake. Sure, I have myself played recently lots and lots of wild sin, and getting rengo-3 is huge power boost in many situations, but just as well I have many times delayed getting lv 8, and therefore getting vi and hextech trait for instance. The question comes down to if I can even make rengo in time to have that power boost before I'm dead, and on the other hand making it too late might just mean I'm only winning more, not so much affecting the outcome of the game. I myself am more interested in many games anyway rather than analyzing how the single game went. In series of games luck becomes less and less meaningful (every player of the 7 other players in lobby has chance to be just as lucky as you, theoretically meaning 12,5% wr if we assume every player is as skilled as each other). It is there in every game, but doing well consistently in numerous games is what ultimately matters, not those high roll/low roll games you can't do anything about. And finally I still see myself having quite decent chance to win game even when low rolling against player who is highrolling hard but lacks understanding what to do with it.
Meanwhile on boards: ”RiT0, y U n0 PnisH Fe3dErs?!1!”
20AmiNe18 (EUW)
: team fight Tactics
Currently hyperrolling is common strategy and knights, gunslingers and shapesifters are all using this to their advantage. This is due to levelling system changes(you can collect gold as far as stage 3-2 before you forcefully hit lv 5 which drops chance from 50% to 35% to find 1 cost units)and game being far less punishing due to damage taken being majorly reduced. Basically it isn't too uncommon to first int to hit spatulas from stage 2 carousel, econ hard leaving mostly those 1 cost units left which you might want to 3-star and despite this be around 70hp at kruggs even though every round would be loss(and netting nice loss streak gold in process). However, hyperrolling (as well as 3-starring in general) isn't riskless as you are basically putting your faith of decent mid game into hitting the needed units and competition(other player doing exact same thing) could screw you up. But if done this way, I see it just as strategy as any other strategy, not so much as rng, altough that is still big factor. Then again I would think people you have seen getting 3-stars may have simply collected them over the rounds, without having that much of a plan how to go about it. That however usually means that these 3-stars don't have too much synergies that would create decent comp. And here is the thing:it goes always synergies>3-stars. By building those units you are a)using major amount of benchspace and more importantly b) majorly hurting economy, especially if done spontaniously without knowing when to roll and when to stop. More of deciding RNG I would see eg. getting 2-star out of key units such as akali or draven but then again this has quite much to do with balance issues on those units/comps they are played in.
Nexus10 (EUW)
: Why isn't a romance between Garen and Darius a thing?
{{champion:81}} and choice between {{champion:99}} and {{champion:44}} is where it's at! Darius and Garen have bromance ;)
: Current thoughts on Team Fight Tactics & balancing?
Nah, in meta dominated by knights and wild assassin and frozen heart, glacial rangers do have opposition and are far from op. Sifters aren't even that strong unless you manage to highroll really hard and you still face lots of competition for swain due to imperial builds. And depending on builds, brawler vs sins matchup is far from onesided due to how much damage akali can dish currently with ie. Sure, if you can do sifters consistently and get victories, go for it. Same for glacials. Sooner or later you hit situation where you struggle to get gnars and swain and get rekt by imperial knights when playing glacial rangers.
: I didn't say they are letting it go free, I just said there's nothing more they can do than what they've done up to this point. Try to accept the fact that they game is flooded by tantrumming little demons with the mental capacity of a screaming infant (That's just a fact). Riot are already handing out CR's / 14 day suspensions / permanent account closure for verbal abuse, although they are highly inconsistent in this area.., they've also made it possible for players to disable chat (FINALLY) entirely, or mute individual players on the spot. The only way they could realistically get rid of verbal abuse is by instantly closing accounts for first time offenders, and then instantly closing any new accounts a banned player may create from lvl 1.., something they would have very questionable success with! If some players are so fragile that it only takes 1 single sentence to break them mentally, the solution is obviously disabling chat entirely. The problem isn't that nothing can be done about verbal abuse, because the tools are already there.., the problem is the immature hateful little shits this game is plagued by!
Fragile I don't know, but tend to seek justice according to eye-for-an-eye.
: If your post was about players running around inting or doing nothing at all, I'd understand the issue since there is nothing you can do about it. Verbal toxicity can be solved by you in 1 second, there's no need to be this hateful little being ignoring a function that solves your problem, just so you can pretend to be a victim of some life altering crime. You choose to listen to players verbally assaulting you despite having the tool(s) to stop them, so ask yourself where the problem lies. Riot can't do more than they've done by implementing the mute functions!
