BubaV2 (EUW)
: Hi there i'm a part of a community called The ChaosVanguard you can apply for a trial on our forums http://www.thechaosvanguard.co.uk/ , You can play normal, draft, ranked, aram, etc, I've added you in game :) {{champion:17}}
hmm lets see whats this about. Ive applied
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 23
{{champion:61}} - needs some buffs,with this new meta that came she feels lackluster,especially with her long scaling,but even then with all the massive AD threaths dashing around she has a hard time surviving more then a second,especially pantheon,fuck that guy. {{champion:121}} - still feels quite weak compared to other AD assasins. {{champion:17}} - the changes to his ult massacred him,he is semi useless now
marin876 (EUNE)
: PROJECT:Zed's head
Konkata (EUW)
: Crit Mechanics and Yasuo
Your are implying that Yasuo has damage early game,which he doesnt,not even with a shiv and a agility cloak,in a straight up fight any other champion will dumpster him with the same gold worth of his items unless the Yasuo player can outplay him. Thats why Yasuo will not be nerfed,because the champions core resource is player skill. No matter how much people cry and claim hes easy. BTW: riots official chart with riots official data http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-KYEgCg_FLUY/VkuCDIpwJsI/AAAAAAAAIWg/5N0RkII6FLk/s1600/champmasterycurves.png found here: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2015/11/red-post-collection-illaoi-champion.html
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which is your favorite region in League of Legends?
ionia obviously {{champion:238}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:98}} not much AP tho
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Durfain (EUW)
: Move Yasuo's crit passive to his ultimate
nope,screw powershifts,no reworks, just straight up nerf his numbers so noobs can stop playing because its "OP" and I can have my champion back.
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: Dynamic Q is not a good idea
LOL good one tell me more about how climbing soloq is about skill... cause i disticntly remember being at 80lp plat2 then getting rammed in the ass with 40 games of afk-s and trolls which dropped me to plat5 just yesterday i played my heart out but lost 4 in a row because of stupid people then flamers then afk then completly unskilled teammates.
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Slayerific (EUNE)
: Just got out of a game where a Yasuo was being chased by a Lee Sin, Lee fires his Q, Yasuo puts Wind Wall in the WRONG DIRECTION and still blocks Q....I mean seriously wtf?
i get the feel that yasuo cast windwall infront of him and dashed or flashed behind it? cause lee was too close?
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Azters (EUNE)
: Because Darius barely needs any skill. You're pretty much dead if he gets 5 stacks on you. Problem is, that makes it way easier for him, is that he has 2 FREAKING 90% SLOWS AND ONE OF THEM IS A PULL! And then his stupid passive also giving him 100% extra AD when reaching 5 stacks.
not 100% extra ad, but flat +200 AD. thats a {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3035}} , +he gets last whispers armor pen on his other passive....
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: Maybe now people will stop playing Yasuo top.
I have over 150 games on {{champion:157}}, and I can tell you, {{champion:157}} isnt horrible top. Sure {{champion:122}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:23}} wreck him pretty hard, darius for example is an excellent yasuo counter, since he can 1v1 him at any time in the game, and renders windwall useless. HOWEVER, against champions who dont have super hard CC,or are massive juggernauts you CAN win. against {{champion:150}} {{champion:102}} which cant really catch u and deal dmg yasuo top is very very much viable, while against everything else its a much skill matchup where you survive and then outscale like a boss, murdering their carrys while they try and stop you.
: This is because players stop playing this game :)))
: What's the LEAST fun champ in your opinion?
{{champion:50}} just screw him, if you engage him while he has his E on you or R up, you might aswell be dead, but if u dont, he will kite you until they are up.
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Emillie (EUW)
: Probably the most underrated devourer jungler
hmm looks good,however, why not trinity instead of bork you got magic damage and attack speed from devourer already,sure the passive and active on bork are awesome,but trinity makes you tankier and quicker.
Quadraxis (EUW)
: Scripting is a serious problem in higher elo
Report them with a ticket to riot support, they will file him under investigation, if hes guilty they will find it out, do NOT post it here. I did the same to a xerath this way 3 weeks ago and he hasnt played leauge on that account ever since. i check him out on op gg,got it bookmarked.
: Listen to their tale. ///////////////////// CHAMPION TEASER CINEMATIC! COME AND SEE
according to riots recent tactics id say solo adc bot laner.
: Zed In rankeds ? Win/carry potential ?
Very challenging and risky, u need massive game knowledge and champion mastery(on zed ofc.)
v1rtue (EUW)
: Juggernauts are just no fun to play against. They will eventually reach a state in the game where no matter how well you use your skill, you can not possibly outplay them. And considering that many juggernauts are super-easy to play, that is just not fair. If an assassin is out of position, you either force him away from his team, where you can single him out, or you force him to go in at the wrong moment. Either way, you will kill them or at least force some long cooldowns. If an AD carry or support is out of position, you just kill them. If a tank is out of position, you chunk them and force them to play more careful. But if a juggernaut is out of position.........well they don't really care. If you chunk them, they'll back off and use some abilities to heal (hello warmogs), or worse, they will counterattack with their high damage, since you are now in range. If you try to kill them, you have to waste so many cooldowns on them that their team is going to clean you up. And unlike tanks, you have to CC them, or else they will deal too much damage. There is just no good way to deal with a juggernaut in teamfights. You can't ignore them, or they will kill your team. You can't focus them, or their team will kill you instead. You can't poke them, because they don't care much about poke.
