: My First Honor Capsule Loot
Can u edit the title to "Crying because of free loot" pls?
Fathands (EUW)
: Can I have some teammates with gameknowledge please?
No, you cant I can tell you. We have the same problem with my friend and we are actually leaving the game because of this. I don't know if happens because of all the boosted players but this is getting out of hand. We climbed from plat 4-3 to plat 1 in like 3 weeks we had diamond mmr cos atleast we had 4 people with dia 4-5. And then the downhill started we are now back to plat 4 and getting the same people like you EVERY match. So we either forgot how to play from one week to another or there is some big issue with the matchmaking system, I leave this one to you.
xPookss (EUNE)
: When Project Skins Will come out?
It's coming out when people buy enough pool party skins. Cos obviously nobody is buying those skins. xD
: [DynamicQ] It's time to stop kidding around Riot
Im completely with you i loved to play this game but since the new system is implemented i just cant have fun with the game so does my friends. We always said that we are going to quit the game after some really bad games but now it occures way too often and this time we really just moving on.
: its not a bug just to fix it.....after u throw yourself and hit an enemy u will knock them up and return to your basic attack range ( like quin vault),so basicaly u will be near kalista after u throw your self, best combo can be with malphite or amumu or seju. EX 1: if u are caitlyn and kalista ulti u , u will throw your self(must hit the enemy champions) and then get back to your 650 basic attack range. EX 2: if u are malphite and kalista ulti u , u will throw your self ( must hit the enemy champions) and u will be next to the enemies u hitted(melee range).
Yep you are right. Seems like i only played with melee champions next to kalista.
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: More doesn't mean better, i play only normals, does that mean i can't vs a gold? matter of fact i can do it with ease!
I see you dont got the point here. Its ranked u have an mmr that its calculated into the matchmaking so u dont have to play against much better opponents and lose every game. If it would just randomly mix players and get diamond players 3 times in a row u would stop this game really fast.
: I must say that their comp had more potential: tankyness, utillity and damage
Im talking about the matchmaking here. They had 9x more ranked games. And we had 3 unranked players who was unranked last season too. They only played 2 ranked games and this was garen's first ranked game so i dont think that they had that much mmr as gold players.
: can you tell me the page where yo can see these statisticks P.S:Sorry for not being useful i dont have anything to say.
: look at their preformances, most of them were really mediocre :p
y, lol. :D
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