Sigh. If they are letting flaming go free, why on earth earth should anyone follow any of the rules, including those which forbid inting, afking etc.? It swings both sides. And no, muting doesn't fix the initial issue. I know some players who only need one insult before they might want to make sure the insulter loses lp for it. That isn't good environment for anyone.
: Some new for tft ranked?
https://mobile.twitter.com/RiotMapleNectar/status/1177277102988509185 And https://mobile.twitter.com/RiotMapleNectar/status/1177320762799079424
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KerberosFi,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wb5HfbEc,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2019-09-26T10:56:34.953+0000) > > Give reasoning on why do you think it is game for under 14-olds. Secondly I don’t see it more waste of time than any other game, given that the player is enjoying it. It is using one’s personal leisure time, not anything more or less. There is no set value other than the person decides to give it. first of all , is everything involve luck , not that much skill necesary , further more there is a boring gamemode , which only allows you to switch a few thinghs , monotony is indeed the most boring thingh at that gamemode... , is not like you can take something and inovate a change or something ... , is really metha locked gameplay , is hard to evolvee or to inovate something new into it ,that's the biggest problem. While i consider it a boring game mode for my age , i do claim it is boring even for kids , not even kids would play it... . I really woulded enjoy it , if the gameplay of TFT woulded look some kind of a monopoly game mode , but not an automatic chess . The other reason i don't like it , is that you have multiple random enemys, is hard to build yourself to counter enemy desk... , that's the stupidity in that gamemode , you build what ever the game offers you , and what you can make lv 2 , lv 3 ... ,is so damn simple , not complex in my opinnion.
https://scx1.b-cdn.net/csz/news/800/2016/canmathshelp.jpg I would argue it's not only kids who enjoy chance elements. And no, I don't think it's that metalocked due to just during latter week of last patch ToonTV bringing up TF based void sorc comp and suddenly they were seen in masses. It is nothing new, especially in TCGs netdecking is common thing, but still it is usually the best players who innovate things, for fairly good reasons. You have all rights to think it's boring, that is your opinion. However, saying it's game for kids is undermining the fun those playing it have and isn't appreciated. I would never understand why some people find it interesting to collect stamps, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't respect their freedom to choose their hobbies. And the funniest thing is, yes, you are building from what you are given, but I would say you are lying if you claim that is by any means easy. It isn't even remotely easy to me, especially after new patch. Edit:And no, you don't 2 star champs just on basis you get them, atleast that's not what you are supposed to do. You build towards synergies basing on what you get (items and champs) and the start to look for precise comp (or plan of it) and you change these multiple time through out the game.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: lol ,who plays TFT , i mean that gamemode is for under 14 years players , who ever have something important to do with them life definetly not loss them time to play a random auto chess , don't even consume yourself , find something else to do with that time you used to play TFT , i am sure there are a couple of solutions to kill your time and have fun.
> [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wb5HfbEc,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-25T16:40:15.550+0000) > > lol ,who plays TFT , i mean that gamemode is for under 14 years players , who ever have something important to do with them life definetly not loss them time to play a random auto chess , don't even consume yourself , find something else to do with that time you used to play TFT , i am sure there are a couple of solutions to kill your time and have fun. Give reasoning on why do you think it is game for under 14-olds. Secondly I don’t see it more waste of time than any other game, given that the player is enjoying it. It is using one’s personal leisure time, not anything more or less. There is no set value other than the person decides to give it.
: Any official comments? Why ranked TFT is off?
{{champion:126}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3085}} (hydra doing 6% of carrier’s hp instead of 3%), neeko’s help getting duplicated and tie in overtime causing both players to take insane amounts of dmg seem to be some of the things causing this downtime.
JustTits (EUNE)
: Riot Game(s) saying that TFT is the most successful gamemode so far
Riot Game just doesn't sound as good as Riot Games. But besides that I think it's clear that it is bringing new audience to the Riot's playerbasebase(or keeping those who were about to leave in) seeing how much diversion there is in opinions about it on boards. Simply put,it's nothing like League gameplay-wise, that is why they they are paying extra attention on it, compared to previous game-modes League has had.
kriegnes (EUW)
: [TFT] "everyone gets the same amount of items in the game" is still not balanced
After they cut heavily damage in this patch, you won't be dead before raptors, at which point you have got all the components anyway. The game is supposed to be unpredictable in a way, and you are supposed to play around this unpredictability. If you don't get items, you get gold and build interest, and have far stronger economy than those who got early items.
: [TFT] Repeating Crossbow + Guardians Angle?
I think it stays after champ goes in stasis from GA and only jumps when champion dies second time. I'm basing this on how Jinx's passive works but as I haven't yet witnessed this interaction, I can't say for sure.