_"You can't ignore them, or they will kill your team. You can't focus them, or their team will kill you instead."_ this is the real problem, 0 weaknesses, poke sounds good but u can never kite enough to survive them. god forbid they take vi or something similar,ur carrys will be dead everytime.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 17 (Eune/Euw)
You gotta be open minded. - dont flame - promote communication in team - tell people what they are doing wrong in a very constructed,nonoffensive manner - ALWAYS look for something to do when behind - never press surr
: How is {{champion:268}} a kind of ADC? lmao
cause he relies on positioning and auto attacks what so lmao bout it?
IzzBizful (EUW)
: Why not just remove Marksman from the game?
pls. the real problems are vi,heca,malph etc i dont play adc but i play azir and yas which are kinda adcs.
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: Azir at 42% win rate.
And he has the same terrible win rate everywhere thru plat to diamond,around 45%. azir is only overpowered in correct team setups, he need good peel. u ever tried playing azir vs vi,olaf,hecarim in solo que? its horrible.
: In Your Opinion! - Hardest Lane/Position to play?. POLL
Top and mid by far u are completly on ur own, depended on your mechanical prowess, game knowledge and map awarness. U need to be a master of trades, know mechanically ur self ur opponent and ur junglers but most importantly those lanes are the most important and decide the match most of the time. Top and mid snowball out of control, unlike bot or jungle.
SlySherX (EUW)
: For every player complaining about afkers...
sure but those are exceptions you can say what you want but...
: Trinity on Yasuo mid
{{item:3078}} is a good pick up if you are against tight teams which you know will explode you as soon as you show your face. Thats why in the LPL he is played that way, cause they know they cant cut it with the {{item:3031}} second item. {{item:3087}} + {{item:3031}} - has more damage and potential, but its harder to pull off {{item:3087}} + {{item:3078}} - is the safe choice because it provides you with more tankiness and slipperyness without losing 2 much dmg thats my opinion at least...
: i have some quite dramatical suggestions for what can be done but they would probably backlash. skip vote in champion select. it might be used to dodge games in the enemies favor but it could also be used to dodge trollpicks and people that say they are going to feed without having to be punished for it. direct ingame nerfs to toxic players. it would heavily punish being toxic but it could also be used to screw over people by sending false toxicity reports (just imagine the shit pro players would have to deal with) {{champion:48}}
those are flawed but a system like in dota where u can leave if 1 player doesnt connect right away, and remains afk for 5 mins at the start of game would be awesome and flawless
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: Will Yasuo ever be nerfed?
why would you nerf an underpowered champion?
: ...and then a smurf joined the game
full tank is always a good build for top lane however if u lack some dmg i think liandrys or rod of ages would fit nice with zac
: Again. We need 5 bans and 1 for each player
Róót (EUW)
: team fights (assassin/bruiser)
let some1 else to engage then windwall their apc and adc then knockup and ult their adc/apc and do the most dmg u can before you die 90% of assasins need to wait for some1 to engage, wait for the hard CC to be blown another solution is taking QSS, and using it when they lock you down
TrikRisk (EUW)
: PROJECT: Summoner's Rift
that would be so awesome
: >So please revert his ult back to what it was. No, and here is the reason why: You acknowledge that his lvl 6 powerspike was hard to deal with...well, that's true, but not only is it hard to deal with, it allowed for things which should kill an assassin if he tries, like low hp towerdives, from which he could blink back in an instant. Zed was too safe to play, its as simple as that. Yes, there is counterplay to his ults damage, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was, that in addition to mobility, damage, defense (untargetable) and early game kill potential, it also confered increedible safety. That's gone now, and rightfully so. If an assassin dives into a team of 4, he should not be able to just get out. Mistakes have to be possible.
bs. zed has a 0.75 sec cast time on ult, and a 1 second delay on going back, that means every time he ults he puts a giant X (LITTERALY) where he will land and be 1.75seconds ahead. that nerf hit zed like a truck
candoodle (EUW)
: dear mid/top laners
so true, everytime, like 70% of the time solo laners jack off underturret, and im in low plat now.
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Dr1ftKing (EUNE)
: There is counterplay to her,you can cc her,and in the end she is just paper assassin like any other,real problems are vladimir,ryze,chogath and champs without any counterplay
diana is tankier than alot of bruisers and certainly more of a problem then cho, however ryze and vladimir are truly nasty and vlad extremly toxic
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 15
I was playing team builder, picked rengar jungle. As soon as the game started something cut my electricity. I came back after 7 minutes, my team was cool, except top, who started raging, however i kept cool, told them "see guys, you gotta afk first 10mins so its more of a challange" joking ofc..,however my team started raging more after that. xD Never the less i continued to crack lame jokes, played smart and at the end we fought it out and won. #peace
: Realistic females in video games discussion
Ofc its unreal standards for women, but what about men? nope who gives a damn about us, if we have unrealistic standards like {{champion:201}} ,{{champion:122}} ,{{champion:59}} ,{{champion:64}} ,{{champion:23}} ,{{champion:157}}
: Nidalee Can dance streptease :^)
: I hate the new HUD, let's gonna request the option for choose between the New HUD and Old HUD
AGREED Its Cool. But its horribly infunctional. - stats are hard to read fast - the visuals are changed so everything is harded to see - minimap has less visibility - teammate HP is harded to notice - HUD is full of thingins that distract incredibly
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