CoopA826 (EUW)
: > and saw that most people that got banned for the use of third party programs and haven't done anything didn't get their account back How do you know they didn't do anything? Is it just because they said so? Yeah I don't take their word for it. And neither should you.
Even if they were using third party programs that doesn't change the fact that i got banned for no reason and probably won't get my account back.
GLurch (EUW)
: Did anyone else use your account or had your account name and password? If so, your account is most likely lost. Did you check if your account was hacked? If it was hacked, you may receive your account again. Otherwise, you can only talk to the Support and they'll check again, but you'll probably remain banned. Although, because you haven't used your PC for a month, the ban could have been a mistake: There was an issue a month or so ago, leading to users of a certain keyboard (I ink it was the G13) getting banned. They have been unbanned, but it could have been they somehow forgot about you or just didn't know you also experienced that issue.
No one has used my account and also I don't think it was hacked since the last game that was played was over a month ago and was probably played by me.
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