: TL;DR - TFT Patch 9.19
I love the style you wrote this in! Well done for that! Few things to be pointed out: Kassa really wouldn't have even needed nerf it wasn't for void sin. Basically they said "You will not create anything viable by making him assassin with yomuu, so stop." Remains to be seen how he will perform, but looking on things he should be quite good early front line for sorcs the very least. MR of dragon claw and dragon buff wouldn't be problematic if it wasn't on how easy it is to get compared how hard it is to counteract. Slapping aurelion,pant and/or shy in team means 2 units, both of which are powerful. Slapping 3 voids was quite more challenging in last patch, and now it is demanded to have 4 to get the full effect, which is pure impossibility to get fit in for many sorc based comps. Rangers started to fade a little bit especially in high elo during latter week of patch 9.18 due to emergence of void sorc brawler and Draven knight comps, as well as void sin being still threat. Now, while void sin is gone, yordles might actually for the first time in history be actual threat to be reckoned with due to adding mittens and removing "can't miss" from RFC, and this is bad news for ranger based comps which are the usual runner of glacial. Harder nerf before seeing how things go wouldn't have made any sense. Still remains to be seen how yordle based comps actually perform in long run but removal of necessity to have tristana in comp, mittens giving chance to make yordle shys, yordle cho'gaths etc. with added 20 dodge to the yordle trait (50% or 80& total) and finally the lack of counter items for aa based comps, only having wilds (that needs 4 unitspaces)to counter dodge, they should be at least something people are trying to make viable, in most of the lobbies.
Zedant (EUW)
: When a Moba is actually auto chess
Enemy got just as random "chess pieces". They do bug, they might act randomly, sometimes missing abilities, giving out gold to enemy and sometimes even losing you the game. Only thing you can affect is your own gameplay. Focus on it, not how others perform. If Riot could control how their playerbase (100M+) behaves, they wouldn't be developing League, they would be ruling the world. It is out of their reach, out of the game design. They try, and give directions for majority of players to follow, but can't predict how will player behave in game. MMR can only give estimation of player's skill, especially when we are talking about teambased game, and can't predict if one player has had bad day and is performing better, one player having extremely good game and so on.
: Turnovers man...
Thumbs up for this. There is no better way to lose potential reader's interest, than serving block of text without any kind of sectioning.
: TFT - matchmaking is a joke
They are working on fix. This time for real. They promised. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: > [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=XE4qKp2G,comment-id=000500000001,timestamp=2019-09-22T11:45:15.736+0000) > > But that effectivly can happen... one player might get a full house, the other player might get litterally nothing. It’s all luck based. But then a good player can make something of that bad hand by using bluffs. > > Same with TFT, Yeah, bluff in TFT {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
For F%%% sake, can you even read whole sentences or is that beyond your capabilities? The argument he is stating goes:even when being dealt bad hand, good player can still make use out of it.
: > [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=XE4qKp2G,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-09-22T03:33:09.110+0000) > > Poker is 99% luck and it’s considered a sport with a world championship and everything... card games in general are completely luck based but still bring elements of skill. > > You’ve got unit placement, comp knowledge, keeping an eye on what enemies are getting, countering enemies, and knowing what you can pull and when, money management. It’s skill but the skill largely revolves around manipulating rng in your favour and knowing how to make the most of what you have. Dont ever compare TFT with poker plz. That is just so dumb. If you would compare TFT with for example Texas Holdem poker, then it would be like this: 1 poker player gets cards in his hands. The other poker player does not get any cards in his hands and just has to win with the 5 cards on the table. That is TFT and there is no skill in the world that would let you win that game.
Explain? You get 5 options from shop to buy. Given free shop refreshes and rerolls you are bound to get 2-star from something. Even if assumed you die on stage 4 first round, you have at least got 5*16=80 options to choose from just from free refreshes+Refreshes you have paid for.
JustTits (EUNE)
: But why do you get the same ranked icon as actual League players? The higher you are, the luckier you got? Come on. AT the very maximum, you should get some icons for playing that gamemode and that's it.
Let's take example: If you were playing game where I was backseating, telling excactly what to do via voice chat, would it be me or you who is being lucky? I could bet we had very different opinions of what to do in each situation. If you were able to reach for instance platinum this way, could you reach it without me backseating? I think not.
