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Kensei0 (EUNE)
: Well Kha is pretty decent pick for carrying, ofc I don't know how well you play him. He isn't type of one click champion like Malphite, where you just have to press R on 3+ people, in some cases less, and you already made huge impact and probably won a tf for your team. With Kha you must catch out enemy carry out of position or durning tf, when he is not protected, kill him and then proceed with resets. If you are fed and kill 2 most immportant people your team should clean up the rest. Who is that target can change from game to game, depending on which enemy has the most kills, highest dmg, or most impact on tf.
I didn't really think about the enemy who has a great impact on tfs. So like I always tried to kill the one with the most kills, but maybe killing the player who has the greatest impact in their teamfights would be more beneficial. Thanks! _Btw, I usually walk in the jungle, so like not so close to my team, because then the enemy team would be killing me all the time._
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