JustTits (EUNE)
: People who think TFT requires any skill
As long as people below D4 have no idea how to manage their economy, how to transition between variations or to whole different comps or understanding of best comps at given time, how to plan itemization, how to position and so on, I'm happy to crush people below with that "1%" I have. If it so happens that everyone of the players learn those things to extreme high level, then I think we can finally assume the games are decided purely by luck. But even then we should assume that people just are that skilled for this to be the case, which I don't think is happening any time near in future if ever. Game has never been about coming 1st every game, it is about getting into 4th/3th consistently. If one is able to minimize their lossess and get even 5th instead of 7th or 8th, they are more skilled than player who could in same situation only get 7th at best. I don't care about games where I or opponent highroll crazy comps, I care if they or I can do it consistently. The funny thing is, I have seen far too many "Enemy got x number 3 stars while I got none" threads to believe players that are making these threads have any understanding of how the mode works. I'm not saying that it should be considered as skillbased game as LoL, no, LoL has so many things to be learned, nearly endless learning curve and is purely based on skill that it would be ridiculous. I'm saying, before you have at least played mode enough to understand how the game works, don't just come whine. And if you do, come up with good indepth explanation, not just "imo" and random "99% of luck" numbers.
: with the last update in every single game the winner had a buffed shivana. that dragon needs a big ass nerf.
> [{quoted}](name=me and 4 chimps,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=XE4qKp2G,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-09-22T09:10:54.786+0000) > > with the last update in every single game the winner had a buffed shivana. > > that dragon needs a big ass nerf. And she is getting one, alongside nerf to the buff itself (lowered mr from 83% to 75%).
Zee Zone (EUW)
: I get the whole "player has the choice" but when the outcome of said choice is also random then it comes dow to expertise that makes only a small precentage of difference in the potential outcome. My analogy was maybe off, after thinking about it TFT is more like Black Jack or Poker. Players who know how to play have an advantage since it's in their power to hold or draw or whatever, but just like in TFT the out come is still RNG and nothing guaranteed. Get 21 on 1st draw or a royal flush and you're set, get crap cards and you're done for no matter the experience. Yes i choose to buy, sell or reroll in TFT but the outcome of my actions are still RNG and thus it's an RNG based game. P.S: high numbers on dice does not guarantee a better outcome especially in Monopoly, you're equally doomed whether you get a high or low number.
Yeah, I think poker is the best analogy I have personally found. Yet though I find it fascinating that in TFT there isn't absolute royal flush nor absolutely worthless hands, but due to not any research of "how much skill is involved in TFT" being conducted as far as I'm aware of, I will settle with it being as skill/luckbased as poker. And no, I meant with rolling 6 overall the easiness to read result in games. In monopoly you see instantly if you meet doom due to bad luck, in TFT the perception between what is "bad luck" may vary greatly from player to player due to results being sum of decision making and luck. I also find it quite interesting to see wether we at some point reach point in TFT where players are literally calculating probabilities and making decision making basing on that, but perhaps that is being far too hopeful unless it grows big as League did. Thank you for discussing, was pleasure.
Zee Zone (EUW)
: my friend, TFT is closer to a boardgame than actual chess, don't let the genre "auto chess" deceive you xD While in both cases ofc you have to know the rules but in Monopoly, Cluedo or even Risk for example even when making all the right moves, how much of it is actual skill when your fate is decided by random chance made my dice. Exactly the same in TFT. Yes strategies, builds and combs exist but when what champs you get is RNG, whether you get money or items and in what amount is RNG and the carousel both what champs/ items exist AND their position relative to you is ALL based on RNG how much of it is actually skill?
Indeed, it is far closer to board games than chess. In chess there is almost absolute 0 luck (only the player who goes first has tiny, tiny, tiny edge) while in TFT there are numerous random events, seemingly far beyond your control. However, game isn't telling you when you get lucky. It's very clear when you roll 6 in board game, and as such are lucky, because there is usually only one way that result can be perceived. However, TFT doesn't give you absolute answer to when you got lucky, unless you have knowledge of what is strong and as such, you know when you got lucky. Everything you buy, every time you roll, every unit you place on board is a choice, choice made by player, not by the game. Let's say one had **chance** to get kennen 2 early (pre lv6), then they had chance to get asol and gnar 2 at lv6. Finally they had chance to get swain 2 at lv 7. Now, let's say they are extremely lucky(they already are very lucky if they got the following units that early but...), they first get kennen2 without rerolls just by free shop refreshes at start of round(9 gold), they get asol2 and gnar2 by first picking them from shop and then rerolling rest at lv 6 with 6 rerolls (rerolls 12 gold, gnar and asol together 24 gold=36 gold) then they get swain2 at level 7 first picking one from shop and rerolling 5 times (as if...) (swain 15 gold+rerolls 10 gold=25 gold) totalling in 70 gold. Now game didn't tell them to buy those units, neither did it tell to have economy prepared for them or for rolling or for levelling up, nor did it imply they are strong units. Player got altogether 11*5-12=43 options besides those + options they had when shop was automatically resfreshed. Now, even if player bought these units, they still need 4 units at least for their late game comp and they have to have kept some kind of economy (which should be ridiculously easy given how monstrous comp they could have at level 7 and before). And Given that they go for instance comp like {{champion:136}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:102}} they would preferably need to combine item components correctly and have plan on what items to get from carousel. And yet even then They should preferably be positioning around enemy comps, blitz, zephyr, assassins and so on. And then there could be yet debate should they even cut kennen in first place eg. in situation where there is void sin player in lobby, but rather keep it and for instance have eles. And yet we may very well assume the said player very rarely gets that lucky, at least in sense that they would get the said units. They need to adjust their gameplan for each and every game and be able to make multiple comps and knowledge how to pivot into them. Funny thing is, my final build in last game was excactly what I mentioned in the last game, I came 2nd (void sin, ehem, highrolled better than me :) but, not from starting point you would expect. Recalling the game, my battle build at level 5 consisted following 2 star graves, 1 star lucian with ludens, 1 star garen and darius and kennen(without items). What I had mainly on bench was blademasters (camilles and shen), and 2 1 star vaynes. I had originally pleasurably gone into blademasters, but starting items consisted of 2 rods and cloak and I wasn't getting bow from first carousel. Now, my plan for mid game was to 1:go rangers with eles 2:go eles with knight 3:go yordles sorc. I think I rerolled at around lv 6 (from 50 gold, perhaps into 20), lucian had so far had done good work with graves and I was quite healthy (80 hp almost I think) and hit 2 asols, gnar, poppy and shy. It was now extremely easy to know what I'm building. Got soon after asols and gnars to 2 stars. Later I hit swain 1 at lv 7, later in late game got it into 2 when there was me and void sin player left. Was I lucky? Yes, extremely in my opinion. Did that bring me 2nd place? Probably yes, but just as well I would assume I hadn't got there if I hadn't first decided to go lucian with ludens to carry me through early game, then had econed and hit relatively early 6 and then just at that point rerolled and yet decided what to buy. Just as well I could have found ashes and brands, that would have made me go with plan 1. Something else? Had adjusted. Yet it should be noted that probabilities are affected by player's actions. Levelling up means you have higher chance to get 3 and higher cost units, while you start to get less and less 1 cost units. Players having many copies of certain unit means it is unlikelier for you to find it, buying lots of certain cost reduces pool of that cost ( let's say I buy kennen, poppy and veigar, now anyone else has higher chance to hit ashes, rengars, aatrox's and so on though practically this only really affects 4 and 5 cost units), rolling after player is elminated gives higher chance to hit the units that player had because they are back in pool and so on. Without economy you can buy very little and roll very little so selling units from time to time to hit next 10 gold is quite important. While I do think especially in high diamond+ luck is big factor to be dealt with, due to players getting quite good in adjusting their builds, planning them, econing, positioning and so on, still there are players who can have multiple accounts in challenger and have over 1500 lp(remainder: the lp gains there are really low, lp losses really high and 4th place often loses lp), while those who just hit it may struggle to get higher there. Is it luck that makes one reach top places in challenger? No, I can comfortably say in large amount of games, it is not. The thing is, theoretically just as many times as one may get extremely lucky, they will get extremly unlucky. It isn't interesting to me how can player perform with highrolled comp, it is how much they can squeeze out from seemingly bad luck.
Zee Zone (EUW)
: Local player won an rng based game using rng. In oither news, the sky is blue
Generally games are won by comps, not by number of 3-stars. Getting 2-star of any 3 or lower unit isn't hard at all, given there aren't too many players going same build and you are rolling at right levels. The funny thing is, without knowledge luck won't carry you too far, simply because knowing when you are getting good units is just as important as getting them. Also planning+building comp around units is far more significant than getting loads of one particular unit, not to mention how much stress 3-starring puts on economy and managing bench space. So in this sense, op may have won through luck, but that is exceptional, not how games are generally won gold+ tiers. I'm not saying the rng wouldn't play part in every tft match, but being able to maximize chances is the factor that consistently brings places 4th-1st.
: Kassadin bug TFT
And you are sure swordbreaker wasn't applied on him?
: Wow, I can go an entire game without ever getting an Ashe in my champion pick. I must clrearly work on my tactics to get Ashe in my champ selection.
Why are you forcing rangers if Ashe is not found in decent time? Transition into ele, Blademaster,demons, Dragon sorc etc.
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